Subject: I Often Dream of Submitting Part two All readers. Before you read part two of Jon’s saga, please consider making a financial contribution to Nifty to help them keep these stories we all enjoy going. Their site is a wonderful facility for all of us followers, and we should support them. I helped Jon stand up, and guided him up the steps to the kitchen area where I sat him on a stool at the central island while i prepared a well deserved supper for us both. Big fat pork sausages with fried bread and dollops of mash! Imagine the scene, the twelve, well almost thirteen year old boy, now complete with cock ring and a tiny sexy red g-string! Fabulous! My God, I found the boy could eat, as he demolished two large portions of the sizzling feast. But now it was time to settle him down for a night so he could have dreams of his coming crucifixion. These of course would be half excitement at what was going to happen, but plenty of fear of the unknown pain for him to suffer in front of me and my friend, who so far he had not met.. I took him over to my room where I had prepared another bed for him. A wide single with a post at each corner. From each of these was a strong cord to connect to his wrists and ankle cuffs so I could spread eagle him. I planned to have him naked but for his cock ring which I knew would hold his whole package more prominent as his pubescent cock jerked and shuddered in anticipation! He willingly was guided by me via the bathroom to submissively lie back on the bed, spread his arms and legs, and lift his head to watch me as i tied each limb in place. He looked stunning and I could not resist a quick feel of his boyhood uncut rigid cock, so wonderfully hard and slightly curved towards his flat smooth tummy, with the absolute rigidity that only a boy of his age seemed to be able to achieve! He shuddered and I could feel him getting almost to his climax. Hurriedly I went to the fridge in the adjoining room, picked out a bag pack of frozen peas, plus a very small cock cage I had put by ready for use. It was a steel mesh that I had chosen earlier, and it had a latch to join the ring I had fitted on him previously. Choosing my moment I gently pressed the frozen peas over his erection and with a little cry of utter dismay he quickly lost his excitement and became limp. Immediately his young cock had fully softened I inserted it carefully into the little cage, pushing the cage back snuggly to fit against the ring around his genitals before locking it in place. He lifted his head again to watch me and I could see his urges quickly returning as he pulled against his bonds and his cock gradually expanded until it was pressing tightly against the little metal cage! “Sir, That is going to hurt, it is too tight!” “Don’t whine at me boy. You have a lot to learn tomorrow, and accepting pain from both me and my friend while you are on the cross will soon sort out this little minor problem!” I reached ankara grup escort down to ruffle his hair as he lay helplessly spread eagled, staring wide eyed at me while readying for his night in enforced chastity! I found it difficult to sleep as the hours ticked by, so spent a while just savoring the sight of my bound and willing boy, fast asleep, yet rock hard inside his little cock cage, and looking so desirable to me, especially as I was already imagining what was due the next day. At dawn though, I woke him, and untying his limbs led him into the adjacent shower where, after I removed his cuffs, we showered together, with him hugging tightly to me as I soaped and washed him. “Sir, came his rather pleading voice, when can I have this cage off my cock, it really is too tight and it hurts!” “I stays until we are ready to strip you to be tied to the cross. We will remove it just before we strip off the robe you will be wearing that you have not yet see, so you will be naked and on display for my friends and their boys. We want to make sure you get the ultimate possible climax while under crucifixion, and “ultimate” it will be, of that I can assure you!” I re-buckled on his set of cuffs, and led him off down to a hearty breakfast. At 8 am the phone rang and it was my close friend Jack. “Hi Jose. Look, would you mind if I brought along two of my friends that you already know, Marc and Jorge. They both now have a young boy they are training as a follower, Kim and Ben. They want to bring them both along to see the initiation of Jon I know you have planned. Both youngsters are into the pleasures of masochism, but have never seen it for real. I know it is a bit late to ask, but what do you say?” he paused while I mulled it over. I asked the ages of the two boys and when he told me they were both twelve, so Jon’s age, and both wanted to witness and maybe even take part in submitting to older men as slaves or whatever men wanted of them. How could I not agree! It did not take me long to decide that it was fine to go ahead, and Jack said they would be over in about an hour. Now i had to decide on how to introduce Jon to them and I finally decided that I would have him as I had often dreamt of a boy, dressed in a choir boy white cotton robe, barefoot and naked underneath. Why not play this out? Not even his cock cage, but keeping the ring around his genitals as it held them seductively forward and made the boy more conscious of them. His hands would be shackled together by his wrist cuffs behind his back. I planned to get the three men and two young boys seated in front of the cross before I brought young Jon in for them to see. I hoped that the two new boys would be suitably dressed, or maybe undressed, and hopefully restricted In a way that made it even more exciting! I got Jon ready and he looked fantastic in his white robe, which would come off as he was lifted up gümüşhane escort to the cross. I left his cage in place so he did not have any accidents while he waited in my room! This cage would only