Hot New Roommate Saga Continues


***This one is a little lengthy and goes in a few weird directions, but hey… It’s how it happened. Names have been changed.***

The Set-Up

Although I had just double-teamed Alex twice in the last twelve hours, the thought of sharing her in the shower with another guy didn’t exactly get me excited. The idea of getting to soap up her amazing body and maybe slide it in her again however was enough for me to say, “absolutely, I’m game.”

Luckily, Mike’s cell went off and from the ringtone I knew it was work related.

“Dammit! I have to take this.” He said.

“There is a God” I thought. “Well, looks like it’s just the two of us!” I said, and in doing so gave Alex a somewhat hard smack on her ass.

“Ooooh!” She exclaimed as both Mike and I stared at her nice round butt jiggle after the smack. “I guess it’s just Me and Tom. You sure you have to take it?”

“Yeah I’m sure. It’s my boss, and he rarely calls on Sundays, so it has to be important.”

“Ok, just so you know you’re really missing out. My tits are extra slippery when I soap them up and stick them on either side of a nice hard cock!”

Alex lead the way up the stairs. I turned, pointed to Mike and gave the most obnoxious “haha you suck” face that I possibly could. As we were going up the stairs, I heard Mike answer the phone, “Hi Brian, yeah no problem. Yeah I can be there in an hour.” This gave me virtually all day to recover from my hangover, but more importantly spend good, quality time with Alex.

Both of us were still naked from the most recent session, so she grabbed my dick at the top of the landing and led me down the hall to the bathroom. We closed the door, and she immediately turned and started making out with me. It then occurred to me that this was the first time we had kissed. I had banged her twice, gotten a lap dance, had her give me several blow jobs, and came all over her two times, but this was something new, and having her soft and naked body pressed up against mine felt like absolute euphoria.

Alex bent over to turn the water on and rubbed her ass on my incredibly hard dick.

“Mmmmm, the water’s perfect. Let’s get in.” She said

We both got in the shower, closed the curtain and got under the water, getting used to the temperature. She then grabbed the body wash and drizzled a fairly good amount on her chest. She looked and me and said. “Well… Aren’t you going to help?”

I reached up and started massaging the gel into her body, and it started to really soap up quickly. I washed her chest for about thirty seconds before rubbing and soaping up her hairless pussy. Alex closed her eyes and lightly moaned, giving me the green light to starting fingering her and rub her clit. She started breathing heavy and grabbed my dick, less in a stroking manner, but more in a “I just want to grab a dick” manner.

After a few more moments, I saw her eyelids and cheekbones tremble, and I knew she was cumming. It turned me on so much to give her this pleasure and she must have noticed a smile when she opened her eyes.

“That felt great.” She said. “Your turn.”

Alex dropped to her knees, and I fully expected to feel her warm mouth envelope my dick, but was instead surprised (and delighted) to feel her tits on either side of my dick. She grabbed each one and started titty fucking me right in our shower.

I’ve had plenty of girls titty fuck me, but none were as… ample as Alex. This felt like something out of a porno, and it was great. Just soapy tits sliding all over my cock. It was heaven. She got on her back in the shower and told me to keep going. I kept sliding my massive hard-on between her natural 38-DDs and after a few thrusts, saw her stick her tongue out in an effort to suck my dick between thrusts.

Although I had just cum no more than 15 minutes ago downstairs, I knew I was working my way towards another climax, and I wanted to release myself all over her back again. I lifted her up from under her shoulders, turned her around and started doing her doggy-stlye, which in a shower with hard porcelain, didn’t feel all that great to be honest. No matter, after a few seconds there was a knock at the door, and Mike said he had to pee really quick and splash on cologne since the shower was occupied. He had a total look of jealousy on his face for the 45 seconds he was in there, just watching me go to town on his new roommate while he took a quick piss and had to run out to work.

“Want to take this in the other room?” I asked.

“Yeah, let go somewhere more comfortable.” She said.

We both grabbed a towel, quickly dried off somewhat and went to my bedroom where I knew we’d have total privacy. Alex threw me on my back, hopped up on my and started riding me like a true pro. It started off slow and sensual, but ended up fast, hard, and crazy, with her hair flying around almost as much as her naturally soft tits. Eventually she yelled that she was cumming, and I ejaculated in her at the same time. It was a great feeling to share that experience with her. I don’t bursa escort bayan think I’d ever timed it up in unison like that before.

