I Just Can’t Say “No” Anymore


My cuckolding hubby had returned, and everything in the garden was rosy. He was happy for me to carry on with my extramarital adventures if that’s what I wanted, but he had told me that he was “hanging up his boots”, and would be happy with just me and the accounts of my misdemeanours.In my mind, I wanted to slow down a little. I was getting some lovely kicks out of my unusual sex life, but I seemed to be constantly running out of energy.The trouble was though, that I had set up regular sex at my home now with three different Turkish guys. Toy boy Ray, Adil, and Emre. And on top of those three, Bulent kept inviting me to his hotel at least once a week.The figures that Gary had come up with from his journal truly amazed me. 150 different guys, wow! Who would have thought that when I had only experienced my hubby’s lovemaking when I turned thirty?But there was an imbalance. I know my bi-sexual side had only been discovered in my later years, but only fourteen – that’s a big difference. I can recall and picture every one of those fourteen adventures with ladies, and four of them were still developing. With the guys, only about thirty of the memories were clear in my mind.Hazel was now a close neighbour of ours, and a threesome with her, toyboy Ray and I had become a regular Friday night thing. And more recently, on Monday nights while Gary was out playing pool, Hazel and I had time together, sometimes at our villa but mostly at her apartment.It was on one of those Monday nights that we started talking about some time away together. We were thinking about where to go, and when Hazel mentioned Cyprus, I guessed that meeting up with Vanessa was on her mind.I was right. Hazel has no jealousy about any of the other ladies in my life, and she told me that she would like to meet her. I messaged Vanessa straightaway to ask what she thought of the idea.We didn’t hear until the next day, but she was certainly up for it, and even came back with a few dates to consider. We chose the first available one in less than two weeks, and before lunch, we had booked flights, a hire car, and a meet-up with Vanessa. We felt that we would need her help to get over the border between Turkish Cyprus and Greek Cyprus, and also to get to her place near Paphos.Vanessa is a newbie to bi-fun, so I wasn’t sure what would be in store for us. I’d already found out that she had good contacts in the swinging scene in Paphos, so there was plenty to look forward to, but I wanted a girlie threesome with her and Hazel.Before we went, however, Bulent and Ufuk had organised another gang bang, and Ozlem was arriving from Ankara for a holiday, and she was not with her hubby, but with a girlfriend called Berna.The gang bang was arranged very quickly and in the same hotel in Bozburun, so I’ll not go into too much detail about the location. But it was going to be another eleven guys for Gary’s journal, and a much bigger audience to perform in front of.Also, instead of me doing a striptease beforehand, I was asked if I would perform with another lady to warm things up. Without meeting her, I agreed, and on the journey there, Bulent was not very forthcoming about what she was like. We were picking her up on the way to the hotel, so at least I would get to know her a little before we got there.I needn’t have worried. She was a Turkish lady called Aysegul. She did speak a little English, but once she found out that I knew a little Turkish, we communicated that way. She was very open and honest, telling me that she was divorced and had been shunned by her family ever since. Because of that she had nowhere to live and found it hard to pay the rent on the small apartment where she lived.Aysegul was in her late thirties. She was petite – probably just over 5 ft tall, with very long black hair all the way down to her waist. She wasn’t classically beautiful, with a complexion that kocaeli escort looked as though she may have had acne problems when she was younger. But she had a very captivating smile and a pleasant personality.I asked Bulent in English if Aysegul knew what she was going to be doing. He told me that she was getting paid, but that wasn’t the only reason she had agreed to it. That sounded promising, and when we arrived outside the hotel, Bulent helped with both our suitcases, which enabled me to hold hands with her on the way in.Once in the changing room, Bulent and Ufuk came in together and talked us through what was expected. They wanted us both to come on stage as fully covered Turkish ladies, with headscarves, long coats and baggy trousers. (Ufuk had brought the outfits with him.)Then we were to strip each other slowly and get it together on the king-size bed on which I would later be having fun with eleven guys. Aysegul and I looked at each other. I smiled my approval, and Aysegul just shrugged her shoulders. I didn’t think that her reaction was very promising at first, but then a broad grin appeared, and she stepped forward and cuddled me.We had plenty of time to get to know each other before the show started. She was impressed that I could understand most of what she was saying and that I could respond in Turkish too. I showed her the outfit that I was going