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hot striperMy name is Maria . Tall with all the right junk in all the right places .this story happened when I was 45 . My girlfriend use to say that I was still in my prime. Theirs words where something like : how come those big tits are still standing up like that, you never where a bras and your 45 , or girl I wish I could still where skirts Short like that your legs are just flawless . One even said to me every time I see you I need to change my underwear twice you make me so horny and wet and I’m not even that much into girl. Yeah I like those compliment. I knew I still had it but coming from them compliment made me feel good since they were all in their early thirties and hot like hell hot.But I have to take the merit I know how to get people arouse after a 20 year career as an exotic/ high end escort and I take good care of my body but don’t get me wrong I never got any implant or anything like that. Let me get back on track here.I don’t miss the job to much but some nights yes I do miss some nights . one night in particular was … let me tell you …it was good.It all started as a regular crazy Friday night at that small club downtown Montreal it’s was a pretty exclusive club either you where a member or you paid the outrageous cover .it was one of my favorite club to work at but since it’s was often the same member girl where not to work their very often so I was on my best behavior believe me .Their was that one couple probably one of the very few couples their that night pendik escort . Their where sitting at the VIP table right in front of the stage .as the night went on I realize that they were turning down every striper that was trying to get them in a private cabin . But every time I got on stage men they where giving me good tips every time I got close to them they would give be 20 $ and I came around a lot they where loaded . The women if I recall Jenny her name was. Was braless and I could tell she was was not wearing any undies since she flash her nice pussy to me multiple time at first I thought I was some kind of a mistake but when at got close at some point I saw her flashing it to me while biting her lips and touching her boobs I knew she was doing it on purpose and that pussy seemed drenched I knew I have to offer them a dance.So I did . I myself was getting aroused I had to come down a little before going to them .When I got to them I sat at their table a third chair had mysteriously appear. I introduced my self . The only answers I got was her opening her leg ( in the angle she was sitting no one else could see but me) and put her finger right down her twat and took out one of those geisha pleasure ball stood up took my hand and start walking . While we walk I could only think about what I just saw . I mean that ball was pretty big and her pussy I mean that pussy just spat out that ball so easy . And her face while she took it out I’m pretty sure she orgasm a bit . As escort pendik was getting all wet my self.As soon as we got in the cabin she sat down and ordered me to start dancing so I did. I was on my best behavior I gave her the best lap dance I ever give even to this day. At the end of the song I stopped she look at me I look back . She open her leg and dropped a second ball from her pussy . My knee’s almost gave up on me and at that point my string was drenched and if my leg where not closed it would probably be driping on the floor . She put a big stack of money on the table I understood that she wanted me to keep dancing after a few song the door man came by to do his regular check up to make sure everything stayed within the establishment rules . After his round she grab my string pulled it to the side and stuck a finger in my pussy men I was waiting for this I was so horny it did not take long for me to have an orgasm thank god the music was loud . When I came around I realize that her men was looking at me from the other cabin (only he could see the dancer with him could not) and he seemed turn on so bad I could see his erection from here. As soon as she notice that I noticed her men then is when out of the blue she popped one of her ball right in my pussy and men did this send my into oblivion I turn around and kissed her like I never kiss before while I did that she took my hand . Took it to her ass hole . The message was clear she wanted my fingers in her so I did start pendik escort bayan to finger her ass men it was smooth and jucy all i wanted was to eat it . Then all of a sudden I felt her push and felt a metallic round object I thought to my self no she doesn’t. And yes she did. She had another ball in her ass yet a bit smaller than the others but still it turn me on so bad. As I tried to take it out she tightened her hole she definitely wanted to keep it inside. Girlfriend believe me at that moment I thought: I love my job !!!As I kept dancing I was facing away from her looking at her men I still had that thing in my pussy . I was as horny as I could get or so I thought . That was right before she bend me over and lick my ass hole. O girl her tongue was smooth and she knew how to work it ho yes she knew .as I thought she was done I felt the cold steel pressing against my Holly grail . I was thinking please do don’t be a tease she did not disappoint as the song got louder she press that ball straight up my ass . That is when my knee’s gave in I dropped right to the floor and one of the best orgasm of my life took me it was brutal I could feel every inch of my body tremoring it was if lighting was hiting me but men was it good .I could fell her and him looking at me while wave after wave destroy me . it felt like for ever when I came back from it she was gone . I stood up the ball still buried deep inside me. The pill of money was still on the table along side a note that said : I will take those back from their myself (referring to the ball of my pleasure ) finish your night with them where they are . If you are up for it will see each other later …. Ho girl spoiler alert I will see them later

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