How I Became A Sissy For BBC Part 2


How I Became A Sissy For BBC Part 2Look at my profile for part 1! Leave comments if you want to hear more!So there I was watching my girl rub her ass all over this guy. I watched him run his hands up and down her legs and grab her ass. She was watching me, smiling. She danced with him and let him buy her a drink. They talked at the bar. She laughed and I just watched. She was being so flirty, she kept touching his big arms and he kept on putting his hand on her ass and she didn’t stop him even though I was her boyfriend. As they talked I noticed she was looking at me less and at him more. It was like she was kind of forgetting I was there. Then they started to make out right in front of me. I couldn’t believe I was watching my girlfriend cheat. I was embarrassed but also turned on. I watched her run her hand over his crotch. Then they stopped. She leaned in and said something to him. Then they both looked at me and she laughed. He looked at me and laughed too. I was humiliated again by her. After that she came over to me and told me she wasn’t going to fuck him tonight, but that she wanted to. She told me she had felt his cock and that she had asked him how big it was. She said he said 9 inches. She said we were leaving but we had to make a stop first. On the the way home we stopped at a CVS she went inside and bought a ruler. We went home and as soon as we got inside she told me to strip and get hard. I was still kind of in a daze. I was confused why I thought this was hot, why I wasn’t more mad but I was also humiliated and knew that she didn’t respect me. I did anadolu yakası escort what she said anyway. Once I got hard she took out the ruler and measured me. I will never forget what she said, “yep, not even quite 4 inches hard, he’s more than double your size. I am so tired of your tiny cock”. I felt like I was going to explode, I was so turned on and so mad and so confused all at once. We never had sex again after that night. In fact, I never had sex with a woman again after that night. Andrea has made it clear that I wasn’t enough man. I didn’t know what to do. I stopped visiting her after a while. I found on her gchat that she had been fucking this black guy Shawn for like 6 months and had been telling her friends about what a small cock I had. She was saying I wore her panties and she said I was just a sissy white boy. Reading that part really turned me on so I googled sissy white boy and started to fall down a rabbit hole that changed me forever. I found so many images of smooth submissive white boys dressed in girls clothing worshipping black dick. Every new image made me so hard. I finally accepted what I was. I was a sissy, Andrea had known it all along and now I did to. I was a sissy and I was gonna be a good one I decided. I bought a big black dildo based on Mr Marcus’s cock. I played with it everyday, learning how to take it and how to stretch out my little white pussy. I shaved my whole body. I started to buy sexy clothes that showed off my big butt that I was still working on. Everyday I felt like my butt was getting bigger and my cock anadolu yakası escort was getting smaller. I was getting more and more ready to finally meet a man in real life. To finally go out as a sissy. I practiced waking in heels, makeup, tried on different wigs, changed my voice, everything to be as sissy as I could. And I loved it. All I did was watch interracial porn and look at sissy images. I lived alone at this point so I started to put up pictures on my room. Pictures of big black cocks. Pictures of sissy white boys. My whole life became thinking about BBC. It was everywhere in my house. As I became more and more of a sissy and my mind and body transformed I became more ready to go to a gay bar and see if people thought I was hot or not. See if I could maybe flirt with a big black man like Andrea had. Then, one day as I was trying to work up the courage, I was sitting and looking at the pictures on my wall. Panties were all over my room, booty shorts, mini dresses and hi heels all over. My big black dildo was sitting next to my bed. Then there was a knock at my door.i opened it and it was Andrea. I hadn’t seen her in a year. I didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how far I had gone, I hadn’t talked to her in so long but before I could say anything she pushed past me. She went to my living room (which was normal) and sat on the couch. She asked me to sit with her and she told me she missed me and wanted me back. All I could think about were the BBC posters, the big black dildo, the thongs, the heels all just in the next room. She was talking anadolu yakası escort and then she stopped. She started to kiss me and took off my shirt, she noticed my shaved chest but must not have thought it was too weird because she kept going. I didn’t know what to do because I knew when she saw my legs were shaved she would know something had changed. What could I do though? I let her take off the jeans I was wearing and as soon as she did she stopped. She looked at my smooth legs leading up to the little red booty shorts I was wearing (I didn’t own men’s undies anymore, and I had gotten so used to woman panties I forgot I was wearing them). She climbed off me without saying anything. She was quiet for a while and I didn’t say anything. Then she said “wow you really are a sissy, it wasn’t just me, it’s who you are”. Then, almost like she knew, she went to my bedroom and turned on the light. There was everything. The thongs, the heels, the bbc posters, the dildo, the poppers. Everything I used to be the sissy that I was. She just nodded and said “I should have known you’d be obsessed with black guys”. Then she got mean and told me that this was all I was good for, that my small dick could never please her or anybody, that it was good I was learning to be a girl because I was more girl than guy anyway. She told me she had been fucking another black guy and that he made her squirt. She said that if I fucked her after him she wouldn’t even be able to feel me. I felt sick and horny. I finally got her to leave but it just cemented for me even further that I was doing the right thing. My place was with my big white butt up in the air for bbc, not trying and failing to please a woman. I swore to myself that I would go out to a gay bar that weekend. And i did. And a lot more happened than I expected. If you want to know leave comments!!

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