Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02


We both positioned our respective underwear in front of us – the outer and less intimate surface of the gussets facing towards us – and Dane lifted mine up to his nose first. I followed his lead, applying the outside of his shorts to my nose even though I would have strongly preferred to have done so with the inner lining, and we both took a few gentle sniffs of the material.

To my surprise, almost immediate, I saw through the corner of my eye that Dane’s member was starting to twitch to life. It was lengthening in pulses and slowly rising upwards, like an air bed being blown up in short, steady breaths.

Dane seemed oblivious to surges of life that his organ was revealing and sniffed intently at the front of my pants, turning them this way and that to fully explore and appreciate the odour I’d left on the white material.

I took a few sniffs of his but was far less curious about the smell of his cock than he clearly was about mine.

He pulled back and looked over at me, grinning. “This is actually kind of bizarrely interesting!”

I smiled back at him. “I’m a bum man myself, but I can appreciate the appeal of the front.”

He took a few more sniffs and then declared, “It’s a really masculine smell – a bit pissy but with a sexy whiff to it too – and totally different from the smell of my own dirty underwear.”

“Obviously you like it,” I observed.

“Yeah… kind of… but not really in an erotic way.”

“Your erection would suggest otherwise, Dane.”

His expression turned to surprise and, pulling my briefs away from his face, he peered down at the front of his own underwear. His cock had grown large enough to make a pronounced bulge against the crotch, poking upwards like a thick, stubby rod and lifting the material a good few inches towards his stomach. It probably wasn’t hard enough to be properly called an erection, but it had grown large enough for him to blush at the sight of his own unwitting arousal.

“Bloody hell, Rob!” he called out. “I didn’t even feel that happening!”

I smiled. “It’s a bit like what happened when I sniffed yours.”

“That’s so weird!”

His expression of shock slowly transformed into a stupefied grin.

I was so pleased I’d persuaded him that we should hitch down our trousers. If I’d believed what he’d said, I’d never have guessed that the smell of my cock had had such an invigorating effect on him.

This was proving most hopeful: far better than I’d dared to imagine.

He looked over at the crotch of my underwear and found, to his obvious disappointment, that my own organ was still stubbornly soft.

“The smell of mine isn’t having the same effect on you, then, Rob?”

I shrugged. “Like I said, I’m very much a bum man, Dane.”

I turned his briefs inside out so that the staining on the inside of the crotch was garishly obvious. As well as several dried yellow rings of tide-marked piss, there was a crusty patch which looked like it had been used to wipe the last few dribbles of a dwindling climax.

I raised the underpants up to my nose and inhaled strongly from the stained material. His sexual odour was eye-wateringly ripe: rich with the sour sting of his youthful pheromones and heavy with the cloying smack of his pubic sweat.

“I think I saw it grow a bit,” he laughed, looking at the bulge my large but drooping cock was making against my underwear.

“It’s an interesting smell,” I conceded, “and I appreciate the fact you’ve once again left me a dried-on deposit which is rather whiter than the rest…”

He threw me a naughty chuckle just like my son would when I pointed out evidence of a masturbatory impropriety.

“But the best is round the back,” I went on. “At least as far as I’m concerned.”

He did the same as I’d done: turned my underpants inside out and examined the inner lining of the crotch which my large genitals had spent a day in close confinement. As I’d noticed at the back of the car, unlike his shorts, my briefs were mainly clean save for a few small patches of discolouration where my cock had leaked after taking a pee.

He seemed to like what he saw, though, and smiled and nodded down at the sagging material. I think he was admiring how stretched it was from being cupped around my generous cock and over-ripe bollocks, perhaps feeling a little envious of how much strain I could put on the front of a pair of Calvins.

He raised them up to his nose and took a sniff of the inside of the gusset, searching the lining with his nose to find its most intoxicating spot. Eventually he settled on a small patch down near the stitching around left leg-hole and inhaled from it appreciatively, pressing the material up close to his nostrils to gain the full effect.

That must have been where the tip of my cock had snuggled into the material, I mused; where my foreskin might have retracted a little, rubbing the more odorous exposed head of my cock against the inside of the gusset.

