Holiday Loving Ch. 02


Holiday Loving – Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Ch. 02

Fun with Phil

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This chapter 2 of this series. It makes more sense to read chapter 1 first, but this is not essential.


After a few days, during which time we followed a similar routine to that which we had previously established, Gloria broke the routine by announcing that she had someone she wanted me to meet. She described the person in question as a very likable man, mid-thirties, separated from his wife and hence very lonely. Would I please meet with him at a café? I could see nothing wrong with spending a while talking to a lonely stranger so I naturally agreed. The following day I received instructions about where to find the man, whose name was Phil, and I arrived at the café and sat at the specified table. A waitress took my order for a coffee and I was finishing this when a well-dressed and handsome man approached my table.

“Are you Mandy?” he asked in a soft, almost sensual voice.

“Yes,” I replied, “Are you Phil?”

He smiled and agreed he was so I indicated he could sit down, which he did. We chatted for a few moments then a waitress approached and took his order. He asked her for another of whatever I’d just finished. We began by chatting about things in general, the weather, the resort I was staying at, and other such trivia until the waitress brought the orders, for which he paid with a twenty, telling her to keep the change. He obviously was either loaded or wished to impress me.

After that the conversation turned more personal as we shared our lives to date and before long he had his hand resting on mine as I described an expurgated version of my recent life with Stan and Gloria. In return he described his messy marriage breakup, resulting in his wife taking their two children and disappearing to places unknown. I felt very sorry for him and gently the conversation turned to the difficulties newly single people had especially meeting their sexual needs. I glanced out the window and noticed the lower light level, then noticed the time. We’d been talking here for nearly four hours. The time had simply vanished in a very pleasant manner.

“I was wondering, as we’re both single and have both had difficulties meeting our sexual needs in the past, would you like to come back to my apartment? I don’t know what will happen, perhaps nothing, but I do know that I like you and I do hope this isn’t the last time we meet.” I reddened, realizing what I’d just done. “I hope you don’t think I’m too forward,” I said, not really knowing what to say next but wanting to let him know that I wasn’t in the habit of picking up stray men, or was I, I thought, remembering Stan. “I certainly don’t usually ask men I’ve just met back to my room, but . . .” My speech seemed to just peter out as I thought of the past few weeks.

“No, of course you don’t make a habit of this, but yes, I would love to accept your invitation. Thank you for offering. However, shall we go to dinner first or should we perhaps return to your place so you can dress more appropriately for dinner?”

I looked at what I was wearing; fine for an afternoon meeting in a café at the beach, totally inappropriate for a formal or even informal dinner. “Yes, please, can we go home first?”

“Certainly. Let’s go.”

Phil took my arm as we left the café and he hailed a cab which quickly delivered us to my apartment. “I’ll wait here while you change,” he told me.

I was so pleased that Gloria had provided me with some evening wear and I selected quickly, changing in a few minutes, slipping on my heels, lipstick, a quick hair brush, a final glance in the mirror and I was ready. I noticed a note on the hall table and took a few seconds to read it. “We’ve gone out for the night. Hope you’ll be able to manage dinner alone. Back about midday tomorrow. Gloria.” If only they knew, I thought as I hurried out the door.

Phil obviously knew the town and directed the cab to take us to a specific restaurant, telling me he knew the manager so didn’t need a reservation. He paid the driver, including a large tip, then escorted me inside. I looked around in wonder at the opulence, the impeccably suited front-of-house personnel who showed us to our table, secluded in an alcove close to the dance floor with a view over the ocean, the soft furnishings perfectly color matched, the comfortable chairs and the silver service table settings, each with a candle burning brightly.

“Do you like this place?” asked Phil after we’d been seated and had the menus presented. I noted that bursa escort my menu had no prices while I assumed his carried that information; classy.

“It’s magnificent,” I replied, still gazing around at the subdued elegance that was everywhere.

“Yes, it is I guess,” he replied, glancing casually around as though seeing it for the first time.

