I Love wearing stockings with no knickers


I Love wearing stockings with no knickersAnd my husband loves me to go out like that too. I love it when I go out with my husband wearing stockings, garter belt, heels and no knickers, it is such a turn on, for me, for him, and for the guys that I decide to share our secret with.Long skirts, long dresses, short skirts and short dresses, shaven or hairy, it does not matter. After I have had a drink or two to loosen up, I love to first show my stocking tops and then to maybe open my legs slightly to put those guys watching into a bit of frenzy.For a lunch date I wore this little dress with stockings, heels, and, of course, no knickers the dress is so short that my stocking tops would have been visible all the time and I am sure that my pussy was often visible to anyone that was looking. I had worn this dress with no knickers and stiletto heels quite a few times in the past, and wearing it with stockings and a suspender belt was something that really appealed, but I would have to have a few drinks at lunch for me to feel confident in going on with it. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went to lunch and I had a wonderful time drinking lots of Sauvignon Blanc and slowing crossing and uncrossing my legs all through the lunch, attracting quite an audience. As the dress has a zip all the way down the front, I could lower the zip as much as I wanted and as I had more drinks, I lowered the zip more and more. The dress was made of a heavy cotton material and would blouse out at the front giving a clear view of my naked tits and nipples. It was apparent that as the zip lowered the waiter always stood behind me to top up my drink. I would glance down and see what he saw, my tits and nipples, hardening more all the time, in full view to the waiter. I wonder if that was the reason that he topped up my drink so many times.The dress is the same one that I finished up wearing in the driving lesson, see that other story for details. It was very short, about 6-7 inches above my knees, and had a zip all the way down the front which stopped 2- 3 inches from the bottom of the dress so it would flap open from time to time as I was walking.Here are some photos so that you can get an idea of what I was wearing, like in the photo, no knickers, but I was wearing stockings, suspender belt and stiletto shoes.Queensland, Australia is sub-tropical, and the weather can become very stormy, very quickly. When we left the restaurant, the wind had become quite strong, we had agreed that I would leave on my own and that my husband illegal bahis would follow about 50 metres behind. The wine had really loosened me up and I was confidently enjoying the considerable attention that I was getting.As I walked I exaggerated the sway of my hips, and with the wind catching the bottom of my dress it would sometimes blow up around my waist, my pussy was on clear view until I slowly reacted by smoothing my dress down, wow, did it bring guys running from everywhere, I know my husband was loving it, ..After a while I stopped to lean on a railing and look out to sea – I was slightly bent forward to rest on the rail and I know that I was showing my stocking tops, and some rear view pussy to anyone behind me – after a while a young guy walked up to the rail and stood next to me. He was obviously a gym enthusiast as he had beautiful shoulders and biceps, and a very flat stomach, he was wearing one of those loose-fitting gym tops that fit men sometimes wear to show off their body, and fitness shorts. He asked if I was OK and asked why I was out here on my own. I told him that I was just taking a walk and that I loved to look at the sea, especially when a storm was coming. He told me that I looked sensational, and very sexy I thanked him and told him that sometimes I needed a confidence boost and that I would often wear revealing clothing to ensure that I would attract attention. He replied that I had certainly attracted attention today. I wrapped my arms around myself and he asked if I was feeling cold. I told him that I was a little cold and that maybe I should move out of the wind. He put his arm around my waist and led me away from the railing down onto the beach which had sand dunes providing shelter from the wind. After a very short time his hand slid down my side to the top of my leg, I could feel his hand on my bare leg just above the top of my stockings. I stopped walking and turned towards him, he then put his other hand in the same place on my other leg, I just looked at him as he slowly raised his hands up so that they were at the very top of my legs with his thumbs touching my pussy lips, I could feel myself becoming very wet, I put my arms around him and pulled him toward me, and kissed him on the lips, it was a very passionate kiss and as our tongues delved deeper into each other’s mouth a finger from each of his hands slipped easily into my very wet cunt. I call my pussy a cunt when I am being very naughty.This was a cougar experience, I was in my mid-thirties illegal bahis siteleri at the time and he was about eighteen, I knew that my husband