How Traditions Start – part 11


How Traditions Start – part 11

A story by Starrynight.

Sorry for taking so long and thanks for all my readers.

As always comments are appreciated and there is more to come.


“Go slow.” Presley whimpered as Jack pressed the tip of his erection to her puckered asshole. They were on Presley’s bed, she on all fours with Jack on his knees behind her. He spread her juicy cheeks with both hands and held his breathe as he slowly pushed his well lubricated cock into his older sister’s butt. “Oh fuck!” Presley moaned as the head of her brother’s penis penetrated her backdoor. She moved a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, closing her eyes and letting out another moan as Jack pushed himself deeper inside her.

It was Presley and Jack’s fourth night together, and she decided to try anal sex with him. The night after their first sexual encounter, remembering how she craved sex after her first time with Zach, Presley paid her younger brother another visit. She told him he could come to her whenever he wanted to have sex, and he took her up on it every night since. Presley, being the horny little minx that she was, was thrilled to be having sex daily. Obviously, her brother was still very inexperienced, but what he lacked in experience, he made up for with his eagerness to pleasure her and his ability to get hard quickly.

“Uh fuck, it’s so tight.” Jack moaned as he buried his dick deep in his sister’s butt. They were going at it for a while now, and Jack had already eaten his sister’s pussy and had sex, with her on top. He came inside her as she rode him, and after, she asked him if he wanted to try anal with her, which undoubtedly, he did. He was glad he already came once; he wouldn’t have lasted long inside her tight ass otherwise.

“Mmmm, slow.” Presley whispered with a moan as Jack started pulling his dick out. She continued to rub her clit and moaned again as Jack pulled his cock out to the tip, then slid it back in, already his shaft entering her more easily. “Oh god!” she called out, moaning as Jack filled her once more, not pausing this time, and immediately started pulling his cock out and pushing it back in.

Jack, who until a few days ago couldn’t wait for summer to end and to go off to college, suddenly wanted it to last forever. He would finish every day in a steamy fuck session with his sexy older sister, where she would let him explore her naked body, sucking, licking, kissing, nibbling, caressing and fucking until they were both exhausted. It was absolute heaven for a horny young man, and he didn’t want it to end.

“You can go a little faster.” Presley said after her body adjusted to the intruder. Jack wasn’t as thick as Zach and his dick entered her ass more easily. “Oh fuck, not that fast!” she groaned as Jack painfully thrust himself into her, his balls slapping against her pussy as he pushed himself inside forcefully.

“Sorry.” Jack mumbled shyly and paused for a moment. He tightly gripped his sister’s hips and started moving his own again, sliding his cock in and out of her snug hole only slightly faster than when he started.

“Yeah that’s good!” Presley said with a moan as her brother sodomized her, pleasure hitting her with every thrust of his hips.

The room was warm and reeked of sex as brother and sister dabbled with anal sex for the first time together. Their bodies were beaded with sweat, Jack’s hair clinging to his forehead as he drove his shaft while moaning, into his sister tight asshole. Presley moaned as well, her bed creaking under their weight as the two continued their forbidden perverse act. Presley was moaning softly, still gently rubbing her clit with her right hand, her heavy breasts swaying back and forth, while her brother quickened the pace.

“Fuck, this feels so good!” Jack groaned; still incredulous he was fucking his sister in the ass. He looked down at her as he moved, running his eyes along her smooth bare back, down to his hard shaft sliding in and out of her rosebud. He glimpsed her boobs as they swayed to the side for a moment, then looked at her booty, jiggling each time he pressed himself to it.

“Oh yeah, fuck your big sister’s fat ass!” Presley moaned in high-pitched voice dripping with pleasure and arousal. Jack started thrusting faster, this time his sister only moaning with delight as he did, his balls slapping powerfully against her pussy. “Oh my god!” Presley squealed with surprise and delight as her younger brother brought his palm down to her ass and spanked it almost hard.

“Yeah, you like that?” Jack asked in a sexy voice. He was starting to understand what his kinky sister liked.

“Yes!” Presley moaned, jumping as her brother spanked her again, turning her on even more. She started feverishly rubbing her pussy while Jack continued to relentlessly pound her ass. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Presley called out after another echoing spank. Jack moved his hand back to her hips and thrust himself into her hard and fast. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she called out in a shrill voice, a series of high moans escaping her mouth as the pleasure grew stronger.

“Oh god!” Jack groaned. He was also getting close, but his nightly sessions with his sister were paying off, and he already knew what to do to last a little longer. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and continued plowing her juicy butt enthusiastically.

“Oh my god I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Presley called out and quickly pressed her face down into the pillow, stifling her squeals. Her body suddenly lit up with searing sexual pleasure, electrifying waves of it making her legs tremble. She clawed the covers as her little brother shoved himself into her ass again, sending another numbing wave of bliss down her spine, making her back arch and toes curl at the extreme pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” Jack groaned after his sister’s naked body trembled under him for what felt like eternity. Pleasure engulfed him as he watched her body contort and tremble, her ass still eagerly accepting his dick into it with each plunge. A low deep grunt escaped his mouth as he fucked his big sister through her climax. Seeing her orgasm was so incredibly hot, it made him groan again as his cock exploded and sent the first load into her tight asshole.

Jack let out a series of deep groans, closing his eyes as he ejaculated. Presley finished cumming by now and was breathing heavily on all fours, listening to Jack groan with pleasure as he barely thrust himself into her butt, filling it with his seed as his body burned with euphoric pleasure. He let out a final grunt as the last of his orgasm washed over him, then pulled his cock from Presley’s ass with a pop and laid down next to her.

They laid on the bed facing each other with content smiles on their faces. They were hot, sweaty, panting, and extremely satisfied. “That was so hot!” Jack said excited, eyeing Presley’s naked body then looking back up to her eyes.

“I’m guessing you enjoyed my ass.” Presley said with a condescending tone, laughing at Jack’s eager nod. “Good,” she added “because we’re going to start practicing that too.” She said and giggled as her brother’s eyes went wide. She looked down at his dick, half expecting it to get hard again, but he had enough for one day.

They laid there for a few more minutes, cuddling together and catching their breaths until they began drifting off. Jack caught himself and reluctantly peeled himself out of bed. Her threw his boxers on, gave his sister a warm smile and quietly left her room, leaving her sprawled naked on the cum soaked bed.

Presley woke up the following morning to banging on her door. The room was scorching hot, yet she quickly covered herself with the thin white sheet. “Yeah.” She called out in a groggy voice, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as the door swung open.

“You’re not up yet?” Zach asked annoyed as he entered the room and saw her still in bed. “Get up and start getting ready, we’re leaving in about an hour.” He said and shook his head.

“Yeah, okay.” Presley said, her voice still sleepy and pulled the cover off as she sat up in bed yawning. Zach felt a stir in his crotch as he looked at his sister naked. Her large round breasts looked as delicious as usual though her nipples were not hard. He ran his eyes along her, watching as she climbed out of bed while facing him and stared at her pink pussy. He felt another stir when he noticed the dry cum plastering her thighs along with a slight pang of jealousy towards his younger brother.

“Wow, it reeks in here.” Zach said as he sniffed the hot stuffy air, heavy with the scent of sweat and sex. He walked over to the window and opened it, letting in a fresh morning breeze while Presley climbed out of bed naked, giving him a great view of her juicy ass as she leaned down to grab a pair of panties from the floor. She stepped into them and turned to Zach just as he headed for the door.

“I tried anal with Jack for the first-time last night.” Presley said casually in a hushed tone as she grabbed a large shirt and pulled it on. He was the one she came to for help before her night with Jack, and he was the one she confided in after and asked for advice. She watched Zach as he turned around just as he reached door.

“You two are really going at it, huh?” Zach enquired, looking at Presley. He knew they continued having sex after their first night together.