We studied the menus, ordered cocktails and toasted our new-found relationship. Our orders were taken and the entrees appeared, as beautifully presented as one would expect in such surroundings. A string quartet had been playing softly and when they retired they were replaced by a sophisticated trio playing slow dance music.

“Do you dance?” asked Phil.

“I haven’t danced for years but I did have lessons at college. I’d love to try to remember a few steps if you’ll be patient with me.”

“Patience is my middle name, especially when I’m with a lady such as yourself,” he replied, standing and holding out his hand to me. He led me to the dance floor and we held each other in the traditional waltz position while we started moving to the music. Quickly my learning returned and soon I was following him easily and gracefully.

“You dance really well for someone who’s out of practice,” he complimented me.

I relaxed in his arms and slowly our bodies pressed against each other, moving together to the gentle beat of the music. The piece ended and the band began a faster tempo as we returned to our next course which had just been delivered. My steak was perfectly cooked, just as I like it, a rare feat for many restaurants but accomplished with ease here. Phil ordered a wine to drink with the meal and this was delivered very promptly. It was a delicious Californian red which complemented the meal perfectly.

Our conversation was sparse as we ate, sipped our wine and relaxed to the music. I found I was really enjoying the evening, more than any I could remember during the past few years. Once we had finished our mains, the waiter appeared with the dessert menu. I was reluctant to order anything, knowing that I would need to exercise to use the extra calories, but everything looked so delicious I couldn’t refuse and ordered a chocolate dessert with whipped cream, feeling guilty as I did so. Phil assured me that I would lose it during the next little while, so I assumed he was keen to continue dancing into the wee small hours.

After dinner we again hit the dance floor, once more dancing closely together. As he held me I felt I could spend the rest of my life with this man and wondered at the stupidity of a wife who released him so easily. However, I was not about to broach this subject. During the breaks between the music our conversation took a more intimate turn. I certainly felt I could share intimacies with this man whose body felt so good against mine as we danced. I could almost imagine his naked body against me, pressing and caressing all the right places to cause me to feel wonderful and allow me to make him feel wonderful also. It was a short step from that to picturing us together in bed, naked, making love.

Phil must have been reading my mind as, at the end of our next dance together, he whispered in my ear.

“I dare you to go to the ladies room and remove your panties.”

I looked into his eyes, seeing a twinkle there that was partly him laughing at my surprise and partly challenge. Dare I, I thought? We’ve only just met and he wants my panties off. Then I realized that Stan and I had made love after knowing each other for less time that Phil and I had, and Stan hadn’t even bought me a fantastic dinner. Anyway, I rationalized, they were only panties; it wasn’t as though he was going to rape me or anything, was it? No, dammit, my heart replied.

After he’d escorted me to my seat, instead of sitting down I excused myself and went to the ladies room. There I stripped off my panties from under my gown, screwing them tightly into my hand, then returned to our table.

“I have a present for you, darling,” I said seductively as I placed my hand holding my panties in his.

He grinned broadly, took my panties and, to my horror, opened them out and sniffed the crotch. Just at that second the waiter appeared with the coffees Phil had ordered while I was away. The waiter placed the coffees on the table, saw my panties in Phil’s hand, grinned at him and smiled at me, then made a hasty exit. I dropped my eyes, my face flushing with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, darling,” Phil apologized, “But I’ll guarantee it’s not the first pair of lady’s panties that he’s seen being held by a lady’s partner here.”

“That doesn’t make it any better,” I replied, “I’m me, not just any lady. You’ll just have to make it up to me somehow.”

“Hmmm, and how do you think I should do that?”

My body was hot and horny. The panties saga had been the final straw; I was now officially a nympho on the hunt for a man to fuck. Watch out world; watch out Phil.

“You can spend the night with me in my bed at my apartment.”

It was out before bursa escort bayan I could stop it, not that I wanted to or could have even if I had wanted to. How would he respond, I wondered. I never found out. The band started up again, a slow sensuous tune and he once again led me to the floor, pressing his body against mine. He was obviously aroused and I felt his semi-hard erection pressing against my panty-less crotch. Oh if those few layers of fabric could simply dissolve! I pressed my chest against his, making certain he felt my hard nipples, and whenever the opportunity arose I made sure that my leg was between his or his between mine, our inner thighs rubbing together, separated only by another few layers of fabric. I lost track of time as we danced, moving together like water over polished steel, as though we’d been dancing together for years.

