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I Hated HerI Hated HerI hated her. Actually, everyone pretty much hated her. Her name was Meena and she was Indian-American from California. We lived across the hall from each other our first year in college. She was the most stuck up, bitchy person I had ever met. She came from a wealthy fam!ly who had clearly spoiled her. She basically thought she was royalty and the rest of us were peasants. To make it worse she was really smart (we went to one of the top U.S. colleges) and was an academic star. And then to make it even worse she was beautiful and she knew it. So many guys were totally into her even if they hated her at the same time. But it didn’t matter. She wouldn’t date any of them.No one was good enough for Meena!She also hated me. While most people she just treated with contempt I got a special bitchyness. I figured it was because she was competitive with me. I was also a very good student and she knew that I had come in on a prestigious academic scholarship. I was also pretty too and got just as much attention as she did.But what probably really made her hate me the most was that people actually liked me. I make friends pretty easily. Her poor roommate Amy and I were friends and she told me that Meena was pretty much obsessed with me. She was always asking Amy questions about what I was doing or what was going on in my personal life. Which was pretty weird. But when I saw her in the hall or when she would end up at my table at the dining hall (which somehow, she always seemed to do even if no one wanted her) she would always go out of her way to say something shitty to me or try to make fun of me. It was truly horrible. I hated her so much!So that’s why it was such a disaster when we were the two selected for this prestigious program in Washington D.C. Like it was an amazing honour and all that I got picked but then I found out she also got picked. It meant we would have to spend two weeks working together and even room together! I almost felt tempted to back out of it.I saw her in hall the day we found out and she gave me this smirk and said “I guess we’ll be spending a lot of time together.” All my friends were so sympathetic.Well a week later we were sitting across from each other on the train heading south to Washington. She was just looking at me while I tried to study. “I know you don’t like me.” She said.I rolled my eyes. “Nobody likes you.” I said.I had told myself I was going to try to get along with her but I also wasn’t going to take her shit.”That’s really mean.” She said.I shrugged and tried to go back to my reading.”Fine. Hate me. I don’t care.” She said. “But you know what. You are a big lie. Everyone says you’re so nice but I know you’re just as much of a bitch as I am. You just hide it better.” She said.I was like “whatever” and kept reading.She kept staring at me. “You know we could be friends. We’re actually really alike.”I laughed. “We’re nothing alike!” I said. I had to get away from the conversation. “Let’s just try being civil with each other.” I said and then I got up and went to the cafe car where I lingered and texted with friends.When I got back she was napping. I sat down quietly and tried to get back to my reading. But I found myself looking at her. Which I usually avoided. But I could observe her now as she slept. It was true that she was really pretty.How could someone so horrible look so beautiful? I asked myself.She had lovely coffee coloured skin and a very pretty face with full luscious lips. But it was her body that was the most amazing. She was petite but also curvy. She had the world’s most perfect tits and she knew it and always wore shirts that showed them off. I had to admit to myself that I was really enjoying looking at her. It was too bad we weren’t friends or couldn’t be friends I thought to myself.She was quiet the rest of the trip. We were met by a representative of the institution that was sponsoring us and she took us to the foundation’s headquarters. It was an old mansion converted into offices. In the attic there was a small apartment with a bedroom with two beds and little kitchen living room.”I guess you guys are used to having a roommate.” The lady said.Meena was on her best behaviour and gushed in this totally gross way about how “amazing” the accommodations were and how well we got along. She was so fake!That night I was tired and went to bed early and she stayed up and watched TV. She said “Good night” when I went into the bedroom. It was actually weird to hear her say something almost nice.I said “goodnight” back.She gave what almost seemed like a sad look. Like she wanted to say something but couldn’t. I heard her come in late and listened as she undressed in the dark.The next morning, I told myself that I would try to get along with her. And maybe she told herself the same thing. Or maybe it just turned out that we worked well together.As the day went on, I had to admit I found it really easy collaborating with her. I mean I knew she was smart but as we got into the research we were doing I was like “Wow she is really smart. Like scary smart.” She was also like the first person I met