to wear for my gang bang. A scarlet zip-fronted mini dress with a red set of undies with black trim, including a suspender belt and barely black stockings.Aysegul was particularly impressed with the dress and asked where I got it from, so I showed her the online site on my mobile. I think she was a little taken aback when she saw the prices on there though!Bulent came back and asked if we would like something to drink, and told us that we had over an hour to get ready. We had to use the same changing room, and we were getting on pretty well together. I told her that I was married and that my husband approved of me doing this sort of stuff. She just told me that she had an eleven-year-old son but wasn’t allowed to see him. So sad.We both started doing our make-up. There were two mirrors close to each other. We were concentrating, so it went quiet for a while, but I couldn’t resist the odd glance across at her. She had a wonderful body, with full boobs that were straining her bra, a slim waist, even with her sitting on a stool, it looked great, and her hair – well it was just so beautiful and natural all the way down her back.When she had finished her make-up, she looked at me and asked if it was OK. Wow! It was more than OK. She knew how to make the best of her complexion. She looked wonderful.I was still doing my hair, so finished a little after her, but she smiled and told me that I looked terrific. She had to show me the best way to put the outfit on without ruining my hair or make-up. We were going to have to be very careful stripping each other without ruining our looks. Neither of us wore any underwear at all. I was pleased because the clothes were warm enough anyway.The coat had loads of buttons, so that was no problem, and the trousers had an elastic waist, so just slid down. But we had knitted jumpers to get off over our heads. We practised a lot in the changing room and decided it was certainly easier to leave our headscarves on while we helped each other out of our jumpers. So, we would both be naked before we took the headscarves off. Different!The time came for our entrance onto the stage. The number of spectators took me by surprise. There must have been four times as many as the last time.It all seemed a little contrived to me as the two of us walked hand in hand, chatting and stopping to face the audience five or six times.Aysegul made the first move, putting her hand against my cheek and playing with my ear lobe. I responded by brushing darıca escort my finger across her lips. Her tongue licked my fingertip, sending a lovely little wave of pleasure, and seconds later we were locked in a wonderful wet kiss, our hands roaming all over each other.It was time to start stripping each other. I turned Aysegul towards the audience, stood behind her, and slowly unbuttoned her black coat. There were so many buttons. I started at the top and worked my way down, and then took it off her shoulders. As I did so, she did a half turn towards me, turned her head a little, and gave me another sensual wet kiss.We were side on to the audience now, and Aysegul undid the buttons on my coat a lot quicker. It was a heavy coat and I was pleased to be free of it when she flung it to one side. We carried on exploring each other’s mouths and started massaging each other’s braless boobs through the woollen material of our black jumpers.Standing close together in the same position, we looked at each other anxiously, knowing that we were approaching the difficult bit of lifting our jumpers over our heads without disturbing the headscarves.It went well for both of us, and the cheers from the crowd as our boobs were exposed to them made me feel wonderful, and I threw my head back as Aysegul quickly started licking and sucking my tits.She stopped to allow me to repay the compliments. Aysegul’s boobs were full and firm, and her nipples were extremely responsive. And she was playing to the crowd too, taking time to look provocatively at them while my tongue enjoyed her swollen nipples.Then we stopped and faced the audience. I couldn’t believe what she did next. In sign language, she gestured to the crowd, making it clear that she was asking if we should take our baggy trousers off.They understood OK! Some stood up and clapped, some whistled, and I could hear the word “evet” (yes) being shouted everywhere. But we kept them waiting, exploring each other more and more, kissing, sucking, and hugging close so that our nipples connected. She was good, knew what she was doing, and I couldn’t wait to get her on the bed and go for it.My hand went down the front of her trousers first as I tried to find her pussy. We looked at each other, smiled, nodded, and pulled each other’s trousers right down. They were easy to step out of, and we stood facing them all, arms in the air with just our headscarves left on.The response was amazing and felt so good. I think some of them thought that it was the end of the act, but there was plenty more to come for sure. One guy right at the front got his knob out and started wanking himself, but Ufuk was quickly on the scene reprimanding him, and everything stayed in control.I saw Aysegul look towards Bulent at the side of the stage, and he was