How I Became Vanessa Chapter 3


How I Became Vanessa Chapter 3Hello dear readers,I strongly encourage you to read the previous two chapters of this story to fully grasp the sudden changes which affected my life.*At home, Elena was waiting for me but she wasn’t alone, her boyfriend was there too. He was a tall black guy named Jeff. I told them all the things that happened at July’s, blushing as Jeff was watching me with desire.Elena hadn’t changed her sexy outfit and her beautiful face leaned towards Jeff’s crotch uncovering his 10 inch cock which was even thicker than John’s. She started to suck it hungrily, encouraging me to join her which I did without hesitation. I couldn’t believe how fast everything was happening and how easily I was metamorphosing in a total slut. I guess it was my true nature.We had very kinky sex this evening. Then I confessed to them that the last step for me would be to achieve my most secret fantasy: to perform a gang bang. Jeff had a lot of friends who would be willing to do it for me. I proposed Elena to invite July and John as well. She thought it was a great idea.The next Saturday evening, I was dressed up with a black latex outfit: long gloves, thigh highs, mini skirt and top, with platform high heels, my usual choker and my black hair wig of medium length. I wore a white gloss and white eye shade to contrast with all this black rubber and I looked really like a gorgeous porn star. To make it really fun, Elena and July decided to dress exactly like me. We looked like three bitches, two black haired and one blonde, ready for ultimate sex. John had joined Jeff and his friends (3 of them) and we went out in a swinging club.All the men were obviously staring at us when Jeff let the entire room know about my desire for a gang bang, asking anybody who wanted to join to feel free to do so. Then, we went in the next room which was ready for extreme sex: stools, hand cuffs, ropes, everything was here to hold us captives in the case we finally chickened out.Elena and July started to lick each other, watching me getting all the attention from a dozen of guys. All these cocks, so many of them black, almost all of them quite big, made me salivating. I was overwhelmed with lust and sucked them all franticly, winning some cheers from all of them. I was moaning like a whore, I was finally fully Vanessa, the total slut. I drank their cum, I spread it on my face. I offered my ass to all of them, sometimes getting a double sodomy. By then, Elena and July had joined the orgy and swallowed as much as me. We frequently turned to each other, licking each other’s face, swapping cum. It drove the men totally insane!This night I decided to become Vanessa forever and stay with my two slutty friends for more kinky stuff, no matter the consequences. I would not dress up as a man anymore, I would take hormones to grow boobs and let my hair reach a feminine length. I decided to tell it to everybody, including my mum and nobody would ikonbet giriş ever make me change my mind.I was thinking about all of that when the last blasts covered our faces and when I started licking the semen drooling from Elena’s butt with July’s help.It was a total scandal when I told my mother everything about my new aspirations. Obviously, I never said anything about my step sister Elena; that would have to remain a secret. After a while, my mother accepted the fact that I would never become a real man: seeing me dressed up as a slut everyday certainly helped her to understand the situation. She finally made peace with me and even started to give me some suggestions. My outfits were way too sluty for her taste but she taught me how to perfect my make up and to buy some clothes in stores. People didn’t even notice I was a man, they probably thought my mother was going shopping at the mall with her two daughters (Elena came always with us). I’m so turned on when I think about all the times Elena and I went to the Mall’s restrooms to have a quick fuck, licking each other while my waiting mother didn’t even suspect it…Most of the time, I came quickly in Elena’s mouth and she swapped it in mine and kissed me passionately afterwards. Once, my mother thought Elena had some crusted sugar on the side of her lips from the ice cream she just ate, not suspecting that she had just finished to blow me in the restroom. It excited me tremendously then and it still does now.I had taken hormones for a couple of months and now I had nice medium boobs that I preferred to keep at a reasonable size. My body hair was much slower to grow back, I had plucked correctly my eye brows (although they were naturally thin and I still wanted to keep a certain thickness to them: I’ve always thought girls with kind of thick eyebrows looked sluttier). My hair grew down to jaw length, I didn’t need any wig anymore and at that time, I had dyed it in a Venetian blonde color. My hips widened a little and so did my ass (which was way too skinny before). I looked really cute. When I went out with Elena and her black boyfriend Jeff, every male was envying him for the two bisexual sluts who accompanied him.I was 24 and Elena turned 20. For a couple of years, we had this secret relationship and we dated many men, organizing some orgies or some gang bangs very frequently. We still went out with my ex girl friend July and her future husband John (read the previous chapters for more details about our relationship). I moved out of my mother’s apartment and started to rent one closer to John and July’s. My mother thought that my job’s salary as a secretary was enough to pay for it, and it was quite true, but the extra I did as an escort in a transgender club helped me to live a more comfortable life. Not knowing anything about my sex life, my mother agreed to let Elena be my roommate: she moved with me and so did her boyfriend ikonbet yeni giriş Jeff. At last, it allowed us to have threesomes on a daily basis.One Saturday morning, I decided to