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hot mom -2The moment Jodie saw her son at breakfast the next morning, she knew she had trouble. Her eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on her yesterday. Dane really was as cute and sexy-looking as his father. Jodie just didn’t trust herself to behave around him.She figured they’d better not be alone together any more than they had to. It would be better to get out of the house.”Dane, how would you like to go on a picnic today?” she asked brightly. “There’s a little lake outside of town that’s really nice for swimming.””That sounds great, Mom,” Dane said. “It feels like it’s gonna be a hot day.”It would be even hotter, Jodie feared, if they stayed alone together in the house. After breakfast, she set to work making a big picnic lunch, and then they drove out to the lake. Dane chattered happily all the way, keeping her entertained. He really was a nice k**.He was also a very attractive k**, and the resemblance to his father was uncanny. Every time Jodie looked at him, she saw Larry, and that made her awfully horny. She couldn’t help thinking about all the terrific fucking she and Larry had had, even though they’d ended up divorced.Now she had no sex life at all, but she understood that Larry had done better for himself.”What’s your stepmother like?” she asked Dane.”Sherry?” he said. “Well, she’s okay, but she isn’t really like a mother. She’s hardly older than I am, so it was more like having a big sister.”Jodie winced. She knew that Larry had recently married again, but she hadn’t realized the girl was so young.”Do you like her?” she asked.”I don’t know,” Dane said. “After they got married, I didn’t see much of her or Dad. They were always off on trips together. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I felt like I was in the way. So I was real glad when you invited me to come here, Mom.””Me, too, honey,” Jodie said, reaching over to pat his knee.His remarks made her realize that he was, after all, still her little boy. He was a k** yet, and she had a responsibility to make him feel loved and wanted. Apparently she’d gotten him away from Larry just in time. Now she’d have to see to it that he didn’t feel “in the way” around her.Well, no problem there. She and Craig wouldn’t pose a threat to him. While Larry and his new wife couldn’t keep their hands off each other, Jodie would have given anything if Craig would touch her. He certainly wasn’t going to prove a rival to Dane.They arrived at the lake, and Jodie took the shore road to her favorite swimming spot. She was surprised not to find any other people there, but it was early in the day and perhaps more people would come. She sure hoped so, because she didn’t trust herself alone with Dane.It was a hot day, and the clear blue lake looked very inviting.”I can hardly wait to get in the water,” Jodie exclaimed. “You can change in the car, honey, and I’ll go into the woods.””Oh, I don’t need a place to change, Mom,” Dane replied with amusement. “I’m just gonna strip and jump in.”And that was exactly what he did. While Jodie watched in shocked disbelief, the boy quickly peeled off all his clothes and headed naked for the water. She couldn’t help ogling his lean young body, and she shivered with excitement after her brief glimpse of his long, dangling cock.Then she recovered her senses.”Dane,” she cried, “what if somebody comes along?””Well, if this shocks them, I guess they’ll find another place to swim,” he said, obviously not worried about it. “Come on in, Mom. Don’t just stand there in the hot sun!”He waded into the water, up to his knees, and stood there enjoying the coolness. His back was to Jodie, and she found herself ogling the firm rounds of his ass and the rippling muscles of his tan back. He was built the way a man should be, with broad shoulders and trim waist and hips.She had to admit it to herself–her son was gorgeous. He was obviously going to be a heart-breaker. But what concerned her right now was his swimming naked in that small-town, conservative community. If anybody came along and caught him, they’d call the sheriff.On the other hand, what could she do? He was too big to spank, and he was obviously set on skinny-dipping. He was a California k**, after all. Jodie breathed a sigh of relief as he finally waded the rest of the way into the water and started paddling around. Now you couldn’t tell that he had no bathing suit on.”Come on, Mom,” he shouted.”Okay,” she called, “I’ll just get my suit and put it on!””Oh, you won’t find your suit,” Dane replied with a wicked grin. “I took it out of your tote bag and