Honey I Lost That was the DEAL Blacken


Honey I Lost That was the DEAL BlackenI realized now the seriousness of my wife’s situation as I peered through the half open door into the other room of the large suite, the sounds emanating from there as well only added to my fears. It all started as just another step in our adventures as newbie’s in the swinging world and somehow had led us to where we were now.My wife Sally and I had offered to be present and help out at one of the Internet’s famous gangbangs for married women in Las Vegas. Sally had always avoided black men for partners in our adventures, but at the same time was mesmerized by their bodies and the size of there cocks . I have to admit the best rough and wild treatment of a wife as far as I was concerned was at the hands of a few good white men. Sally had drunk continually as others and I took pictures of three married women being put through their paces in a room just down the hall. Before long Sally had been convinced to open her top only to reveal her beautiful natural breasts being pushed through my favorite open cup under wire bra, forcing her breasts straight out in the open for all to see. From that point on she was drawn closer and closer to the flame.The men resting in the back ground would fondle her breasts and slide their hands up her skirt, making me wish I had not asked her to go with out panties that evening.Sally was a beautiful woman for 38 years of age, five feet six inches and around 135 lbs.When it came to tits and ass, she had them, her breasts being a 36D cup and a nice round pear shaped ass. Being a red head her skin was very pale, but only added to the contrast off a black hand exploring her open top, making an erotic visual scene indeed whether she realized it or not.It was becoming apparent that the goods I had set aside for myself were being handled quite frequently by the black men orbiting behind the scenes. Once this began to happen Sally started to drink more and before long was drawn into what looked like a serious conversation with three good looking black men, as one on each side massaged her parted knees and the third knelt in front of her cupping both her breasts. My photography at that point I am sure went to hell as I struggled to get shots asked of me by husbands milling about now out of memory on there digital cameras.When Sally approached me to leave it was a welcome thought as I had become ever so horny by what had been taking place all around me for almost three hours now.Her words were slurred as she informed me the three black men who she now knew by name would be coming with us to our room to discuss the next shoot and have a few more drinks.I was floored and thought to myself of ways to bow out of what could become a bad situation with her drunken condition and all, but failed to gather the needed words as we all left the room and headed down the hall.I was somewhat relieved once in our room at the men’s gentleman like actions as they spoke only of wanting to go gamble for a while and wanted to take Sally with them, great nothing about fucking my wife.Sally had told them of my dislike for gambling and they had offered to take her with them while I returned to the next shoot in the room down the hall after downloading my camera onto my laptop. It all seemed innocent enough and I knew how much my wife loved to gamble so I nodded my head and said, “Ok”. The next shoot was a little slow paced and the husbands spent most the time coaching their wives into small one on ones and an occasional threesome. One of the women in the heat of passion asked for the rough guys and someone mentioned the three were taking a break. Rough guys I though, they didn’t seem rough to me, and what of my wife Sally, was she with the “Rough guys” or so they were called. My mind swirled in thought as I pondered the idea of my wife gambling with these guys wearing no panties and over her limit of alcohol.Realizing the situation now with my wife Sally I made a made an excuse to leave and a mad dash back to our room to get rid of the camera and try to find my wife. When I came in the room Sally was sitting at the table covered in playing cards with the three black men drinking another güvenilir bahis glass of wine. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was my wife just kept the wine glass to her lips while her eyes nervously followed my movement as I closed the door and walked towards the table. The room was quiet and the men seem to wait for Sally to speak first.As I rounded the table I could see Sally’s top was again open with her breasts jutting out for all three of the men to see. As well I now could see her skirt had been removed at some point and lay on the couch adjacent to the table in the room.Sally broke the silence and spoke first, “Hun, I lost, I mean I really lost”.What do you mean I asked, “Well we gambled for a while downstairs then came back here and began to play cards, then I first lost my cloths to these guys, then the last hand I bet myself”. Yourself, I said, why? “Well I had a good hand but Paul here had a better one”. What’s this mean Sally? I asked. “They get me for the rest of the night, whatever they want to do to me”. “We have talked about it before, I know it’s just happening quicker than we had planned”. My mind was in anguish as I thought of what I knew now about these guys and she didn’t, but what would it matter now as she had sealed the deal not knowing. In my silence the men rose from their seats, two sat at the couch and Paul pulled the single matching chair in place facing the other two on the couch and sat down by himself