I Thought We Were More Ch. 12


Heather looked very sad when he walked out of the bathroom, two minutes later.

“I don’t understand it.” She said. “Why can’t you make the same mistake with me you made with those other girls?”

“Because I’ve made it too many times. You have seen where it has gotten me so far.”

“I just don’t see where one more time would be that bad.”

“Are you hearing yourself?” Jacob asked looking at her. “Maybe you need to take some time in the bathroom as well.”

“Would you do it for me?”

Jacob smiled and chuckled a little. “That would be along the same lines as the mistakes I have made in the past. Besides, if we do something once it will be easier to let ourselves go farther the next time.”

She pouted and frowned up at him. “What will it take to get you to touch me?” she asked.

“Knowing that you love me and that you aren’t going to leave me as soon as we are done.”

“But I do Lo_” she started to say it but he put his finger to her lips.

“If you love me then you can wait.” He said.

“But we have hung out twice so I don’t think you could possibly know if you love me or not.”

“How else would you want me to find out?” she asked.

The question took Jacob back to Alex. She had bypassed “It’s in his kiss” as a way of finding out if she could love him and went straight to “Let’s see if I love him after I have sex with him.” It hadn’t worked out very well for either one of them.

“Kiss me.” He said.

She leaned her entire front of her body against him and with her right arm she drew his face down to hers. They kissed for a long time. When she finally let him loose he opened his eyes and looked down at her.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Like I love you enough to go into that bathroom for a few minutes. That kiss has me so revved up now I want to do you more than ever. I want to slam you onto that couch and grind my pussy into your face.”

Jacob’s face turned to surprise. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He started to wonder if Heather really was the girl she said she was.

“What’s wrong?” she said smiling up at him. “Didn’t think the nerdy girl you met in the library had it in her?”

She pushed him aside and started to unbutton her pants as she walked into the bathroom. They dropped to the floor leaving her wearing only panties and her collar t shirt. She turned to try one more thing on him.

“Can I do it in the shower?” She asked. “It seems kinda weird standing up or even worse, sitting on the toilet.”

Jacob pointed up at the detachable shower head hanging on the wall. “I hear those things are sometimes called a ‘girls second boyfriend’.”

She pulled her panties to the floor even though he was still in the room.

“That will be perfect!!” she said with excitement in her voice.

Jacob looked at her smiling. Her collar shirt didn’t go low enough to cover her crotch, but she was nice enough to not tempt him by holding both her hands over her vulva. He turned and walked out of the bathroom. For the next 20 minutes all he could hear coming from the bathroom was the sounds of the shower running and Heather not doing anything to keep her voice down.

Every 2 minutes or so she would let fly a moan or a shriek and Jacob finally had to turn the T.V. up.

She emerged from the bathroom finally with her hair washed and conditioned. She had helped herself to one of his T shirts and didn’t seem to be wearing anything else. She staggered into the living room and plunked down on the couch next to him.

They sat watching T.V. for a long time before Heather got up and went to the front door. Jacob could hear her getting something out of her backpack. She came back into the room but didn’t sit down next to him. He continued watching T.V. not wanting to be caught staring at her.

He wasn’t aware but she was now standing directly behind him. She pulled a small device out from behind her back. The contraption was a small circular object with several needles sticking out of it. Her hands hovered over his head and then all at once she plunged it into his shoulder.

The needles were well placed. She had missed all the bones in his shoulder and had gone down into the muscle of his upper back. He wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time so the device now rested against his skin. Blood trickled down his back as he jumped to his feet and whirled around to face her.

“What the fuck was that!!” he cried.

“Keep your voice down.” She instructed.

He reached over his shoulder to claw at the device that was now anchored to his skin.

“Don’t try to remove it” She again instructed him.

“Fuck poker oyna you!!” He shouted. He continued to reach over his shoulder but all at once his world went dark and he crumpled onto the floor unconscious.

He awoke on his bed. His head and his shoulder hurt. He opened his eyes slowly to see Heather sitting on the bed next to him.

“I told you not to try and remove the device.” She said.

“What the hell have you done to me?”

“Nothing you haven’t already done to yourself.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a sexual anomaly on this campus, Jacob. Whether you mean to or not you seem to attract the attention of females. You are very sought after in this area.”

“Yeah so are most of the guys on the football team.”

“Yes but no one has gotten the kind of attention you have.” She said, moving closer to him. “You had a whole website made about you. Most of the Campus Social Media page is buzzing about you. You are the physical embodiment of sex on this campus, and unfortunately you have finally attracted the attention of the wrong person.”

“So what, you are mad at me and decided to implant me with some knock out device that zaps me when I don’t do what you say?”

“It wasn’t me that came up with this plan. I am just the person executing it. Would you hear the whole thing out? I think you will find it quite ingenious.”

Jacob looked at her with a face that easily read “Like I have a choice?”

She smiled and began talking.