left it home!”Jodie glared at him, thoroughly teed off”But Dane, now I won’t be able to swim!” she cried.”Sure, you will,” he answered. “Just do what I’m doing!””No way!” Jodie snapped.But as the minutes passed and the sun got higher in the sky, the day heated up till Jodie was really uncomfortable. She could have killed Dane for his smart-ass trick, she wanted to swim so badly. Finally she took off her sandals, rolled up her jeans, and waded along the shoreline.”You’re chicken, Mom,” Dane taunted. “Come on, once you get in the water, nobody can tell.”That was true, and by now Jodie was roasting. She decided to take the risk. Looking around to make sure no other people had arrived at the lake, she got out of her clothes as fast as she could. She was uncomfortably aware that her son was watching her the whole time.Naked, she started for the water. She had only a few yards to walk, but it seemed to take forever, because Dane was ogling her naked body the whole way. His eyes seemed to burn into her big wobbling tits and little red cunt-bush. She ran into the water and got to the deep part quickly.”You’ve got fantastic tits, Mom,” said Dane, who was swimming up next to her.Jodie blushed furiously and snapped, “Dane, it isn’t right to say things like that to your mother. We’re here to swim, not to flirt–got it?””Got it,” he said, lowering his eyes.He didn’t keep them lowered for long, though. As he and Jodie paddled around in the deliciously cool water, he kept sneaking glances her way. And she snuck glances at him, too. She just couldn’t help it. It had been a long time since she’d had a naked male body to admire.She warned herself not to get turned on. She’d left the house to avoid that. But it wasn’t easy to ignore the handsome young male who was swimming naked with her, and of course his features reminded her of Larry, and that in turn reminded her of fucking.Dane interrupted her troubled thoughts to say, “Hey, Mom, I just saw a really private-looking place where we could catch some sun. Let’s swim over there.”Jodie nodded and swam after him, around a bend in the shoreline and into a hidden cove. He was right, they could sunbathe naked here and nobody could see them unless they came along in a boat. They hauled themselves out of the water and stretched out in the soft warm grass.Jodie lay on her belly, of course, modestly hiding her tits and pussy from her son’s eyes. Dane wasn’t that bashful. He stretched out on his back, right beside her, and she couldn’t avoid looking at his cock. He sure was nicely hung for a k**. She scolded herself, though, for even thinking about it.Desperately she tried to make conversation.”Were you sorry to leave your friends when you came out here?” she asked.”Oh, kind of,” Dane said, “but I know I’ll make new friends here. I make friends pretty easily. There was only one person I was really sorry to leave, and that was Lisa.””Lisa?” Jodie asked.”My girlfriend,” Dane explained. “We’d been going together for two years. Darn,” he sighed, “I just got her to fuck me a couple of months ago. I sure miss that.”Jodie turned her head away to hide her hot blush. Dane sure was open and honest, she had to say that for him. But he expected her to be the same way, and sometimes she found that hard.”What about you, Mom?” he was bursa escort asking. “Is there somebody you get it on with?”There was no point in telling him that it was none of his business. He had a different attitude about these things, obviously, and he was just expressing his concern. Jodie tried not to look embarrassed as she answered his question. “Not really,” she said. “I have a steady boyfriend, the science teacher at school. Craig Russell is his name. But he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.”Dane stared at her a moment, then cracked up. He just roared, and Jodie could hardly blame him. That had been her reaction when Craig first told her about his old-fashioned moral values. At last Dane got himself under control and looked at her.”You’re not putting me on, are you, Mom?” he asked.”No, Dane,” she sighed. “But I wish I were.””Poor Mom,” he exclaimed, reaching for her, “you must really be horny.”He moved so fast that Jodie wasn’t prepared. Suddenly he was rolling her over onto her back and sliding half on top of her. He slipped his arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. Her mouth was half open with a muffled cry of shock, and he slipped his tongue between her lips and probed around.Jodie couldn’t believe what was happening. Her own son was giving her a very sexy kiss, and they were naked in each other’s arms. Boys definitely were not