Hitchhiking My Way To Fantasy


Hi, I am Amit. I am currently a student pursuing an engineering degree. A few days ago I had a thrilling incident which changed my whole life and now I want to share this with everyone. I am a 19 year old male having quite a fair complexion, a soft voice, and a 5 X 1.5 inch dick.

Some guy broke into my room and stole all my books. As my exams were approaching I decided to buy new books. I usually buy books from Tonk Phatak, but that day I decided otherwise, I went to Chaura Rasta instead. I bought my books and reached Ajmeri Gate to wait for the bus to go back.

As I was waiting a good looking guy of about 24-25 came to and asked about the time. I told him it was 4:10. He thanked me and turned back, and was walking away; suddenly he turned towards me and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Malviya Nagar, MNIT” I replied.

He said, “I am going the same way, I can drop you there.”

Spotting the opportunity of saving money on the bus ride, I instantaneously agreed and got in his car. He introduced himself as Rakesh. I too introduced myself. After a few more basic questions about each other, he then asked, “You are in an engineering college right? Then you do know some non-veg jokes?”, i responded, “Yes, I do but I don’t remember any now.”. “Ok then; I know a few, want to hear them?”

“Yes sure”, He said some few non-veg jokes, then even I got into the mood and I too said some jokes. There was a lot of traffic on the road, and we were going very slowly. We barely reached Rambagh Circle after about 15 min from the starting point.

“Do you watch porn?” he asked. I was quite shocked at the question but seeing that even he was about the same age group I was; I thought even he knew everything about this age. “Yes I have watched a few” even though I watch porn on a regular basis.

“Then you must also masturbate?”


“How Cami Halısı long does it take?”

“About 10-15 minutes”

“10-15 minutes!?”

He looked amazed at my reply, after a pause “Well it does seem to be the right amount of time it should take at your age. I could hardly hold on it for about 5 min when I was 19. Now I can hold on much longer about 20 minutes.”

Seeing the conversation getting too personal I tried to change the topic by asking about his family. “I live with my wife and my sister. My parents still live at my ancestral town.” After a few minutes of awkward silence, he asked me “Are you a virgin?” I was surprised at this question. I barely knew him for about half an hour and he wanted to know if I was a virgin or not. I chose not to answer his question; I pretended to look outside the window. “Have ever got a blowjob?”

I still didn’t answer. But something in me didn’t want him to stop asking these questions and I wanted to answer the questions. After another pause he asked again “What is your size? I mean how thick your dick is.” I finally responded, “It’s this thick”, I showed with my fingers. I knew it was very awkward but I wanted to continue this conversation.

“How long is it?”

“About 5 inches”

“Has anyone ever touched it except for you?”

“No! No one” I said forcefully.

I wanted to just stop the car and get out. But him asking all these questions was turning me on. I didn’t know what was happening to me, I knew I had to get off but I didn’t.

“Can I touch it?”

“The only other person who will touch my penis has to be female!”

“Why so?”

“‘Cause I know that it will be fun only a girl not a man”

“How do you know it won’t be fun if a man touches you? You have never been touched by a Cami Halıları man, or a woman. How can you what is fun and what is not when haven’t done anything yet?”

He got me into thinking, Why does everyone say that man should only mate with women and not other men? None of my friends have done it with either of them, so how do they know what is fun and what is not?

While I was thinking I didn’t notice that he was taking the car to some other place. I didn’t know where I was. “Where are we?”

“I want to touch you. I want to feel your penis.”

I was amazed at his words. I wanted to get out of the car but he continued “You don’t know what it will be like. Give me one chance; if you don’t like it, I swear I will stop right there and won’t do anything else. No one will know about it.” I liked what he said and just gave a small nod for a yes. I looked around there wasn’t anyone around.

“Don’t worry no one can see us. The windows are tinted.” He gently opened my zip and pulled out my dick. I was surprised to see that it was aroused. He gave a smile and gently held my penis in both his hands.

“You will love it. I know.”

Then he started to move his hand up and down my dick. It was a very strange feeling. No one had touched my private part before and now a man was rubbing my dick. He slowly increased momentum and then suddenly he took it whole inside his mouth. It was really very strange but I liked it.

His tongue was wrapped around my dick and he moved his head up and down at a constant speed. I felt like heaven.

“Feeling good?”

“Oh yes”

“Want more?”

“Don’t stop. Just go on.”

He started sucking on it again. He was excellent with his tongue. He was sucking on it and felt like I was in heaven. I never could have imagined that such an experience with a man could be so good. He kept on going at it for minutes; he seemed highly experienced at it.

After about 5 minutes I cummed into his mouth. And to my surprise he drank it all up. He licked my penis clean.

“How was it?”

“It was awesome! I have never cummed like that before.”

“But you cheated”

“What do you mean?”

“You said it took you 10 min but you came in less than 5 minutes.”

“It was awesome what you did, I couldn’t hold myself.”

“Well for that you have to do something to me”

I didn’t know what to say. A lot of thought started flashing in my mind about what he wanted. “I gave you a nice time and now you have to give me a nice time”

“You mean I have to…”

“Suck my cock”

I was shocked and didn’t know how to react.

“It is going to be fun. You trusted me before, trust me again. You don’t have to go all the way; you can stop whenever you want.” I didn’t what was going on my mind but I undid his zip and held his penis in my hand.

It was huge, 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. I thought I had a big dick but I had nothing in comparison to what I was holding. I hesitatingly took it in my mouth. I took only about half of it in. I started to move my head up and down slowly.

“Take it in completely”

“I can’t! You are too big”

“Yes you can”

Saying this he held my head and pushed his cock in. His cock was chocking me. He then started to thrust his cock in and out. I was unable to breath but I liked it at the same moment. After a few thrusts he left my head and I was able to breath. I then rubbed his cock with both my hands. I rubbed at a constant rhythm till he ejaculated all over my face. He then licked his own cum off my face. I too then licked his cock clean.

We both then headed back to my destination. He gave me his number and said

“Today was a little fun but there is lot more where that came from!”

We did meet a few times after that day and had a lot of fun but that story is for a next time.

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