i want to live in a Masturbation Commune!


i want to live in a Masturbation Commune!i’d drop EVERYTHING – after Obama and this economy, That isn’t much at all..almost just pc, sundries, and clothes lol..- and MOVE my eager excited and giddy nervous in lust, ..drop everything, family, friends, etc..to live freely to express and participate fully nude always; ..socialize, fellowship with other fellow Chronic Edgers, Ejaculaters, etc Priapus Temple Priest of Cock Bliss..Work when necessary to maintain the Cock Worship Ashram/Community..but mainly to not necessairly be a hermit, but like as Nudist enjoy everyday practical life NUDE, with other nudist…but as perpetual chronic edgers, strokers, bators..whether it be chores, in conversation no matter the subject, walking, general recreation..etc.. while stroking our cocks or be able to u*********sly, naturally masturbate our cocks without heeding to rules today’s society would normally shun and discourage our solosexual preferance.. to have simple fellowship and conversation with other nude/naked males, without pretense or false ideas of ‘cruising’ hooking up or try to ‘shock’ your fellow male cock-centric peers by simply spontaneously start stroking your cock..a place to without stigma or shame, explore, ümraniye escort discover, our pleasure to pursue the hedonistic bliss of Male Masturbation together or individually…i’d settle and drop everything if a well to do RETIRED older Gentleman, who loves his cock, like a Gay Masturbator..Mature, older, 40+ [prefer 50-60+] smooth or bear, whos main wardrobe consist of gay biker chaps, jocksstraps, leather harnesses and cock rings..if not naked all the time to stroke his, despite his apparent Geriatric physique, youthful ROCK HARD, SWOLLEN, LUBED BATED COCK..OLD GRAYHAIRED NAKED GUYS – thin or chunky, weathered looks, with a youthful cut cockringed, greased and lubed, handsome defined cock ..the regular appearance of a Aroused, Gooned Purple, Swollen, Vigorously stroked cock, on an old retired exhibitionist/voyeurist nudist well to do guy..makes my cock precum/leakage..i love to experience living such an arrangement which i acknowledge and feel genuinely the FREEDOM anytime enjoy CHRONIC EDGING MASTURBATION SOLO or with my buddies goonbate our cocks..to experience living my sexual preference to love my Cock, adore and appreciate my fellow bator’s cocks like it is 100000% kadıköy escort everyday NORMAL activityvisual pornographic image triggers of my perversed lust arousal to get lost in blissful love/worship of my cock..1. highly aroused erect cock..Throbbing, aching to be stroked, engourged reddish purple and veiny ..shiny from the moisturising sheen of precum on the glan..a GENUINE HARD ON, “IT’S ALL ABOUT PERVERSED LUST AROUSED ERECTION, HERE” 2. OLD MEN 50+ MASTURBATORS with youthful enthusiastic gooning lust to bate, show off his cock, and eagar to show and or guide their younger maybe inexperienced fellow cock worshipping solosexual cockstrokers [old gay men is okay too..as long as they LOVE AND FRENZY ON MAKING COCKS FEEL WORSHIPED]3. A jar of ALBOLENE… the mere sight of the logo, jar color scheme..my hardening semi-erect cock gushes precum as if sometimes i felt as if i had lost bladder control, yet feel like i ‘cummed’ but without the spasms of climax/orgasms4. fellow bators ..gathered in an area stroking, gooning, grunting, babbling about Cock, stroking cock, crying aloud as their inner b**st..takes them on a orgasmic like edging bliss of penis strokes..*which some of bostancı escort our arousal is actual live experience to freely in open aparticipation of communal indulgence of self-pleasuring cock worship.*some fuel their batelust ‘performing’ to his stroking peers, as if he is showing how horny and lustfully gooned his surrounding fellow bators cock strokes made his edging very difficult to focus..*some of those same peers watching the ‘exhibitionist’ performer acknowlede he is about to fail at his edging due to seeing his audience lose a little control and vigorously stroke to the tempo of their voyuerism’s arousing lusthail cockpraise Priapus, Lord CockGod..i’d love to have a sustainable Island like those on “Survivor” to form a Bate Tribe, where there isnt any gender or orientation but COCK, and Cock Worshipperbe it be 1st Your Own Cock, then your fellow tribal bate clan’s Cock..which as “Chief” and “local highpriest” i deny my own cock any stimulation until last chosen or volunteer Semen giver..offers his seed milk on the Chieftan/HighPriest’s cock..which as that chief/priest i watch, and preversely lust and chant ritual prayers, pushing my mind’s lust and arousal ..anticipating the opportunity to finish my mental edging of seeing gooned bators enthusiastically dumping his semen cum on my twitching throbbing erected cum soaked COCK..so i can offer the Final Ritual and Offering CUM to Priapus when i Cum masturbating my cock with my tribe’s cum as my Bate Lube..amen.

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