Husband is a Good Sport Ch. 03


After Cam and I reached an agreement about Camille, there was no longer any negotiations. Our first encounter with what could be described as lesbian sex was so satisfying to me that I kept Camille made up for the rest of the night. We made love many times. My clitoris ached the following morning, but it was a good ache. That sated us for a while. We did have traditional married sex after that with me being Beverly and Cam being Cam. Cam would no longer deny that sex between me and Camille was very erotic and so private.

Now I had the best of both worlds. My husband, while very young looking and fair skinned, was sporting a good-sized cock. He could satisfy me with just straight sex. My girlfriend, Camille was a very pretty, also a highly erotic lover. Over time we sort of quit having vaginal intercourse when Camille was my lover. I saved that for my husband, Cam. Camille added a few touches herself. When Cam travelled, sometimes he would buy Camille some slutty outfits. She would often surprise me with a dress-up night that I had not anticipated.

It was great for this to be a shared desire rather than a submissive-dominant activity. I really had been a major force when his sister suggested that he dress up and apply for the job as a waitress. I think if I had reacted differently, he would have never gone through with it. Collette and Rita were always bugging him to dress as Camille and the four of us go on girl’s night out. In a way I wanted to keep Camille and Beverly locked in the bedroom but owing to his having passed as a girl for almost two years, I still was excited about the idea. Cam never encouraged either one of them and refused to join in the conversation. They would try to convince me to lead him into it, but I insisted that Cam was not some show pony that they dressed up for their entertainment.

Collette made the point that Cam was going to become a doctor and some of our fun times were going to pass us by. Cam was nearing the end of medical school. We played in the bedroom occasionally. We both loved it and had not tired of it. I was totally committed to him and it didn’t hurt that I had two good lovers rolled into one. Well actually two, because Cam and Camille were totally different. Camille was more take-charge. As I stated, she would initiate our ‘lesbian encounters’. When I suck her cock, I view it as just an extension of how Camille got me off by licking and sucking my clitoris.

Even though I had many boyfriends before Cam, I was not tempted to stray. I felt a little sorry for him. He was a virgin and had never made love to anyone but me. He was a fast learner and was willing to try anything I suggested. He finished medical school and had his first year of residency. That was not fun for either one of us. Money was tight even though I made a good salary. Dressing up in the bedroom was about our only entertainment. Camille was not quite the slut she had been, and I became more dominant than I already was. I managed to buy some second-hand clothing and add a few touches to act as his dominatrix occasionally. Camille loved this and played the retiring violet well.

When I knew he had a little time, I would wait for him to come home in his scrubs. I would meet him at the door dressed in a bustier, stockings, crotchless panties and high heel boots. I was made up goth and demanded that he strip right there. I pushed him to the bath and made him shave everything. I perfumed him and dusted him with girly bath powder. His clothes would be laid out for him. After a while I had purchased a chastity device. Sometimes, I would make him wear it and talk rough to him about how a pretty little girl had no need for a cock.

Other times I would make him tape and tuck his cock and balls before I allowed him to put his panties on. I would tell him that clit of his was too big and ugly. I assured him that no dominant woman would want that little dripping thing near her. She loved to be submissive in that way. It was now more frequent that I took charge and made Camille react to my whims. She seemed to enjoy that a little more than her dressing up and approaching me. As she became more submissive, I became more dominant in our play.

Cam was beginning to act more in charge of our activities. As he progressed through his residency, he had to be in charge more. In a sense Camille’s personality was morphing more into the old Cam and Cam was morphing more into the dominant role like Camille had been. Cam was more self-assured and much more in charge. That was natural. Who would want a doctor who was shy and retiring? The change in Camille was subtler. I think being Camille helped relieve the stress of constant medical training. It was more like a split from Cam the Doctor.

After residency, Cam was on a special grant for research in biometrics. He was very busy but had more regular hours. When he was off, he enjoyed being submissive to me. I played various roles from loving wife to dominant bitch. It didn’t matter to Camille. She really liked the ‘lesbian’ love relationship. We talked about bringing Camille Short links out in public, but Cam was not ready for that yet. We agreed that once he became more stable in his job, we would take some vacations and possibly explore the possibility of this.

