Home From The Business Trip Pt. 03


“Hey sweetheart, I expected Jayne to answer, good morning sweetie, how are you?” Caroline’s cheery voice greeted me.

I was frozen for a second, as my wife’s voice sounded, with our nearly naked babysitter in bed next to me, dressed in Caroline’s sexiest lingerie, and both of us recovering from thunderous orgasms.

“I’m fine baby, my business trip wrapped up at Noon yesterday, and I was able to get the last evening flight out, how are you?” I managed, sounding almost normal.

I noticed Jayne look up at me, then an impish grin spread across her face.

“Well, my sister was not much fun to be with, and it looks like I’ll have to stay over today, maybe even tomorrow, and sort out the mess her last boyfriend left behind. I don’t know what it is, she always picks the wrong guy, who then turns her life upside down, then big sister has to ride to the rescue. No more, this is the last time, I’m going to tell her that big sister can’t be around to wipe her nose after she fucks up, she’s 28, she needs to grow up, and be an adult.”

“Sounds like a good plan, I know that Alyssa is very eager for her Mommy to come home.”

“Just as eager as I am to see you and her again. When I get home baby, I’m gonna jump your bones, I am so horny, I want you to fuck me every way but loose!”

Jayne was laying right next to me, wearing my wife’s raciest undies, and it was surreal to hear my wife telling me how much she wanted to fuck me after I’d fucked our babysitter 4 times since I’d gotten home. And damn, I knew that I would want Jayne again, very soon.

“So when did you get home?”

I replied, “It was just after midnight, and Alyssa and Jayne were fast asleep, so I figured I’d let them sleep, no need to disturb Jayne.”

Caroline replied, “That’s was very considerate to let Jayne sleep, and you can take her home today. Well, sweetheart, I’ve gotta get going, so I shall call you again tomorrow, and let you know when I can come home, and I’m gonna move heaven and earth to get out of here tomorrow, love you lots!”

“Ok baby, I love you lots too!”

The connection was broken, and I hung up the phone.

Jayne looked up, she knew who that was, and said, “Guess it’s time to get back to the real world, I’ll get my stuff together, then I’ll be ready to go.”

I had gone this far with Jayne, fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound. I still had another day, and I knew that I wanted as much of Jayne as I could. I had an idea.

“No, it’s not time to go. Caroline is held over for at least another day. That means that tonight, I will be alone, but I don’t want to be alone. I want you here today, and tonight, your incredible body needs more satisfaction, and I’m gonna be the one to satisfy you! Alyssa’s grandmother is always eager to have Alyssa come and stay with her, I’m gonna have her take Alyssa for tonight, so that you and I will be alone, and I won’t have to explain to Alyssa why you are still here, and in bed with Daddy.”

Jayne’s smile told me all I needed to know about how much she loved that idea. Alyssa’s grandmother was eager to spend some time with her granddaughter, so that was all taken care of right away. I told her I would bring Alyssa over right after pre-school, so they could have lots of time together. Jayne thought it would be a good idea if she did a little shopping when I brought Alyssa home to pack an overnight bag, so that she would not be wondering why Jayne was still here, now that Daddy was home. But we still had a few hours before then, so we both knew how we wanted to fill the time.

Soon, I was flat on my back, and Jayne’s mouth was wrapped around my cock. Her mouth was warm, wet, and expert as she swallowed me down, deep throating me, taking me in right to the balls. I slid şişli escort my hands over her head and started caressing her luscious chestnut locks, the feeling of her hot wet lips, sliding up and down my stiff cock, and seeing her head full of that thick mass of chestnut color hair, bobbing up and down as her mouth rode my pole, got my cum boiling, and when she started to massage my balls, that did it.

“Oh fuck yeah, love your tight cocksucker lips, baby, gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet hot mouth, oh fuck YEAH!”

Orgasm grabbed me again, and my cock exploded. I could feel my cock squirting wildly, spewing thick ropes of spunk, filling her eager mouth. She sucked every last drop out of me. Lifting her head up, she looked up at me, her cheeks bulging with my load, smiling, Jayne savoring the taste of my hot cum in her mouth before she eagerly swallowed the big load I had filled her mouth with.

“I’ve had 3 boyfriends, all of them got their cocks sucked, but yours has the best-tasting cum ever. Yummy, I love it!” Jayne giggled.

She cuddled with me, and I wanted to make her squirt. I wondered if she’d ever had a G-spot orgasm, and I asked her. When she told me she didn’t think so, I could pretty well tell she hadn’t, every woman I knew that had her G spot done had never forgotten it.