He closed his eyes and sniffed deeply, and I notice his erection İstanbul Escort throbbing upwards in its appreciation of my secret scent. His fattening cock-head slowly grew to make a thick, round lump against his underwear as he enjoyed the heady fragrance I’d left on my underwear.

I was probably going to get to wank him off, it occurred to me. The way things were going, and given how horny he was getting, I was more than likely going to get to wrap my fingers around his shaft and pump his foreskin back and forth. We’d smile at each other as I masturbated him faster and faster, both of us enjoying the time-honoured ritual of an older man’s hand pleasuring the cock of a younger and more virile male. And then we’d laugh together as he reached his climax, and I’d pretend to be disgusted by having his hot, sticky semen all over my fingers and thumb.

That had to be the very least I was going to get to do with him.

All in good time, though; all in good time.

If I pushed things too quickly, the opportunity to wank him off might be all I would get. But if I played things more carefully, I might yet get to enjoy the more exotic activity that I’d mentioned earlier and he hadn’t been prude enough to dismiss out of hand.

After he’d savoured the smell of my briefs to the point at which he wasn’t able to extract any further scent from them, he put them back down onto his knees and looked over and grinned at me.

“Obviously you enjoyed that,” I commented, glancing at his now extremely noticeable, and imposingly thick, erection.

“Just a bit,” he chuckled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t leave you a more… er… crusty deposit on them, like you did with me.”

He shrugged. “I liked what I smelt – any more might have been too much.”

I smiled and turned his briefs over.

“And now for the back,” I said, looking down at the strip of material which must have nuzzled into the crack of his arse. It was discoloured in places but not as much as I’d expected.

He looked over at them and winced at the state they were in. “Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider, mate? I’m normally much cleaner in my habits.”

I shook my head. “Happens to us all, Dane. You should see some my son’s underwear when he brings his laundry home after a term at university. Yours are almost spotless by comparison.”

“At least you’re not tempted to sniff his, though,” he said with a laugh.

“I can smell it quite unmistakably without having to sniff it,” I chuckled back.

I raised Dane’s briefs up to my nose and tentatively inhaled from the stained material. As I’d expected, the smell was strong but not offensive. It was undeniably crude and fiercely anal in its unbridled intensity, but there was, combined with that coarse, effluvious odour, a much more exciting and erotic undertone: a sneak preview of this young lad’s sexual aroma if he were to indulge me in the most intimate way he could.

I smiled at the thought and felt my cock starting to stir.

Yes, this was the smell I would experience if I was buggering Dane with him bending over in front of me. It was the smell that would fill the car if we were to squat on the back seat together and I was to use his arse so fast and so hard that our pendulous knackers would whack together underneath us.

My cock responded to such musings in the only way it could. Dane laughed at the speed at which it lengthened and thickened, forcing my briefs upwards as it hardened inside them and pushing itself free from where it had been slumbering against my scrotum.

“My bum really gets you going,” he grinned.

I smiled back at him, thankful that he hadn’t been able to read my thoughts. The picture I’d had in my mind might really have freaked him out.

He peered down at my developing erection through the cotton of my briefs, marvelling at its size. Then he announced, with undisguised admiration, “You’re really well-hung, Rob.”

“I wish my wife could still get me going as much as these do,” I quipped.

He kept staring at it, grinning with wonder, and I turned a little more towards him and pushed my hips outwards so that he could better appreciate how large my growing cock was and how abundantly-filled my bulging balls were.

He looked up at me and smirked naughtily, and for a second I thought he was going to reach out and pull my cock out from my underwear. I’d have liked that, and would have urged him to start masturbating me: the two of us chuckling together as his fist pumped up and down my grateful shaft; gasping as my seed squirted over the windscreen and dashboard.

But if he had been about to reach out and stroke me, he lost his nerve and pulled back, and contented himself with just admiring the view I was presenting him with.

“Why don’t you have sniff of my bum?” I asked him when it had become clear he wasn’t going to grope me.

He looked up at me, momentarily confused, and I reminded him that I meant on the back of my discarded underwear.

“Oh, right, yeah!” he laughed.

He İstanbul Escort Bayan turned my briefs over so that the rear gusset was facing outwards and inspected them to find they were largely clean.