“Over the past few months you have racked up quite a few notches in your bed post. You even got a known lesbian to sleep with you. You slept with virgins, campus sluts and the athletically adept.”

“Actually I’ve only been with 3 girls since I started going to school here.”

“Hmmmm, interesting. The people of this school seems to think your numbers are quite higher. But that only seems to further play into my boss’s idea. You see he asked me to dig into you a little deeper than the internet has. He wanted me to find out the truth. Believe it or not he seems to believe the truth is closer to what you are saying, but he wasn’t certain.

Now that I have confirmed what he thought was true it is time to begin phase two of his plan. The implant on your shoulder isn’t the only one I will be installing on you tonight. As you can see, if you try to resist the result will be quite disastrous.

Don’t just think that the implant will only knock you out. It has several violent functions besides unconsciousness. If you ever successfully remove it the result will be quite fatal. If removed without being deactivated the device will explode killing you instantly.”

Jacob’s eyes grew wide with fear.

“This guy is going so far as to put my life in danger?”

“I guess he will go to great lengths to carry out this experiment.”

“Experiment? That’s what this is all about?”

“You haven’t heard everything about the plan.”

“I’m not sure I want to hear the rest.”

“Oh you will want to, May I go on?”

Jacob hung his head. What had he done to get into this situation?

“As you may have figured out, the first implant is all about control. With it installed my boss now has a sort of leash on you, as was his wish. Now for the second implant. This one is more about motivation. You see my boss wants you to play out a certain role for him, one that you pretty much created yourself but seem to have been trying to get away from.

You have become this hungry wolf on campus, you are a sexual predator, yet you have never raped any of your victims. Everyone that mentions you, says they have slept with you willingly, whether they actually slept with you or not.

The truth is you are about like any college male. They have more partners while pursuing their higher education then they will ever have in any other stage of their lives. But none on the scale that you are about to have. The internet makes you out to be the ultimate prize on any female student’s sexual list. And now that you are under my boss’s control, you will be this for real.”

She pulled her back pack up onto the bed. Out of it she pulled another circular device.

“I need you to roll onto your stomach please.”

Jacob knew what would happen if he didn’t comply but he didn’t like it one bit. Full of anger he flipped onto his chest and she moved closer to him on the bed. He could feel the device’s needles bite into his middle back. He grunted in pain.

She quickly cleaned the area around the device with alcohol. He had smelled the medical cleaning agent earlier and figured she must have cleaned the one on his shoulder canlı poker oyna while he was knocked out.

“You said this second implant was about motivation. What did you mean by that?”

“This implant does little more than release small amounts of hormones and medication into your body. It is smaller and less noticeable than the one on your back. If anyone asks you about the one on your back, tell them it is a new treatment for back pain.

The hormones actually give you a condition only a few men have naturally been afflicted with. You now suffer from what doctors call ‘an overactive prostate’. What some men call ‘blue balls’ is medically called ‘prostatic congestion’.

It is when the Vas deferens above the testicles become too full of sperm, or when the prostate becomes too full of seminal fluid. You will be effected by the latter condition. Your prostate will continue to make seminal fluid until it is full to a painful level. The only way to relieve the pain will be to have an orgasm.”

“So I’ll just jerk off a lot.”

“Ah no no no.” She said shaking her finger. “I’m afraid the implant in your shoulder is larger for a reason. The boss has a few people on staff and one of the things they are there for is to make sure you do not masturbate. You see there are rules to this little game.”

“This guy is completely insane.” Jacob muttered to himself.

A sudden buzzing sensation began to occur in his shoulder. He was aware that he was being mildly shocked by the device on his back. After a few moments it stopped, but Jacob was now quiet again.

“You see, they are able to monitor you through the device. And don’t try to masturbate while you pretend to sleep. Your heart rate goes up any time you are being sexually stimulated. If the boss or any of the monitors determine you are alone when your body exhibits signs of sexual activity they will trigger the device to electrify you.”

“Just go on with the rules.” Jacob mumbled.

“As you can probably tell, all of this is to cause you to have to be the person the internet has made you out to be. You will become the campus Casanova. If you do not receive sexual release it will become quite painful for you. Not only that but after a while the prostate will naturally purge itself. Most people call it a nocturnal emission but in your case it could be at any given moment, depending on how long you go without a sexual release.

A natural purge is considered a punishable offence in the rules so you can bet if you cream your pants the result will be almost like that of being hit with a Tazer. The only permissible way for you to relieve your condition is through sexual interaction with another person.

However, don’t think the boss will allow you to just get a steady girlfriend and live happily ever after fucking her every other day. You are being watched. You may only sleep with the same girl twice in the span of 8 days. That means you will need to find a new partner every four days.”

“So we can basically call this plan of your boss’s ‘Death by STDs’ right?”

“Ah, that is the best part of all of this.” Heather said looking at Jacob with a smile on her face. “We have access to most of the medical records of the students on this campus. If we think you are hitting on someone that would cause you to have an unhealthy situation we will let you know.”