She fell on top of me, dick still inside, and simply stated, “I’m exhausted. Mind if I sleep with you?”

“Not at all. I’m still feeling the effects of last night, and need a little rest.”

We cuddled up in each other’s arms and fell asleep almost instantly.

The Trip

We woke up a few hours later to the front door slamming, and Mike yelling “Get Up!”

“Oh shit, he’s pissed that we slept together and is going to think Alex and I are going to start dating, leaving him as the third wheel,” is what I thought.

Alex must have had a similar thought, because she sprang from bed, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body, and ran to her room.

I jumped up, threw on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and said “I’ll be down in a second! What’s wrong?”

“Just get down here!”

Alex had by now slipped into some yoga pants and a t-shirt and turned to me whispering, “he sounds pissed.”

“Alright, I’m coming down. Look don’t be upset, we’re still all just roommates, Alex and I just wanted to continue the fun from last night and…”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about that right now, cause guess what?!?!” yelled Mike, with a very slight grin starting at the corners of his mouth.

I’ve known Mike a long time. Since freshman year of high school, and I knew this face. He was trying to act pissed, but had something he wanted to say. I gave him the “alright, what’s up look” and he said. “Pack a bag, we’re going to Canada!”

With a look of surprise and utter confusion I asked, “what… What do you mean we’re going to Canada?”

“We’re going to Canada. I had to go in to work today, as you probably remember from when you two were banging in the bathroom, and had to help fix and analyze what the company thought was a very serious problem. I went in, sat by myself in the office, plugged in some data and solved the problem in like 20 minutes. The boss was so impressed he took my spreadsheet, used it on a few other customers, and realized that by changing operations slightly we could bring in about another $50,000 in profit without adding additional labor or overhead.”

“Well that’s just lovely. So, we’re going to grab some maple syrup and head north to celebrate, instead of going to the bar that is literally 97 feet down the street, Eh?”

“No dickhead, Brian was so impressed he cut me a check for $2,000 as a bonus right on the spot! I figured we should run with this and have some fun while we hit up the casino!”

“That’s awesome! I love casinos!” said Alex

“Dude. I suck at gambling. Remember last year in Vegas? What did it take, 20 minutes and I was sulking at the bar? Come one, there has to be something else we can do.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. I figured I’ll throw $1,000 of it in the bank, give each of you $250 for gambling, and use the rest for the hotel, a kick ass steak dinner, and drinks afterwards!”

“Wait, seriously? You don’t have to do that, we both have our own money. And you really want to do this today? It’s already 1:30, we’re not going to get there until…”

“Yeah, about 5:00. I already thought this through. That gives us time to cross the border, get a hotel room, and have a long night out until bar closing. We can still get back here tomorrow by mid-afternoon to be ready for work on Tuesday! It’s Memorial Day, right? So we all get a three day weekend!”

“Well not me.” Said Alex. “But you know what. Screw those guys. They screwed me out of my position, so I’ll call off. They can deal with it.”

“So we’re all in…??” Mike asked excitedly.

Alex and I looked at each other, smiled and said, “Oh, we’re in!”

No more than 20 minutes later, we were all loaded in the car and headed north to Niagara Falls. If we pushed it, we could hit the boarder in two and a half hours and we were really pushing it. I had just purchased a new car and had not yet gone on a long road trip, so I offered to drive. Plus, you never knew what kind of awful music Mike would play if given the keys. We were barely 15 minutes into the trip when Mike had purchased a hotel room off Priceline. He got a great deal, but we had no clue what part of the city we’d be staying in. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a dump.

The drive was uneventful, but still really fun. Lots of laughing and singing to songs we hadn’t heard in years. It felt like a college road trip movie.

We crossed over the border without any problem. When the Mountie asked if we had any firearms in the car, I really wanted to say Alex had a nice pair of guns, but decided against it. Especially since we had made such great time driving up. I didn’t want to slow us down getting to the hotel.

It was right about now that we started talking about the hotel room and the sleeping arrangements. I’d been to some pretty crappy parts of Niagara before and didn’t want to be in a hotel with a bunch of crack heads. bursa anal yapan escort

“How many beds are in the room? I like you and all, but I’m not looking to share a bed with you.” I joked with Mike.