there. Paul then said, “Well a deals a deal little lady, let’s get started, my cock and my friends need the attention of that beautiful mouth of yours”.Sally rose looking at me for my approval. I smiled back with a quick nod, hoping all would work out well and the men’s reputations were a gross overstatement of the truth, at least for Sally’s sake. My wife knelt in front of the two men as they both unzipped and brought out their large black cocks for Sally to service. Paul moved even further foreword with his chair directly behind my wife, kicking off his shoes and placing both his feet between her legs.Paul then forced her legs apart with his feet and reached for her ass as he leaned a bit foreword in his chair. As my wife began to struggle getting the one man in her mouth, Paul began to play with her pussy and asshole from behind, first petting then pushing fingers in her as she began to moan around the large black cock while holding tightly onto the other. Seeing my wife Sally in this position was an erotic sight with the one man on the couch holding onto a large loch of her red hair as she sucked in earnest on his black cock while her small hand struggled to make it two thirds of the way around the other man’s large black cock as large black fingers explored her from behind. Paul worked fast and in no time at all my wife’s ass cheeks were rippling to the rhythm of what looked to be two large fingers in her pussy and a thumb planted deep in her ass, as Paul now violently moved his hand in and out of her, slamming home each time in her open crotch causing her ass and thighs to move with each impact. Sally now whined continually around the large cock in her mouth as well as grunted in time with Paul’s hand slamming home in her pussy and ass. The men on the couch now used her hair to move her mouth from cock to cock, only allowing her a breath or two in between before pushing her down on the other. I could see the sweat building up on her forehead and back as she labored to satisfy the two men on the couch while her pussy and ass were being assaulted from behind. The two men on the couch seemed to be enjoying pushing her head down to the point she would gag then letting her raise just enough to breath. This went on for a while as they chuckled and told her she was a good slut as they held her hair off to the side so I could see my wife’s eyes bulge out and tear bringing with it remnants of her make up down her cheeks. Finally when I felt she could take no more the men asked her to turn around towards Paul and service him.Sally did as asked and minutes later screamed around Paul’s black large cock as the two men behind her now began finger her roughly. I was becoming embarrassed by türkçe bahis my wife’s sluttish abandon as my own arousal lifting on my pants and got up to make myself a strong drink and perhaps walk it off a bit.As I poured the seven up over the shot of liquor I heard my wife scream out, “Oh god, oh god, oh god, Fuckkkkk, to many fingerssssss, Eeeeeeeee”.When I re-entered the room the two men on the couch had lifted her lower body up on the couch over their knees, each using their outside arms to hold wide her legs, placing her open crotch and arched back between them. The two men were now tormenting her pussy and ass with their free hands as they held her solid with the other. Sally now hung between the three men as Paul had moved his chair foreword once again and took hold of her arms, placing then on each side of him on the arm wrests as she continued to struggle to accommodate his large black cock in her mouth, her chin now pulled upward and eyes wide in fear. As I walked around to the side I could see her tits hanging freely below her, swinging this way and that as the men behind her now moved their fingers together in and out of her. The two men on the couch asked me to pour some lubricant on her ass and I quickly complied, fearing if I didn’t they would hurt her. As I stood close and poured the lube down her crack they both without removing their fingers from her pussy, placed their thumbs together and slowly forced both thumbs inside my wife’s ass.My wife went crazy and contorted in an earth shattering orgasm as the men’s two thumbs came home in her ass. As Sally flailed in her hung position between the three black men she as well began to gag and cough as Paul now was releasing his load deep inside her throat as he reached below her with both his hands and roughly took hold of her hanging tits and pulled her even harder onto his cock, her fingers now holding tight to the two armrests for support. The men behind her let go of her legs and each began to strike the ass cheek on their side while continuing to hold their fingers and thumbs inside her as she bucked away, her body tiring from the long orgasm. Sally then for no apparent reason began to try to talk around the cock in her mouth that was keeping its size amazingly well at this point as I tried to make out what had set her off again in such a way. In seconds she had arched her back and looked to be having another orgasm already. Upon a second look it was then apparent that one of the men behind had left the job of spanking her ass to attack her clit with his large black fingers, sending my wife over the edge again. Paul now reached under each of her arms and slowly lifted her up while he himself stood as well until she was perched straight up, legs spread wide over the two men on the couch. Her mouth remained open as she convulsed on the sensation of the two hands still buried inside as the men adjusted their arms to the new angle. The men behind her now each took one arm with