Hot for the Neighbor Ch. 02


I last left off with dry humping my gorgeous twenty something year old married neighbor in the fall. Regina ha consoled me and told me it was fun and reminded her of dry humping while she was a teenager and dating.

Bill, Regina’s husband had given me a stack of 60 porn magazines that I had been studying in GREAT detail thru the winter months. It was the winter of 2000; I also had the internet, a tool that everyone has viewed porn on. Now mind you I was somewhat nerdy and geeky, I hadn’t been laid. I wasn’t butt ugly, well built and I had a solid thick 6 ½ dick, that had a veracious appetite for pleasure which I gratified 3-4 days a week with stroke sections.

Thru the internet and the porn magazines I began to form an opinion on Bill. Bill likes Regina to dress sexy and he loved her teasing me. It became obvious that he liked watching her, or as the stories I read he seemed to be a voyeur that liked showing his wife off.

I did see Regina and occasionally Bill when he was not on the road. I liked hanging around Regina, I loved her sweet smile and humor and ogling her every chance I had the occasion. We were sometimes flirty, which I loved and it amped me up big time.

It was early December and Regina was asking about what she should get Bill. I told her to get a sexy outfit for him as well as some electronic gadgets for use on the road. Regina was smart, but was very weak in gadgets and asked me to go shopping with her.

We went to the mall to Christmas shop. I love the mall because there is always eye candy for a guy to look at. We walked the mall and evenly occasionally held hands as we sometimes dragged each other to see something. During one of these occasions she dragged me into Victoria’s secrets.

Regina giggled and said to help her pick out something Bill would like. I had never been inside this store, but O Lord it was heaven and hell to a horny teenage boy. Regina was a delight to breeze thru the store with looking at the holiday outfits with. She would hold one up and look at me and ask would this be OK. I finally told her she would look awesome in any of them or maybe just three simple bows poker oyna that I would help her place.

Regina decided on a sexy Mrs. Clause out fit that was trimmed in white fur stuff and was Crimson red with tiny G string panties. Upon leaving the store she said she hoped it would fit and that she would try it on at home, at which I jokingly said she could model it for me.

We walked some more and I dragged her into an electronics store to find something for Bill. Bill was a regional salesman for some widget company and was a road warrior. We looked at some gadgets and settled on a web cam for the home computer because all newer laptops have built in webcams and I explained to Regina that she could see Bill while they chatted. I told her I could load it on her computer and show her how it worked.

We arrived back to her place and I installed the webcam on her home PC, I also made a made sure I would be able to view her webcam from my computer. I explained to her how it would work and that Bill should love it. She was so anxious to use it that she said she wanted to give it to him early.

I reminded her that she still had her outfit to try and model for me. Regina giggled at me and said I can’t let you see me in that; I will literally be on display. I assured her that it was all in good taste and that I can’t imagine any woman looking hotter. Regina reluctantly took the outfit to her bedroom to change. I was anxious and horny and nervous all at the same time.

It seemed like an hour before she called out of the bedroom and asked if I was ready. I quickly stated heck ya. Regina stepped out of the bedroom and walked towards me in the kitchen. I was speechless; her hourglass figure was outlined with the fake white fur. Her bodacious breasts threatened to spill out with each step and I prayed they would. The thin strip of the panties hid her slit and not much else, considering that there was a slight indention of camel toe.

Regina gave me a swirl and asked if I thought Bill would like it? I stuttered and said he would be stupid not to. Regina came closer and whispered what about you do you like it. Her face was canlı poker oyna so close to mine, I could feel her breathe against my skin. I said I LOVE IT. She said I owe you a thank you for helping me today, do you have any ideas?

I was almost shacking with excitement and nerves. I asked for a kiss, O I wanted more but my brain couldn’t process rational thoughts or speech. Regina snuggled into my arms and lightly planted a peck on my lips and then backed her lips away from mine. Regina then asked if I had ever really kissed a girl and I said no. Regina then leaned in and gave ma another peck of on the lips and retreated again.

I was about to hyperventilate at this point. Regina said let me give you your first real kiss. She put my arms around her and placed hers around my neck and looked into my eyes and grinned and asked if I was ready. Unable to talk I nodded my head as she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. I felt her lips open, so I opened mine and then I felt her tongue touching my mine.

Time seemed to stand still; I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. My cock was harder than I had ever imagined it could be. Regina ended the kiss and looked at me and asked what I thought. I said I loved it and leaned in for another kiss, we again frenched and as she moved her hands around my shoulders, my hands migrated lower to her ass. I had forgotten that she was wearing the tiniest of G strings and all my hands found was to bare glorious globes of her ass.

I grasped each cheek with my hands and squeezed, spread, and pulled her into my straining cock. I was in heaven grinding into her succulent body while having her near bare ass in my hands. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said that was hot. She said that we needed to quit, I quickly said please one more. She smiled and said OK. As we were in the kitchen, her ass was very close to the table as we kissed I moved us two steps back to the table and picked her up and set her on the table.

We continued to kiss as I placed her on the table top. Regina’s legs were now spread enough to accommodate me as I grinded into her throughout internet casino the extended kiss. Considering we where both amped up and she only had on the thin G string I was making a direct connection with my clothed cock and her clit. I could feel her moaning while we were kissing and grinding and then she went stiff and broke the kiss as she orgasmed and moaned loudly into me ear.

We stopped grinding and I looked into her eyes as she came down from her orgasm. I wasn’t even sure as to what had happened. Regina started necking on me and said Mike you’re making so fucking horny. She then said I have never had an orgasm that intense before. I was on cloud nine realizing that I had made her come.

By some magical power, I had not come in my pants yet. Regina said do you still need to come? I said yes really bad. Regina was running her hands up and down my arms and said I want this to be your Christmas present and I want it to be memorable. I just nodded and looked into her eyes.

I will never forget the slow sound of her unzipping my jeans. She next pushed my underwear down; as my cock was free of clothing she grasped my cock and slowly stroked it. She looked into my eyes as she gently stroked me, I was engorged and close to the edge, I didn’t want to shoot yet. Standing there with my cock in her hand and her treasure only covered with the thin G string, I wanted to make this last as long as possible.

I leaned in and started another deep kiss, as I pushed against her I felt the head of my cock contact her barely covered pussy. As we kissed she gently stroked my cock and I thrust my rod into her covered pussy I was doomed to quick pleasure. Once she broke the kiss and necked on me and said COME ON MIKE, COME ON MY PUSSY.

That was it; I exploded the most intense orgasm of my life. Regina was lightly biting my ear lobe and saying ya baby come for me. I continued thrusting throughout my orgasm, if it wasn’t for her hand still holding me I have no doubt that I would have driven deep into her. As I finally stopped and I looked down between us, she was a mess with my come all over the red silk panties and my cockhead imbedded between her splayed lips as the thong had moved to the side. Seeing this I involuntarily groaned and thrusted at her some more and she pulled my cock forward more but just ran the head back and forth between her lips.

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