How Much Will She Take


It was something I resisted admitting to myself at first, but the more Heather didn’t want to do something, the more I pushed her into it. As soon as I found out she liked to be called a slut but not a whore, I started calling her a whore until she was so used to it that she would call herself a whore. When I found out she didn’t like black men, I pushed into fucking a parade of black men one after the other until she was arranging gangbangs with hem. She didn’t want to fuck anyone if I wasn’t there, so I pushed her into that. I pushed her into fucking guys she didn’t find attractive, guys she didn’t like, fucking for money, fucking in public, being pissed on, and even giving up control completely.

That was one of the best ones. It came about as a result of the 100 point purity test. That was an online test that asked you questions about various sexual experiences and assigned a percentage to your sexual purity. the higher the number, the more pure you are. When we had met, I was a 63 and she was a 41 I believe. We had made it a mission to cross off everything we could off of that list. Some things were never going to happen. There were a couple of questions about kids, blood, shit, and dead people. Those were off limits, but everything else was fair game. That included a question that asked “Have you ever dedicated an entire 24 hour period to sex, with only breaks for food, bathroom, and sleep?”

We both answered no to that one, but were immediately intrigued as to how to accomplish it. In my mind, what I wanted her to be was a completely compliant slut that would fuck anyone at the drop of a hat, but was also there for me to fuck anytime I wanted. I saw this as the perfect opportunity.

She wanted to try to arrange for a bunch of friends to come down and we would spend an entire day fucking, but I kept pointing out how hard a time we had getting guys to commit at the same time. Especially if it was going to be for an extended period of time. My plan involved renting a hotel room and posting ads on the websites of a few local adult bookstores that the room was open and she would fuck anyone who showed up for the entire 24 hour period.

She didn’t like that idea at all and that made me want to do it more.

“Half the guys would probably be disgusting.” she said.

“I am sure they will be.” I was already using language that indicated it WAS happening because I was going to keep pushing until it did. To this day, I am not 100 percent sure what my motivation was. I was never sure if I wanted her to fuck even guys she found disgusting because she didn’t care or if I wanted her to fuck them even when she didn’t want to because I wanted her to. I think that was it.

It took a long time. There were multiple trips to Bush River Book Store where I would take her into the booths and have her suck whatever came through the glory hole. I was really happy when an uncircumcised penis would come through the hole. I would tell her to suck it anyway. She hated uncircumcised cocks. When very small cocks would come through the hole, she would balk. I would insist, and invariably she gave in.

She hated those trip and I loved it all the more.

We went to the theaters there sometimes. I would push her to let anyone do anything to her. When she was able to see them face to face, it was harder. She wasn’t as ready to submit to a fat guy, an old guy, or a disgusting guy. I pushed as hard as I dared each time. I don’t believe she ever got to like it, but she did get more and more compliant.

Then I started really pushing her into fucking strangers we met while we were out. I wanted to get her to be able to fuck anyone without the whole process of preparing for it. So we went to O’Kellys, and I had her wear a very loose top that constantly let her tits fall out when she didn’t wear a bra, and of course, I didn’t let her wear one.

I had her let them “accidentally” fall out. Then when guys started to ask to see them, I told her to let them. Then without her being involved in the conversation much at all, I would tell the guy to touch them, lick them suck them. I told them she was a slut and liked to fuck. I had her fuck several of them in their cars in the parking lot and it was something I arranged with almost no input from her.

I never stopped pushing the idea of the hotel, either. Finally I thought it was time.

I told her I placed the ads. It was a lie. I didn’t want to post it and it not happen, but I wanted her to feel committed.

“Why did you do that? I told you no.” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry. I thought you wanted to since it wasn’t working out the other way.” I lied again.

“I never even said maybe” she said, with a little less venom.

“I really thought you were getting to be OK with it.” I continued to lie.

“When?” she asked with a tone of surrender in her voice. I had her, and now I knew it.

I leaned forward and put my lips near her and barely audibly said “Not this Saturday, but next” as our lips almost touched. I stayed there until she Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort came to me and kissed me.

“You are going to be such a great whore” I whispered as our lips were nearly touching.