come off when I was ready for the action to start! His hands remained shackled behind him. When the men arrived I was not disappointed to find two attractive boys with them. One, Ben by name, dark hair and Spanish lovely tan skin, the other blonde, Kim, belonging to Marc, had piercing blue eyes and a beautiful honey colored tan. Both wore only my design of speedo which Jack had asked me to supply a few weeks ago, they had bare feet, one wore a red speedo , the other bright blue, and both were nicely tented. Both boys had their hands tied tightly behind them. The men wore the same as me. Thin cotton shorts with nothing under them, and as soon as they arrived they peeled off their light t-shirts, the same as me, sandals were soon discarded for bare feet! I got them settled and went to fetch Jon who was sitting on my bed looking somewhat nervous! “Come on then boy, time to meet my friends, and maybe your new friends.” I took him firmly by the shoulders and led him forward and across to the dungeon door, and on down the steps to introduce him. He walked slowly over to stand in front of the cross looking fabulous and just as I had planned. He stood in front of the men and boys and looked so utterly the innocent choirboy that it drew gasps of appreciation from the watchers! We were ready for the action! I walked over behind the boy, and unshackled his wrists before pulling the thin gown up and over his head while he raised his arms to assist me, I then unlatched the cock cage and drew it off his straining cock which expanded immediately to leave him naked and very proudly erect. “Jack,” I said, “Come on over, one of us on either side as we lifted the slight form of Jon, high onto the foot rest.” Having done that we were then able to stand on a couple of footstools placed on either side, take a slender arm each, stretch it out to pass the waiting cords through the rings on the cuffs before pulling them out to secure them! The young boy now stood, gloriously displayed, naked on the cross while we all stood back to watch. Jon pulled restlessly at his bound spread arms but the best was to come! As he stood on tiptoe on the foot support, we passed a cord from each of his ankle cuff rings to an eyebolt just a shade higher which in a few moments would have to take his weight as I removed the footrest. I removed the pin securing the rest, I pulling clear, so the boy now hung on the cross held only by his widely spread wrists, and his ankle ties. He gave an audible gasp, shuddered, and performed the first delightful wriggle as he pushed up on his bent legs to relieve the pressure on his arms, held so wide and so making his very breathing difficult. Young Kim, the watching blonde boy, appeared mesmerized halkalı escort as he sat on his Masters lap, stripped now naked, and was having his rigid slightly curved hairless uncut erection fondled! All of us were equally enthralled to watch Jon’s growing pain, which would soon become agony gradually to take over his whole being. There was no escape. He had willingly accepted the torture, and would suffer it until I decided he had had enough, but gradually that super erection of his was subsiding, leaving his now semi hard cock with his hanging little balls, jutting from the shiny cock ring still tight around his groin. A sheen of sweat was beginning to form on his delightful writhing body. Twenty minutes elapsed as Jon struggled to relieve the pain, ! Up down, writhe, cry out a little until finally I called to Jack to come and pleasure the boy for what would be his first experience of the ultimate pain/pleasure orgasm! By this time the boy was covered in sweat, and tears were added freely as he threw his head from side to side in pain. The tears mingled with the sweat until small rivulets ran down his heaving young body to finally gather around his cock ring and drip to the floor. Jack started by fondling the groaning whimpering boy’s limp cock before leaning in close and taking him in his mouth. Jon gradually hung still as he hung on the cross and his sex urges started returning in force, and soon he was arching his flexible young body to try and get it closer to Jack’s face! What a sight it made for us watching! Both young lads were now being wanked by their respective Masters. For me, untouched by anyone, but being thrilled to witness the erotic sight of my boy in agony and ecstasy on his cross, I orgasmed to a memorable conclusion! When Jon ejaculated into Jacks mouth and hung limp and now almost unconscious from the cross it was time to call a halt. I rose unsteadily to my feet. “Jack, help me get the lad down, he has taken his initiation well.” As we released the wrist ties my boy fell forward, limp and almost out to the world, a slight smile on his anguished cheeky face.. “Sir, did I do well!” he muttered as we untied his ankles and carried him over to a settee in the corner where he shut his eyes and lay still on his back. I picked up a pair of my sexy little speedos and slipped them on him, to cover his again limp cock, and let him regain a bit of his dignity with us. There were united comments from all of us of congratulations on his courage, but we were all equally amazed when he opened his eyes, grinned his cheeky grin at us and spoke, “Sir, tomorrow I would like you to whip me to complete my bondage to you!” We looked at each other before I answered as his “Master.” “Jon, my new wonderful slave boy, you are a treasure, and, oh yes, tomorrow I will indeed string you up naked for a whipping if that is what you want!” He gave me a personal grin and wink. “Thank you Sir, I will do it to please you, and will enjoy what comes after even more!!” End of part two which hopefully will lead on to many more of Jon and my adventures. Many thanks for the feedbacks which is a great encouragement, so do keep them coming while I write the next part! Adios, Jose.

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