“I know what he’s going through.” Presley said with a shrug and looked straight at her brother’s eyes. “I remember how I felt after our first time together. I was horny all the time and constantly wanted to have sex.” She said and looked at Zach as he gave her a sympathetic half smile and nodded. They talked about this before and he knew that although they had sex a few more times after their first night together, if it was up to Presley she would have made him fuck her silly every night, pretty much like what Molly and he did at the beginning. “Why, are you jealous?” she asked with a naughty smirk.

“No.” Zach said defensively and blushed. Knowing that Jack and Presley were going at it every night was turning him on. His girlfriend was going to join him towards the end of the summer, but it seemed so far away he was tempted to ask Presley to have sex again, and even wondered if Molly would be willing to go for a roll in the hay just like old times. “But I do hope Jack knows how lucky he is to have you as a big sister.” He added quickly, trying to change the subject. “Now get washed up and pack your things. We’re leaving in an hour.” He snapped at her kindly and left the room.

It had been a while since the Fletchers went on a vacation the entire family and they were all excited for it. Five days at an exclusive beach resort. They loaded the family truck as Tom went over everything with their friend, Carl, who agreed to watch the place while they were gone. After double checking Carl had all the details, they hopped on and started the long drive there.

By the time they got to the hotel, they wanted to kill each other. Driving with your family in a crowded car does that to a person, but the second they laid their eyes on the golden sandy beach in front of them, they forget all about their bickering and fighting. They followed their father to the impressive reception, aweing and oohing as they spotted the pools, bar, gym, sauna and other amenities.

They were giddy with excitement as they made their way up to the tenth floor where their rooms were. They were staying in 3 adjoining rooms: A two-bedroom suite for their parents, and two impressive double rooms. After much discussion it was decided that Zach and Jack would share one room, Presley and Molly another, and Lisa would take the extra bedroom in her parents’ suite, knowing that her older siblings would be staying up later. They brought up their luggage and declared the vacation officially started.

Jack and Zach were laying on their beds watching a basketball game when someone knocked on the door connecting their room with Molly and Presley’s. Jack dragged himself off the bed, keeping an eye on the TV, and unlocked the door, pulling it open.

“Can I use your shower?” Presley asked with a sweet smile, still in her jeans and shirt from the car. “Molly is in ours and taking forever.” She added and took a step into the guys’ room, looking over at Zach too.

“I think so. We’re watching a game anyway.” Jack said and jumped back onto his bed.

“Sure, go ahead.” Zach added, keeping his eyes on the game.

“Awesome, thanks.” Presley said happily and disappeared back into her room, leaving the door open. A few seconds later, Jack glimpsed Presley entering their room. He immediately turned his gaze to her and gawked, noticing she was completely naked. Zach smiled to himself next to Jack, shaking his head in amusement upon seeing his younger sister naked, then moved back to the game while Presley entered the shower, closing the door behind her.

“So, I heard you and Presley were close the last few days.” Zach said to his younger brother in a matter-of-fact way. He glanced sideways at his brother as the water started running in the shower, then looked away.

“Yeah, I guess.” Jack mumbled shyly. It was the first time his brother mentioned anything remotely related to the dirty family secret and Jack didn’t exactly know how to respond to it.

“Oh, come on, how could he miss that shot?” Zach yelled angrily at the TV, gesturing with his hand to the player on TV. He shook his head then turned back to his brother. “I hope you know how lucky you are.” He said with a serious tone. “It was her idea to keep…meeting up with you at nights.” Zach said and gave his brother a quick look.

“Can I ask you something?” Jack asked nervously after a long silent pause.

“Sure.” Zach said and turned to look at him, giving his younger brother a serious look.

“Did it ever feel wrong for you to, you know…do that with mom, Molly or Presley?” Jack asked fidgeting nervously with his fingers. He looked at his brother for a moment, then turned towards the TV.

“Yes.” Zach admitted half-heartedly and took a deep breath. “When I was with mom that first time, through all of it, I kept thinking to myself how we shouldn’t be doing this and how wrong it was, but it felt so good I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Also, my first time with Presley, at the beginning, I kind of felt disgusted with myself for what I was doing to my little sister, even though she really liked it.” Zach confided in his brother. It was something he never told anyone.

“What about with Molly?” Jack asked.

“No.” Zach said shaking his head. “I’m not sure why, but with Molly it just felt right and almost natural to be doing it.” Zach said, thinking back to all the nights his twin sister and he spent making love when they were younger. “But I can tell you that it stopped feeling wrong after that, or at least it stopped feeling like ‘we shouldn’t be doing it’ kind of wrong.” He looked over at Jack and noticed the quizzical expression on his face. “It feels like ‘this is so hot’ kind of wrong.” Zach tried to explain, and Jack nodded understandingly. “Why, does it feel wrong to you?” Zach asked his younger brother.

“I’m not sure.” Jack said almost sounding relieved. “My first time with each of them did, but I don’t think it does anymore.” Jack continued shyly. Just like his brother said, his first times having sex with his mother and sisters, a part of him kept saying how wrong and disgusting what he was doing was, but his last few nights with Presley didn’t feel that way. He was relieved it was not only him.

They kept watching the game mostly in silence, and just as the final buzzer was heard, the bathroom door swung open. They both turned to look as Presley stepped out, a small towel wrapped around her wet hair, and another one wrapped around her body, covering her from the top of her breasts down to her upper thighs.

“That was so good.” Presley said with content as she dried her wet hair off with the small towel. She looked over at her brothers and saw them starring at her. “What? disappointed with the view?” she asked giggling and moved a hand to between her breasts. “Oops.” She said with an innocent voice as she undid the towel and let it fall to the floor, giving her brothers a good look at her naked body: large breasts, flat stomach and pink pussy proudly displayed. She paused for a second so they could get a good look, then turned around. She slowly bent down to pick up the towel, purposely flaunting her juicy ass, and gave her brothers a peek of her pussy lips before straightening back up and sauntering off to her own room while giggling.

Jack and Zach looked at each other and started laughing. Jack was shocked that his sister just exposed herself to the both of them like that, but Zach was much less surprised. They heard Presley and Molly talking from the next room, Molly chastising her for coming from the guys’ room naked while Presley laughed, claiming her towel just slipped off.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Jack said, trying to hide his growing erection. His brother nodded at him, switching between channels as Jack quickly grabbed some clothes and made his way to the shower, his cock hard and begging for release by the time he closed the door behind him.

After the family was all clean and dressed, they all walked down to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. They talked about their plans for the upcoming days with excitement, and afterwards retired to their rooms. They were all tired from the long drive there, and went to sleep early, buzzing with excitement for the days to come.

The following morning, they woke up to a bright sunny day, not too hot and perfect for swimming and going to the beach. They started the day with a hearty breakfast and decided to go to the pool afterwards together, before each of them continued to the next activity. They went up to their rooms to change and decided to meet up at the pool.

Jack’s eyes shot around hungrily as he and Zach arrived at the pool first. All around them there were beautiful women of all ages, mostly wearing small bright-colored bikinis. He eyed a sexy young woman, only a little older than he was, hanging in the pool with some guy Jack assumed was her boyfriend. He stole a glance at her large breasts, covered only by a small pink bikini that left little to the imagination, then continued along after Zach. They headed over to a group of free chairs underneath a large palm tree and put their towels down.

A few minutes later they were joined by their parents, their mother in a loose grey beach Sikiş hikayeleri dress, and their father in a pair of swimming trunks and a Hawaiian shirt. Their parents took a seat next to them, and were shortly followed by the girls, Lisa tagging along her older sisters.

Zach waved to his sisters until they spotted him and came over. They were all dressed only in their bikinis and flipflops as they came over and put their things down while chatting cheerfully. Molly was wearing a light blue bikini, not too conservative but not too revealing either, the round cups covering most of her perky breasts. Presley was dressed in a much bolder red bikini, her large breasts covered by two small triangles, and the bottoms comprised of two pieces of fabric, tied on both sides, barely covering her juicy rump.