Finally the music stopped for the band to take another break and we returned to our table. Instead of seating me first, he sat down and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Sit on my lap, darling,” he said.

It was more a command than a request, but I obeyed willingly and without thought, sitting across his thighs as he wrapped his arms around me. I leaned forward and we kissed, a soft, gentle, sensuous kiss that was full of promise and unspoken lust. While we kissed I felt his hands exploring my body, one insinuating itself between buttonholes of my dress to cup my breasts which filled my low-cut bra; the other gently caressing my ass through the dress fabric. We broke the kiss and took a sip of our coffees while I moved my other hand between his body and my hip, seeking and finding his upstanding member and slowly clasping and releasing it, feeling it pulse in my hand in response.

“About your invitation,” he whispered in my ear, “I accept. The timing, however, is entirely over to you.”

In reply I simply kissed him again then moved my mouth to his ear but instead of saying anything, I took his earlobe between my teeth and gently bit it. I’m sure he got the message because in response I felt his hand move up my bare inner thigh, slowly creeping higher and higher until he was only an inch away from my pussy. I knew I was pouring out love juice and wondered what he would think to find his date was such a wanton slut. Just then the band restarted and he removed his hand, slid me off his lap and once again led me to the dance floor.

This time the dances were faster and he twirled me around to wild Spanish music until I was dizzy and exhausted. Before the band retired, we had to sit down again, resuming our previous position.

“So, do you think you’ve used up your dessert yet?” he asked with a smile.

“Oh yes, and I feel that before the night’s up I’ll have used up far more than just dessert,” I grinned back, “It’s time to go, I think, if you want to darling.”

He kissed me again, then we stood, went to the counter where he paid by credit card, including a large tip for the wait staff, then stepped through the doors and entered a waiting cab. He gave the driver my address and we cuddled together in the rear seat. For the entire short trip he caressed the insides of my thighs with his hand, almost but never quite touching my pussy. By the time we arrived I was almost frantic with frustration and after he paid the cab off, with his now customary too large tip, we almost ran to the door. I opened it but instead of allowing me to enter he picked me up and carried me over the threshold, kicking the door shut behind him. I directed him to the bedroom and he placed me gently in the center of my large bed, then stood back to look at me.

“Oh,please hurry, I’m soooo horny,” I heard myself saying as I watched him ever so slowly, it seemed, remove his jacket, undo the buttons on his shirt then remove it, then bend down and remove his shoes and socks. I could feel my pussy flooding with love juices by the time he removed my shoes, then reached up to unbutton my dress. Obviously he was in no hurry, it was me who was the impatient, lustful horny one; a true nympho, I thought to myself.

Eventually he removed my dress, leaving me lying in a half-slip and bra. I sat up and reached for him, unfastening his belt, unzipping his trousers and watching as they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them, but I was too engrossed watching his undershorts which his cock was tenting in front of him, a wet patch marking the position of the head. I wanted him in me, now, but he wasn’t cooperating. He reached around me and unclasped my bra, removing it, then tenderly, reverently caressing my firm breasts topped with my engorged nipples. He squeezed them gently, causing me to moan softly as sensations washed through me. Then he pulled my half-slip down as I raised my ass, leaving me sitting on the bed totally naked.

He stood, his eyes slowly taking in my nude body, unconsciously licking his lips as though preparing for a feast. I reached towards him, grasping the waist elastic of his shorts and pulling them downwards, watching his cock spring out, his heavy balls held tightly escort bursa against the base by his arousal. He took over, quickly pushing his shorts down and stepping out of them. Then he clambered onto the bed and lay beside me, his hand caressing my chest, breasts, stomach and pussy while he kissed me hard, longingly, lovingly. I grasped his cock and pulled it towards my pussy, hoping he’d take the obvious hint, but no, he continued to play with me, his hand now cupping my mons as he gently and tentatively inserted a finger into my entrance, pulling it out then rubbing my juices over my clit. I shuddered in pleasure and then took some of his precum and rubbed it over the head of his cock, feeling it pulse in my hand. I could wait no longer.