About a year into his new job, we decided to take a vacation. We were going to New York to shop and take in some Broadway plays. I began prepping Camille for our trip and telling her how gorgeous she was all made up and feminine.

“Camille,” I said, “I would really like to enjoy our vacation with just the two of us. Now that we spend so little time together, I want Cam to stay home while we take in the sights together.”

“No way,” Cam replied.

I gave her the best loving I could. She was not in chastity and we made love while he was Camille. It had been a long time since she had penetrated me with her ‘big ugly clit’ as I called it. Afterwards, I said, “Let’s ask Camille again. Will you come with me to New York on a girlfriend’s week?”

“Okay, but we need some backup clothing just in case.”

“Fine, but I want to talk to you about another thing. Cam’s briefs are not the prettiest thing and Camille does not have that much time with me. Can we throw away Cam’s underwear and have him wear Camille’s panties all the time?”

“You really want that?” he asked.

“I really do. I think Cam would enjoy that. It would make him think about Camille more. And I would think about Camille all the time then.”

“Okay, we will try it.” He agreed.

“And maybe a bra also?”

“Absolutely not. That is too risky.” He said.

“Please. A simple A cup. Nothing fancy. Please.”

“You are very bad.” He said.

So that day I threw out all of Cams briefs. I bought him some silk undershirts to wear and a couple of really plain training bras with very little lace. I was sure that he would love this once he got used to it. I could not imagine any scenario that would come up in his job that would let anyone think that he was wearing lingerie. Today more people are unconcerned with someone’s gender identity. The kind of underwear he wore would be no one else’s business.

Cam dressed in Camille’s panties starting then. I made sure to keep him excited about getting to be my girlfriend companion during our whole visit to New York. By the time we got on the plane, Camille had been hairless and pampered for two weeks prior. I wanted to be somewhat discreet, but I also was excited about having my ‘lesbian’ lover all to myself for that long a time. We dressed very sexy for the plane ride. We both wore garters and stockings with short skirts. My top was almost skin tight and hugged my d-cups snugly. I wanted to go without a bra, but my nipples were just too aroused under the material. I did wear a tiny balconette bra.

Camille wore a more conservative top that showed just a little manufactured cleavage. She was made up so pretty. Her nails were long and slim. Her toes were covered by her stilettos, but they were pretty also. She was wearing a brunette wig that curled and set just off her shoulders. Her little b-cups were quite prominent and looked very much in place on her frame. We were still using the same set of breastforms. I wanted to get her some larger ones of good quality, but that was something that would have to wait. We attracted plenty of attention on the flight. I noticed that guys were checking out Camille almost as much as they were checking me.

We had a great time. We went shopping for lingerie. Camille bought a sexy camisole set with colored stockings. I got several pairs of crotchless lace panties. For both of us. Each time we went out we were dressed up and Camille was just gorgeous. One night we went dancing at a very chic club. This was going to be touchy. I had Camille wear a very tight gaff panty. We had tucked her cock way up into her butt cheeks and pulled the gaff tight. I assured her that she would be fine up until she had to pee. Then she would have to re-tuck her big clitty back up. We both giggled at this. Camille was in high spirits and channeled some of her waitress skills into a positive approach to our little escapade.

Camille wore suspenders and stockings under a medium length navy skirt. She wore a button up white top and her ‘breasts’ made the nicest bulge in the blouse. Her makeup was a little more pronounced for clubbing. She had a four-inch navy heel and her legs looked great. I wore a short white skirt with a low-cut body hugging top. No bra or panties. Just stocking and garter belt. I wanted Camille to see me going commando and get jealous.

“Now Camille,” I said, “If we are going to pull this off, we need to look like two single girls. We might be able to get by as lesbians if the club is just so, but to start, we better play it straight. If guys ask us to dance, we need to accept. Otherwise we might stand out. Just think of this as an acting job like you used to do to get the best tips from the guys. Okay?”

Camille was nervous but also excited to be out again in public. We had Short link no doubt she could hold her own. With two years of being a waitress and no one the wiser, I would say that she was a veteran. Being approached by a man would be something altogether different. First, Cam was not homosexual. Dancing with a man might cause some negative feelings to show through. What if the guys got a little frisky? Camille and I practiced for that. Her breastforms were enough to fool if anyone got bold upstairs. Her gaff would assure that her big clit would not get in the way. The way she was snugged up, I doubt she could even get a hard on. Anxiety would take care of the rest.

