Hotel Anal Firsts


The following actually took place. This is a true story and all of the quotations are the way I remember them. I may not have them perfectly down as it was a very passionate and intense moment.

I got off of the Greyhound bus that I had been on for the past 26 hours on my trip from Indy to New York. The trip was miserable but it was all worth it. Julie and I have a strange but loving and fun relationship and the sex is always incredible. Most of the time we just go “Missionary” or “Doggy” but once in a while she surprises me and ties me up or I’ll surprise her and throw her against a wall. For the most part however we just have very slow paced loving sex.

Anyhow back to the story. As I step off of the bus I see the love of my life waiting outside in the freezing cold. Plattsburg NY is a very cold place to be on the 8th of January as it were. I ran to her and enveloped her in my arms. I could feel how badly she had missed me in the passion of her kiss. It was incredible to know that she held this much power over me that I had just spent my past three months paycheck on a ring that would make most women speechless. She quickly yelled for her friend Steph to bring the car around and to take us to the hotel.

We dropped my bags off at the hotel and went out to eat. Steak and a beer for me, steak and a coke for her. Even though she is legally able to drink at the tender age of 22 years old, she dislikes the taste and the ill effects of alcohol. I don’t mind as it can get expensive tuzla escort in New York to drink. I have a few more beers while I wait on her to finish her meal and for her friend to return from the bathroom. When Steph gets back from the bathroom I finally decide that I’ve had enough liquid courage to pop the question. I stand in the booth and get on the table and yell out to the restaurant that I need their attention. “EVERYONE! I need you to pay attention to this beautiful red head for a moment!” Julie just looked up at me in surprise. “Julie the past year has been the most wonderful year of my life and I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything in this world. Will you marry me?”

I smile as she buries her head into my body as I kneel on the table in front of her. She sobs out a yes. “Yes, yes Mikey I will!” A small applause comes from those around us as well as a few murmurs of disbelief.

We pay for the meal and I leave a generous tip. We get back to the hotel and Julie and Steph say their good-byes. I wait next to the elevator as I’m not quite sure of where our room is. As Julie comes back I see the glint of the ring on her finger and I get a little stiff. I know that I’ll get rewarded for that little piece of carbon and white gold. I wrap an arm around her waist and hug her to me as we get into the elevator. She throws me against the wall and kisses me passionately. “You are fucking amazing Michael!” I giggle a bit. The alcohol is finally catching up to me it would seem. We get to the tuzla escort bayan room and she and I practically rip each others clothes off and toss them into a pile on the floor.

It’s not long before we are on the bed and she is sprawled out beneath me her slender 5’6 frame beneath me. I stop to take a look into her baby blue eyes, and smile. I have another surprise for her tonight that she has no clue is coming. While thrusting in and out of her tight hole I feel her start to tighten around me. A sure sign that I have been doing my job right. I hear her start to moan my name with a slight purr in her voice. “Mmmmm Mikey… Oh my god that feels so good. Keep going don’t, just, d-d-d-d-don’t stop please!” I thrust in a bit harder moaning a bit myself at this point. I feel her tight mound start to gush a bit and I know whats coming next. She screams out in pure pleasure and her eyes roll a bit as she turns her head off a bit to the right.

“Hun? I hope you don’t think I’m anywhere near done with you yet.” I whisper into her ears. I kiss down her neck stopping to suck and nibble on her perky tits. 36c the perfect tit in my book. I keep nibbling and sucking on her. I notice how she has started to grind against me a bit now. I slide further down her body kissing down her stomach. Letting my tongue flick across her stomach and waistline. As I reach her clit she looks at me and practically slams my face into it. She loves the fact that I enjoy eating her pussy out. She also likes to get a bit rough escort tuzla here since this is about the only time she can control me in the bed…

I slide two fingers into her pussy knowing full well that my cock, though not massive at just over 7 inches long and decently thick, has stretched her a bit. My god her pussy is soaking. I take my middle finger out of her pussy and let it press against that little “forbidden zone.” She moans a bit in protest but this doesn’t last much longer as I just gently circle it for a few moments and insert two fingers from my other hand into her pussy while I continue licking and sucking on her clit. Her puffy lips can make it hard to focus on doing all this at once but I am determined to breach her ass tonight.

While thrusting two fingers into her pussy I decide that she is finally ready to feel me inside her rectum. I slide my middle finger deep inside rubbing it against the little bit of flesh between her pussy and ass. I rub the other two fingers against my middle finger and she loses all control of herself. I feel her tighten her pussy up on my fingers and it feels like she is about to break them as she climaxes on me yet again.

“How was it hun?! Did you enjoy becoming my little Anal Queen?”

“What. The. Fuck. Was. That.” She breathes out deeply. “That was me finger fucking your ass to make you cum. You’ll get a taste of more later. For now rest my love, this has been a hell of a night!”

Let me know if you enjoyed the story! This was probably the most erotic moment of my life to date. I loved every second of this experience and look forward to crawling into bed with Julie again tonight and possibly telling you of our continued exploits!!!

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