“I don’t know, Priceline just kind of gives you a room. If there’s only one bed, I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you sleep on the floor. I’ll even give you an extra pillow.”

“You’re a dick. What’s the name of the hotel were staying at? ” I asked.

“Niagara Inn, or something like that. You know, real original… Um Inn at the Falls. Here, let me plug in the address. Awesome. It’s only 15 minutes away, so we’ll be close the casino and restaurant. ”

“Great, I’m getting kind of cramped back here and looking forward to stretching and relaxing for a few before we grab dinner.” Said Alex

I’d been to Niagara several times, but only for quick afternoon trips. I’d never experienced the nightlife, and hated casinos since I always lose. I was already planning making a beeline for the bar and camping out while Alex and Mike gambled away Mike’s bonus check. I gave them 30 minutes tops.

“Is it just me, or are there a lot of strip clubs here.” Asked Alex suddenly.

I started looking around and Mike said “yeah, I think that is the third or fourth in the last few blocks.”

“I guess this is the easiest place to see international strippers if you’re from The States!” Alex exclaimed laughing.

“You think Canadian boobs are different than American boobs” Mike said.

“I’ve watched enough porn to assure you they’re not” I said.

“I’ve actually never been to a strip club.” Said Alex.

“Really, with all that talk about us going out on Matt’s bachelor party and making sure we saw some tits or you’d show him some? Which you did by the way!” Said Mike teasingly to Alex.

“You ARE a dick! Just because I think a guy should see some tits on his bachelor party doesn’t mean I hang out at strip clubs. I guess I’ve just never had a reason to go. Back home all my friends are girls, and despite what your pornos show, Tom, straight girls don’t go out to female strip clubs just for the fun of it!”

“Well they should.” I said, laughing.

“Dude, here’s another one! And, guess what. Our hotel is right there, practically across the street.” Exclaimed Mike.

“So… We’re staying in the… strip club district?” Alex said. “This seems shady.”

“Well it doesn’t look like it is that bad of an area. Let’s check in, check out the room, and if it sucks, we’ll go somewhere a little less… strip club centric.” Mike said.

“Well, let’s see. The hotel doesn’t look too bad, but if it is, it’s your fault, Mike.”

“No, it’s Priceline’s algorithm’s department’s fault.” Mike replied.”

We all got out of the car and headed to the front desk. It was surprisingly clean. Mike got out his ID and credit card that he made the payment on, and the we noticed the clerk was obviously checking out Alex in a big way.

“You trying out tonight?” Asked the clerk towards Alex.

“Umm excuse me?” Said Alex.

“Are you trying out tonight? Most girls that look like you that check in here on a Sunday are here for the contest across the street.”

“What contest?” asked Alex

“The Foxxy Lady holds a weekly wet t-shirt contest. The prize is $1,500. You’d be surprised how many girls come in just to try out. I actually go almost every week.”

“Wait, $1,500 to go on stage and splash some water on my tits? What time does it start! I’m totally in!” Said Alex.

Mike and I glanced at each other, trying to conceal our smiles.

“Well, it’s a bit more than that, although I wouldn’t mind seeing that too. Sign up is at 11:00 sharp, and it starts about a half hour after that.” Said the clerk, now not even trying to hide the fact that his eyes were glued to Alex’s chest.

“Well, then what’s involved?” Asked Alex

“There’s three rounds. There’s normally about 25 girls if you can believe it. Actually, see that girl walking outside? The brunette? She does it every week. Has won a few times too.”

We glanced. The brunette was hot, but not Alex Hot.

He continued, “Most girls just get splashed with water and maybe flash the crowd a little in the first round. The top ten move on. The second round normally has each girl end up topless. By the end of the third round most of the contestants are completely naked or darn close to it. First place gets $1,500, second place gets $500, and third place gets a free bar tab.”

“Well screw that. Water on my shirt I can handle, I’m not getting naked in front of an entire crowd. Plus, I saw like five other clubs on the way over. I’m sure the girls at the other clubs come over here on their night’s off. After all, they’re used to getting naked in front of a crowd. I’ve never done anything more than flash my tits to a group of guys.”

“Actually, the club doesn’t allow girls from other clubs to come in and compete. Everyone signs a waiver bursa rus escort stating that they’re not employed by any other club. I’m sure a few slip through the cracks, or strip through the cracks, hehe, but almost all are amateurs. That’s why I thought you’d be perfect.”

