Humiliated by Teens Pt. 02


It had been about week since I had gotten humiliated by two 19-year-old bratty, but very hot, girls – Hannah and Amy. They found pictures of themselves and other girls from our neighborhood, at the pool, on my phone. They had me.

They had (and still have) pictures of me giving them beer, they hacked my Facebook, changed the code and email, and they had blackmailed me into letting them take the most humiliating pictures and movies. They were pissed, and seemed to get off on humiliating my inadequacies.

I was a wreck. I couldn’t concentrate. They used my house as a hang out. They had people over three nights since we’d met, but hadn’t had me do anything beyond buying them beer, pizza, and Chinese. They definitely walked all over me around their friends. But I didn’t get the sense that the other girls and guys that came over knew about my little secret, or their evidence.

All of the girls that came over were hot, very hot, and all around 19 to 21. All their guy friends were jocks, muscular, and just like when I was in high school, treated me like I wasn’t there. I thought maybe the worst of it was over. Definitely better than the week prior when Hannah had me jism on my face on camera.

I was so stressed out I couldn’t even masturbate. It concerned me that I couldn’t get hard. I would try to jerk off at night after they left. All the girls that came over were hot. They often wore short shorts or yoga pants. But nothing, I couldn’t get hard, and it had been almost a week since I’d last came. But I was so horny inside.

Hannah had long blonde hair and long, muscular, tanned legs. They were amazingly long, and she was clearly an athlete. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy legs every chance I got.

Amy had long, brown, silky hair, was thin, and wore the sexiest little outfits; more provocative than Hannah. Amy had an amazingly (almost unreal) thin waist, great abs, and a juicy ass that just popped out of her shorts. Both of them had a hotness that only seems to come with youth and athletics. They both knew it; always happy, beaming with confidence, and to me, dominance. I both loved and hated them.

Amy had screwed a guy, he was huge, on my bed on two nights during the week, leaving wet stains like I’d never seen before from sex. At night I’d smell her aroma as I tried to play with myself, touching the wetness with my other had. I was always so worked up, but couldn’t get it hard. I’m so very small when soft. It makes me sad. Useless.

Amy had instructed me to always have the sheets clean, the bed made, and that I should sleep on the couch. I, of course, complied. Amy also instructed me to make sure the refrigerator and liquor cabinet were stocked, and to come home and stay home after work, except for when I was shopping for them. I didn’t have a life, so that wasn’t much of a change.

The following weekend was quiet. They didn’t come over on Friday or Saturday. I tried and failed to jack off in the bathroom. Couldn’t get hard at all. A part of me missed having their beautiful bodies in my house, like a pervert’s Stockholm’s syndrome. But my brain hoped they had had their fun, and were moving on. Maybe they pitied me.

I couldn’t believe those pictures and movies were out there, would always be out there, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. This stress was for life. I went on a certain humiliating website nightly. It has videos of all kinds of fucked up stuff, and most of it humiliating. Amy had made off hand comments about the site to her friends, and I knew she was implying she might upload my shame. The movie Hannah had made was more embarrassing than anything I’d ever seen on the web, and my face was clearly showing. It ended messy.

The stress had built to a climax. I was having a panic attack on Saturday night, remembering the week before, and worried that I could no longer get hard. I got drunk on whiskey trying to forget. On Sunday I woke up with them at the foot of my bed, they had taken my spare keys and always just let themselves in.

With them was a new girl! Like Amy, she had long brown, beautiful hair, a sexy toned body, and was wearing a bathing suit top, red with white dots, and short cut off jean shorts. Her breasts were small, perky, and perfect. She had a knowing smirk on her face. I could clearly read on her face that she knew. I could tell she was evil.

“What the fuck are you doing in my bed,” Amy scolded. I had totally forgotten I was supposed to sleep on the couch. I didn’t actually remember going to bed. Her anger snapped me out of my hangover, and I sprang out of the bed.

“I’m so sorry, I forgot, it won’t happen again. I swear,” I pled. I couldn’t believe how submissive I was to her. She had taken full control of my body and soul, and in just a week.

“Don’t worry Hun, we have a favor we’d like you to do for us,” Hannah broke in. “This is our bestie, Casey. She wanted to see if what we said was true… about your little problem … sweetie. She had to see it in person.” Hannah was looking gaziemir escort especially hot today. Her blonde hair hung down to the middle of her back in a pony tail, she wore a tight gray top that hugged her firm breasts, and short shorts that were rolled up about as high as possible. Her long tanned legs started at a camel toe, and ended at brown leather boots that she seemed to be wearing without stocks. She had on my Ray-bans that she had taken the first day we met, and they made her look mean – hot and mean.