I lay back, spreading a bath towel over the bed behind my head, and told her to mount up.

“Ok baby, climb aboard, ride my face, I will polish your G spot, and I want you to cum all over my face!”

As she swung into position, I could see her trimmed muff of that chestnut color hair topping her mound, the part of her coral pink opening glistened, beckoning to my mouth. I pulled her down, smelling the rich scent, and lapped along her soft, pink opening, sliding my tongue past her tight lips, to lick up her sweet nectar. Jayne started to coo and moan softly, as I licked up her sweet juices. I slid a finger up her, finger fucking her as my tongue lapped at the underside of her clitoral hood. I found the spot and started to work it over. Jayne’s moans turned to gasps.

“Oh my god, am I going to pee?”

I stopped long enough to tell her, “No baby, you are going to cum, and squirt it all over, let it go, baby!”

I surrounded her clit, and lashed my tongue at it, I could feel it rock hard, twitching wildly, and I worked over her G spot. Jayne growled, grunted, and howled wordlessly as she felt the release. I felt a squirt gush out, splattering my face, and more squirts followed, gushing wildly. I looked up and could see her face, amazed as she gazed down, watching the juices shoot out of her. My face was drenched, as she came all over my face, I love it.

When she got her breath back, Jayne said, “That’s an orgasm I’ll never forget, my god, I felt like I was going to turn inside out!” Gazing behind her, she grinned, “And speaking of turning, I can see that it certainly turned you on!”

She quickly lifted up and repositioned herself in a reverse cowgirl style.

“Now, I’m going to ride you, and I want another thick load, fuck I’m so horny, I want my cunt full of every drop you have, lover!”

She slid her twitching cunt down, impaling her tight core, drawing a grunt from me as my cock was taken in, she settled down with a sigh of pleasure. She started to ride me, up and down, picking up the pace as I felt her juices flow, surrounding my cock in a tight, wet heaven. Her velvet folds were exquisite, fiery hot, moist, and oh so tight, the tight grip around my cock as she drove her heated pinkness down and up my shaft. I watched the sexy curve of her naked backside, and her magnificent ass rising up and down, as she pumped her hips up and down. My cock was rubbing against the pronounced ridges in the upper wall of her vagina, I could hear the wet squelch of her juicy well of pleasure as she pounded herself to a satisfying conclusion.

Jayne suddenly cried out, “Oh my God, I’m cumming, yes, yes, yes, YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, I could feel her tight cunt start to spasm wildly, clamping tightly around me, I was still building up my next load since my cock had been sucked to a massive climax by Jayne’s hot mouth, I wasn’t ready to blow yet. Jayne continued to ride me, her burning cunt ramming up and down, over and over, and Jayne cried out as she felt her second orgasm slam into her. She kept going, and Jayne was rocked by her third orgasm. The throbbing of her heated center, spasming over and over, brought me to it, and suddenly I felt my cock swelling with a massive urgency, the cum ready to explode, and the tight hug of her cunt took me over the edge. I could feel my cock sizzling as the cum surged up my shaft, and, as Jayne’s tightness spasmed wildly around my prick, in the grip of her fourth orgasm, I exploded, I could feel my prick, pulsing and squirting wildly, as I shot streams of hot cum deep inside her tight cunt. Her spasming tightness stroked and sucked greedily at my prick, draining my balls into her hungry, eager depths.

Jayne’s movements slowed to a stop, and she lifted up off my prick, sucked off the combined juices, then slumped against me as I held her close. After a while, we got up, and I went to get Alyssa from pre-school, while Jayne went shopping. At home, I told Alyssa that she was going to go and spend the night at Grandma’s house, she clapped and giggled delightedly. I took her over and got her settled, then I called Jayne, and picked her up downtown. As it was almost dinner time, I took her out to my favorite Italian restaurant, and we had a wonderful, authentic Italian feast, we took our time, knowing that she would be in my arms again. Her dark eyes gave me chills as I saw the heat of her desire shining out at me.

After dinner, we went home, and upstairs, Jayne asked me to get into bed, and she would join me in a few minutes. She entered the bedroom 5 minutes later, and she showed me what her shopping trip had been for. She was wearing a black leather bustier, black leather garter belt, and black stockings, she was a sight to see.

Standing by the bed, she grinned and said, “I felt like being bad, and what’s better than black for being bad? And if fucking and sucking a married man isn’t bad, I don’t know what is!”

