I am an Artist

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My naked husband is lying back in his favourite lounge chair. His legs are spread and hooked over each arm of the chair. His hard cock rests against his lower stomach and his shaven balls are tightly drawn up to his body. His hands are linked behind his head. Fully clothed, I am kneeling between his legs, staring into his eyes.

I am an artist. My chosen medium today is the handjob. I love to tease and torment my husband’s beautiful cock until it erupts with a torrent of cum. I love giving joy to my husband. I love his cock and I like being in control.

Here is one of my masterpieces.

I start by stroking the sides of his cock with my thumb and index finger, gently, very gently, sliding them from the base to the purple hued head. His cock twitches as I reach the top of my stroke, beads of pre-cum dribble out of his pee hole. I keep doing this, teasing his cock. More pre-cum emerges, bubbling out now and coating the front of his cock. His toes are curling and he is starting to squirm in the chair trying to push against my fingers, aching for more stimulation than the gentle teasing I am administering.

Without warning I stop my stroking and pause for a moment staring mischievously into his eyes. My husband’s cock still twitches slightly, even without my touch. I then slowly move my thumb and index finger to his gangbang porno cockhead and squeeze it lightly at first but then apply more and more pressure until I am pinching it firmly, and then let go, before doing it again and then for a third time. Then, with the vice-like grip I have on his cockhead, I pull his cock forward, nearly as far as it can go with ease, before releasing it to slap against his stomach with a loud “thwack”. I repeat the dose over and over, each time pulling his rock hard cock down just a bit further. I then relent, and slowly move a finger to the enflamed cockhead and apply a feathery touch. I circle around the cockhead teasingly. Around and around I go. My husband’s cock spasms, he bucks in his seat. Wordlessly, I glare at him and he reluctantly sinks back into the chair gasping. His cock is still oozing precum. I collect it on my finger tip, stare into my husband’s eyes and move my fingers to my mouth and lick it off, savouring the salty bitterness.

I decide to pay some attention to his balls. I gently run my nails up and down the tight jewels, up and down and then I ever so lightly squeeze, pinching his balls until he flinches. I break the rhythm. I slap the side of his cock and it swings like an upturned pendulum. I slap it again. Not that hard really, but hard enough. czech harem porno I then grab the cock at the base, angle it forward, and rub the top of his cockhead firmly with the flattened palm of my hand. I do this for about a minute, making him squirm and then flail in his chair, before releasing his cock. I just let him lie there and relax for a moment before I start stroking the front of his cock. If I keep doing this he will cum but it’s not time yet, I want to bring him to the edge but not push him over. His eyes are lolling back in his head as I slide two fingers up and down his cock, flicking his cockhead firmly at the end of each stroke. I then change tact and vigorously, but lightly slide my fingers up and down the sides of my husband’s cock again.

I then encircle the base of his hard cock tightly with my fist and start tugging smoothly and very firmly, but I don’t slide my fist up the shaft to begin with. I pull down tightly, stretching the skin of my husband’s penis. I can feel his penis pulsing furiously in my grip, but I don’t let go yet. I then decide to give my husband and his cock a little bit of respite and I give it half a dozen firm strokes, sliding my fist up and down its length. I watch as my husband tries to lift himself from the chair, and then I simply let go of his cock and he czech mega swingers porno collapses back into the chair panting.

His eyes are pleading with me to make him cum. I think it is nearly time. I want to hear my husband scream as his orgasm peaks and spurt upon spurt of cum arches out of his thoroughly teased cock. I reach over and get the container of lube, coat my fingers and palms with it and then apply a dollop on to the cockhead that I spread around with two fingers.

I slowly wrap my slick hand around my husbands cock and without warning I jerk it feverishly, sliding my hand up and down the already over stimulated shaft, spreading the lube over the now magnificent glistening cock. My husband screams, a raspy scream from the depths of this throat, his body tenses like a coiled spring. Then I simply let go, pause for a couple of seconds, before commencing to jerk his cock again, harder and faster than before, my hand a blur. I keep going and then finally I let him tumble over the precipice of joy and dive into a fierce orgasm. His unmuffled groans are primeval, a thick geyser of semen erupts and then lands on his stomach before another four jets burst out covering his cock and my hand. I keep squeezing as his pulsating cock yields more juice. He is slumping back in his chair now, but his cock is still produce a small stream of cum. He pants and grins as he surveys the aftermath, the cum that he has spewed forth. An impressive amount

We smile at each other. He then heads to the shower to clean up. I then get his breakfast ready before he heads off to work

Thank you for letting me share my art with you.

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