Casey giggled. “Hi Lynus! It’s sure nice to meetcha! What’s he got there Hans?”

“Hun, are you are a little happy to see us this morning?” Hannah asked, pulling her glasses down below her eyes and looking at my crotch with a smirk.

I realized I had a 4-inch boner; my little penis was straining my tighty whities. I was more embarrassed around the new girl; like my humiliation was now spreading. This was the first time I’d been hard in days. And it was in front of a hot new stranger . What the fuck?

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said covering my morning shame. I felt my face flush, it felt hot. I felt dizzy.

“Have you ever been to Steve’s Sunday parties?” Casey asked. How the hell did she know Steve?

Steve was my jerk of a neighbor across the street. He had a great build, was exactly my age, always had girls over – some in their twenties – and was a total prick, brimming with confidence and arrogance. When I first moved in we were friends, and I went to his Sunday parties at his pool. After a while, when he was around hot girls, he was an ass to me, and would embarrass me with little comments. Even though a ton of hot girls showed up weekly, I had stopped going to his parties years ago out of shame, anger, and jeously. I was always the butt of his jokes. He slept with a ton of the girls, and everyone knew it. The front of his shorts always looked like he was packing an incredible long and thick dick – the anti-Lynus. Everybody loved Steve, and laughed at Lynus. It was like they knew the difference between us down below, and treated us accordingly.

“I’ve been to a few, but not in a long time. Steve is kind of a jerk.” I replied.

“He’s a hot jerk,” chimed in Amy. “Show Lynus that movie we made Case!”

Casey pulled out her phone. Now Casey had the evidence too? Oh shit. I thought we’d had an agreement!

“Sweet heart, you’re going to love this. Casey is a hell of an editor, like an artist,” Hannah chimed.

The movie was already queued up. Casey hit play and there was I on my shoulders, on the ground, hips up over my head, cumming on my face. The movie was a short clip of one the movies that Hannah had taken, on a few second loop; a close-up of me blasting a load into my mouth, and one shot into my eye and across my cheek. It repeated over and over, at different zooms and speeds. It was awful, and carefully edited. A piece of evil art. The wordless music in the back ground I recognized, “Short Dick Man.” I always hated that song.

“Like it little Lynus? You could be famous. You can bring us to his party, and do exactly as we say, or we can go alone and show everyone your little movie,” Casey said while Amy and Hannah giggled.

“Little Lynus,” Steve used to call me that. Did Casey know that? How did or would she know? Was it just a coincidence? Was it because she’d seem my little dick? I’ve gotten more complaints about how skinny it is, than its length. I’ve been called pencil dick since I was a kid, and was called that in college after being exposed at a party.

The thought of going to Steve’s, with these girls, was a nightmare. All of my nemeses at one backyard party, and probably drunk. No thank you. But I didn’t exactly have a choice. I hate Steve! And this new girl scared me. She jumped up and down, clapping, and intentionally making her hot perky little boobs bounce. So fucking hot, young, and muscular.

“Or maybe I should show my Dad the picture of you giving me a beer while I was on your lap in a two piece,” Hannah said. “You know he’s a cop right?” I didn’t know that. My stomach dropped.

Amy interrupted my thoughts of jail, “You’re going to do everything we say. Do you understand little Lynus?”

“I understand.”

“Sit down pencil dick,” Casey aggressively instructed. I sat down, immediately self-conscious about my state of undress. Casey was starring at my tightly whities with that damn smirk they all seemed to share. I realized they might take me out of my underwear, but I really didn’t want to get totally naked in front of them, again, and not in front of the new girl. I prayed I could make it out of this with my underwear on, and my little penis covered.

Amy too is a raging-evil bitch, but she looked sinfully hot today. She had a cut off white t-shirt that showed her flat stomach and abs, with a pearl naval ring. 4 plus inches below her sexy naval she wore tight purple yoga pants that showed off her curved legs. She clearly wasn’t wearing panties. güzelbahçe escort The crease of her shaved pussy lips were clearly visible, and jumped out of the yoga pants like a purple invitation. How could she wear that in public? Hot, but totally inappropriate in public.