Jack looked at his older sisters lustfully, knowing exactly what they looked like underneath, then looked at his younger sister. Lisa was dressed in a conservative crème-colored bikini that tightly hugged her petite frame. He briefly thought about what it would be like once she turned eighteen, but the thought was quickly pushed out of his mind as his mother stripped out of her dress.

Many heads turned, including both of her sons’, as Liz revealed her sexy body. She was wearing a black bikini, the top perfectly cupping her large boobs, while the bottom part hugged her fit waist nicely, emphasizing her tight ass. Despite giving birth to five children, she had an amazing figure, largely due to her daily work around the farm. Men and women alike glanced at her, the women enviously, and the men lustfully, some taking a mental picture of her for later use.

“Shall we hit the water?” Liz asked, either impervious or ignorant to the looks she was getting. She smiled at her kids and walked over to the nearest ladder, a shivering tingle running through her as she dipped her toes in the water, followed by the rest of her sexy body.

The family spent the next hour or so playing around in the water. They splashed and laughed, dunked and chased one another, and just had a good time. Molly and Lisa were the first to head off, deciding to go the private beach. Zach left a few minutes after in the hopes of joining a volleyball game he noticed on the beach. Liz and Tom headed to the sauna, leaving only Jack and Presley at the pool.

Presley laughed, breathing heavily as Jack and she climbed out of the pool and slumped down on a couple of chairs next to each other. They were having fun chilling in the pool but were getting tired and decided to rest for a bit. As they laid on the chairs, Jack noticed the looks his sister was getting from guys around and he couldn’t blame them. She was on her back, eyes closed, wearing the small red bikini, and her body glistening with water. He looked at her two large mounds, the outline of her nipples barely visible, and looked away before he would get hard.

“What do you want to do next?” Presley asked and Jack turned his head to face her.

“How about we go check out the beach?” Jack offered and stole a glance towards her crotch.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Presley said squinting at Jack and sat up. “I want to grab my sunglasses first, I forgot them in the room. You wanna come with or stay here while I go get them?” she asked. The sun was high in the sky by now and much brighter, hurting Presley’s eyes.

“I guess I’ll come with you.” Jack said indifferently and got out of his chair. They grabbed their towels, Jack pulled his shirt on, and headed up to their rooms. Inside the hotel, Presley received even more nasty looks from men, some turning around to look at her ass as she walked past. Jack also couldn’t look away from her, and on their way up, stayed a step behind her more than once, getting a good look at her flawless butt.

When they got to their rooms, they entered Presley and Molly’s, and Presley began to rummage through her stuff while Jack stepped through the connecting door to his room to grab a snack. His penis was semi-erect from looking at Presley on their way up, and adjusting his trunks only got him thinking about it which made him harder.

“Ready to go?” Presley asked as she entered Jack’s room with her sunglasses over her hair. She looked at Jack sitting on the bed with a prominent bulge in his shorts. “You want me to help you with that before we leave?” she asked, gesturing towards Jack’s crotch.

“I don’t know. What if somebody came in?” Jack said hesitantly. He badly wanted to have some fun with Presley but was worried about getting caught.

“I don’t think anybody will come up anytime soon,” Presley said with a naughty grin, “and I’m not sure we will get another chance alone today.”

“Yeah okay.” Jack said, giving in to his lust. He pulled his shirt off and watched Presley as she walked over and stood in front of him, placing her sunglasses next to the TV.

“Just relax and let me take care of you little brother.” Presley said with a naughty grin and got down on her knees at the foot of his king-size bed. She looked up at his bare chest, then his eyes, and slid her hands into his swimming trunks. He raised his waist, and Presley started pulling them down, his erect cock springing free in the process.

Jack gasped as Presley grasped his cock and let out a little moan as she squeezed it. “Oh god!” he praised as she closed her lips around the head and watched mesmerized as she began sucking on his cock.

“Mmm so good.” Presley whispered as she pulled her mouth off her brother’s shaft while sucking. She smiled at him, tightly grasping his dick in her right hand, and started licking along the bottom of his shaft. She sucked on his balls briefly, then slid the tip of her tongue back up, swirling it around the head before engulfing it with her mouth once again.

“Oh fuck!” Jack moaned, calling out low and deep as his sister started bobbing her head up and down his boner. She sucked on it as she did, getting more and more of his meat into her mouth every time and increasing his moans.

Jack reached behind his sister’s back and fumbled with the string until he managed to untie her bikini top, pulling at the fabric in the front to reveal her hard, reddish-brown, nipples. Presley slowly pulled her mouth of his erection with a smile on her eyes. “Naughty boy.” She said with a laugh, her mouth only an inch from her brother’s throbbing member. She shrugged out of the top, fully exposing her mouth-watering tits as it fell to the floor. She moaned as Jack squeezed her left breast, tenderly caressing it, then cooed as his pinched her nipple playfully. “Mmm god!” she moaned as he squeezed her nipple harder, a jolt of pleasure shooting from her nipple down to her pussy, before she took him back into her warm mouth.

Presley’s pussy was dripping as she sucked her brother’s dick while he continued to play with her erect nipples, pinching and squeezing them. The damp bottoms of her bikini were only growing wetter as she enjoyed his hard rod in her mouth, thinking of how Jack would devour her soaked cunny once she made him cum.

The beep from the door caught them both by surprise, and Jack’s eyes went wide with terror when the door swung open a moment later. He frantically looked around for something to cover his erection with and quickly grabbed his shirt, covering his ragging erection with it while Presley stopped blowing him and looked at the door.

“Sorry, I, eh, just came to grab something. Don’t stop on my account.” Zach said nervously as he walked into the room and quickly closed the door behind him. Presley was on her knees, topless, in front of a naked Jack. Her right hand was still on his hard cock which looked like the center pole of a tiny teepee with his shirt over it.

Presley gave her older brother a surprised smile, then, to Jack’s horror, pulled his shirt away, exposing his erection to their older brother, before taking his cock back into her mouth and continuing to suck it like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“What are you doing?” Jack squeaked as Presley blew him with their brother right there.

“What? Zach doesn’t mind.” She said amused, pulling his dick out of her mouth to speak before slurping it back in. Zach couldn’t bring himself not to stare, and Jack turned red as his brother watched them for a moment before continuing over to his bag.

“Yeah, I just came to change. I was going to check out the gym.” Zach explained as he grabbed a pair of shorts, boxers, and a shirt, and placed them on his bed. He turned his gaze away to the sound of Presley sucking Jack’s cock and started removing his clothes. He pulled his shirt off, exposing his muscular upper body, then without a shred of hesitation, pulled down his damp swimsuit, revealing his hardening six-inch dick.

Presley watched her older brother undressing next to them from the corner of her eye. When she saw him taking his shorts off and spotted his erection, she immediately turned to look at it, and Jack, following her gaze, did too. If there was something that turned Presley on more than a nice hard cock, it was two nice hard cocks, and her wetness grew as she looked at it, stroking Jack as she pulled her mouth away.

“You want some help with that too?” Presley asked Zach and laughed while stroking Jack’s shaft masterfully.

“Seriously?” Zach asked, looking at Presley’s gorgeous bare breasts while she jacked off Jack.

“Sure,” Presley said shrugging, “as long as Jack is okay with it.” She said, moving her eyes to Jack’s.

“Okay with what?” Jack blurted out confused. His sister’s hand sliding up and down his cock felt nice, but Zach’s presence was making it hard to concentrate, and although he might have been close to cumming before, now he was far from it.

“With Zach joining us?” Presley said grinning. She stuck her tongue out and ran the tip along the head of Jack’s cock while looking at him.

“You mean like a threesome?” Jack asked shocked and Presley gave him an innocent shrug.