We spread apart in the club. Camille was to find a table while I circulated a bit. While walking near the dance floor, I noticed a very eclectic group of people. There were just about all races and nationalities. I saw girls dancing with girls, but no guys dancing together. That is not unusual. Sometimes the guys need to be baited and girls dancing usually brought out the most shy guys. A guy coming off the dance floor asked me to dance. He was about my age and very nice looking. I accepted and we had a dance. He chatted me up a little and I shared that my girlfriend and I were in the Big Apple taking in the scene.

He asked where my girlfriend was and I answered, “She must be around here somewhere.”

After we danced, I told him I was going to cruise the club and find my friend, Camille. As I circulated a while, I came across Camille dancing with a guy. She looked like she was having fun and the guy was enjoying himself, also. He was just a little stocky side of chubby, but nice looking otherwise. After they danced a few dances, she led him over to me and introduced us. He was young, maybe twenty-two or so. He had a baby face and looked very innocent. When I got her aside, I asked her if the guy, Chuck, had tried to feel her up. She grinned and said “No.”

“Why don’t you encourage him?’ I asked.

“You can’t be serious, Beverly. I am not gay.”

“No, Camille. But you are a hot chick. Why don’t you give him a thrill?”

She grinned and got a twinkle in her eye. We had talked at length about the trip being more about how we felt with each other and how she felt as Camille. I told her that she had to get out of the dual role for just a few days and enjoy herself. I wanted to enjoy Camille for myself also and seeing her fully embrace the role was an aphrodisiac to me.

“What do you mean? She asked.

“Be the hot chick. Press your breasts into his chest. Slide in between his legs with your dress and sexy stockings. Just think what Camille would think. Forget about Cam for a few days and take a risk. No one is asking you to have sex with him, but a little bit of foreplay will certainly excite me. Hopefully it will excite you also, Girlfriend.”

Camille agreed to do this and once she was in control, she was focused. I watched as much as I could as she danced a little closer to Chuck. With their clothes on, he couldn’t tell that Camille was wearing breastforms under her bra. She pressed her chest into his. I saw his hand lowered a bit down toward her ass. He managed to get it a little lower each time I glanced. I saw her move her leg in between his as they danced a slow dance. He looked like he was enjoying himself. If his cock was not hard by now, he didn’t have a pulse. A little uncertain, he gently kissed her on the lips. Camille did a great job of taking this in stride. All that role playing was good practice for this act.

Another guy asked me to dance and I again accepted. When we got to the dance floor, I spotted Chuck with his hand firmly on my girlfriend’s ass. She was giving his cock a good rub with her leg. I felt a little guilty. Poor Chuck was making progress and Camille was into the charade, but there was no way that she could lead him much further. I know her cock was tucked securely, but he was never going to get that far. I thought it best that we meet in the ladies’ room to discuss our plans. I got her attention and after the dance ended, she spoke to Chuck and nodded her head in the direction of the powder room.

Chuck was zoned in on Camille. I hoped that he would circulate and find another dance partner while we plotted our retreat. When we got inside the ladies’ room, we both took a stall. Camille was ready to sit like a lady. We had trained her for this. She came out of the stall checking her skirt to make sure everything was back in place.

After looking around to make sure we were safe, I smiled at Camille and said. “Did that big clit try to jump out of your gaff?”

She smiled demurely.

“Just checking. You are doing great, but what are your plans?”

“What do you mean, plans?”

“Are you going cock diving, Sweetie?”

“Oh, no. Why would you think that?”

“Well, you looked like a horny babe with your leg up against his cock. Was it big? Was he hard?”

“I couldn’t tell with my thigh.”

“Maybe you should accidently drop your hand to his crotch, you know.”

“Beverly, we discussed that. I am not gay.”

“Remember, Camille, there are no labels. Camille is at least bi, you know. I guess that makes me bi also, because I love sex with her. So, like I said, no labels. We are just two hot chicks out on the town.”