quickly by her side. I didn’t hear what was said, but Bulent summoned Ufuk, and the two of them pushed the bed very close to where we were standing. She obviously wanted to give the crowd a really good look. I thought it was a little dangerous, but I was so turned on, that I just went with it.It was time to take our headscarves off. We did that simultaneously, and that caused even more noise from our audience. I think it was mainly for Aysegul, because her hair was so long and beautiful, and it made a world of difference to her appearance.Personally, I was turned on by the response of the crowd, but even more so by the beauty of the woman with me. She was stunning, and a true performer.We lay together on our backs first of all, kissing while we started to explore each other’s pussys. She was shaved, like me, and it wasn’t long before we went into a sixty-nine. Aysegul may have been performing just for the crowd, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t get enough of her, and I was determined to bring her to a cum with my tongue and fingers.However, gölcük escort she got me first. Her fingers were skilful and her tongue continually flicked my clit. There was a lot of noise from the crowd so I am not sure if they heard all my Anglo-Saxon expletives as I reached my climax. She carried on licking me though, and my legs were trembling as I bucked my hips to the waves of pleasure.My wishes came true a few minutes later. I was doing my best to bring her off, but it seemed to be taking ages. Then, to my delight, she started squealing as my tongue and fingers moved about more rapidly. I went for it so much that it felt like I had hurt my tongue by pulling a muscle in it, but I didn’t care when at last she squirted. She tasted wonderful, and both of us carried on for a little while just doing the same.We were supposed to be entertaining our audience, so we came apart for a while, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. What could we do next? Nothing had been rehearsed. I wondered if she knew about pussy grinding together.Oh boy! Did she? Aysegul knew all the moves. I was loving it all, and so were the crowd, but I have to admit that I was worried for our safety. The front row was so close to us, and everybody was standing, cheering and clapping and shouting.Aysegul was on top of me. Our pussys connected immediately, and she was so fit and active. God, I was in heaven, and I responded as best as I could, moving my hips around and up and down to meet her gyrating body, and her beautiful full and firm boobs were in touching and sucking distance.She made me cum again, uncontrollably. I completely forgot about the audience. I was lost in my own world of ecstasy. It turned out to be the end of our performance. I would have had a go at being on top of her, but Bulent and Ufuk stepped in to calm the crowd and told us to go to the changing rooms for our own safety.We stood together on the bed, then hand in hand raised our arms together and acknowledged the applause before running off stage, still hand in hand.Back in the changing room, we embraced. It was long and meaningful even though neither of us said a word. I think we both realised that we had found something very special. I didn’t want to let go of her, nor her of me, but I had to get ready for my gang bang.I would happily have exchanged the proposed gang bang for some more time with Aysegul, but I had to go ahead with what was arranged.So, I had a very quick shower, did my hair and tidied up my make-up again, and got dressed into the undies and dress that I knew wouldn’t be staying on too long. Aysegul showered with me, but there was nothing more than admiring looks from both of us. Well, there wasn’t time for anything else anyway. But we did dry each other, and she helped me with my hair too.There was a knock at the door. Bulent and Ufuk came in. They wanted to know at this very late stage how I wanted the gang bang to proceed. I told them that I wasn’t as bothered as usual about the oral stuff because it couldn’t be better than the thrills that I had just shared with Aysegul. We spoke in English, so she probably didn’t understand much of what I said.I suggested that we just split the eleven guys into a five and a six. I thought I would be able to handle that. I would let the first five strip me and have their way with me, and the other six could finish me off.It was all a bit of a rush. The audience would probably be getting tired of waiting. Another act of some sort would have been a good idea to take the pressure off.But I was ready, although it was certainly the least I had ever looked forward to in terms of gang bangs. In the past, the thought of that many cocks, tongues and hands exploring me would have gotten me tingling, but somehow the sex I had just experienced with Aysegul was all I could think about.I warmed into it a little when I went back on stage and was greeted with wolf whistles and cheering. “Hey, Big Spender” was blaring out from the speakers. Five guys, still fully clothed were standing next to the bed waiting for me, but I kept them waiting, strolling slowly, and I hope seductively, in front of my audience.

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