supposed to kiss their mothers like this. Ana mothers weren’t supposed to react the way she was reacting. Suddenly her body was shaking with lust and excitement.Stop it, she told herself sternly, he’s your son!But her body was so starved for fucking that she could make only feeble resistance. She pushed against his shoulders and murmured her protests, but it wasn’t enough to make him stop. He gave her a deep, long tongue-kiss that left her almost whimpering with horniness. When he finally came up for air, his eyes were hot with lust.”Listen, Mom,” he said eagerly, “we could really help each other out. I mean, I miss Lisa, and you’re not getting anything from this Craig. We’re both horny, so why don’t we do each other a favor?”Jodie gasped in shock.”Dane, haven’t you ever heard the word i****t?” she cried.”Yeah, but it doesn’t scare me,” he said. “I mean, if nobody else is involved, who would we be hurting? Come on, Mom. I’m really turned on by you!”The feeling was mutual. Jodie was about as turned on by her teenage son as she’d ever been by a man. And he was right in a way. They were both horny, and they could help each other out. But that didn’t mean they’d be justified in starting an i****tuous relationship.”No, Dane,” she moaned, “it isn’t right and I won’t do it. Now please let me go.””That’s not fair, Mom,” he answered, his voice hoarse with longing. “Just feel what you did to me. You can feel it, can’t you?”She could feel it, all right, and she was fighting to get away from it. Dane’s cock had mushroomed against her belly as they kissed, And now it felt enormous and hard as a rock. It was torture for the fuck-starved schoolteacher to feel it. It was all ready for action, all hers– but it would be wrong to have it.”I’m sorry, Dane,” she moaned, “but I can’t help you. You’ll just have to jack off.””No, Mom,” he growled, “you jack me off.” You gave me this hard-on, so you take care of it!”He rolled off her, onto his back, and grabbed her hand. He set it on his prick, which stood up rigidly, at right angles with his flat belly. Jodie shivered as he shoved her fingers against his thick hot column of cock-meat. He forced her fingers around his prick and moved her fist up and down.”Go ahead,” he rasped. “Do it!”Jodie knew it was wrong, but she was tired of fighting him. She knew he’d keep pestering her till she did something to relieve his lust. She might as well get it over with, and then maybe he’d be thinking clearly again and she could reason him out of his crazy, i****tuous ideas.He let go of her hand, and she started pumping his cock. It was sweet torment. His prick was big, hard, and eager, and it would have taken just one word to have it in her cunt. That was where she craved it, crammed to the hilt in her cock-starved pussy-hole, reaming deep and hard. She was almost moaning with frustration.But Dane was enjoying himself. He folded his arms behind his head and watched her with a horny grin.”Yeah, that feels good, Mom!” he panted. “Keep doing it, get me off. You ever do this for ol’ Craig? Or doesn’t he believe in this, either?””Dane, what Craig and I do in private is really none of your business!” Jodie said, blushing.He gave her a maddening grin.”I bet you don’t do much,” he chuckled. “Jesus, Mom, it must really be frustrating going out with the guy. You think he’ll finally marry you?””I don’t know,” Jodie sighed. “Craig believes in taking his time to make important decisions.””Sounds like a really wild and crazy guy,” Dane said. “Do it to me a little faster, Mom. Oh, yeah, that’s great!”Blushing hotly, Jodie moved her fist faster up and down her son’s throbbing cock. His prick was rock-hard and thick, just like his father’s. Even after so many years away from Larry, she could remember just what his cock looked like. It was a beauty, and so was their son’s.She didn’t know how she managed to get him off without moaning in frustration. The whole time, she was creaming like mad, her thick and sticky cunt-juices pouring out and soaking her swollen cunt-sut. She would have given anything to be taking her son’s massive hard-on in her seething cunt.But she didn’t think she could live with the guilt of fucking her own k**. Surely she couldn’t be horny enough to do that.Struggling to keep her self-control, she pumped Dane’s cock even faster, wanting to get him off and end the temptation of his hard and ready prick. He snorted with excitement and got flushed in the face as he approached climax.”Yeah, Mom, you do that real good,” he rasped. “Ohhhhh, yeah, I’m gonna come real quick!”Jodie was glad to hear that, because she didn’t think she could take another