“I guess you like my outfit Lynus?” Amy caught me starring at her camel toe. “Take off you underwear little Lynus, if you’re going to stare at me, we’re going to stare at you.” This is exactly what I had feared. “Casey doesn’t believe it, and wants to see it for real.”

“But I… I don’t… I have to… ” I stammered. My mind raced. I really didn’t want to do this. Then realizing the futility of it, I tried to pull my pants down. My fear wouldn’t let me. I was sitting on the couch and the girls were over me like hot teen vultures. A reflex made me cover my little boner with my hands.

Casey bent over further and reached for my elastic. “Lift up that butt sweetie.” I did so, and Casey slowly pulled off my underwear. My little dick sprang up, and was pulsing with my heartbeat. I felt myself blush, and felt dizzy again. I’d never felt so naked and totally helpless.

Casey cracked up, “Holy shit you have a pencil dick Lynus! You have a half pencil dick! It is so fucking skinny! Amazing.”

Casey turned to the other girls, “I mean it really is smaller than my 10 year-old brother’s. I totally swear. He like always walks to the shower naked, always has, and he is thicker soft than Lynus is hard. That is sad, and hilarious!” They all giggled again.

I was speechless, and wondered if she was just being mean, or if I really was smaller than her brother.

“Lynus likes your yoga pants Amy,” Casey said as she twirled by underwear on her finger.

Hannah came behind Amy and slipped her hands around Amy’s incredibly thin waist. Hannah seductively ran a finger up and down Amy’s sexy abs, then from her navel to her waistband, up and down with slow strokes. Amy gave me a wink. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Rub your little penis Lynus,” Casey said in a baby voice. Amy stretched her head back, giving Hannah a peck on the lips. Hannah gave Amy’s tit a playful squeeze. They were teasing me.

Slowly and apprehensively I reached for my penis. My index finger and thumb slowly rubbed up and down my 4 inch hard pecker. I didn’t want to do this in front of them, but the scene was so hot. I immediately felt like I was going to blow. I didn’t want another humiliation in front of these three hot devils. I could feel the itch at the head of my dick, with every fiber I strained not to cum on myself. “Please, please, please, don’t cum,” I thought to myself as I slowed my rubbing even more. I could not let premature ejaculation be added to this humiliation.

“Casey here had a brilliant idea last night.” Amy beamed. “We’ve bought you a little outfit and you’re going to take us to Steve’s party wearing it.”

“Oh shit,” I thought. I stopped jerking but held on to my dick as Casey continued.

“The important thing here is that you follow the rules, to the letter, or you’re going to jail, going to have your ass kicked by Hannah’s dad, and your little dick will be your profile pic for all your friends and family to admire or laugh at, whichever they prefer. Do you understand pencil boy?” Now Casey was in on the black mail, it was spreading.

“Yes,” I said. I had lost my hard on thinking about my predicament. My now two inch flaccid dick was still between my 2 fingers.

“My god, your dick is so small,” Casey continued, “now it’s like 2 inches!” Hannah take a picture. She did. Hannah laughed out loud. “Get that little thing hard again and I’ll explain our plans,” Casey instructed. I slowly started rubbing it again.

Amy and Hannah just starred at me as I rubbed myself. “Hurry up, get hard!” Amy said. I cupped my balls with my left hand and rubbed myself quickly back to an erection.

After I was back to almost 4 inches, Amy continued Casey’s instruction. This was clearly a plan they had discussed. “We’re going to the party with you tonight at 5. Your going to answer every question, no matter what the question is, with a ‘yes.’ Do you understand? No matter who asks you a question, you’ll answer yes!”

“Yes, I understand.”

“No matter what the question is, your going to answer yes. Beyond that, your going to agree in every way with whatever question is asked, no matter what. Do you understand?” This question came from Hannah. They were tag teaming me.

“Yes, I…”

Casey interrupted. “It’s not going to be easy pencil dick. We’re going to make it very, very hard on you.” Jesus, this would be in front of Steve, neighbors, and all the girls that always show up. “And if you don’t, Hannah is going to go to her father and let him know how you took advantage of us, and took our innocence away after feeding us beer and liquor. Then we’ll show the pictures you took of us to him. Do you understand PENCIL dick?”

“But izmir masaj salonları I…,” my mind raced with ways to get out of this. Not in front of Steve of all people. He knew almost everyone I knew, and he was merciless. “But I… I…,” defeated I put my head down, “I understand.” My hard penis was still between my fingers, but I’d stopped stroking as the girls explained further, acting like teachers instructing a misbehaving student.