“Please, honey, put it in me now,” I begged.

He simply kissed me and continued doing exactly what he had been doing, but slightly faster. I felt the stimulation was really arousing me and I knew that it was only a matter of a few minutes before I came. That’s just how I am. I felt his finger, inside me, rubbing my clit, inside again, more rubbing, pushing me closer, closer, clos . . . .

“AAAARRRGGGHHH!!” I screamed as I came hard, my hips pumping up and down, wanting more stimulation, more sensations, but there was no more. He had completely removed his hand from my body, watching me as I strove for more stimulation, as my orgasm weakened then simply died away to an unsatisfactory conclusion, leaving me as horny as before, or perhaps even more so.

Once I was lying still again, Phil resumed his slow torment, sliding his hands slowly over my body, caressing my breasts, coating his fingers in my juices and rubbing my clit gently. This delicious torment was driving me mad with lust. I grabbed his rigid cock with one hand and his balls with the other and tried to drag him on top of me and push him into my drooling hole. He simply laughed.

“You really want me in you, don’t you sweetie,” he chuckled.

“Yes, honey, fuck me, fill me with your cum, darling, ooohhhh, fuck me pleeeease.”

He stopped what he was doing and lay beside me on his back, his cock swaying gently from side to side in time with his breathing.

“Ok, hop on then,” he suggested.

I wasted no time at all straddling his hips and without any more delay I lowered myself onto him, feeling such intense pleasure as his cock sank into my vagina that I had to bite my lip to prevent myself cumming right away. Once I had fully engulfed him, he held my hips still.

“Just rest as you are, honey, relax.”

I did, then after a few seconds I felt his cock begin to pulsate inside me. It was too infrequent for his heartbeat so he must have been doing it deliberately. I focused on the pulses, in my mind imagining his cock expanding and contracting, filling me, enlarging me, sending sensual sensations throughout my body. Involuntarily I shuddered as I inexorably moved towards a second orgasm. Then he increased the stimulation by cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples. I closed my eyes, letting the sensations wash over me, feeling myself move closer, closer, an infinitesimal distance each time, approaching my release once again. I was almost there, ooohhh, it was so wonderful, a feeling of warmth swept through my body, so close, closer, then WHACK!!

My eyes shot open as an intense stinging pain shot through my left breast. I was just in time to see, but not avoid, the second slap as his left hand contacted my right breast hard. The pain rocketed through me and I screamed once again as my body went into an intense, full-blown orgasm, far stronger than any I’d had in the past. My eyes closed and I felt myself arching backwards, thrusting my hips onto his cock wanting more, much, much more.

I don’t know how long it lasted but when I slowly began to return to some semblance of normality and open my eyes I saw him lying there, grinning up at me.

“You liked that?” he asked.

“Oh yes, darling, liked is a huge understatement. It was totally sensational, out of this world. Now I want your cum in me; I want you to fuck me and fill me with your hot sperm.”

Instead of replying verbally, he pulled me down towards him until I was lying on top of him, then he kissed me, hard, our tongues wrestling between our teeth. After a while he rolled us both over until he was on top of me, his hard cock still fully inside me. He used his knees to spread my legs wider then pushed his arms under my legs, raising them and parting them still more. He raised himself off my body and began flexing his hips, fucking into me then out of me at last. Ohhh, it was wonderful! I loved feeling him sliding inside my vagina, the ridges on his cock stimulating the sides, his head pressing against the end when he was fully inside, his hairs rhythmically tickling then squeezing my clit as our pubic bones pressed together and released, pressed and released.

I hoped it was arousing him because it sure was arousing me. I lay there and very quickly felt myself approaching my next – third! – orgasm for this session. I found my hips responding to his rhythm, rolling beneath him to provide the best, most stimulating angles for penetration and arousal. Once again I was close. Cum, I willed him, cum in me, cum in me, cum . . . .

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