minute of this frustration. She craved a hard cock so badly, and she was actually holding one in her fist, but she couldn’t have it. It was frustrating enough dating Craig, but this was even worse.Then Dane reached out and started squeezing her big, hot tits as she jacked him off. Jodie moaned hoarsely, unable to stifle that single cry of longing. Her stiff nipples throbbed against her son’s palms. He shivered with excitement, her swollen tits telling him how aroused she was.”Come on, Mom, let me fuck you,” he pleaded. “You know you need it!””No,” Jodie moaned. “Oh, Dane, no!”She worked her fist with lightening speed up and down his nearly-exploding cock, trying desperately to get him off before he seduced her into something much more serious. He was already trying to roll on top of her, but her pumping fist distracted him. He stiffened, gasped, and then he rocketed out of control.”Awwwwwww, shit, awwwwwwww!” he yelled.He was fucking her fist, and his jizz was flying all over the place, thick wads of come hitting the grass and trees and water. Jodie breathed a big sigh of relief. At least he wouldn’t be coming on to her for a while. That tempting hard-on was gone, his lust relieved.She pumped him dry, then got up and headed for the water.”We’d better get back to the car, Dane,” she said stiffly. “a****ls might be getting into the lurch.””Not unless they have keys to the trunk,” Dane reminded her with a chuckle.But Jodie wasn’t listening to him. She was already in the water and swimming away. The boy grinned knowingly and waded in after her.To Jodie’s relief, Dane didn’t talk about what had happened. They ate their lunch, had another swim, and drove back to town, and he didn’t say a word about his mother jacking him off.She knew he’d bring it up sooner or later, though. The next time he got horny, he’d be sure bursa escort bayan to ask her for a repeat performance or even more. She decided she’d better head him off. That evening as they sat in the living room watching television, she prepared herself for a serious talk with her son.”Are you really watching that show, Dane?” she asked.”Not really,” he admitted, using the remote control to turn the set off. “You wanta say something to me, Mom?””Yes, dear, I’m afraid I have to,” Jodie sighed. “It’s about what happened this afternoon. That was very wrong of us, and it mustn’t happen again.””But, Mom, we wanted it,” Dane said impatiently. “We needed it, and we didn’t involve anybody else. I don’t see what’s so wrong with that.””Exactly,” Jodie said. “You don’t see, because you’re too young to understand right from wrong when it comes to sex. That’s my job, and I failed today.”Dane laughed and said, “Hey, Mom, I’m not too young for anything when it comes to sex.””And just what do you mean by that, young man?” she asked.”I mean I’m experienced, Mom,” he grinned. “I’ve been around. Lisa isn’t the first girl I’ve fucked. I bet I know as much about fucking as this Craig guy you’re dating, maybe even more.”It was Jodie’s turn to laugh. “Oh, come on, Dane, don’t exaggerate,” she said. “You can’t possibly have as much experience as a grown man.””Wanta bet?” he challenged. “After all, Mom, there’s only one way to find out.”He suddenly scooted closer to her on the couch and grabbed her, forcing her back against the seat and planting a hot, hungry kiss on her mouth. In the two days they’d been together again, he’d never kissed her like a c***d should kiss his mother. He’d always kissed her like a lover.That was unfortunate, because Jodie’s resistance to sex was very low at this stage in her life. If she’d been back in college, dating and fucking all the attractive men she wanted, she’d never have been vulnerable to her own son’s flirtation. But she had only one man in her life right now, Craig, and he wasn’t giving her the fucking she needed.So as Dane pressed his hard, hot body against her and drove his slippery tongue into her mouth, Jodie creamed right through her panties and shuddered with longing. She just didn’t need this temptation, this provocation. Dane had come along at the worst possible time for the sex-hungry teacher.She tried to wrench her mouth away from his, but he was too strong for her. The petite woman couldn’t win a physical struggle with her six-foot son. As he kissed her, he slipped his hands onto her thrusting tits and squeezed them sensuously through her clothes.To her shame and embarrassment, Jodie felt her tits responding to his caresses, swelling up taut, her nipples going rigid and throbbing. He had to feel those changes even through her bra and t-shirt. At last he pulled back and let her catch