“I guess I do owe you one.” Zach said and turned to face Presley and Jack, his hard dick bouncing.

“What do you mean ‘owe her one’?” Jack asked as he tried to comprehend what they were offering. It was weird enough having Zach there with Presley giving him a blowjob, but for the both of them to have sex with her at the same time sounded crazy.

Presley stopped licking Jack’s dick and turned to Zach, exchanging a knowing look. “A few years ago, a little after my first time with Zach. He, Molly and I, kind of had sex together.” Presley said shyly.

“You had sex with…both of them…at the same time?” Jack asked his brother amazed. “Like a threesome?” he added just to be sure.

“Uh hu.” Zach said, nodding shyly, his cock twitching at the memory of fucking his two sisters on his bed.

“Holy shit!” Jack said amazed and incredibly turned on. “Do you really want to have sex with both of us together?” Jack asked, looking down at his sister. She looked at him with big eyes and nodded, the longing clearly visible on her face. “Then I guess I’m okay with it.” Jack said. He wasn’t sure he really was, but he could tell his sister wanted it and after everything she did for him, he didn’t feel right saying no.

Zach looked down at Presley as his arousal grew. He hoped to stay celibate until meeting up with his girlfriend, but he was so fucking horny he couldn’t resist. Seeing all the barely clothed girls in the pool and beach, not to mention his sisters and mom, was making it hard, and walking in on a topless Presley giving Jack head was the final straw. “Go ahead and climb on the bed.” He said to his brother and walked behind Presley. She released Jack’s cock and stood up straight, watching him shift on the bed until he was on his knees next to the pillows, his back straight and his hard cock pointing towards her.

“Are you going to fuck me big brother?” Presley asked in a kinky little girl’s voice as she took a step back and pressed her ass into his hard prick. She giggled, then climbed onto the bed on all fours. “Are you gonna fuck my little pussy while I suck our little brother’s cock?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at Zach while she moved towards Jack and grabbed his hard cock.

“I think I’ll snack on your sweet little pussy first.” Zach said and squeezed Presley’s clad ass to her coos. He slid his hands to both sides of her and tugged on the string at both ends. The knots holding her bikini unraveled and the fabric fell onto the bed between her legs. Zach’s cock twitched as he laid his eyes upon his younger sister’s juicy tushy. Her pink pussy lips were peeking seductively, and Zach held his hand to it and ran a thumb along her glistening slit, sending a shiver down her spine. Zach climbed onto the bed and lowered his head between her legs. He placed his hands on her smooth orbs, spread her cheeks apart, then pressed his tongue into Presley’s drenched snatch hungrily. His sister gasped and moaned, tightening her grasp on their younger brother’s dick, then leaned down and took him back into her mouth.

Jack moaned as he looked with disbelief at the sight unfolding before him. Presley was on all fours, her warm mouth going up and down his dick while Zach, their older brother, was behind her, his face buried in her hot wet muff. He placed a hand at the back of her head and watched her lips sliding around his shaft.

Jack’s cock stifled Presley’s moan as Zach slid his tongue along her slit. He was teasing her with just the tip, still spreading her cheeks as he tasted her. He started at the bottom of her slit, above her asshole and near her entrance, and licked up, moving the tip of his tongue along her lips to her clit, then back again. He spread her legs a little more, sliding his hands to her soft thighs, and repeated the action as she moaned into Jack’s crotch once more. Another shiver of pleasure ran through her as Zach slid his hands back up and pressed his index and middle fingers to her clit. Her eyes closed with pleasure as he rubbed her clit gently, a small circular motion that sent another wave of pleasure. Jack’s cock was still in her mouth, but she was barely sucking on it and instantly resumed doing so. In the meanwhile, Zach stopped rubbing her little knob and slid his hands to her upper thighs. His thumbs were on her outer folds and she felt his warm breath on her nether region.

“Your pussy tastes so good.” Zach said after sneaking another quick taste. She was so wet he could taste her juices on her outer lips, seeping out of her. He placed his lips on hers and stuck his tongue out, getting another taste. Her vagina was warm, wet and delicious, and he was eager for more. He used his thumbs to spread her pink flower open and shoved his tongue deep inside her, licking at her sexual juices eagerly as she moaned again.

With her younger brother’s cock in her mouth, and her older brother’s tongue buried deep in her twat, Presley felt in heaven. She wanted to share a bed with two guys for a while, and after her first time with Jack, she knew it would just be a matter of time until she would convince them to take her together.

“Let’s switch.” Presley said as to her surprise, after sucking him for a while, it didn’t seem like Jack was going to cum anytime soon. She pulled her mouth off his dick and straightened up, Zach pulling his tongue out of her pussy and stretching. “Jack, why don’t you eat my pussy while I help Zach here.” she said and started shifting on the bed. She turned around, facing Zach now and rolled onto her back. Zach moved, getting on his knees beside her and offered her his rock-hard penis. She grabbed it happily and guided it into her mouth, closing her lips around it, and sucked on it to her older brother’s moans.

Jack looked down at his naked sister and slid on the bed, leaning low. She was on her back with their brother’s cock in her mouth and her large breasts two proud mounds, her nipples hard at the top. He placed both hands on top of her bent knees and slid them down, spreading her thighs wider as he did. He cupped her pubic mound with his right hand, sliding his fingers through her landing strip, before brushing her clit. Her slit was gleaming with wetness, and Jack traced his thumb over it seductively. He placed his thumbs on her puffy lips and spread them wide. Her vagina looked like a slick pink beautiful butterfly, and with her labia spread so vulnerably to him, Jack pushed his head between her legs and stuck his tongue out to lick her snatch.

Presley moaned into her big brother’s crotch as her younger brother snaked his tongue into her pussy and started devouring it. She pulled her mouth off Zach’s dick and used her hand to stroke it while raising her head to look down at Jack. “Oh fuck!” she whimpered and let out a small giggle as Jack gave her clit a quick taste. “You’re getting really good at that Jacky.” She said sweetly, then turned back to Zach’s cock and took him back into her mouth.

“Oh god!” Zach moaned as Presley swirled her tongue around his shaft with it still in her mouth. He looked down at her pretty face, eagerly sucking his dick, but every few moments could not resist and glanced over at his brother as he ate her pink muff hungrily. He moved his hand to her breasts and started caressing them as she blew him, squeezing them and playing with her nipples.

“Mmmm” Presley moaned as Zach pinched her hard nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. Jack was still enthusiastically eating her pussy and was now switching between licking her warm velvety depth, to caressing her clit with his tongue. “Ooh” she cooed as Jack slid a finger into her cunt and started fingering her with it, getting her hotter and hotter as he licked her button. He slid his middle finger into her slippery hole a few times, making her moan as she sucked Zach’s cock, then slipped another finger inside her. “Oh fuck!” Presley called out, pulling her mouth off Zach’s dick as Jack started sliding two fingers in and out of her hot cunt. He shoved them in and out, warm wetness engulfing them with each thrust of his wrist and licked her clit to her growing moans. Her pleasure was building up gradually, from a small warm feeling to a powerful ball of heat inside her. She stopped sucking Zach, her left palm wrapped around his shaft and stroked it to her moans. “Oh my god!” Presley shrieked as Jack closed his mouth around her clit and sucked on it. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” she called out as a numbing pleasure shot through her. “Oh fuck!” she called once more, the pleasure bubbling up inside her. Jack sucked on her clit once more and she exploded.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’ Jack heard his Sex hikaye sister call out as she hit her climax. He kept jabbing at her pink goodness with his fingers and sucking on her tasty nib while his big sister started writhing on the bed. Her legs started trembling uncontrollably as the pleasure engulfed her. She moaned and groaned, shutting her eyes as a powerful wave of pleasure shot through her, then opened them. “Oh god yes!” she moaned in a shaking voice as her body burned delightfully, her brother sucking on her clit sending another convulsion from her scorching pussy, down her legs, and up to her hard nipples. Her body continued to shudder a few more moments, pleasure still fluttering along her, then left her motionless and breathless on the bed.

