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HumiliatedHumiliatedEver since about high school, I began to realize that, in addition to my strong interest in girls, there was also a little interest in other boys also. My first brush with a guy came in high school. I was walking home from school in a shirt and shorts and stopped at a convenience store for some candy. When I came out, I stopped outside the store near a trash can and began to unwrap the candy so I could throw the wrapper in the trash. There was a guy in his 20’s sitting up against the outside wall of the store drinking a soda. His initial touch on my calf was so light I didn’t realize what it was at first. Once he began to massage my calf more vigorously, I got scared and took off. I thought about that experience for quite awhile and wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t left. It was also about that time that I learned that I loved to wear panties. I guess I should have known that was going to be a life long desire.In college, the curiosity was still there but I continued to fight it down since it wasn’t the way I was supposed to think. When I was approaching graduation, I began going on job interviews. On one such out of town trip, a guy that worked for the employer began talking to me while I was waiting. He invited me to his place after the interview. However, once again I got scared and said no thanks.I pretty much put these thoughts aside as I began my career and got married. After my divorce, they began to come back. I began going to an adult store that had an arcade. For a long time, I didn’t do anything but watch videos. I usually wore panties and hands would come through the holes in the wall and rub me. And, cocks would come through also, but I was too scared of disease to suck them. Then, I began looking through the holes and watched guys stroke or be stroked while I stroked myself. After bahis şirketleri quite awhile, I began to stroke the cocks. They would always pull back after a few minutes. They wanted a mouth, not a hand. I finally got up the nerve to put a condom on and stick my cock in the hole. But, they didn’t like this either. Finally, a guy that I handed a condom to through the hole put it on and stuck his cock through the hole. He was big, so it was a mouthful for me. I got down on a knee and began to suck. After a little bit, I could feel him pulling back. I was so bummed out. I was so bad he didn’t want me to continue. But then, as he pulled out, I saw cum in the end of the condom and realized he has cum. This was very exciting for me.I began submitting posts online. However, they all wanted more than I wanted to give. They either wanted me to suck them without a condom or they wanted to fuck me. The idea of being fucked was exciting to me. But, unless he had a tiny cock, I thought it would hurt too much. Finally a guy responded and said I could jack him off in his car. This began okay, but some approaching headlights sacred me I told him I changed my mind. He was not happy.There was a truck stop near where I lived and I would sometimes walk around at night. But, no one ever approached me. I found a different adult store and started going into the arcade but nothing happened. Finally, a guy told me the action was in the dark corners of the parking lot behind the store. I went out there a few times but was nervous a cop would pull up. Finally, a guy rolled down his window and invited me to sit in his passenger seat. After we talked for a few minutes, he took out his cock and I put in my mouth without a condom. However, after about a minute, a car pulled up and I stopped. He hadn’t even gotten hard.Sometime later, I finally had bahis firmaları an amazing experience. I had an active post that a married guy responded to. He asked about my age, weight, cock size, etc. When I told him how small my cock was and that I liked to wear panties he said, with a cock that small, I was just a little girl. I didn’t think much more about it. Then, a few days later he emailed me and asked if I knew what bukkake was. I looked it up and then responded that I did. He told me to park in a business parking lot in town on Friday at 9:00 pm and he would pick me up. He picked me up, told me to sit in the back seat and said he was driving me to the apartment of a single coworker of his. He told me to strip and put on the used panties that he taken from his wife’s dirty clothes and put them on plus my shoes. I looked in the panties and they were full of old period stains. But, I did as he told me. When we got to the apartment complex, he parked all the way in the back so we had to walk through the entire complex to get to the apartment. When he turned off the engine, he said he was going to treat me like the little girl that I was and told me to get out of the car. He looked at how little the bulge was in the front of the panties and started laughing. He began to walk away and I just stood there not sure what to do. He said to come on. He said for tonight he was my master and that walking through the complex in only a pair of panties was going to be my first lesson in humiliation.I was quite distraught but also kind of excited. We began walking past buildings and the pool area. I was so nervous I could barely make my legs to move. A few people saw and looked disgusted. We went into the apartment. He and his friend sat on the sofa with some beers while they had me stand in front of the them while they felt me up kaçak bahis siteleri and laughed. The guy that lived in the apartment was friendly with the night security guard. Pretty soon, the phone rang and it was the night guard. He said there were reports of a nearly naked guy and they thought I went to his apartment. He told the guard he was right and said it was worth some beers if the guard would not report it and then invited him to come over later.When they finished their beers, the married guy told his coworker to spread towels on the living room carpet and then told me to sit on them. They put on some porn and stood over me and began stroking. After a little while, they both shot their loads on my face and laughed at what a sissy I was. I began to get one of the towels to wipe my face but he said no, I had to let it dry on me. They got more beers and continued to watch porn. A little later the guard knocked and came in. He was a big older guy. When he saw me, he said what the hell is going on. They told him I was being trained to be the masters slave and this was a lesson in humiliation. The married guy said go ahead and shoot your load on his face. He watched a little porn and them stood over me and shot a very big load on my face and tried to get almost all of it on my mouth so there would be no way I could keep it out once I opened my mouth. After another beer, the married guy said he needed to get home and told me to get up. I asked if I could go to the bathroom to clean up. He said no, lets go. As we walked through the complex to his car, I heard giggling off to the side and a couple of college age girls told me how cute I looked in my panties. When we got near where I parked, he stopped a couple of blocks away. He handed me the bag with my clothes in it and told me I had to walk the rest of the way.Since then, I have thought about the mixed feelings I have about the incident. Of course, I was very humiliated at my treatment. But, I always get hard when I replay the night in my mind and I know that I really want it to happen again someday.

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