“So how long is this going to last? How long am I going to endure this torture?”

“Don’t think of it as something you are not going to enjoy. You will find the first signs of your prostate becoming full are an increase in libido. You’ll be seducing girls like the sexual superhero that we want you to be. In a few weeks you won’t even notice we implanted you. But once the boss has had his fun, I’m sure you will be released.”

Jacob sat up in bed. “So in two days I am going to be a regular Pepe Le Pew, minus the smell?”

“You’ll be trying to fuck anything that walks like you and talks like you. You might even switch teams if you get desperate enough, although that isn’t really expected to happen. Don’t worry, the boss is giving you a freebie.”

Jacob looked a little confused.

“In two days, just so you will know what the feeling is going to be like, I am going to show up at your door. I will be here to check on you, and to do a physical on you. I’ll check your vitals and…right before I leave, I’ll measure the amount of fluid building up in your prostate.”

“How are you going to do that?” Jacob asked.

“By causing a controlled release.” She said winking at him.

Day one went by so quick Jacob could barely pay attention in class. Sure enough internet casino by the end of the second day he found himself having to deal with random and uncontrollable erections. Often he had to pull his penis up through the waist of his pants and into his shirt. He barely made it home with his dignity.

Pants only seemed to excite him even more so as soon as he got through his front door he stripped down to nothing and let his penis stand fully erect out in front of him. No sooner had he closed the door and walked into the kitchen, there was a knock at the front door. He walked back to the door still at full attention and did not even bother to put on clothes. He looked through the peep hole and saw that it was Heather, just as he expected it to be.

He opened the door quickly, not wanting the whole world to see him in his present state.

She walked inside and immediately her eyes fell on his raging erection.

“Good lord, is it the hormones that made you that big?” She said, sounding a little surprised by her own reaction.

“Well, from what I have been told, I have always been on the large side but now that you mention it, this seems even bigger than what I am used to.” Jacob said looking down at his swollen manhood.

“Let’s…uh…let’s get started then.” Heather said.

She took all of his vitals and determined that he was in a healthy state of arousal. His blood pressure was within a healthy range despite his heart rate being up.

“Everything look ok?” Jacob asked laying on his back on bed.

“You’re healthy. Your arousal is off the charts though. I am willing to bet if you go another 2 hours without a release you will begin to show signs of prostatic congestion. I am supposed to check your level after two days of fluid production.”

She once again pulled out her back pack. From inside of it she pulled out a device that looked something like a modified milk pump mothers use while lactating. The cup on it had been modified to be a smaller suction cup.

Instead of being large enough to fit over a woman’s breast, this one was smaller. It seemed just large enough to fit over the head of Jacob’s cock. The cup was at the end of a long flexible hose so it looked like it could be used from several feet away from the actual pumping unit itself.

“Don’t tell me you are going to jerk me off using that thing?” Jacob moaned.

“Heavens no. This pump cannot cause a release. I’ll have to do that manually. I’ll only use it at the point of climax. Just allow me to keep it next to your hip so I can get to it quickly.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t care what you do as long as you get me off.”

“Just lay back and close your eyes.” Heather said.

She lubed up both of her hands but started by grasping his cock just below the head.

Jacob’s body went limp while his penis remained rock hard in her hand. He seemed to relax as if her touch on his manhood had been something he was waiting for his whole life. Her other hand reached out and grasped further down his shaft as she began to slide both hands up and down his length.

Her right hand was the one on top and it slid all the way up and over his head with each stroke. She was certain to put plenty of pressure on the underside of his head where the opening of his urethra made a crease all the way down to where his head met his shaft.

She never even changed her rhythm. She just kept sliding both hands up and down all the while his penis became harder and harder in her hands. Soon his back began to arch and his hips began to shake. She kept her right hand moving over the tip of his cock while her left hand reached down and grasped the suction cup at the end of the hose attached to the pump.

She held the cup just above the head of his cock. As the first gush of cum shot out of him she lowered the suction cup down over the head of his penis. The hose filled with his juices.

The suction of the pump seemed to pull every last drop out of him. When he ceased to convulse in her hand which was still firmly gripped just below the tip of his penis she released him.

“Well how do you feel?” she asked.

“I’ve never felt so relieved in all my life.” Jacob said.

She reversed the pump into a beaker and then eyed the markings on the side of the container.

“The average male releases about a teaspoon full of semen whenever he cums. You just shot out a fourth of a cup. I’d say my boss got what he wanted. My suggestion is you follow the rules…Oh and be a gentleman and warn a girl before you cum.”

She seemed to remember one more thing. “Oh and from now on. I suggest you pull out. You are still producing the same amount of sperm, but increase in seminal fluid means they have an even better chance of getting where they are supposed to go.”

Jacob didn’t respond to her. He was too busy sleeping.

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