“That was so hot!” Zach said, gently stroking his own rock-hard dick while watching Presley trying to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Jack extracted himself from between her legs and sat up on the bed, his erection throbbing. Both brothers looked at each other, then down at their naked panting sister, looking so hot.

Jack was so horny he couldn’t help himself. His sister’s glistening pink pussy was teasing him as she continued to breathe deeply, calling out to his hard dick seductively, openly displayed between her spread legs. He climbed onto the bed and moved slyly, until he was on his knees between her legs. He inched closer, moving his erection towards her cunt until it was hovering over it. He raised his eyes above to his older brother and sister, and blushed when he saw their eyes on him. He grabbed his dick in his hand and pressed it onto her vulva, almost expecting to hear a sizzle as he felt her warm moist skin on his shaft. He moved back on the bed just a bit, then pressed his dick to her clit. Presley gasped, and Jack felt his cock twitch. He traced the tip of his cock along her slit, moving it down, knowing his brother and sister were watching him intently, and when he was finally aligned with her entrance, he raised his eyes, ready to meet Presley and Zach’s gazes, and looking at them, he slowly shoved his cock into his older sister’s velvety snatch.

Presley let out a quiet pleasure-filled moan as Jack entered her sacred hole. She watched his cock part her puffy lips and listened to him groan as he entered her. She slid a hand down her body, pinching her erect nipples before moving them down between her legs. “Yes, little brother, fuck my naughty little cunny.” She said in a childish tone and started rubbing her vulva while her brother started moving, slowly thrusting his cock in and out. She watched Jack’s cock sliding in and out of her, stretching her pussy with each push, his dick coming out slick each time he pulled out.

Zach watched his younger brother fucking his sister and felt so turned on. He watched her womanhood stretch and fill with Jack’s shaft and gazed with perverse fascination, his hand drawn to his own hard penis just as a different hand wrapped around it pleasantly. Zach looked down at his sister, grinning as she slowly stroked his hard member. She guided it towards her, then took it back into her mouth. “Uh fuck!” Zach moaned as Presley closed her mouth around his cock once more, her tongue running warm and wet along the bottom of his shaft while her lips closed around it, sending a searing pleasure through him. She took him deeper into her mouth, moving her hand down to the base of his rod and began moving her lips along his cock, the feeling sensational.

“Ugh” Jack suddenly groaned ominously as he felt the familiar sensation creeping up on him. “Oh god!” he moaned, making Presley and Zach shoot their glances towards him. He was not fucking her for long, and not very hard, but after the blowjob he received earlier, he could not hold it in any longer. “Oh god!” he grimaced, trying to hold in his inevitable torrent. He sped up, pounding his dick into Presley’s cunt with powerful thrusts as his impeding orgasm started closing in. “Uh…Uh…Uh” he moaned, his balls slapping against her ass in sync with his movement. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He let out, his brother and sister watching him as he pummeled his cock into Presley. He gritted his teeth as he held on a few more seconds, the tingling sensation growing and spreading throughout his body. He lowered his eyes, looking down at his cock as it rapidly moved in and out of his sister’s pink hole. “Mmm god!” he moaned in a shaking voice, closing his eyes. He gave his sister’s vagina a few more thrusts, then exploded with a loud grunt.

Jack moaned and groaned as he came inside his sister’s hot pussy. Her warm wet walls constricted so snugly around his cock as he began to shoot his incestuous sperm inside her. He let out a few moans as his cock started spouting inside her then stopped, pushing himself as deep as he could inside her and started whimpering with agonizing pleasure as his cock twitched and throbbed. He looked up at his brother and sister, his body twisting with pleasure as he continued to squirt his load inside her. He pressed himself as hard as he could to her, his pubic bone on her clit, and held his dick inside her as his orgasm faded away. After he was finished, he kept it there a few more moments, then pulled out and watched a small glob of jizz leaking out of her cream-pied cunt.

“Uh yes!” Zach called out as he shoved his cock deeper into Presley’s mouth. He had a hand behind her head and moaned in pleasure as she sucked his cock masterfully. “Fuck!” he called out, his face contorting in pleasure as he started cumming in her mouth. “Oh my god yes!” Zach called out as Presley took more of him in. He could feel the head of his cock touching the back of her throat just as he shot his first load into her mouth. “Fuck Pres, that feels amazing!” he moaned and shuddered as he shot his second load while she moved her mouth along his dick. Zach looked down at his sister’s lips around his cock, then down along her naked body as his own body burned with pleasure. He moaned with each load he shot down her throat and looked down at her amazing pussy as his brother’s cum oozed out of it. A few last waves of pleasure ran through him as Presley sucked his dick, milking the last of his cum, then he pulled his cock out and looked down at her breathless.

Presley swallowed the content of her mouth, grinned up at her brother, then dropped her head down onto the bed. She could feel her younger brother’s warm cum dripping out of her, and she moved her right hand between her legs. She scooped some of his cum with her right index finger, brought it up to her mouth and licked it, sucking on her finger seductively. She started giggling as her brothers, who were sprawled out on the bed around her, looked at her wide eyed.

“I hope you’re not worn out yet.” Presley said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she moved her gaze between her brothers. “Jack, can you help me clean up a little?” she asked, and her brother nodded. He reached for a box of tissues on the nightstand, grabbed a few, and started wiping his cum from her thighs. He spread her pussy lips apart and dabbed it, cleaning the cum that leaked out. Presley let out a little moan as her brother handled her cunny and noticed he was already getting hard again, his cock semi erect. “Thanks.” Presley said when he was done and rolled up to a sitting position, turning to face Jack on all fours. She grabbed his hardening penis, took it in her mouth once more and started sucking.

Zach watched his sister sucking Jack’s cock on all fours and felt his cock stir. He listened to his brother moan and looked at her gorgeous body, her tits swaying gently. He moved a hand to his cock and started playing with himself as he watched her.

“Get over here.” Presley said with a wicked grin and patted the bed next to Jack. Zach shuffled over, got on his knees next to Jack and gasped as Presley wrapped her free hand around his erection.

“Yes!” Zach moaned at Presley began stroking his dick. He was semi erect in no time, and watched her mouth go up and down his brother’s member a few times before she pulled it off. She raised her eyes to his, then engulfed his own rod with her mouth, stroking Jack’s already hard dick.

Jack and Zach let out intermittent moans as their sister sucked them off. She held the base of their cocks, one in each hand and rotated, bobbing her head along one, then switching to the other. She sucked their dicks until they were both hard and hungry for more.

“I want you to fuck me at the same time.” Presley said, letting go of their cocks. She straightened up on her knees, facing them, and the sexual hunger was clear in her voice.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked unsure.

“She wants us to DP her.” Zach said, his voice dripping with arousal.

“DP?” Jack asked confused.

“Double penetrate. One of us fucks her pussy while at the same time the other fucks her butt.” Zach explained a little embarrassed.

“Oh.” Jack let out as his eyes went wide. He turned to look at his sister who nodded innocently and smirked.

“You up for that?” Presley asked Jack. He gulped then nodded slowly, feeling nervous.

“How do you want to do it?” Zach asked his slutty little sister.

“You lay down and I’ll get on top facing you. Jack can start from behind and we can switch after a while.” She said nervously, and the boys nodded shyly. “I’ll go get some lube.” Presley said and climbed off the bed. She returned a few seconds later with a tube of some lotion from her room.

