I Seduce my Neighbor,part IV


I Seduce My Neighbor, Part IV by Phyllis Penny and Roger

Vanessa, Sherry and I were now the regular members of our very own club: Le Club Taboo! What fun…all of us had taboos in our lives but once they were shattered it was full steam ahead. It was like our much treasured virginity: approached with awe and suspense and curiosity…some of us giving it greater or lesser importance in our youth. Then, once “lost,” or was it not lost at all but “won?” I mean “losing” virginity as attached as is that verb to a hymen that, once gone, returns no more. We girls may lose it but we also gain from the loss, which is a sense of liberation and freedom and setting each of us on an exploration for more sex…from girl to woman a result of one or two passionate thrusts…of that cock or hairbrush or accidental rough ride on Dad of Uncle’s knee or a large horse…or cucumber, carrot or, in my case, the family dog…once we had lost our virginity we wanted more sex. Often we wanted better sex as we would share stories with other girls. Some would report rapture and others no rapture, just rupture. But we had something in common: we had experienced cunt penetration. We had lost an element of our childhood innocence.

The Friday after Sherry’s initiation into the joy of dog cock, we met again and talked about the previous Friday. Sherry said she never thought about being fucked by a dog and it was something that was both embarrassing and thrilling; that she was a total prude about animals doing anything like that; that now it was totally different. I told her of how I got started, by accident of course, when doing the wash, bending over the clothes while naked and Duke getting in a little spontaneous nosing…the shock of it…the persistence of Duke, once he had my scent, and who wouldn’t be pushed off and then how my body convinced me to relax and succumb to nature. Like most girls I liked a good licking and learned that a dog had a unique tool…a long, slavering tongue…to send a girl to a kind of dreamland. Later his cock sent me to my own private orgasmic heaven.

As my story unfolded, I looked at Vanessa as she was pouring more wine for the three of us and told Sherry about how I had planned the seduction escort gaziantep minyon bayan of Vanessa with Duke…the well-trained and spontaneous Duke…that I had left the two of them alone to see if the inevitable would occur; how Vanessa was reluctant…for a short while…and heard her little sounds of consent from the kitchen… how I peeked to watch Duke work on her, seduce her with a few ankle then thigh licks, give her a thorough licking and then later a furious fucking. It was like our virginity, once past that little taboo thing it was only another step to fucking an animal. Nicely, with an animal there was no “slam bam thank you ma’am” thing…how they fucked and fucked, came and came…a frantic animal lust. I mean when the animal is aroused and desperate for sexual release it is WOW time. With most men they don’t care about the woman as much as themselves and shoot and go soft so quick even if they wanted to do a good job their tool is spent but with an animal…my Duke…there is deep penetration and animal lust that is arousing to the max.

I was looking at Sherry and thinking these things as she was talking about the week at work and Vanessa was in the kitchen fixing wine and snacks. Sherry was such a pretty woman and watching her bare legs move and cross themselves…I was imagining them open, her being bare at the waist, her wet puffy cunt lips…”You’re not listening to me,” she said and I smiled saying: “No. I was thinking of you and Duke last Friday…how you were a dog virgin until he took charge.” “He’s a sexy dog,” she said, “and I never thought about it. I had heard things but never thought it was real…I mean a woman and a dog…you know…”

Vanessa set down the snacks and poured out the wine…Duke in the corner at his bowl being very quiet. It was still early and the sun was still shining. We three girls sat there and Sherry asked: “Tell me again…in detail… how you really learned about doggie sex, Phyllis?” I was already aroused and confessed: “It wasn’t just doing the wash that day…it was some time before that when I was younger.

I had a girlfriend and we used to play in her playhouse. We were about 16 years old escort bayan nizip and she had a dog that followed us everywhere including into the playhouse where we used to pull down our panties and play doctor, exploring each others private parts. We were both just beginning to grow that soft pussy down and were fascinated to share and compare the growth. One day she whispered that she wanted to tell me a secret but I couldn’t tell anyone so I promised. She told me that sometimes she let her puppy lick her, that he had a long tongue and made her feel good when he licked her privates. ‘Do you want to see him do it?’ she asked and I eagerly agreed and watched. She took off her panties, patted her tummy and the dog approached and started licking.

“Just watching him lick my girlfriend was exciting and made me tingle.” Then I stopped and looked at Sherry and Vanessa and took a drink of the wine. “I’m boring you, aren’t I?” They protested and encouraged me to go on. By this time we were all aroused as I painted the picture of innocent but forbidden pleasure of years ago.

I paused and went on: “I had the funniest feeling watching the dog lick my young girlfriend’s small almost hairless pussy. She started shivering and opening her legs and petting his head…she reached her hand down to spread her cunt lips and her dog was getting anxious and licking between her fingers in between her little cunt lips. She leaned back in the playhouse and lifted her bottom to that dog tongue. All of this time watching and my hands were on myself feeling over my panties and tingling. My friend looked over at me and asked the most beautiful question: ‘Want to try?’ I nodded, ‘take off your panties, then,’ and I did. She didn’t have to ask twice but I was anxious. She pushed her dog toward me ‘open you legs and pet your cunt’ and I did…her dog came over and I got my first lick…I jumped when his tongue hit me and I pushed him away in reaction. He must have liked me taste because he came right back at me. This time I didn’t push him away…I thought about it all as being dirty but I was curious and also I was aroused and that first lick had made me too weak to resist escort bayan nurdağı her dog…the second lick was wonderful and I wanted him to lick me again and keep licking.

“I knew we were being naughty there in the playhouse but it was quiet and private and I was enjoying it…I looked at my friend and smiled and closed my eyes to more licking.” I saw a glow in the eyes of my friends Sherry and Vanessa as I told them my earliest experience with an animal. All three of us were aroused by this time. Vanessa got up for another bottle of wine and came back for the rest of the story of how I lost the innocence of my youth. I could feel I was wet and thought they must be, too. I looked over at Duke who was resting near his bowl. Just looking at him and being aroused I returned to my narrative.

“After a few more licks of my almost hairless pussy I followed my friend’s example and reached down to spread myself open for the wonderful dog tongue and he started licking me inside…I lifted my bottom and my whole body went stiff…my legs so wide and I started shaking all over…my friend said: ‘you’re cuming.’ I didn’t know what that was but my little body did ‘cum’ like she said and release and then I couldn’t take any more and pushed away the dog, closing my legs tight, which gave me another thrill and sent chills and shivers through me. It was the first time I had felt so good. My friend swore me to secrecy again and I nodded saying…’I won’t tell if we get to play with dog again’ her turn to nod and smile. I couldn’t wait for the next time and visited her until she mover away…only a few months later.

“It was then I convinced my Mom to get a family dog and we picked out one soon after that. Every time I was home alone after that I got a good tonguing…but when I did I saw his dog cock come out, dripping and throbbing. I started experimenting and soon was sucking the cock and then got a thorough licking. It was just another step to have that cock fucking me which was some hard work. My dog didn’t know what to do at first. He needed training and I was a good trainer. And he trained me to like dog cock and orgasms…when I had boyfriends and we fucked…I could only compare them to my dog and they didn’t do too well…they always went soft before I really came. I learned to fake it which I never had to do with my dog.

“But Mom and I moved to an apartment that didn’t allow animals and we had to give my dog away…I settled for the occasional boy after that until a new dog came at me when doing laundry.”

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