Hotel Encounters Ch. 03


For the past two years I’ve been running a hotel bar called CC’s. Lately it’s become the place to be, and despite the added headaches, I think it’s great.

Halloween was a big night for us. The party was packed before ten, early for any club to be busy. Everyone was drinking, dancing and checking out the costumes. It was a real madhouse.

Around midnight a woman came in alone, not really wearing a costume but showing lots of flesh in her skimpy black lace dress. A big, feathered mask covered most of her face, but her eyes were wide and a dark green. Nothing about her seemed familiar and she looked just a little overwhelmed. I assumed it was her first time in our rowdy little bar. She was one hot little damsel in distress.

I kept her in sight the rest of the evening, until a scuffle at the pool tables caused me to lose her in the crowd leaving at bar close. I knew she would be long gone by the time we finished up for the night.

I tried to concentrate but curiosity and frustration made it hard. Finally, I gave up, gathering all the money and paperwork to take to my office. I would lock it up and try to finish it in the morning.

My office is on the second floor of the hotel overlooking the indoor pool area. One whole wall is glass allowing you to see most of the indoor rooms, the pool and the hot tub. There are times when I’d just stand there and watch people, observing how they act, entertaining myself with their antics and stupidity.

I unlocked the door but didn’t bother to turn on the lights. I intended to put the stuff in the safe, shut the door and leave. Some drunks were messing around in the pool, their shouts causing me to move towards the glass to see what they were up to. I don’t know if she came in the open door behind me or if she was already in my office somehow, but by the time I noticed her she was almost touching her body to my back. I managed, just barely, to keep from jumping in surprise.

I’m no virgin, and I’ve done some pretty kinky stuff, so I was sure I could handle whatever it was this woman was offering. Still, I almost panicked when she took two steps back and to the right, afraid she was going to bolt, when I noticed that with no lights on I could see her reflection in the glass very clearly.

She didn’t say a word, just smiled at me below that Escort bayan mask. Her hands moved behind her back and a moment later her dress pooled around her feet. What she had on would’ve brought any man to his knees. A black lace garter belt held up her stockings, but that was all she had on under there.

Her body was curvy in all the right places. Mile long legs made even sexier by black stiletto heels. Large, rounded breasts capped off by thick, pink nipples. Everywhere I looked I saw pale, smooth skin. All the way down to her small v-shaped pussy.

The woman never moved, that smile still on her lips. It must’ve taken guts but I wasn’t going to play her game. I had one of my own forming and it would be much, much more fun. I needed to see just how far this one would go, see how brave she really was. When she opened her mouth to speak, I shook my head no. Those red lips immediately closed.

I have a lot of willpower but it was still hard to look away from her to stare at her reflection in the glass. I never took my eyes off it as I motioned her closer, moving back so she could slide in front of me, her back to the glass. From that vantage I could see her curvy ass and slim back, her curly red hair falling almost to her dipped in waist.

The skin on her upper body was beginning to flush with heat and I knew from experience that the glass would be cold. One finger on her chest was all it took to push her up against it, hot skin meeting cool smoothness causing some breathy sound to rush out. She swallowed, her throat working slowly, the first sign of nerves I’d seen in her since she’d first walked in the bar earlier. It pleased me in some slightly sadistic way to know I’d done that to her.

I thought about ripping the mask off her face, but only for a second. It was definitely more interesting to let her keep it on. It was rude to not look directly at her but she’d started something and she would have to decide just how far she was going to let it go.

Gripping her wrists lightly, I raised them to my shirtfront, placing her fingers near my buttons. She took the hint and wasted no time getting it off of me. The game must’ve become clear because she lowered her arms to her sides when she was done, waiting for me to show her what I wanted next.

I placed her hands Bayan Escort again and she took her time unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs. I hadn’t put on any shorts that day and after getting my shoes and socks off, she stood, careful not to brush against my very obvious erection.

Out of pure meanness, I pushed up against her belly but still didn’t look right at her. After a minute she pushed back and I stopped immediately, stepping back out of range of her skin. It was punishment for daring to move.

A slight bit of pressure on her shoulders had her dropping to her knees, her mouth already opening in invitation. I gave her an inch, feeling her tongue flick at my head before pulling back. The next stroke in I gave her the entire head to lick and suck on for awhile before pulling back out with a faint popping noise.

Her frustrated moan amused me so I waited a bit before letting her have what she wanted, practically forcing myself past her lips until I hit the soft flesh at the back of her throat. To her credit she didn’t gag, just worked me quickly, as if she were afraid I’d take her toy away again. I let her do what she pleased, enjoying how talented she was as she sucked, licked, and teased me with her tongue.

After awhile it became too hard to focus on the glass. Hell, too hard to even keep my eyes open. Control was slipping away making me wary of messing up my own game. Pushing into her mouth one last time was a mistake. I pumped a little too forcefully, causing the back of her head to thump against the window, loudly.

The drunks below heard the noise and stopped what they were doing, looking up at the glass and yelling, the words too far away to understand. The woman looked shocked, and I realized she didn’t know it was one- way glass. We could see them but they couldn’t see us.

I could tell by the expression in her eyes that she was both terrified and excited by the thought of them seeing us fuck. Liking the idea more and more, I grabbed her arms, pulling her up and around, making her face the glass and the leering men below.

Needing them to keep up the ruckus, I took and smacked her palms hard against the window, pushing at her back so that her breasts flattened on the surface. She made sounds of excitement combined with a touch of shame. Escort Really hot noises.

Taking a couple of steps back, I pulled her hips towards my body, forcing her to spread her legs to keep her balance. I held on, slamming into her with enough force to cause her forehead to bump the glass. The men below cheered, not really knowing what for.

I fucked her hard and fast, making sure her head tapped the window often. Once when she tried to look away, I grabbed a handful of red hair, forcing her to keep her eyes on those drunks below. It didn’t take long for her to understand the effect of being seen on both of us.

Things got pretty wild, both of us unable to do more than grunt and growl. When she came, her fists pounded the glass while her body bucked and her tight pussy throbbed around my cock.

As a finishing touch to her smutty humiliation, I waited for her to finish convulsing around me and pulled out, pushing her back down to her knees and stroking my cock until my cum sprayed her face and chest. For an added touch I let some fly onto the window, the fluid leaving streaky trails.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone dress so quickly, but it was fun to watch. She fled down the stairs, the drunks in the pool sending out some cat calls and requests for what I’d gotten upstairs. I was still laughing after cleaning up and finishing my paperwork.

Unfortunately, all fun costs something. A few days later I headed towards the front desk to get some change and chat with my friend Mary, another redhead who just happens to be the General Manager, and my boss.

A woman was seated in front of Mary, the two of them talking excitedly. Something about the younger woman struck me as familiar, her hair matching Mary’s. However, I couldn’t place her from the back.

Mary waved me inside and I entered, the woman turning to look at me. It was the masked woman, no doubt about it. Her face turned a pretty pink color before she turned away to focus on Mary once more.

I waited patiently for an introduction and got my first real shock since that night. The woman I’d fucked like a whore in my office was Mary’s kid sister, Kate.

Needless to say neither of us mentioned that we’d ‘met’ before. But, later that night after bar close, Kate knocked on my office door. I expected her to stammer or something female like that, beg me not to say anything to her sister. Instead I got my second shock. She merely stood there looking calm and poised, took off her clothes and let me fuck her on my desk. I really like Kate’s style.

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