her breath. His eyes were hot and horny.”So you don’t believe I’m experienced, huh, Mom?” he asked, his voice husky with longing. “Well, I’m gonna prove it to you!””No, Dane!” Jodie cried in alarm. “I’m not going to fuck you, absolutely not!” “Hey, take it easy,” he crooned, sliding his hands under her t-shirt. “I didn’t say anything about going all the way, did I? I just wanta show you a few other things. It won’t get serious.”As he spoke, he was unsnapping her bra. He pushed it and her shirt up out of the way, exposing her swollen, stiff-nippled tits. Jodie blushed and shivered with excitement as she watched his wet tongue flash out and contact her supersensitive nipples.”Ohhhh, God!” she gasped.She couldn’t help that little cry of pleasure as Dane began to tongue her engorged nipples. He hadn’t been k**ding her about that, anyhow –he really was experienced. His technique was incredibly exciting. She slumped helplessly against the couch and creamed like mad as he whipped his hot wet tongue over her nipples and sent sparks of pleasure through her swollen tits.”Honey, please,” she gurgled, “this isn’t right.””Aw, it’s nothing serious, Mom,” Dane said calmly. “We’re just fooling around, no big deal.”He slid his lips down around her right nipple and started sucking it. Jodie ground her thighs together and almost came. Her handsome blond son was getting her aroused out of her mind as he expertly sucked her tender nipples. She fought to keep a few last shreds of self-control.Damn Craig anyhow–this was his fault. If he’d been giving her the fucking she needed, she wouldn’t be so horny for her own son. Or at least she dizzily told herself this, as she fought to resist the violent lust that washed over her.Dane pushed her big tits tight together, bringing her red nipples side by side, and he sucked both throbbing buds into his mouth. He sucked them noisily and hungrily, while his mother clawed the couch and struggled not to moan.At last he released her spit-drenched nipples and looked at her, grinning.”Well, what do you think now, Mom?” he asked. “I’m experienced, right?””Yes, honey, you are,” Jodie said dazedly. “You’ve proved your point. Now I think I’ll go to my room. It’s been a long day, and I’m tired.””I don’t believe that, Mom,” he said. “I think you’re horny, and you know it, and you’re afraid you won’t be able to hold out if we do much more. That’s what I think.””Good night, Dane,” Jodie snapped.She tried to stand up, but he easily pulled her down on her back, keeping her on the couch. He roughly unzipped her jeans and started pulling them off. Jodie screamed in alarm and made a grab for her jeans. The result was that Dane pulled her right off the couch onto the thick, soft rug.”Dane, stop it!” she cried.He just gave her one of his maddening grins and kept on tugging. She lost her grip on the jeans, and off they went. He dropped quickly down beside her and grabbed her panties. Jodie sobbed in mortification as he stripped them off and tossed them out of her reach.Then he practically tore off her rumpled bra and shirt, leaving her naked and blushing. Jodie lay there in a daze and watched his clothes fall to the floor. Then she collected herself and tried to get up and make a run for it. Dane, down to his jockey shorts, grabbed her and pinned her down on her back.”You’re not going anywhere till I’m finished with you, Mom,” he leered. “You gotta get it through your head that I’m not a little k** any more and that you can’t treat me like a baby. That’s what I’m gonna prove to you tonight.””Dane, please,” Jodie sobbed, “don’t **** me. Promise you won’t do that!””Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, Mom,” he said with a strange smile. “I’d never do that.”Then he pushed her thighs open and exposed the juicy pink flesh of her cunt-slit. Jodie blushed as deeply as she ever had in her life. Her son was crawling between her splayed thighs, and she felt his hot breath on her naked pussy. Yet he’d just promised that he’d never force her to fuck.He didn’t. Instead, he pressed his face into her swollen fever-hot pussy and started to lick.”Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhh!” Jodie wailed.His move was totally unexpected. She’d been sure he’d try to fuck her, and she was prepared to fight him off or at least to give it everything she had. But he wasn’t even trying. He was going down on her instead, and the pleasure was sudden and overwhelming.His hot tongue was all over her starved cunt, lashing each fold and steamy cranny. It was the most exquisite sensation to have a man’s stiff, slippery tongue on her tender pussy-flesh, and for the moment Jodie just couldn’t resist it. She clawed the rug and sobbed with pleasure.Dane knew what he was doing with his tongue. He’d been around, all right. He was an incredibly skilled lover for a mere teenage boy. Jodie found herself submitting helplessly, letting her legs fall wide open. She couldn’t bear to have him stop. His tongue teased and caressed every inch of her needy pussy.She felt escort bursa his stiff tongue tip tickling her super-sensitive clit, then moving lower to rim the creaming mouth of her cunt. He went lower still, probing naughtily at the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter, then working his way back up again to the most tender and receptive organ of all, her clit.He used the pointed tip of his tongue to rim her throbbing clit, givin her a steady hum of pleasure. She moaned and creamed all over his bobbing chin, unable to control her molten pussy-floods. Dane licked up her tangy cunt-cream and gobbled it like it was candy. Like his father, the boy had a natural hunger for pussy-juice.He also had his father’s natural talent for giving head. He’d had some experience, too, obviously, but he had an instinctive feel for it also. He knew exactly what speed and pressure to use as he circled her pulsating clit with his tongue tip, driving her helplessly toward orgasm.”Ohhhhhh, God help me, I love it!” she sobbed.Dane breathed a sigh of relief and triumph, and she felt his hot breath on her pussy. He knew he had her now. She couldn’t resist his superb pussy-eating. She was so starved for sex, that she just had to treat herself to this release.It wasn’t as though she was fucking him, she told herself. It wasn’t really i****t.Dizzily she excused herself for her weakness, then gave in to her son’s delicious tongue play. She closed her eyes and forgot everything but the steady buzz of pleasure she was getting as his tongue streaked around and around her swollen clit.He paused now and then in his rimming to slide his tongue down her cunt-slit, down her ass-crack, and gobble up her uncontrollably flooding cunt-cream. The thick hot cunt-juice kept pouring from her cunt, soaking her cunt-slit and his face. It told him just how frantically horny his mother was.He took a quick glance up at her face and saw that her eyes were screwed shut and her features contorted with lusty pleasure. This woman wasn’t going anywhere. She didn’t have to be held down, and she wasn’t going to fight him any longer. All she wanted and needed at that moment was a climax, a blissful release from her stored-up lust.Dane couldn’t help wondering what it was with this Craig guy she was dating. How could he possibly take out this beautiful sexy woman night after night, see how horny she was, and yet not fuck her?It was crazy. But Craig’s loss was Dane’s gain.His mom’s boyfriend had made her desperate for sex, and Dane was taking advantage of the situation. He rimmed her clit faster and faster, till she was whimpering steadily and shaking with readiness. It wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge now, and he knew just what she’d like best.He jammed his lips onto her violently throbbing clit and started sucking her off. Her petite body lurched violently, and she screamed. She screamed loudly and hoarsely as powerful spasms of pleasure tore through her pussy, stimulated by his greedily sucking lips.”Ohhhhhhh, honey, yesssssss, ohhhhhhh!” she wailed.Jodie knew she was being shameless, but she couldn’t help it. For eight months now she’d bottled up her natural sexual urges and needs. For eight long, frustrating months, she’d gone without sex. Maybe she’d have lasted even longer, till she and Craig got married, but the arrival of her son had brought things to an unexpected crisis.She hadn’t expected a gorgeous young hunk to enter her life, come on to her, and drive her wild with his fucking. She wasn’t prepared for it, and it was more than the fuck-starved woman could resist. Now she felt his lips sucking her into orbit, bringing her into a body-wracking climax.”Oooooooh, shit, unnnggghhhhhhh!” she gasped. “You’re making me come, honey, waaaaahhhhhhh!”Dane’s cock, trapped between his belly and the rug, almost exploded as he sucked off his wailing mother. Her excitement fed his excitement. He knew how easy it would be right now to cram his cock into her and flood her belly with his boiling cum-load. She was coming, helpless to fight him off.He didn’t do it. He knew it would be a mistake. Jodie would come around if he was just patient, but if he forced her, she’d resent it. He wanted his beautiful mother to submit to him sexually, and he