their free hands and held her in place as she now looking straight ahead at myself and Paul, her hips still bucking to the slight movements of the fingers and thumbs that remained inside her. Off of her open mouth rolled a mixture of cum and saliva and her tits hung out free and proud showing some red marks from the work done by Paul’s rough hands. Her crotch hung wide open from the positioning of her legs over the two black men’s with an array of black fingers disappearing into her pussy. Paul got on his knees in front of her and asked the two men beneath her to pull her arms to the center of her back. He then asked they pull down causing her back to arch even more and her tits to jut out lewdly in Paul’s face.Paul then removed a ball gag from his coat pocket and placed it in my wife’s mouth and proceeded to strap it tight around the back of her head. “You’re a little black slut aren’t you?”Sally said nothing and out of nowhere Paul’s open hand came up at an angle catching her breast on the underside making it fly up and out to the side with a loud, “Smack”.My wife’s eyes opened wide and she began to move her hips, moving the men’s fingers and thumbs inside while making grunts and groans güvenilir bahis siteleri through the gag.Paul smiled and slapped the other tit wildly in the same fashion as Liz began a lewd dance of pleasure and pain, now moving her breasts from left to right while moving on the fingers in her. I watched in amazement as again and again my wife’s tits were slapped hard, causing them to fly out, up to the side then fall bobbing back in place, her nipples now large and swollen. As the men held her there Paul moved in closer, taking each nipple in hand and pulled outward and then began biting at the stretched skin near the base of each. One man behind now took hold of both her wrists as the other reached around to find her clit with his fingers and first rubbed it and then began to slap the whole area with his open hand. This was all it took for my wife Sally to launch into another earth shattering orgasm, her back arching even more as her head now looked straight up at the ceiling of the suite while Paul pulled her nipples up and away from her chest, creating two cones of flesh towering higher than her chin. My wife’s body danced in pleasure and pain at the hands of the three rough black men until she nearly passed out from exhaustion then was carried in her limp state to the suites bedroom. As I stood in the doorway to the suite’s bedroom I could now see the reason for all the profanity now coming from the mouth of my wife Sally. Sally rarely swore but in the last few minutes the sounds of grunting and yes, yes had turned to No oh shit, no you fucking black fuckers, FUCK. Liz was now sandwiched in between the two black men, one in her tight ass and one in her pussy. The black man now deep in her ass behind her, after just putting down the bottle of lube, pulled her arms back hard holding onto the cuffs now on her wrists behind her back, her back arching sharp as he pulled her fully on the large cock in her ass. “To Deep, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck, I can’t take it, to much, nonononono, Eeeeee” escapes her lips as the man lying below her reaches to the inside of her knees and pushes them wider to plant himself to the max in her pussy. I can now see sweat shimmering in the dim light, covering her back and sides then dripping off my wife’s tits onto the mans chest below her as her mouth hangs wide open in silence.The men hold her, fully impaled on the two large black cocks in an erotic display of dominance and control over her, as if waiting for her to accept again her role as submissive.After a long pause, Paul leans in with a long kiss and roughly pinches and twists her nipples, never letting her open mouth break free of his.Paul now whispers in her ear, “Is the little wife ready for the fucking of her life?””Are you ready to be fucked to death in front of your husband?””Do you want your husband to watch?”Sally now replies, “Yes, oh yes I want him to watch me get fucked by your big black cocks”Paul then spoke loader, holding her face to his,”Do you want them to fuck you really hard now sweetie?” “Yes oh fuck yes fuck me you fucking black fuckers while my husband watches”My ears couldn’t believe what I was hearing as Paul now told the two men, “Let’s give this little white wife the black fucking of her life, this little white slut needs it bad”.The two men buried deep inside her then started moving their large black cocks in and out of her slowly as Sally’s eyes popped open wide and began to dart from one side of the room to the other. Paul now gathered her long red hair in one hand, pulling her head back and placing his open mouth over my wife’s. As the men picked up the pace my wife began to scream into Paul’s mouth as Paul forced his tongue in deep past her own. Her orgasms were coming back to back as the men moved roughly inside of her and she continually screamed into Paul’s mouth as he roughly mauled her hanging breasts with his large black hands. Paul then pulled his lips from my wife’s and directed her mouth now to his large black cock that had again become hard. Paul then held her hair with one hand while cupping her chin with the other, forcing his cock deep into her throat.My wife began to cough and choke as the movements of the other two black men along with her own bucking about, pushed the oversized cock into the back of her throat as Paul said, “Don’t pass out on us now slut, the nights young and your ours until daylight, that was the deal”.

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