“I never said I would do it” she whispered back.

“But you will” I said as I almost imperceptibly touched her lips with mine.

“Who says?” she teased. Her demeanor had completely changed. It was going to happen now.

“You said you wanted an entire 24 hour period devoted to nothing but sex. You’re going to get it.” I made it seem as if it were her idea.

“What if they’re disgusting?” she asked.

“I am sure some of them will be, but how about if I screen them as they arrive and if they are too bad I will not let them in?”

She accepted that compromise.

It wasn’t really that much of a compromise. It was what I wanted. And I was left in charge of setting it all up. Later that day I booked the hotel room, placed the ads with location adn time and the stipulation that all were welcome and none would be turned away. I wasn’t going to say no to anyone and I think she knew it.

I could tell she was angry. We didn’t have sex very much the next couple of weeks. Well, I should say we didn’t have sex with each other very much. She was fucking everyone with abandon, leaving me at home to miss her.

I would call her while she was out and tell her that I wasn’t in the mood for this stuff. I missed her and needed her at home. She would just tell me that she was out and to leave her alone. I imagined her fucking them thinking that I was objecting, while the whole time it was exactly what I wanted.

Sometimes, she came home and brought them in and went to our bed and told me to sleep downstairs. Or she would fuck them in our bed while I watched.

And even though we didn’t fuck very much, I was seeing an old girlfriend occasionally so it was all perfect.

I finally thought it was time to make up.

It didn’t take as much effort as I thought it would. We both got home from work and I acted as if nothing were wrong and told her to get into her pajamas and I would start dinner. I whipped up a quick alfredo chicken pasta, because it is one of her favorites. I. plated it and called her to the table, serving her as a waiter would.

I got her a glass of a nice wine, and some French bread that I had warmed.

She was smiling and talking to me when I changed the subject.

“I am really sorry about the hotel thing. I called the hotel to cancel the reservations, but it is tool late. I can cancel on the forums and we can just go stay or just not go and eat it. It’s not that expensive.” I said. All a lie. I had not attempted to cancel. As a matter of fact, watching her angry fuck more and more guys in the past two weeks made me more and more determined.

“Have there been any replies?” she asked.

“A lot,” I responded, “tons of guys said they will show up, but you know how that goes. One quarter of those who say they will come actually show up.”

“You really want me to do it, don’t you?” she asked.

This was going exactly as I had hoped.

“You know I do. But, more than that, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” But, that was also a lie. What I wanted her to do was WHATEVER she didn’t want to do.

“Do you promise not to let anybody really disgusting in?” she pleaded.

“Absolutely.” I continued to lie.

“I can stop anytime I want?” she was talking terms now.

“Yes” I said, knowing that once she was underway, she would continue to let herself be used, even if it meant that she endured it crying. It had happened before. If she said she wanted to stop, I would push her to continue. And she would.

Friday night came, and we were packing for the weekend. A lot of underwear and bras for her. A couple of pairs of pants and shirts for me. We packed almost our entire collection of toys. Dildo’s, butt plugs, nipple clamps, lubes, and various other toys. Anything that we thought might come in handy.

It didn’t take long for the weekend to get underway. She had always loved water fucking, so the hot tub in our room was the first order of business. She floated on her back and pressed her beautiful, shaved pussy into the jets and got herself off that way while I took pictures.

Then, I climbed in the hot tub and we fucked like rabbits. I came twice and have no idea how many times she came.

But, a knock at the door signaled her first surprise of the weekend.

“What the fuck?” she asked.

“I might know” I said with a wry smile as I got out of the hot tub and dried off, wrapping the towel around me.

I opened the door and it was Brian, as I knew it would be. At this point, there were two guys named Brian that she fucked on a semi regular basis. White Brian and Black Brian.

White Brian rode a Harley, wore leather jackets, and had a big cock. Black Brian played tennis, had great abs and had a big cock. The primary similarity is obvious.

It was Black Brian.

He came in, and as per our plan, he spoke primarily to me.

“Is she ready to be fucked?” Brian asked me.

She was still in the hot tub watching us while she gently stroked her puffy under the water. Brian took a towel off the counter and began to dry her.