wanted her submission to be total and eager. He couldn’t get that by r****g her.No, he wanted to coax her along, seduce her slowly and deliciously, to make her want it so bad that finally she wouldn’t be able to resist. So he waited till her orgasmic convulsions were finally dying down, and then he slid his tongue into her cunt, pushing into her clear to the root, filling her with his slippery hot meat.Jodie threw back her head and sobbed, “Unnnnnhhhhh, fuck, yesssssss, stick it in meeeee!”Of all the things Larry had ever done to her, this was her favorite, taking the full length of his long stiff tongue. Dane had the same talent. He gave her every inch of it, then started to tongue-fuck her in quick urgent thrusts. She arched her body up to take his pistoning tongue as deep as she could get it.”Yes, baby, yes!” she wept. “Keep doing that to me, I love it!”She’d hardly finished coming, and already she craved another climax. That didn’t surprise her. She’d gone so long without sex, it would probably take dozens of orgasms to exhaust her stored-up lusts. Now she steadily tightened her greedy cunt around her son’s jerking tongue, creating the hot friction that would get her off.Dane felt her little cunt gripping and sucking at his tongue, and of course he couldn’t help thinking how exciting that action would feel around his cock. His prick bucked and drooled against his belly, craving relief. But he knew that his patience would be rewarded, that moving too fast would be a blunder.He drove his tongue deep and hard into the fiery pit of his mother’s cunt, and Jodie screamed in ecstasy and started coming again. Her cunt went into wild, hard spasms around his deeply thrusting tongue. Dane was going out of his mind with lust as he imagined his cock in her cunt, getting squeezed and drenched with sizzling come-cream. He just had to get off somehow.Jodie was still quivering with the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm when she felt Dane slipping his drenched tongue out of her smoking cunt. She felt him climbing onto her, and she opened her eyes in alarm. He’d promised not to **** her, not to fuck her without her consent.Again he was keeping his promise. He was straddling her swollen tits, barely grazing them with his ass, and trailing the drooling head of his cock over her lips. His pleading eyes told her his story. The k** was horny out of his mind, with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, and she owed him relief.”Yes, baby!” she moaned, opening her mouth.”Ahhhhhh, yeah,” Dane groaned as he slid his cock into the steamy cave of her mouth.She firmed her lips around his violently throbbing cock, drew in her cheeks and proceeded to suck off her own son. It didn’t take long. Dane was about as horny as a guy can get. He closed his eyes and shivered and moaned as her hotly sucking mouth brought his cock quickly to the point of explosion.”Unnnnnhhhhh, Mom, I want you to eat it!” he panted. “I want you to eat my cum-load! Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh, shit, here it comes, awwwwwwwwww!”Jodie gurgled with excitement and let his huge, hot cum-load fill her mouth till her cheeks bulged with it. It had been so long since she’d gone down on a man and gulped his hot come. She swallowed only when she absolutely had to, wanting to savor his salty fuck-juice as long as possible.”Mmmmmm, uummmmmm!” she moaned.Then Dane pulled his drained cock out of her mouth and said hoarsely, “I guess I proved I wasn’t a little k**, huh, Mom? You know where you can come for all the fucking you need. You know I can do the job. So you think about it.”He released her, and Jodie hurried upstairs to her bedroom, hardly believing what she’d just done. In her wildest dreams she’d never imagined herself giving her own son a blow-job, letting him eat her pussy.”Jodie,” she moaned, “you’ve got to get hold of yourself!”

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An unexpected night

An unexpected nightI had been single for ages and like so many thirty-something’s I found myself surrounded by friends who…

Amanda’s First Time Masturbating At College

Amanda's First Time Masturbating At College(All characters and situations made up in the story are completely fictitious)My name is Amanda,…

Responsible Master

Responsible MasterWhat makes someone a responsible "Master" (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a "slave" (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence,…


neighbourin my mid fifties now. but back when I was a lad of early teen years we had a family…

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