“God, Beverly, I can’t do that. That is not fair to him.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right.”

“Okay, let’s try this. Just disappear for a little while. If you don’t mind, I will go dance with him to take his mind off Camille. I will get a little closer to him and let him take a few liberties. I had no bra or panties on so this would be a breeze.

I found Chuck. He indeed had not selected another dance partner. I grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. I didn’t ask him, I just led the way. He did not object.

“Where is Camille?” he asked.

“Oh, she had to make an important phone call. Won’t I be a good substitute?”

“Oh, yes. Sorry. Of course, you are great.”

I pushed my braless breasts into him and followed with my leg in between his. I had to take charge, so I moved his hand down to the top of my ass. I did everything short of undoing his belt. When the music changed to fast pace, we separated and danced apart. I made sure to pull my top tight and show my full d-cups to him. His eyes were glued on my bouncing breasts. My nipples were like pebbles and pierced my thin top. I kept him dancing until another slower tune played. I guide his hand to my side right beside my right breast. The full boob with no bra touched his top finger. I placed my mouth near his ear and moaned a little.

He eventually took his cue. He moved his hand over and cupped my breast. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. As we danced close, I dropped my hand to his crotch and felt his cock. It was about average, but very hard. I gave it a squeeze. After the music paused, I kissed him again and told him that I needed to use the powder room.

I found Camille near the ladies’ room.

“Okay, girl. What do you want to do? I have him all primed up. Do you want to pursue him or not?”

“Beverly, I can’t do that.”

“Well, BEVERLY certainly did. He has a nice hard cock. Not too big. CAMILLE could feel him up, but that is fine. We better make our exit. Otherwise it is just too cruel to keep him in anticipation.”

“Well, it was more than I planned. It was intoxicating, though.”

“See, I told you we should venture out some. By the way, he got a good feel of my right breast. Hope you don’t mind. I wanted him to have something to remember us by. I thought about letting him touch my dripping pussy but that would have been too much. Beside I don’t want to cheat on my lesbian girlfriend. You are going to get to lick that wet pussy all to yourself. Let’s go back to her hotel. You can put on your sexy nightgown and ravage my wet sex. God, I am so horny.”

We made it back to her hotel. As soon as we got in the elevator, I attacked my sweet lady. I kissed her firmly on her painted lips and pawed at her breasts. I nuzzled in between her girl breasts and licked her chest between. I had to be careful not to get lipstick on her blouse. I took her hand and raised my skirt giving her full access to my flowing sex. I was so wet I was practically dripping. She stuck two fingers into my cunt. I spread my legs to give her better access. As she penetrated my pussy, I felt her sexy painted nails and came at the thought of my sexy girlfriend eating my cunt.

When we made it back to our room, I pulled my skirt and top off. I was just in my stockings, garters and heels. Camille shed her clothes and donned her sexiest gown. She kept her garters and heels on also.

“God, lover, please put out the fire in my pussy. I wish you had a cock, girl. That would be great. My pussy is burning for sex. Eat me up. Please, Baby, suck my pussy. Please.”

I flipped back on the bed and spread my legs. Camille placed her mouth over my sex. I moved very slowly and set the pace. I was slowly making love to her mouth. She was not as aggressive as we have been. She was in my control. My movement dictated the positioning of her mouth. She kept her head motionless as I moved up and down, coating her face with my flowing love juice.

She was mine. All mine. I was fucking her mouth. I moved my sex all around her face. Up and down. Side to side. We had more makeup. I was going to ruin her pretty visage with wild sex. I wrapped my stocking clad legs around her head and pulled her tightly to my womanhood. I was beginning to cum. I tugged her a little with my leg and she understood that she was to suck my hard girl cock. She slid her tongue around the hard little pearl and then sucked me into her mouth. It was a female blow job and I exploded.

I had one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I dropped my legs and planted my stilettos on the bed. I raised up in convulsions and Camille followed me up. She was still sucking my clit. I broke loose and screamed as my cum sprayed all over the bed. It was like a dam had burst and my cum drenched everything. Camille was right in the deluge. She opened her mouth and caught what she could. Finally, my squirting stopped. I fell backwards and almost passed out. My vison was cloudy.

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