“Not only will you answer ‘yes’ to every question, but it will be a convincing ‘yes’. If its not convincing, your Facebook profile will change, just for a few minutes, but it will change. Do you understand? If we find out you answered ‘no’ to someone’s question, even while we are not around you at the party, we’ll find out and your profile pic will get a lot more interesting for a few minutes. Same will happen if we don’t think your convincing enough.”

I was looking down and didn’t know which one was talking. I was panicking too much to think. “I… I… understand… I will be totally convincing, and say ‘yes’ to everything asked of me, from anybody… convincing… I understand… please don’t do…”

“From anyone. Any question from anyone.”

“I’ll answer yes… please…”

“But first I’m in the creative mood,” Casey said with a little hop and giggle, her boobs doing a double bounce. Her muscles moved under her tight and perfect skin. “Film us on the couch. Keep my face out of the shot. Keep his face in the shot.”

“Lynus, on this movie we’re going to try out our little ‘yes’ game. Agree to every question convincingly. Got it?” I had gone soft again, and cupped my dick and balls, easily hidden in my small hand.

“Yes,” I replied. Casey sat next to me on the couch. Both Amy and Hannah aimed their phones at us.

“Keep my face out of the shot bitches.” I made sure my shame wasn’t visable.

“I understand…” I answered, even though no one had asked a question. I was petrified.

“Action,” Hannah giggled.

“Mr. Small, it’s kind of small isn’t it? Your penis I mean.” Casey began. She gently took my hand away from my soft dick. She spoke so sweatl.

“Yes, I guess it is kind of small.” I was concentrating on being convincing.

“And you took it out to impress me? I’ve never seen one in person, but the ones I’ve seen in movies are sooo much bigger than that. And yours is so skinny too. You were really trying to impress me? It’s like less than 2 inches. Like a baby’s dick!”

“Yes, I guess I was hoping to impress you, a little. It get’s a little bit bigger.”

“But it’s so small. Look it’s not much bigger than my finger.” Casey held her pinky next to my dick. She was right.

“My friends say that boys my age can’t usually last that long, they make a mess real quick. But I’ve been told men your age can last a long time. Is that right? Can you last a long time Mr. Small?”

“Yes, I can last a long time, a very long time,” I lied convincingly. I knew where this was going. I was soft, but I already felt like I was going to bust. I was so nervous and I knew what she wanted to do, add to the humiliation with a premature ejaculation.

“There is a boy I like really crush on, and I want to touch him down there to make him happy, but I’ve never done that before. Can I try it on you? Can I touch your little penis… for like date practice? I mean you did want to show it to me.” Casey made herself sound so innocent. She wasn’t innocent! She was probably a total slut. “To be honest, I’m not impressed, but maybe you could help be practice?”

“Of course you can.” Inside my head I thought “please last, please last, don’t cum. Tighten your dick. Don’t’ cum… Subtract 43.5 from 100…”

“And you promise you can last, you won’t prematurely cum all over yourself and my hand? That would be gross Mr. Small.” She had to use my real name.

“I promise.”

“Ok, you promise not to cum on my hand? I mean it’s small, but if you can’t even last. Wow that would suck! For you I mean, that would REALLY suck for you.” She giggled.

“I promise.” My dick was now about an inch and a half long, a skinny head sitting on top of shaved balls.

“Oh yes, I can last a long time.” I felt like I was going to cum, and I was 100% soft.

Casey put her index finger and thumb on my little flaccid penis. Her fingers felt so warm. How could they be so warm?

“Oh my God its small and cold,” Casey seemed to be speaking to herself. With a few exteremly slow and seductive strokes I was fully hard, my almost four inches straining against her two fingers. Casey’s firm breast were leaning into me. She smelt so damn good, like perfection, a very sweet smell. I wondered what it was from, and couldn’t believe how firm her muscular body felt against me.

Amy and Hannah were filming from different angles, both had a smirk on their face. I could tell they were both concentrating, likely keeping my face in the shot but Casey’s face out of the shot, as instructed.

I was ready to blow. I knew I couldn’t stop it.

“You have a strange look on your face Mr. Small.” Casey said as she sped up her stroking with two fingers. “Oh my God. I just started. It hasn’t been a minute. And you are going to cum aren’t you? You’re old, your tiny, and you can’t control yourself? Your face looks so funny!”

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