“Come out here and get on your knees”/i instructed.

She obeyed immediately and needed no further instruction. As soon as she was on the floor she began to stroke Brian’s heed chock through his omnipresent tennis shirts.

It was big and hard and when she pulled his shirts down exposing it, that ebony cock sprang to an upright position. She immediately wrapped her lips around it taking the shaft in her hand and gently stroking it as her mouth worked his shiny head leaving it loaded with saliva.

As always she worked hard at trying to work his chock deep in her throat, and as always it was a futile effort that was so hot to watch. She worked it to the back of her throat leaving two thirds of it exposed. Then she tried to take it deeper.

When she gagged a bit, she backed off to catch her breath. Immediately she took it back in her mouth and tried again reading the same spot. She got it a little deeper and gagged again.

She repeated thirds a couple of time and finally have in to what we all knew. She couldn’t deep throat Brian’s huge cock.

She renewed her efforts stroking it and sucking the head.

Brian Pitt his hands on either side of her head and gently fucked her mouth as deeply as she could take.

After thirty seconds or so, he pulled her head back allowing her a single breath. After her gasp, taking in a huge gulp of air, he pushed his cock deep into her throat again. He fucked her throat slowly and deeply for about thirty seconds again, just pulling out for her to take in another gulp of air as spit ran out of her mouth.

Again, he resumed.

Heather offered no resistance, completely giving herself up to being used in whatever manner Brian wanted.

Exactly what I wanted her to do.

While he continued to fuck her face, I picked up the camera and began to take pictures. As soon as I did, it seemed her energy level doubled. She began to moan with the cock stuffed in her mouth. When he pulled it out, as saliva streamed from her mouth, she smiled at me so I could get a picture. Brian couldn’t shove his cock back in her mouth fast enough each time. She would gasp for air and lunge at his cock.

Her hands continued to stroke it, spreading the lubricant down the shaft working her hands expertly on the long, dark penis.

“You are such a good slut. I hear you are going to be open for business this weekend. My man here is going to pick up some spending cash off your little ass” he said.

“MMM-hm” she moaned, never attempting to remove the cock she was working furiously on.

“Do you know how much he is charging to fuck you?” he asked. This was news to her. I hadn’t told her I was charging anyone, and I left it to Brian to tell her.

Ten dollars was nothing for what they were going to do to her, but I wanted her to FEEL like a whore. I wanted her to know that I was making money off of selling her ass to anyone that came through the door.

“Ten dollars. Ten fucking dollars. I don’t know about anyone else, but your ass is mine all night if I want it. Those beautiful tits. That sweet ass.” He kept going, making her feel more and more like a common, cheap whore.

I had told him it was what we wanted. I told him it was what she wanted. He asked a couple of times if I was sure. I made sure he would comply, and told him to make sure he gave me the ten dollars in her view before he left.

I had not been able to post that for everyone, because I didn’t want her to know about that part before hand, but everyone I had spoken to knew to talk to her that way and to hand me ten dollars in her view.

Brian grabbed his cock, and began to stroke it pushing her hands aside. She started to suck more purposefully, but just on the head.

He stroked and she sucked until he stiffened and with a loud groan, he began to cum in her mouth. She eagerly took it all in, looking into my eyes the entire time. As she swallowed, a small dollop spilled onto her cheek. She used her free hands to push the errant jizz back into her mouth and continued to swallow until he was finished.

When he was done, he reached for his wallet.

“That’s the best ten dollars I have ever spent” Brian said as he handed me a ten spot.

“Well, remember, you get the friends discount. She is exclusively yours until someone else shows up” I reminded him.

“I know, and believe me, I have plans for that pussy!” he said, still not even acknowledging her presence.

“Do you want a beer?” I asked him.

“Sure” he said as he took the rest of his clothes off and sat in one of the two chairs.

I went to the fridge as he stripped, and then sat in the chair, completely naked. I was still in just a towel. Heather had not uttered a sound since he came in her mouth.

He sat in one chair and I sat in the other, with Heather still on her knees beside us when Brian told her to sit between his legs.