who was buca escort as organized as I am. My whole life whenever I had to do shared assignments I always ended up doing all the work and taking responsibility for everything. But Meena was as on top of it as me and we easily divided up the work. I could tell she was enjoying it too. I guess we are both total nerds because we’d both laugh over the data or get really excited when we discovered an insight.We worked a really long day that first day and didn’t head upstairs until like 8 pm. We had already had some pizza earlier and I just wanted to chill out. Well something you should know is that I’m a huge klutz. I’m always knocking things over or burning myself accidentally. So, the stairs were really narrow and dark leading up to the attic and I was carrying papers and somehow, I slipped and totally fell. I landed hard on my back.Meena had been ahead of me and she came running down. She like totally took over and told me not to get up. She had me rest while I wiggled my toes. I thought it was silly but I did what she said. When I got up I could feel pain in my back where I had hit it. She took my arm and slowly helped me up the stairs.Once we got inside our rooms she turned the lights all on and said she wanted to take a look at my injuries. Gingerly she lifted up my shirt and examined my back.”It’s going to be a bad bruise.” She said.It was so weird. She was being so sweet. Tenderly she felt around with her fingers. I also had a bruise starting on the back of my thigh.”We need to ice it.” She said.I lay on my stomach on my bed. She went downstairs to where they had an ice machine and she came back with two bags of ice wrapped in scarfs. She was being so caring. She gently placed them on the bruised areas. I kept telling her she didn’t have to take care of me but she insisted on staying with me and holding them in place.”I feel so stupid.” I said.”Don’t say that. It was just an accident.” She whispered.She stroked my hair and gave me this cute little smile that made my heart flutter. For the first time I wondered.The next morning the pain was better. She was already awake. “Hi” she said sweetly.”Hi” I said.There was something so different about her. She was looking at me with a friendly smile. She seemed so tender. Almost vulnerable. She helped me out of bed and lifted up my shirt.”It looks horrible!” She said dramatically which made me laugh.I turned to her. “You were so nice to me last night.” I said.She looked me in the eyes and I just hugged her. She hugged me back awkwardly trying to avoid my bruise. “It’s okay.” I whispered. “It looks worse than it feels.”She smiled and hugged me closer. She felt so nice in my arms. I looked at her again and she met my gaze. I felt that flutter again. I guess I knew. I kissed her softly on the mouth. She kissed me back. You hear all those cheesy sayings about birds singing and bells going off when you kiss someone for the first time. Well I heard them then. I had never felt that way kissing anyone before. My whole body tingled. My heart pounded. We held each other tight. I never wanted to let her go. But we had to be downstairs for a meeting and we were already running late. She held my hand as we made it down the stairs. My head was spinning. We kept giggling at each other.Most of the day was meetings and presentations. I would focus on the work and then suddenly remember. Was it a dream? Did Meena and I really kiss? Then I would catch her eye and she would give me a little smile and a wink. Finally, in the afternoon we were alone. We closed the door on the little office we shared and she asked me how I was doing.”Great.” I said.We both looked at each other. I felt my heart pounding. She looked like she was feeling as awkward as I was.”I guess we should go through those tables again.” I said.We sat next to each other. I pulled out the spreadsheets and called out numbers while she input them on her computer. I watched her as she typed. She looked so cute and serious. She caught me looking at her and smiled. And then she kissed me very quickly. I giggled. I tried to kiss her back.”Someone will see us.” She whispered pushing me away with a giggle.We went back to the spreadsheet. We were trying to find a number. I could barely concentrate. As I traced the row she put her hand on mine. I squeezed it. I gave her another quick kiss.She giggled again.It was impossible to work.Finally, it was 5 and people started to go home. Our supervisor came in and talked with us. We were being polite but I so wanted her to leave. Then she invited us to go out for dinner. I looked at Meena desperately but she quickly reminded her of my fall.”Oh of course.” She said. “You should knock off for the day. Meena will take care of you.” I almost laughed.Meena held my hand as we slowly walked upstairs. Finally, we were alone. I sat on the couch and she brought me water. It made our lips cold when we kissed. But not for long.I had wondered all day if I was the first girl she had kissed. I could tell now that I wasn’t. She held my face and nibbled sweetly on my lips. Her tongue rolled escort buca against mine. She held me in her arms and laughed with excitement. I stoked her long dark hair. We kissed each other’s necks. She told me I had pretty ears. She didn’t flinch when I casually made a pass at her breasts. I wanted them so badly.She must have known because she smiled and lifted her shirt over her head. I trembled when she undid her bra. They were more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I touched them lightly. Delicately. I held them in my hand and felt their firm heaviness. We kissed some more. I told her she had the most beautiful boobs I had ever seen. Finally, I let myself kiss them. I took them in my mouth. She moaned with pleasure as I sucked and bit her erect nipples. I licked them all over until they were glistening with my saliva.She whispered in my ear. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”She closed the door and said “let me undress you.”I stood by my bed and she began to unbutton my shirt. It was agonizing how she slowly went from button to button. Finally, she took my shirt off and began to unhook my bra. My tits aren’t nearly as big as hers but they are cute and perky. She caressed them lightly at first but then began to kiss and lick them. But she didn’t linger like I had with hers. She undid my shorts and they fell to my ankles. Then she grabbed my panties and slowly slid them down.My pussy was dripping wet by now. She gave me a long slow kiss and then got down on her knees.No one had ever eaten my pussy like Meena did then. She put her whole mouth over it and sucked and licked and slurped me to heaven. My body quivered. This girl loved pussy! She had me lay on the bed with my legs hanging off the side and went back on her knees. She slid her finger inside me. And as she fingered me she knew just what to do with my clit. She teased and nibbled it with her tongue and teeth. It was incredible. I looked down at her and saw her eyes looking at me above my bush. In that moment the craziness of it all hit me.Meena.Horrible Meena is eating me out!I had a wonderful orgasm. Maybe the best orgasm I had ever experienced. She cradled me in her arms as I recovered.”Just enjoy it.” She whispered as she stroked my hair.It was all so surprising in so many ways. I couldn’t believe the feelings I suddenly had for her. I realized I was falling in love with her! And when I looked into her eyes and felt her tender kisses on my cheeks and forehead, I knew she was falling love with me too. But I also realized what an intensely sexual person she was. The hunger, the lust she revealed to me was incredible. I am also a deeply sexual person but until then I think I had always held some of it back. I had never fully shown it in my previous experiences. Maybe I was embarrassed by it. Or scared of it. But now I felt so free.I pulled her shorts down quickly and tugged off her panties. She laughed and spread her legs wide. She offered me her pussy in the most open and vulnerable way. Her bush was thick and natural. I ran my fingers through the hair. It was so unexpectedly silky and soft. The smell of her pussy was strong but wonderful. She was incredibly wet. I licked her slowly, almost methodically. Moving from her outer lips in. Her juices began to drip. I tasted them. She wanted me so badly. She held my head and rocked her pelvis. I knew I was teasing her a bit too much. Finally, I slid two fingers up her hot hole. She moaned out loud. She squirmed as I sucked her large clit. She pressed my face into her pussy covering me in her juices. I focused on her clit while finger fucking her. I could tell she needed to cum. She couldn’t wait. I went faster. She was moaning loudly. I felt her vaginal walls contract sharply and she cried out. But as she did she squirted in my face. Of course, I had heard of female ejaculation but I had never seen it. I laughed in amazement as fluid dripped off my face. For a moment she looked embarrassed but I took her in my arms and kissed her madly.We made love all night. I actually felt sore by the time we passed out. And then I woke up in her arms. She kissed me good morning. We jumped in the shower and washed each other.”How are we going to survive the day?” I asked her.Luckily, we were out with a big group attending a lecture for most of the day. Other than a quick kiss in the women’s room we managed to stay apart.But that afternoon we got back to our rooms we tore off our clothes and were so hungry for each other we did a 69. It was rough and fast because we had promised to have dinner with the group. She didn’t squirt this time. She said it didn’t always happen.After the dinner we walked arm in arm to the monuments.”It’s so beautiful!” Meena said as we stood by the reflecting pool looking up at the Lincoln memorial.We hugged and I saw tears in her eyes. “I’m so happy.” She said.”I’m so happy too.” I said kissing her.I knew what she wanted to say and I said it first.”I love you Meena.””I love you too.” She said hugging me hard.It was the most wonderful two weeks of my life. We were madly in love with each other. We had the most intense amazing buca escort bayan sex. We told each other everything. Secrets no one had ever known.She wanted to know about my times with other girls. I told her that it had been a series of funny, awkward encounters. Like