was watching all of this and getting very excited, and that made me even more excited.I pulled apart from my new young stud and took his fingers and put them in my mouth and licked his fingers clean of my juices I looped my arm into his and we walked further into the sand dunes, I stopped and bent down to remove my shoes, revealing everything to him as I made sure that he could see my tits hanging inside my dress and that my pussy was fully exposed as I lifted my legs to remove the shoes. I could tell from the big bulge in his shorts that he was really enjoying it. I sneaked a big smile at my husband, who was still a little way behind, and he responded with a thumbs up, I knew just what that meant, I had permission, I was so excited! I lead my young man deeper into the dunes, my husband was still following at a distance, we got to a place that was like a little valley amongst the dunes where I stopped and unzipped the front of my dress, removed it and placed it on the sand, I was now completely naked apart from my stockings and suspender belt, I laid down on my dress and opened my legs wide, he removed his shorts and jocks, he was well hung and had a giant stiffy, He laid down beside me, I pulled him on top of me and pushed his head down between my legs and rocked back and forward as I pulled his mouth onto my wetness as hard as I could. My husband was only about 25 metres away laying on his stomach on top of the dunes I smiled at my husband. The young guy pulled away and looked at me, his face was shiny after being covered with my juices. ‘I have never done this before’ he said. ‘You are doing OK’ I said, ‘when you get really good at it, your girlfriends will love you for it. So you better get down there and get some more practice’ as I pulled my his mouth harder onto my cunt, ‘Put a finger up my bum’ I said “I am wet enough to make it easy’, he slid a finger easily into my bum, ’Now another finger into my cunt’ he did and I could feel his fingers touching with only a fine membrane of skin between them, I love that,. “now nibble on my clit’ when he started this I shuddered to a climax and came continuously. “If you keep that up, the girls will love you’ I said.Now it was his turn, ‘Lay back’ I said, and I took his super hard cock in my mouth, I started licking the head, then slowly worked up and down on him. I wanted to give him canlı bahis siteleri a blow job before I fucked him because I knew that he was not going to last very long. I had a nice strong young cock to fuck and I wanted it to last more than a minute or two. I was right he lasted less than two minutes when jets of come exploded into my mouth, it took ages for him to finish delivering the lot. I sat up looked at him opened my mouth to show him just how much come was in my mouth and then I swallowed the lot. I went down on his cock again and licked it clean of every little drop of cum.“Well’ I said, that was a lot of cum, do you think that you could do that again?’ He was getting hard again already, I love the way young guys can recover so quickly’. ‘I am sure that I can’ he said ‘but I don’t have any condoms’, ‘You don’t need condoms here’ I said ‘I have had my tubes tied and it is bareback with me and you can shoot your lot inside of me’.He, I still did not know his name, got on top of me and slid his nice stiff cock gently into my very wet cunt, I had turned us around so that my husband had a good look at him entering me, he slipped a finger up my bum, he was a quick learner, and slowly fucked me with long strong thrusts, it was a really good fuck, lasting about 20 minutes until he exploded again, this time inside of me, I came with him and then just lay there for a minute or two with his cock throbbing inside of me. We dressed and I gave him a big kiss on the lips, I could still taste my juices on him, and we said good-bye. ‘Thank you’ he said – ‘that was the best experience that I have ever had’. ‘No, thank you’ I said, it is not every day that I get the chance to have a fit young stud inside of me. Keep up the practice on pleasing the girl and you will never have a problem getting laid’ he left and I walked over coyly to my husband, we walked to our car and he drove us home, I had a my legs spread wide and fingered myself the whole way home.When we got home I relived the whole experience with my husband, he also relived what he had seen, my husband came very quickly, which was unusual for him as he can usually last a long time, but he was very pent up and was bursting to come.After that first come, I took him in my mouth, and he was soon ready for more and we screwed slowly for what seemed forever – absolute bliss.My cunt was sore from all the activity, but it was a nice sore, if you know what I mean. As those of that have read my other stories are aware I do like to illustrate, unfortunately that there are no pictures of the experience, but here are a few examples of me in stockings and no knickers, I have worn them since my late teens and still love wearing them now, also a couple of me blowing my husband. let me know if you enjoy.

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