“You might find that it’s not as bad as you’re probably expecting,” I told him.

“I might lose this, though,” he muttered, gesturing towards his own thick, stubby erection pushing the front of his shorts upwards.

“Well, let’s see about that…”

He raised the briefs upwards and took a cautious sniff of the material which had spent most of a day nuzzling up between my buttocks. Finding, as I’d anticipated, that it didn’t bear the smell he was expecting, he sniffed more intently at them and then pressed them firmly against his nose and inhaled everything he could of my most feral scent.

His cock remained in an upright position – curiously thick and with its blunt, rounded head straining against the material of his underpants – and showed no sign of withering in spite of his initial misgivings.

I considered reaching forwards – as I’d half-thought he had been going to do with me – and fondling him through his underwear, but I worried it would be a step too far.

So instead, I said, “Clearly that’s not as grim as you thought it would be. Your cock seems to be rather enjoying all this.”

He pulled away and smirked sheepishly over at me. He looked a little embarrassed that he had so visibly enjoyed the smell of the back of an older man’s underpants.

He glanced down at his erection and then back at me. “Yeah… I really thought that would be awful… but it was actually kind of… well…”


He tittered at the word. “Maybe… yeah…”

“Smells can be really erotic,” I told him. “While I wasn’t aroused by the smell of the front of your briefs, the fact you’d… er… pleasured yourself in them made sniffing them a lot more interesting than it would otherwise have been.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I can see that now. Actually, maybe it would have been pretty cool to have done the same with yours. If you’d have cum in them, I mean.”

Bait nicely taken, I thought.

“Well, the ones you’re holding have very little on them expect maybe the odd dribble of piss from where I was stashing my cock away in the gents. I don’t remember getting hard in them even once.”

He nodded glumly.

“What you need,” I went on, “is a pair which I’ve been aroused in. A pair with precum on them and the wonderfully musky sweat a guy’s cock and balls produce when he’s feeling turned-on.”

“Have you another pair in your holdall?” he asked.

I shook my head. “I only stayed over one night.”

We stared at each other for a moment or so before I had the nerve to add, “But the ones I’m wearing now must have a nice sexy whiff to them.”

He laughed and immediately shook his head. “I don’t want you to take your pants off, Rob! That’d be a step way too far!”

I waved my hands. “I wasn’t suggesting that, Dane! You could… er… sniff them with me still wearing them.”

“Whoa!” he laughed more loudly. “I don’t think so, mate!”

“Come on, it’s no different to what we’ve already done! I’d just sit up a bit and you could have a quick sniff of the front of my briefs. Right here, where my cock’s been oozing precum.”

He looked down at where I was pointing, where the tip of my cock was pushing upwards against the straining crotch of my underpants. A small wet dribble from my slit signposted exactly where he needed to sniff.

“I dunno…” he said, his resolve clearly starting to waver.

I thought I’d better implant my next suggestion before he had the chance to mentally talk himself out of sniffing my crotch: “I was actually about to ask you if I could do the same – though not with the front of your shorts, of course.”

“What?” he asked, his eyes piercing and his expression gripped with curiosity.

“Yes,” I nodded. “I’d like to see how much more exciting it would be to have sniff of them while they’re as fresh as they’re going to get…”

He stared at me with his head slightly to one side, showing how intrigued he was by what I was suggesting.

“You want to sniff my butt?” he eventually asked.

I chuckled. “Not your butt, Dane – just the shorts you’re wearing while they’re on your butt. The ones I just sniffed were getting a bit stale. I’d be fascinated to try a pair while they’re… you know… in situ.”

His mouth broke into a small smile: he found the idea of having my face so close to his bum weirdly tempting.

“You’d actually sniff my undies while they’re on my arse?” he was eager to establish.

“If you’d let me,” I nodded.

“Okay,” he agreed, his smile broadening into more of a leer. “I’ll sniff your knob where it’s made a sticky patch, and you can sniff my butt where my pants have ridden up.”

Evidently he’d found himself unexpectedly aroused by the idea of having his arse sniffed. The thought of having a man putting his face down Escort İstanbul there had probably never even occurred to him, but now that it had, he clearly found he was deeply titillated by it.