She joined me in bed and pushed me down.

She growled, “Now, lick my cunt, and polish my G spot, I’m gonna cum all over your face!”

I watched her tuft of chestnut pubic hair above me, her fingers reached down to part her opening, and I saw the coral pinkness of her interior, the heated lust smell, and the slick, syrupy lips so ready for licking, I looped my arms over her hips and pulled her down, my tongue reaching up inside her eager pink opening, licking up the cream that was starting to churn, listening to her moan of pleasure.

“Yes, oh yes, right there, lick me, make me cum!” she whispered.

Happy to do so, I lashed at her cunt, over and over, sliding two fingers up her, I then surrounded her stiff, erect clit with my mouth, and my fingers went to work on her G spot, while my mouth worked over her throbbing clit.

“Yes, oh yes, gonna cum, gonna wash down your face, fuck, oh yes, fuck, cumming, yes, yes, YES!”

She let out a shriek as she came, and her pussy squirted wildly, gushing all over, my face was drenched by her cum, and she shuddered, shook, and moaned as she rode her orgasm.

My cock was rock hard, throbbing, and Jayne told me to stand up, and on her knees, she swallowed me right to the balls. She slid her mouth back up, drawing a grunt of pleasure from me, and told me what she wanted.

“Now that I’ve given you a facial, it’s my turn! Fuck my face while I suck you, and when you explode, pull out, and shower my face, blow your juicy load all over, give me a thick, creamy facial!”

Jayne wrapped her mouth around my cock again and swallowed me down again, Jayne was becoming very good at deep throating, and I began to gently fuck her mouth, sliding my throbbing shaft in and out of Jayne’s hot mouth. Her tongue ran over my shaft, painting designs of pleasure, and her suction as she deep throated me was so intense, I was letting out grunts of pleasure, I knew I was fast approaching climax.

I started to pant and gasp, my cock cock throbbing wildly. Just before I blew, I quickly pulled my stiff cock out of Jayne’s hot mouth.

Jayne urged me on, “Go for it lover, blow your load all over my face, give me the best facial ever!”

I wrapped my hand around my cock, aimed it at Jayne’s face, and one stroke was all it took. She shut her eyes, so he wouldn’t get any hot spunk in her eyes, and my cock started pulsing wildly as I exploded, hot streams of spunk spewing all over Jayne’s face. I watched the hot streams of spunk splattering, her forehead, her nose, her lips, her chin, I aimed at her neck, and sprayed a pearl necklace around her throat, the visual turn-on made my cock jerk and throb wildly. Jayne parted her lips and swallowed my cock, to suck out the last drops of my load, what a sight, and what a feeling.

Jayne’s face, covered with a thick juicy load, smiled at me, she rubbed it in, almost like cold cream, and giggled as she said, “Let’s see what kind of a beauty mask it will make!”

Back in bed, we relaxed for a little while, until Jayne’s hands, and lips, started me growing again.

“Oh yeah, so nice and hard and ready to fuck me again!” she giggled.

She positioned herself above me, and taking my stiff and ready cock, Jayne positioned it against her warm entrance. In one downward thrust, she impaled her tight, burning core on me, sliding down on my swollen fuck pole, grunting with pleasure as she took in the last inches of my swollen cock. I also grunted with pleasure as my swollen cock was once again enclosed by the tightness of her hot, inner depths.

“Yes, oh yes, perfect” she cooed.

She started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over. The feel of her wrapped tightly around me, started my balls churning. She smiled down at me as she gave herself a cowgirl style ride, watching her riding me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, fired me up. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. She was bouncing up and down the full length of my cock, the tight grip of her fiery furnace milking and sucking at my throbbing shaft, demanding every drop I had.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, gush your thick cum, cum in me, fill me, cumming, cumming oh my god, YES!”

Her voice rose to a shriek, and as she shuddered in climax above me, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasm tearing through her took me over the edge, and I let it go with a roar, as my cock exploded, squirting wildly inside her tight sheath, splattering a thick load of spunk up Jayne’s burning fuck-hole, the orgasmic spasms of her inner muscles milking every last drop out of me. She collapsed on top of me, both of us gasping like racehorses, as we drifted through the post-orgasm. We drifted off, with her still on top of me, my cock still inside her.

A while later, I could feel her tapping at my shoulder, waking me up for another round, I thought with a smile. I opened my eyes, and reality intruded in a BIG way.

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