include in my weekly routine a little bit of biking. I was a little bit concerned about the outfit I would have to wear because I never wanted to get an operation and to get rid of my cock: it was way too good to cum in Elena’s mouth and to fuck her while Jeff was fucking me, and even if I loved being a woman and being treated as such, I still enjoyed sex as a man, or more exactly as a woman with a man’s organ. I was the perfect dyke in a way.So I was a little embarrassed about wearing some spandex short, but after putting a black one on my body, rearranging my cock in it, I realized that the bulge wasn’t really noticeable. I found the matching top very complimenting for my chest. Then, one morning, dressed up in this beautifully tight outfit, I went biking by the lake. My hair was held by a black band which allowed the sportsmen to admire my feminine angel face. I found the saddle of the bike very uncomfortable, I liked to feel it between my ass cheeks but after a while, my ass was a little sore. Two black guys were biking just behind me for half an hour, certainly staring at my butt when I decided to take a break. They stopped next to me and asked me if everything was ok. I smiled at them invitingly, pushing my bike on the side and disappearing in the bushes. They followed me; I found quickly a quiet place, turned towards them, kneeled down and caressed their bulges. They laughed at me, not believing the kind of slut they had just found:-You love big black cocks honey, don’t you? You can’t help but begging us for some dark meat…-You have no idea how much I love it and how I need it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to give you anything else than a blowjob, my ass is hurting from the bike…-You’re not the one to decide about that, honey!They slipped out of their spandex shorts, freeing two gigantic cocks of 10 and 12 inches and at least 3 inches of diameter. Their balls were heavy and full of cum, I couldn’t resist and throw myself on them, devouring their pricks, covering them with saliva and moaning like a whore. They took away my top and caressed my boobs and my face with their big wet black dicks.- Shit you’re a real fucking whore; you sure know how to blow! Show us your nice ass.I executed myself: one of them continued to penetrate my mouth while the other took off my black spandex short. He was going to spread my g-string on the side of my cheeks to penetrate my ass when he discovered my hanging little cock.-I can’t believe it man! This girl is a fucking sissy!-What are you talking about?-She’s a transsexual!They looked at me angrily; I begged them not to hurt me-You’re gonna pay for this trick, there is no way your ass is going to escape from the most painful fuck you’ll ever have.-Well, ikonbet güvenilirmi I don’t think me being a woman would have changed anything anyway…-Shut up whore!He slapped me and took me by the neck, shoving his cock deep in my throat. The other one used is saliva as a lubricant and entered my ass violently. I screamed as I couldn’t bare the intense pain but the fucking became more and more pleasurable and I moved my ass backwards to meet his cock at each thrust, spreading my ass cheeks to take him deeper. The one in my mouth spurted his cum deep in my throat and I swallowed avidly what seemed like a gallon of sperm while the other came balls deep in my ass. I couldn’t believe my ass was able to take his 12 inches all the way and his warm ejaculation in my womb drove me wild.We rested for a while and then, I started to rub their dicks once again and it didn’t take long to get them as hard as before. They couldn’t believe I was begging for more. One of them took a pill from his back pack and forced me to swallow it. It was a kind of d**g that helped me to relax my ass muscles and that made me even hornier. Then, I understood they both wanted to fuck my ass at the same time, I wanted to escape from this madness but the d**g made me drowsy and unable to defend myself, I just had enough power to reach for a tube of lubricant in my own back pack and literally empty it in and on my crack. They made me seat on one of them, guiding his dick in my ass while the other started to rub his prick next to it and push it slowly inside me at the same time. My ass spread up to 5 or 6 inches to accept these two giants: I couldn’t scream, I was just moaning feebly under the effect of the powerful d**g and looking back at this crazy experience, I can’t believe I didn’t pass out, but I’m sure it was the tube of lubricant that literally saved my ass!They fucked my butt quicker and quicker, mercilessly, calling me with all the dirtiest names, licking my boobs, pulling my hair as if I was the cheapest whore ever. Finally, they took their big cocks out and came abundantly on my face, covering it with their warm semen. I barely opened my mouth and slid my tongue out to receive some of the offering. It didn’t stop ejaculating and I swallowed again a lot of it, licking also my lips and gathering the cum that had dripped on my boobs with my finger and sucking it clean afterwards.I put my clothes back on, they left and I passed out. A cop woke me up an hour later. He asked me what happened but I kept my mouth shut as I didn’t particularly regret it. He drove me back home. In the car, he proposed me to take one of his tissue to clean the cum from my face. I realized that he was staring at my legs and also my boobs; I smiled and told him to stop the car. He did it, as if bewitched by my smile, and I leaned towards his crotch, unzipped his pants, popped his dick out of his boxer and sucked it with hunger. I could easily deepthroat his 7 inches cock and made him cum quickly in my mouth while he was gently caressing my neck. He was mesmerized. He asked me for my phone number and I gave it to him before he finally dropped me home.I decided, this Saturday biking experience had definitely to become a routine!

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