Without hesitation, she crawled to him and sat between his spread legs and as we began to talk about football, Heather began to stroke his semi-flaccid penis without instruction.

Brian was a Raiders fan, and I am a Patriots fan. We talked about Rich Gannon, the Tuck rule, dynasties, and Tom Brady while Heather sat there silently stroking his invigorated cock.

After ten or fifteen minutes, Brian was hard again. Without a word, Heather began to slowly tease the head of his ebony member. She ran her tongue around the head, took it in her mouth, slowly stroking it with one hand as she followed our conversation with her gaze.

I had finally had enough. I took off my towel and stood directly in front of her face. My cock, hard as a rock, hung inches above her face.

She released Brian’s cock, moving her hand to mine.

“Don’t let go of his cock,” I said sternly. “Just use your mouth.”

She immediately began to stroke Brian again, but opened her mouth to take my cock in. My cock was not nearly as big as Brian’s, so she didn’t have to work as hard to take it in.

But, I didn’t want things to be easy.

“Keep stroking his cock” I said as I took her head in my hands and slowly pushed my cock deep into her throat. I had no trouble burying my balls against her chin. We had done that many times before.

Again and again my cock slid deep into her mouth, sometimes holding it there until I got a good gag out of her and sometimes pulling right out just too keep her off balance.

“I want to watch you fuck Brian now,” I said as I took my cock away from her. Suddenly, the cherry to top it all occurred to me. “Whore!”

She got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Brian pushed her down and guided her to slide further on the bed so he could join her. I reached over and got the camera.

With one knee on each side of her head, I lowered my cock to her mouth. She began to suck it as Brian pushed his monster into her waiting vagina. I lowered myself to the point where my ass was pressing against her nose as Brian pressed into her.

I withdrew as he did. We coordinated our movements so that she was being penetrated from both ends simultaneously every time.

Then, Brian began to fuck her mercilessly, so I let her do as she wanted with my cock. She sucked it until it fell out of her mouth. I allowed her some brief times where my cock was not in her mouth because I wanted her to be free to be fucked as hard as Brian wanted. But, I was taking pictures. Constantly.

She was being a perfect whore.

Brian came inside her, and I jerked off on her face.

After we had collapsed, I suggested we all climb in bed because the next day would be eventful.

Heather had no idea what I was talking about, but Brian did.

I didn’t allow her to clean the cum out of her or off of her. She climbed in bed between us and curled up with her ass pressed into Brian’s crotch while she faced me.

“I love you” I told her as we lay there.

“I love you too” she said as Brian had his arm draped over her and squeezed her tits while her and I talked.

It was hard to get to sleep because I was so excited. Heather and I talked and kissed. We included Brian. All the while, both Brian and I were touching, feeling, and squeezing her.

But, sleep came.

And, then I was awakened by a knock at the door of our room.

I sat bolt upright, as Heather didn’t move. Neither did Brian.

I pulled my pajama bottoms from my bag and answered the door. I knew who it was before I got up, however. I had arranged with Jim from the Gangbang group from the swingers website we frequented for him to come down from Philadelphia, about an hour away, as would a few of the other guys in the group at various times throughout the day.

If no one from the forums showed up, she would still have several guys show up randomly to fuck her. All of these guys had instructions on how to treat her, etc.

I opened the door and, to my surprise, it was Jim AND white Brian. I didn’t expect them to arrive simultaneously, but it was going to be an interesting way to wake her up.

I ushered them in.

“Hey, slut” I said as I shook her. “Wake up. Someone is here to fuck you.”

“Are you shitting …” She trailed off as she rolled over and realized who was there. “I am not even awake yet.”

“You don’t need to be awake to suck my cock,” Brian said.

He would never talk to her that way normally. He liked her a lot, and thought her a sweet little girl, but he had been informed of our plans and was always willing to comply with anything to get to fuck her. Or, even just spend time with her.

He started toward the bed, removing his clothing as he did. Black Brian, having fulfilled his role, was ready to go as soon as he realized the others were there.

Black Brian wasn’t much into larger groups. So, as Jim and White Brian began to work their way into Heather’s bed, I walked Black Brian to the door and thanked him for coming.

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