Zach laid on his back, his hard cock pointing up, and watched Presley as she handed Jack the lotion before climbing onto the bed. She smiled nervously as she moved on top of him, her warm soft skin on him as she dragged her naked body along his. She grabbed his big hard shaft as she moved, making Zach chuckle as she squeezed it, then leaned down and took it in her mouth. She sucked on it briefly, pulling her lips up until they were and inch above her big brother’s cock. She let large glob of saliva slide out of her mouth and onto the head of his cock, coating it as it glided down his erect shaft.

“Does your big hard cock want your little sister’s wet pussy?” she asked in a girlish voice with a pout that quickly turned into a devilish grin.

“Oh my god yes!” Zach said eagerly and Presley giggled. He watched as she moved her hot naked body over his, her large tits swaying provocatively. He grabbed them as she got nearer, squeezing and kneading them before guiding his mouth to one.

A jolt of pleasure shot through Presley’s body as her big brother latched his mouth onto her hard nipple and sucked on it. She cooed as he licked and flicked her nipple with his tongue. He moved to her other boob, awarding it with similar treatment before finally releasing them.

“Naughty boy,” Presley said with a grin “you like you little sister’s tits, don’t you?” she asked and sat up on his upper legs, right below his hard dick.

“You know I do.” Zach said cockily and smiled. “I could play with them all day.” He added and shot his hand to one, pinching one of her nipples as she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Presley moved her brother’s hand away and slid her body up his. She froze when her vulva touched his cock. She grabbed his hard dick, feeling it pulse in her hand and pressed it tightly to her vulva, touching her from clit and along her landing strip. She kept her eyes locked on his as she started raising her body, his cock still in her hand. His shaft slid along her vulva as she moved until she raised herself above it. She moved her body forward ever so slightly, aligning her opening with her big brother’s dick, then started lowering herself down.

“Mmmm.” Presley moaned as the tip of his manhood touched her tender lips, almost tickling them. She lowered herself some more, and gasped as he parted her labia. She was wet and ready down there as she looked into her brother’s eyes with lust. She moved her hand away and with a single deep moan, impaled herself down his shaft, letting her big brother yet again taste her forbidden fruit. Their naked bodies were oblivious to the fact that what they were doing was wrong as pleasure took hold of them, growing with each inch brother’s meat sank into sister’s box, stretching it delightfully until she was sitting on top of him, his entire six inches buried to the hilt in her snug muff.

“Oh wow, you’re wetter than usual.” Zach teased as he stretched his little sister’s drenched snatch, feeling it clamp around his shaft so deliciously.

“That’s what happens when I get fucked by my two strong brothers.” She said teasingly and rolled her hips around Zach’s cock as he grunted with a chuckle. “Go ahead Jack.” Presley said and laid down flat on top of Zach, pressing her breasts to his chest with his cock inside of her. “Don’t forget the lotion.” She said and looked up at Zach as she waited for her younger brother.

“Okay.” Jack managed to say weakly as he looked at his older sister laying on top of his brother with his cock in her pussy. It was a strange and perverse sight, yet he found it turning him on as he climbed onto the bed and moved towards them. He tried not to touch his brother as he moved closer to Presley, but with his body straight, Presley’s legs spread on both sides of him, and her knees bent, there was no way of completely avoiding contact. Jack stopped a few inches behind his sister’s gorgeous ass and opened the tube of lotion. He squirted some on his right index finger and slid it into his sister’s crack.

Presley moaned as her younger brother pressed his finger to her puckered hole and rubbed it. He pulled it away, squeezing some more lotion on it, then pressed it back. He used his free hand to spread her ass and coated her butthole with more lotion before slipping his fingertip in. “Ugh, go slow.” Presley jumped and tried to relax, moaning as Jack slipped his finger up to the first knuckle into her hole. He pulled it out, squeezed some more lotion onto her rosebud, then pushed his finger back in. Presley moaned with pleasure as his entered her, knuckle after knuckle moving past her ring and into her until his entire finger filled her ass. Her pussy was still stuffed with Zach’s cock, and the feeling was amazing. “You can put your cock in now.” Presley said and moaned as Jack swiftly pulled his finger out.

Jack was trying to ignore the sight of his brother’s cock stuffing his sister’s pussy as he prepared himself for his sister’s tight rump. His penis was twitching with anticipation, and he squeezed a dollop of lotion on it, sighing at the cooling effect. He stroked his cock slowly, smearing the lotion all along, then moved forward, guiding it to his sister’s anus. He spread her left cheek, his shaft in his right hand and nuzzled the tip to her asshole. He then moved his hand away, using it to spread her ass open more before slowly pushing himself in.

“Uh fuck!” Presley moaned in a shaking voice as her younger brother slipped his cock into her ass. A feeling of pain mixed with pleasure hit her as the head of his dick penetrated her backdoor, and she breathed heavily as he continued pushing it in.

“Is this okay?” Jack asked sweetly as his sister grunted painfully.

“Yeah, keep going slow.” She said and clenched her teeth as her anus stretched, half of Jack’s shaft already in. “Oh god!” she groaned, closing her eyes and whimpering as Jack pushed, shoving the rest of his dick inside her. “Ugh, wait a sec.” Presley said grimacing as her brothers filled both her holes at the same time. She felt full to the point of pain and breathed heavily as her body adjusted to the unfamiliar sensation.

Jack was doing his best not move with his dick all the way up his sister’s ass. His balls were touching the base of his brother’s cock, and his sister’s tightness only made him want to start pounding into her. On the other side of Presley, Zach was feeling the same. He could feel Presley’s cunt tighten as Jack entered her ass, and the feeling was so good, he wanted nothing more than to hammer into her wet pussy.

“Go ahead but start slow.” Presley said as the initial pain dissolved. It was a surreal feeling having both her brothers inside of her, but it turned her on immensely. She let out a cute little whimper as Jack pulled his dick out of her, moving it out to the head, and waited there as Zach pulled his rigid rod from her pussy. “Oh my god!” Presley squealed as her brothers slowly pushed into her at the same time, the feeling of pain and pleasure overwhelming as her holes stretched in unison. The sensation of fullness was back, one cock in her pussy and one in her ass, but it was better this time, much less painful. She moved her hands to both sides of Zach and held herself up. She looked down at him, her breasts hovering over his face and moaned gently as he and Jack started moving each in turn, their hard cocks slowly penetrating both her holes.

“Uh…Uh…Uh.” Jack moaned as he shoved his dick in an out of his sister’s butt. He could feel his brother’s cock doing the same in her pussy, making her ass even tighter as he violated it. He couldn’t help thinking how fucked up it was for two brothers to fuck their sister like that, even after all the taboo encounters with his female family members, but a sexy, high-pitched moan Presley let out, quickly turned his thoughts elsewhere.

“You can go faster.” Presley said as the last of the pain disappeared, her body alive with forbidden and exciting pleasure as her brothers had their way with it. “Uh fuck.” She moaned as Zach pound himself into her, his hard shaft slithering along her labia as it made its way deep inside her sacred hole. “Oh god!” she moaned louder a moment later as Jack entered her, his slick member penetrating her nasty hole with a powerful stroke.

The three siblings moaned as their disgusting incestuous act entered a perverse rhythm. Presley whimpered and squealed in revolting pleasure as her brothers shared her. Their naked bodies were pressed to hers from both sides, their skin sweaty and hot as their bodies merged, floating them to a plane of indescribable taboo pleasure. Zach and Jack were groaning like animals as they took her, sounding like wild dogs mounting a bitch. Another squeal left Presley’s lips as her younger brother thrust his hips forward, crashing into her ass with an echoing slap and making it jiggle as his hard cock violated her tight hole. Presley looked down at her older brother’s eyes, a look of focus and euphoric pleasure in them as he too slammed his cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh my god I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Presley called out in a shrill voice as an unexpected orgasm hit her with full force. She Erotik Hikaye squealed as her brothers continued pounding her holes and closed her eyes as her pussy started convulsing around her big brother’s cock.