“We’ve got a deal then!” I exclaimed as I raised myself up from my seat and hitched my trousers down a little further to give Dane better access to my crotch.

I turned around to better face him and directed the large bulge of my erection, stretching my briefs expansively, towards him.

He chuckled at the sight of it and I muttered, “Dinner is served!”

Then he leaned forwards and lowered his face towards the huge mound being made by my cock and balls.

He sniffed warily at where the slit of my cock-head was oozing dribble onto the white material. Then he moved his nose around and about the raised prominence that my erection was making, smelling more confidently the varying aromas that the different parts of my swollen organ were producing.

I gently clutched his head with both hands and guided him down to the lower part of my briefs.

“Don’t forget my bollocks, Dane,” I advised him as his nose worked downwards along the back of my shaft. “They have a smell all of their own!”

I eased his face onto the large paired bulges of my distended balls and he inhaled gratefully from the damp material clinging to my scrotum, clearly enjoying the sweaty fug that had permeated into my briefs combined with the acrid tang of my male pheromones.

He pulled away from my hands and looked up at me, grinning.

“Do you mind if I rub myself while I’m sniffing down here?” he rather cutely asked.

“Of course not!” I laughed. “I’ll probably do exactly the same when it’s my turn to have a whiff of the back of your shorts!”

He pressed his face back into the twinned mounds of my ball-sack and then reached underneath himself to fondle his own much thicker organ. I smiled as his elbow took up a steady rhythm, his forearm gently working back and forth as his fingers caressed the bulge he was making at the front his underwear.

His nose kept hunting around, searching out the contrasting odours that were infused into the different parts of the material. Some were sharp and cloying, others more rich and potent; but all were replete with the sturdily masculine punch of my aroused genitals – a smell which, for some unaccountable reason, Dane found to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

I grabbed his head again and pressed it against the throbbing rod of my fully-charged cock, grinding myself against him with a slow but firm rhythm. He moaned his approval, all the time gasping for air against the front of my briefs; wallowing in the crude, carnal bite of my erection as it infused the material with its sweat and my precum.

The rubbing of his hand on the front of his shorts became rapidly faster.

I called out to him, “Come on, Dane! Get your dick out and rub it properly! Like you really want to!”

He did as I commanded and fumbled with his shorts. And then, having released himself, started masturbating himself in earnest. I couldn’t see his organ – he was still bending over to sniff my crotch – but I could see that his elbow had taken up a much more strenuous rhythm and his forearm was pumping up and down more assertively.

He was still enjoying sniffing different parts of my briefs, by now getting the clear liquid which was oozing through the material from my slit all over his face. It glistened like snail trails on his cheeks as he moved his face around the huge mound of my erection and then he got some of it onto his forehead when he went back down for another sniff of my plump, sweaty balls.

I was tempted to release myself and try and work my cock into his mouth. However, mindful that he’d been freaked out by the idea of sucking my predecessor’s cock when he’d first got into my car, I resisted the urge and just allowed him to indulge himself in his enjoyment of my genital smells.

I called out to him, “Go for it, son! Wank yourself off while you sniff my knackers!”

He grunted his appreciation of my coarse language and started pumping his hand faster and faster on his organ which was underneath him. He was panting for breath as he tried to draw out every last trace of smell from my underwear as I ground my over-ripe bollocks into his face.

I pulled his head back upwards towards the material which was obscenely stretched across my pounding hard-on.

“Sniff my cock again, Dane!” I commanded him, pushing him into my swollen manhood. “Rub your face into it!”

He was panting and gasping, snorting and slavering against my underwear as I jabbed my excitement towards him. I held his head firmly and ground my cock against him, working it against his face like I was fucking it through my underwear.

He moaned in encouragement and his wrist started making rapid slapping noises against his hip as he pounded his own organ.

Suddenly, and with a certain amount of alarm, I realised he might be getting close to his climax.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him back up to face me. His expression was oddly dazed and he looked as if he had been completely immersed in the fervour of his self-gratification.

I put my hand gently on his forearm and stopped him masturbating himself before it was too late.

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