“Well, you’ll just have to imagine me there, cause that’s not happening. Are our keys ready”

“303. Take the elevator up to three. Second door on the right.”

“Thanks.” We said as we headed to the elevator

“Yeah, I have no problem getting naked in front of you two, but not in front of God knows how many people. That $1,500 sounded good though. I’ll just have to win in at the casino!” Said Alex.

“Yeah I wouldn’t want to get naked in front of that many people,” said Mike, looking somewhat disappointed.

“You’re not alone, I wouldn’t want to see you naked either dude!” I laughed.

We dropped it and got off the elevator and walked to our room. I think we were all expecting motel-at-best. I couldn’t believe it. Hardwood floors, a mini fridge, nice bathroom, clean walls, and two queen beds. I was floored.

“Well this is nice! Nowhere near as creepy as the clerk downstairs.” Said Alex.

“Oh he wasn’t that bad. He did like your tits though,” I said.

“Can you blame him!?!” Alex said squeezing her boobs together.

“Not one bit,” said Mike.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m sure you’ll both see them at some point tonight. After all… I sleep naked. You guys will have to fight over who gets me in their bed tonight, however.”

“I’ve got this!” Yelled Mike. “I put the trip together and had to go to work this morning.”

I was going to put up a fight, but… he was right. He could have Alex share a bed with him. I’ve already got one up on him in the Alex department.

“I do think it’s your turn. No guarantees you’re getting laid though! But since we’re going to a casino I will say I’d put my odds on the house winning, and let’s call you the house!” Alex said this laughing and winking.

She knew what to say to get me hard.

After that we just relaxed for a few minutes before getting ready to hit dinner and a night on the town. I took a shower first followed by Mike so that we could run out and grab a few beers for later in the night at one of the local beer stores, while Alex hopped in the shower and got ready.

We found a beer store almost right across the street, purchased some Canadian Lager we’d never heard of before, and got back to the hotel just in time to hear Alex shut of the shower and start getting ready. She was making a lot of noise in the bathroom blowing her hair and doing whatever it was to get ready while Mike and I continued flipping through channels and cracked open a beer to start pre-gaming.

We heard the door to the bathroom open, and Alex jumped back surprised to see us back so soon. She was really startled and told us we scared her. She was only wearing a pair of black panties that rode up high on her waist. She was topless and didn’t even bother to try and cover up. Her magnificent boobs had that perfect “just out of the shower” look to them. I tried not to stare, but it was impossible. It only lasted for a minute as she slipped into a long black dress that hug her body so tight you could still make out every curve. No wonder she didn’t wear a bra. She looked absolutely stunning. Her blonde hair was already dried and slightly curled falling just at her shoulders. It contrasted perfectly against her black form-fitting dress. If possible, she looked better in the dress than out of it.

My concentration was broken when she asked “can you guys see my panty line in this? I love this dress, but it’s embarrassing to show the world what kind of underwear you have on.”

“Mmmm not really, a little at the waistline, but not too much.” Said Mike.

“Screw it… they’re coming off.”

Alex hiked up her dress just long enough to stick a thumb underneath both sides of her panties. She yanked them down in one motion and kicked them gently onto her suitcase.

“Better now? Nothing making my dress stick out in any places?” She said as she caressed the wrinkles out of her dress.

“Nothing that shouldn’t make it stick out” I murmured. Glancing over at Mike. Both of us must have been thinking that the only thing that stood between us and her perfect naked body was a skin tight piece of very thin black fabric.

“Great! I’m starving. Let’s hit up the town and win some money tonight! You guys look like you got enough beer for 10 of us, so this should be a heck of a night.”

The Casino

A little about me. I love a good steak and a cold beer almost as much as a like a great set of tits and nice BJ. The steakhouse we went to started the night off right. I got a NY strip with béarnaise and asparagus, Mike got an overpriced fillet with a baked potato, and Alex got a fillet medallion salad because as she put it “she’s got to keep her figure somehow.” We split 2 bottles of wine, and were starting to feel nice and relaxed by the time we hit up the casino.

I mentioned earlier that I always lose at casinos. That holds true with any kind of gambling. I always say that if there’s a 50/50 shot at something, I’ll lose 98% of the time. Lotto tickets, football betting, boxing matches, games of freaking tic tac toe. If I have money on it, I lose.

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