“That’s it, sis, cum for your brothers.” Zach said kinkily, slowing down his thrusts, and placed his arms on her hips for support. He could feel Jack still plunging into her ass, but slower and looked up at Presley’s face as it contorted with raw pleasure.

Jack grabbed his sister’s ass and squeezed as she came hard on both their cocks. She let out a sharp scream of ecstasy and Jack shoved his cock deep into her bum and stopped moving. Her asshole convulsed around his dick as did the rest of her body. Her legs trembled from her pussy all the way down to her feet, her toes curling and uncurling sporadically. Zach also stopped moving, his shaft buried inside their sister’s twat and held her body as it writhed between them. Presley kept shuddering and trembling, her voice and breath shaking as agonizing waves of female pleasure ran along her body. As her orgasm neared its end, she could not hold herself up anymore and crashed down against Zach’s chest, her tits pressed against him as she gasped for air.

Jack slowly pulled his cock out of his sister’s asshole and sat down on the bed next to his brother. He was rock-hard but waited for Pressley to recover as she laid on top of Zach panting. He stared at her ass mesmerized in the meantime, looking at his brother’s dick lodged motionless up her cunt, and studying her gaping butthole until she started sitting up.

“Oh my god, I don’t think I ever came this hard.” Pressley said in a hoarse voice. She sat up on Zach’s dick and moved her matted hair away from her face before climbing off him to the side. Her face was flustered and sweaty as she looked at her brothers, then down at their hard members, a small grin spreading on her face. “You guys ready for some more?” Presley asked, her voice still raw.

“You sure?” Zach asked uncertainly. “That looked pretty intense.” He added.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Presley said nodding and gave her older brother a reassuring smile. “But how about we mix it up. I’ll get on top of you facing Jack, so you, can put it in my ass this time,” she said to Zach, “and you, can stick it in my pussy.” She said to Jack. Her brothers nodded eagerly, and Presley quickly started climbing onto Zach while facing Jack.

Zach put his hands around his sister’s waist and balanced her as she took her place on top of him once more. She placed her feet flat on the bed on both sides of him and squatted up over his cock. He felt a shiver running through him as Presley grabbed his manhood, the hard shaft slick with her cum, and lowered her slick deflowered asshole to it.

“Oh fuucckkk!” Presley whimpered looking straight at Jack as she slowly speared herself down her big brother’s stake. He stifled a moan behind her as Presley grimaced while lowering herself down his rod. Zach was bigger than their younger brother, his cock longer and slightly thicker, and despite it being slick with her juices, and her asshole already stretched by Jack, it still hurt a little as he stretched it out even more. That was exactly why Presley had Jack start in her butt, and she let out another mixed moan, closing her eyes as her anal ring and insides reluctantly stretched to allow her older brother entrance.

“Oh god, that’s tight!” Zach grunted as his sister finished taking his entire length. It slipped in easier than their previous time, but it was still a tight fit. He let go of her smooth skin and grabbed the two pillows from behind him before slowly lifting his back off the bed. “Sorry.” He said as Presley grunted, then placed the two pillows under his head and leaned back down.

Presley was adjusting to the feeling of having her big brother’s dick in her ass and leaned back against him. She moved her hands back to both sides of him and pressed her palms flat against the bed, looking at Jack. She smiled at him as she watched him holding his hard cock, and spread her legs wide, placing her feet on the bed and bending her knees.

Jack almost shot his load as his big sister spread her legs wide, exposing her pink pussy so vulnerably. He let go of his hard dick and had to take a breath to calm himself down, her bare womanhood looking so delicious he was worried he would cum just from watching. He licked his lips hungrily as he moved closer, a hint of her flavor still on them, and got in place between her spread legs. He let out a gentle moan as he pressed his shaft to her scorching vulva, along her labia and against her pubic mound. He flicked her protruding clit with the head of his dick, making her groan, then placed his throbbing manhood to her steaming hole and shoved himself into her with a single powerful thrust, his sister screaming out in animalistic pleasure.

Presley took a deep breath as her brothers filled her once more, double stuffing her holes with their big hard cocks. They started moving almost immediately, Jack first and quickly followed by Zach. She let out a moan as she looked up at Jack, on his knees between her legs, as he thrust himself into her. He grabbed her legs, just under the thighs and pulled them up, spreading them wider as he pushed them towards her body, her feet in the air as she leaned back on Zach. She whimpered and looked at her younger brother as he entered her pussy with primal lust. He started plunging himself into her with long powerful strokes, pushing his shaft as deep as he could into her cunt. He pressed his body into hers from above as he fucked her, while her older brother did the same from below. She was on top of Zach, her lower back on his stomach as he moved his large cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh my god yes!” Presley called out as Jack started pummeling her pussy even harder. He grunted as he shoved himself into her, plunging his cock deep inside her slick folds. A second later Zach moved his legs, spreading them to both sides of Jack and planting his feet on the bed. He bent his knees, moved his hands to Presley’s thighs, above where Jack’s hands were, and started pounding her ass.

“Fuck!” Zach moaned, as he propelled his shaft into his little sister’s asshole repeatedly. His younger brother was pounding away at her pussy, and Zach could feel every thrust, making her impossibly tight backdoor even tighter.

“Mmm!” Jack moaned between clenched teeth as he continued entering his big sister’s pussy with full force. He lost his balance when Zach shifted, making him lose his momentum, but was quick to get it back, pushing Presley’s legs up a little more as he feverishly pounded his sister’s forbidden hole.

“Oh my god! Oh fuck! Ugh god!” Presley kept moaning and calling out in sharp high-pitched tones as her brothers destroyed her so good. Her older brother was breaching her asshole forcefully, while her younger brother abused her pussy, the feeling of their hard cocks sliding bare along her ass and pussy, stretching along every forbidden inch of her naked body so disgustingly amazing. It was so wrong and nasty, her two brothers using her vagina, her butt, her naked body all for their perverse pleasure, yet Presley was loving every bit of it.

Jack watched his sister’s tits bounce as he fucked her hot pussy with endless pleasure. Her eyes met his and were dazed with overwhelming sexual pleasure. He moved his gaze down her naked body, stopping at her exposed pussy and watched it, her full lips parted as he penetrated her flower. He let out a loud moan at the taboo pleasure, and pushed forward with another powerful thrust, slapping his body against her vulva as he breached it, making Presley call out in pleasure again. It was an amazing feeling, fucking his sister so hard with his older brother doing the same to her ass, but he felt he would not last much longer. He looked down at her pussy, bright pink, her clit poking at the top of her parted lips. He tightened his grasp on her thighs, her entire body on fire, and penetrated her amazing cunt with the last of his stamina.

“Ugh!” Jack called out as pleasure engulfed his young body. He locked eyes with Presley and smirked as his body was taken by his orgasm. “Oh my god!” he almost sobbed, closing his eyes as his body exploded with pleasure. He erupted inside his big sister’s twat with a loud primal grunt, his cock sending electrifying waves of pleasure through his body as his sperm shot out of his penis and into his sister’s tight vagina. It twitched with every spurt, making Jack moan and sending more excruciating waves of pleasure through him. Jack’s orgasm flowed through him with great force before slowly fading away. His dick twitched inside Presley’s box, draining his balls inside her and leaving Jack exhausted. He managed a final plunge into her alluring womanhood before pulling his dick out and crashing on the bed.

Presley could feel her baby brother’s warm batter inside her after he pulled out. Zach slowed down while his brother came, and with only his dick in her ass, she suddenly felt empty. She took a deep breath, looking down at Jack, but quickly became alert as her older brother picked up the pace.

Zach closed Presley’s legs and pulled them into her as he shoved his dick into her ass. Her naked body was folded in half, leaning back against his chest. Presley groaned, a deep raw almost animalistic sound, as her brother pushed his cock as deep as he could into her behind. He then rolled her over to her side, placed his hand on her waist tenderly, and moaned as he continued to sodomize her.