the first time when I was 14 and was asked by an older girl at camp to go skinny dipping in the lake. I described how the girl began to grope me under the water and how we ended up kissing and licking each other’s breasts beneath the moonlight. We laughed at how innocent it now seemed.And then there was the goth girl I met in art class when I was 15. We became friends and would sketch each other nude. It was late one night when I was sketching her when she suddenly opened up her legs and showed me her pussy. I sketched it carefully. She began to touch herself. I wanted to kiss her but somehow, I knew she just wanted me to watch her. She masturbated herself in front of me while rubbing her tiny breasts. But then strangely told me she hated me the next day and never spoke to me again.And then finally the sexy twentysomething waitress at a Denny’s who took me back to her tiny apartment and taught me how to make love to a woman.Meena’s story was completely different. I was only the second girl she had ever been with. Her c***dhood friend was named Kyra. Meena told me their relationship was uniquely Indian. Kyra’s father worked for Meena’s father who was from a wealthy fam!ly in India. While Kyra was her closet friend and her fam!ly was close to Meena’s fam!ly it was always understood that while not servants they were also not equals. It went unquestioned and was so natural as to be almost unobservable.Meena was one year older than Kyra. She described her as pretty and petite with a quiet, gentle personality. Meena laughed and said “you know how I can be!” She said she had always felt an attraction to girls but that one time when she was 14 she went a party where boys from her school were looking at porn on their phones and a computer. She said she was so sheltered she had never seen pornography before. One boy showed her pictures and videos of lesbians. She said feigned horror but deep down it lit this intense burning lust. That night she dared to look at porn on her iPad under the covers of her bed. (A boy had also told her about clearing her browser.) She told me how she masturbated furiously to the videos she found.It was a few weeks later that Kyra slept over as she often did. As usual they shared Meena’s bed. Meena said how they were already very comfortable together. She knew already how much Kyra worshipped her and would do anything for her. And as she lay there she also couldn’t stop looking at her. Kyra was 14 and while tiny and petite had developed a cute figure. She described how she stroked Kyra’s hair. Kyra seemed so please because as Meena admitted she was often mean to Kyra. She said she took Kyra in her arms. She hugged her and held her and Kyra held her and hugged her back. And then she kissed her on the mouth.This surprised Kyra. She looked confused when Meena kissed her again. She pulled away and asked her what she was doing. Meena said “aren’t you my friend? Don’t you love me?” Kyra nodded.Meena kissed her again. And then Meena showed Kyra her favourite video.She looked shocked. “It’s wrong.” She whispered.”Why if it is between two friends who love each?” Meena said.Kyra shook her head. “Fine. Then I hate you and will never speak to you again!” Meena said rolling over and turning her back to Kyra.She said she heard Kyra crying softly. She felt bad and knew she was being a bitch. She rolled back over prepared to forgive and forget. They hugged. But then Kyra kissed her. Meena showed her another video. This time Kyra watched.Meena says they learned how to make love together. Over the months and years they became passionate lovers. They would mimic the things they saw in lesbian videos. There was almost nothing they hadn’t done together. Meena says there was a sort of love between them but if she’s being honest she also really just used Kyra.As our two weeks in DC were coming to an end we knew we would face a new challenge. How would we explain our new friendship to our friends back at school?It actually wasn’t that hard. To all but a few we were just best friends.A couple knew we were lovers.For the next six months we were inseparable. Our love deepened. Our sex just got better. I met her parents who loved me and she met mine who loved her. We had plans to travel together that summer and be roommates the following year.And then one-day Meena came bursting into my room in tears. Her parents were pulling her out of school that day. They forbid her to ever talk to me again. Stupidly Meena had forgotten that Kyra had her passwords. She found emails I had written to Meena and out of jealousy shared them with her parents.That was 5 years ago. It broke my heart for a long time. I never heard from her again. The only thing I know is that a friend of a friend thought she had been sent back to her father’s fam!ly in India.Even though I never heard from her again, I know that I will always love her.Women have been and gone since my love left my life, but none of them measured up to Meena. Not even close. One girl tried to get close, even inviting her friend into bed with us, but it was never to be, they were too young for me in the first place.THE END

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