I was Just A Sex Slave…2


I was Just A Sex Slave…2The week went so slow, after Charlie had me over to his house, I did not see or hear from Daniel, Bruce or Charlie. I thought that they had found other ways to amuse their selves. I was so far from the truth.Friday came and as I entered my home my folks had a bag packed fro me and sitting by the door. They told me ‘…Bruce and his uncle are coming to pick you up have fun and mind your manners do as they say and we will see you back here in about a week. My knees all most buckled as I thought of how easily they would cast me aside.Bruce and his uncle pulled up as I was standing in the door. Bruce got out and walked to the steps and said hurriedly ‘…come on lets get started, my uncle has to get to work and he wants to have some fun before he has to leave…’Bruce took my bag from me and lead me to the car, Bruce got into the back seat letting me ride next to his uncle. I recognized his uncle from our first encounter and I trembled as I thought as how he had man handled me.We made quick time in reaching Bruce uncle apartment and we climbed the stairs three at a time to the third floor. His uncle fumbled at the door till he was able to get it open and as soon as we were inside he slammed the door and had embraced me in a vicious hug.He palmed my buttocks lifting me off my feet and tried to kiss me, I instinctively turned my face from sarıyer escort his from his alcohol laden breath, feeling his man hood throb furiously. I managed to get my hands up between us as he held me tightly and kissed/sucked my neck and face.Bruce turned on the television and went into the kitchen and took a beer from the refrigerator. As he passed by us he mumbled ‘…take that mess into the bed room or you’re going to be late…’Bruce uncle effortlessly walked me to the back bedroom with out stumbling, he closed the door and dropped me on the bed. His command was ‘…I got that ass once, get ready to give to me again…’I rolled across the bed and stood on the other side as he quickly undressed. I was terrified at the site of his huge throbbing penis swinging before him. He looked over at me glaringly and demanded ‘…get you ass naked, we ain’t got long…’I forgot how fast that old man could move, in an instant he was over the bed and had my shirt pulled up over my head. As I tried to pull it the rest of the way off, he was undoing my belt and pulling my pants down.With a swift push I was tossed onto the bed and my shoes, socks, pants and underwear was removed in one quick yank. I was still struggling to get my shirt a t-shirt off my head.Bruce uncle flipped me to my stomach and smeared esenyurt escort a huge glob of lubricant into the crack of my bungs. His huge fingers plunged knuckles deep into my rectum and he twisted them around. Stretching and spreading my bung hole as he did so.He yanked his fingers from my butt hole and mounted me pushing my thighs apart with his knees. Just as his enormously huge penile glans brushed my anal opening, I freed myself from my shirts only the have him press my head down into the bed with his massive hand.With out mercy Bruce uncle pressed his gigantic bulbous penis head into my rectum. I cried out in frantic pain and fear as he roughly rammed his steel hard shaft in and out of my ruptured bung hole.I cried out for Bruce, as his uncle savagely rammed his man meat deeper and deeper into me till his balls were striking mine. My entire body trembled uncontrollably as he ravished my bung hole.I begged ‘…please, please, don’t hurt me any more. I’ll do as you say please, please don’t hurt me any more…’ It was as if he was a man possessed as he plowed into my prone out body.I gasp for air as he slammed into my midsection so hard he knocked the air from my lungs. It got so all I could do was to grunt and wheezed as he pulled his penis almost out and slam back into me causing me to groan in pain and frustration.The avrupa yakası escort session lasted only about 15minutes, before he lunged deep into me and I felt the huge stream of his man fluids squirt from the enormous tip of his penis. His substance struck my anal walls like streams of water from a hose.The sloppy wet sounds that my anus and his penile shaft was making was so obscene loud. As he subsided and laid motionlessly on my back I struggled to free my head and turn my face away from his whiskey laden breath. Over in a corner in the big chair sat Bruce stroking his penis slowly smiling at the sight before him. Bruce uncle breathing went from deep quick breathless gasp to soft soothing slight snoring.Bruce stood and walked over to us and whispered ‘…let him get a nap he deserved it. I’ll wake him in about twenty minutes and get him up for work. You better rest too, he might want to go again before he leave…’ Bruce left the room and closed the door, I was trapped beneath his uncle whose penis was still lodged deep in my butt.I must to have drifted off, when I came around, Bruce uncle was grinding his penis back into me slowly. He whispered ‘…damn I hate to leave a good piece of ass, but I’ve got to get to work…’ Just about that time Bruce stuck his head in the room and called out ‘…you better hurry up uncle you don’t want to be late again…’His uncle quickened his pace as he hunched and grind into my butt till his penis once again exploded and filled my anal cavity with another huge load of his sperm.As he pulled from my gaping bung hole he slapped me on the buttocks and said ‘…I love to leave a bitch full of cum. See you in the morning…’I was Just A Sex Slave…2

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