“Ugh!” Zach grunted as he pushed himself into his sister’s ass from behind, slowing down and switching to long deep strokes. He slid his hand up her body, cupped her gorgeous breasts, then pinched her right nipple hard. Presley squealed with pain and pleasure, then watched his hand glide down her naked body and cup her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Presley squeaked as her big brother placed his fingers on her clit and started rubbing it while moving his hard cock in and out of her rosebud. He used his fingertips to stimulate her clit, and quickly returned to pounding her butt.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” Zach groaned as he pushed himself into his sister’s tushy with echoing slaps of their naked bodies. He slid his hand from her pussy to her hips and gripped her as he hammered his dick into his little sis.

“Don’t cum, I’m almost there!” Presley begged as she slid her own hand between her legs and took over, rubbing her pussy madly. Her brother groaned as he tried to keep himself from going off, still fucking her ass fast and hard.

“Ugh fuck!” Zach groaned as he tried to keep himself from finishing. He managed to hold on a few more seconds, his sister’s moaning doing little to help.

“Uh…uh…uh, yes, oh god, fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Presley called out as she reached her coveted climax, her body catching on fire. A second later Zach grunted behind her as he stopped resisting, his own orgasm hitting him with full force.

Brother and sister groaned and moaned as raw sexual pleasure surged through their merging bodies. Zach dug his fingers into Presley’s hips and shoved his dick up her butt as a first load of sperm shot out. Presley felt her brother’s cock beginning to squirt in her ass and clawed at the covers as her naked body began to tremble. “Oh my fucking good!” Presley screamed, practically sobbing as her brother shot another load of his spunk deep inside, her body shivering with pure ecstasy.

Another electrifying wave of pleasure ran through Zach as he ejaculated inside his sister’s bum. He pressed his body to hers and continued pushing himself into her slowly, his cock spewing his incestuous cum into her backdoor as she moaned and groaned like an animal. Her body trembled with pleasure against her brother’s as he used the last of his strength for a few final strokes before he stopped moving.

Presley’s naked body kept convulsing with agonizing pleasure even after her older brother finished draining his cock in her tushy. He pushed his shaft into her ass and held her tightly as her orgasm continued flowing through her body. She trembled against his strong body, her own body sensitive and raw to the touch. He was still deep inside her as the last of her orgasm faded away, sending a few more jolts of pleasure through her.

Jack watched his older brother and sister with awe as they lay on the bed motionless; their naked bodies pressed tightly together. He moved to the edge of the bed after pulling out of his sister and watched aroused as they came down from their orgasm. Jack had his hand on his soft cock, touching it as he watched his older sister panting while she recovered from another intense orgasm.

A faint beeping sound was heard from the next room, followed by the sound of a door swinging open. A few hushed footsteps followed, then stopped. The door connecting the girls’ room to the boys’, wasn’t shut all the way, and was open just a crack. “You guys here?” A female voice was heard just as the door slowly opened.

Jack looked up alarmed and watched the door opening wide before Molly passed through. She froze, standing at the doorway in her bikini and looked at them. All three of them were laying on the bed next to each other, naked and exhausted. He looked over at Zach and Presley, but they were just starring at her blankly.

“Oh my god, did you just…have sex?” Molly asked shocked.

“Uh hu.” Presley said nodding shyly and slowly sat up on the bed, her older brother’s limp penis slipping out of her.

“All three of you?” Molly asked incredulous, her eyes darting from her brothers’ limp cocks, to Presley’s sweaty naked body, and down at the cum soaked sheets.

“Yeah,” Presley said with a shy little grin “I had them fuck me at the same.” Presley added shamelessly.

“You what?” Molly asked amazed, her eyes going wide.

“I had our brothers double team me.” Presley continued with a devilish grin. “Zach fucked my pussy while Jack fucked my butt, then they switched.” Presley said then paused, amused by the look on Molly’s face. “Oh god Molly, you wouldn’t believe how hard I came.” Presley added lightly, still looking dazed from the sexual ordeal.

Molly stared at her sister, then looked over at her two brothers, not sure what to say. “I can’t believe you went along with this.” Molly said looking at Zach as he guiltily climbed off the bed.

“It was her idea.” Zach tried to justify himself as he grabbed his boxers and slipped them on.

“And you just couldn’t resist sticking your cock in your little sister’s butt, could you?” She spat, venom dripping from her voice as she shook her head.

“What’s your problem?” Zach asked annoyed, “if I recall correctly, you didn’t object when it was you with Presley and me a few years back.”

Molly knew he was right. She didn’t know why her brothers and sister having a threesome upset her. Maybe it was because they did it without her, and she suddenly realized how horny she was. “It was a long time ago.” Was all she managed to mumble, the anger gone, and gave her naked brothers another look. “Anyway, mom wanted me to tell you that dinner is at six and if you’re hungry before you can get some snacks at the bar.” Molly added then turned around and walked back to her room, closing the door behind her.

Presley, Jack and Zach looked at each unsure. Zach looked at Presley, shrugged, then followed Molly to her room. “Are you okay?” Zach asked his twin sister who was sitting on the bed pouting.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It was weird seeing you all like that.” She said genuinely and smiled at her brother apologetically.

“Yeah, I get it.” Zach said sympathetically and took a seat on the bed next to her in just his boxer.

“So, how was anal sex with our little sister?” Molly asked sweetly, only hearing how it sounded after the words came out of her mouth. They stared at each other and started laughing.

“It was pretty hot.” Zach said lightly and looked into his sister’s eyes.

“I remember you wanted to try that with me when we first started fooling around, but I never let you.” She said with a look of nostalgia in her eyes.

“Did you ever…try it after?” Zach asked.

“I had a few guys who wanted to, but no.” Molly admitted. “Did Presley enjoy it?” she asked.

“Yes, a lot. Well, she said it hurts a little at the beginning, but we started out slow and she says it feels amazing after she gets used to it.” Zach answered. Molly looked at him ponderingly and bit her lip at she thought, feeling suddenly very aroused by their words and the fact that her hot twin brother was sitting next to her in just his boxers.

“Do you think I will like it?” she asked her brother nervously, giving him an intense stare.

“I don’t know, probably.” Zach answered, a little lost for words.

“You want to maybe sneak off later and fool around? Maybe you could even help me try to see if I like it?” Molly asked shyly.

“Seriously?” Zach asked, barely believing his own ears and looked at Molly as she shrugged innocently. “Hell yeah!” he said and watched her face brighten up before she started laughing at his eagerness.

“I’m not sure I’ll want you to, you know…put it in my butt, but we can definitely have a little fun.” Molly said cheerfully and got to her feet. “What do you think?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Sounds good to me.” Zach said, starring at her bikini clad body.

“Good!” Molly said happily. “Now I was going to hit the gym before I walked in on you guys. Want to join?” she asked her brother as she undid her bikini top.

“Sure, that’s exactly what I was going to do before I got sucked into Jack and Presley’s…playtime.” He said, looking at his sister as she removed her top, exposing her perky breasts. She threw the top on the bed and as her brother watched, slid out of her bottoms, exposing her gorgeous vulva.

“Stop staring at you naked sister you perv.” Molly said teasingly as she got up, flaunting her naked body. “Go change already.” She said laughing before turning around and leaning down to her bag. Zach watched her tight little ass displayed so provocatively, then smacked it playfully, making Molly jump and laugh again.

Zach gave his twins sister’s naked body a final glance then turned to his room, his mind wandering with very inappropriate thoughts. This vacation just keeps getting better Zach thought to himself as he opened the door to his room, only to find Presley and Jack at it again. They were both moaning with Presley on top, her back to Zach as she rode Jack’s hard dick. Zach shook his head in amused disbelief as he grabbed his clothes and ducked back into Molly’s room. He gave his younger siblings a final glance, then closed the door behind, leaving them to their incestuous fucking.

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