iCarly: Elevator Surprises


iCarly: Elevator SurprisesiCarly: Elevator Surprises Miranda Cosgrove as Carly ShayJennette McCurdy as Samantha ‘Sam’ PuckettJennette McCurdy as Melanie ‘Mel’ PuckettNathan Kress as Freddie Benson”Why is this happening to me?” Sam groaned. She couldn’t believe they were stuck in an elevator, due to a power surge, only a few hours before they we’re supposed to be making their next episode of iCarly as well.”Hey,” Freddie exclaimed, “we’re just as stuck as you are, and complaining isn’t gonna get us moving any faster.””I know,” Sam responded, “I just always get uncomfortable in small spaces.” “It’s okay,” Carly said reassuringly, “we shouldn’t be here for more than an hour.””An hour!” Sam whined, “I don’t know if I can take being here that long.””Well then, I guess we’ll have to take your mind off it,” Freddie said with a smirk. “What are you getting at?” Melanie, Sam’s twin s*ster, asked suspiciously. Freddie then surprised Sam, Melanie and Carly, everybody in the elevator with him, by doing what he had always wanted to do: kissing Sam full on the lips. Sam had no clue how to react as she suddenly felt really warm and relaxed, she then started kissing him back frantically and tore off his shirt. Carly was completely taken aback by watching her best friends making out and just stared at them intently. Melanie, on the other hand, knew exactly how to feel. She had been feeling it since the four of them stepped into the elevator together. She knew exactly what Sam had wanted to do to Freddie ever since she told her a few weeks previous.Freddie took things even further by removing Sam’s shirt, revealing to his surprise that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared open mouthed at her nice sized 36C breasts. This sight was new to everyone in there, except Melanie who had seen Sam’s breasts on multiple occasions.”What, you’ve never seen tits before?” Sam asked jokingly, “I would’ve thought a geek like you would’ve looked at all kinds of porn.””Yeah, I have,” he countered, “but it’s nothing like looking at the real thing.” Carly eyes widened in complete and utter shock at the sight of Sam’s visible and luscious orbs, her panties we’re beginning to get wet as well. This didn’t go unnoticed by Sam’s twin s*ster, who was getting wet herself.Freddie then started to unzip Sam’s black jeans only for her to suddenly push his hand away, “I can’t do this” she gasped.”Why not?” Freddie asked, “Are you scared you might regret this?” “Not exactly,” Sam responded.She then removed her jeans and panties revealing to Carly and Freddie’s complete shock and bewilderment – a hard thick 7 1/2 inch cock where her vagina would normally be.”It’s this thing!” she said fighting back tears, referring to her penis. “You think it’s disgusting don’t you?” she said miserably. “I never do,” Melanie said as she shoved her hands down her pants and started playing with herself, not caring about anyone else watching her.Carly was shocked that her best friend had both a cock and a pussy, but was even more shocked that she was getting incredibly turned on by it.She then responded seductively “Actually, I think it’s really hot!”At the sound of her voice Sam, Melanie and Freddie all turned to see her, and were all equally excited to see that Carly was rubbing her own breasts on top of the clothes she wore.Sam was totally caught off-guard by Carly’s response, “What about you, computer geek?” she finally asked Freddie when she got over the sight of seeing her best friend groping her türbanlı batman escort own chest in front of everyone. “Aren’t you at all turned off by the fact that I have a dick as well as a pussy?”She then showed him the pussy she talked about.”Well actually, I’ve always been curious about what sex with a hermaphrodite, intersex, gynandromorph, epicene, whatever you want to call it, would be like.””Well, then, this is your lucky day!” Sam said sexily. She then tore of his pants and boxers and started gently stroking his rapidly hardening cock.Carly was now so turned on that she was frantically rubbing her breasts as Melanie began to finger her wet pussy. Sam then took Freddie’s cock in her mouth and started slowly licking all around his shaft, causing him to shudder with pleasure. By this point Carly and Melanie had removed each other’s clothes and Melanie was shoving her whole fist up Carly’s cunt while she was pinching her own nipples with sexual excitement. Sam then suddenly deep throated Freddie’s dick causing him to grab her head. Carly then let out a loud shriek as a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her and her vaginal walls clenched around Melanie’s fist. She then collapsed in exhaustion and began licking her own juices of Melanie’s fingers, taking time to savour the sweet taste. Melanie began to suck on each of Carly’s breasts, kissing and licking each nipple over and over.Seeing this caused to Freddie to lose control and explode in Sam’s mouth. She then took his cock out and said a little angrily, “Next time, warn me before you do that!””Sorry,” Freddie said sheepishly, “it happened so fast.””Sam always takes her time… On occasions,” Melanie said before returning to pleasuring Carly.”That’s okay, you can make up for it by sucking my dick.” Sam said to Freddie with a grin. Freddie was all too happy to comply and then started licking her all around her shaft, causing Sam to gasp and whimper with pleasure. Watching Freddie sucking her best friend’s dick was all it took to get Carly horny again. She then crawled over to Sam and said pleadingly, “Please, eat me out.”Sam complied with her request and immediately began to feast on her delicious cunt, causing Carly to shriek with pleasure, as Melanie fingered Freddie’s ass.Freddie couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying Sam’s dick. He redoubled his efforts and started sucking her like there was no tomorrow, causing her to eat Carly out even faster, as a finger began to caress her pussy. Carly soon went over the edge for the second time and cried her release. Having Carly orgasm all over Sam’s face caused her to shoot her hot, sticky load in Freddie’s wanting mouth. Her cum tasted better than he had expected, and he swallowed every drop of it. He was painfully hard again by the time he had finished swallowing her jizz, so he then got an idea. “Hey Carly, is it alright if I go inside you?” he asked boldly.”Sure thing!” she said excitedly, his suggestion having somehow re-energized her. “And can I take you up the ass?” Sam asked huskily.”Sure!” Carly exclaimed brightly, “two dicks are always better than one!”Sam and Freddie then both, slowly at first, shoved their dicks up Carly’s ass and pussy respectively. Carly had already lost her cherry by accident when she got a little too enthusiastic with a vibrator one day and was caught by someone who didn’t want to catch her in such a situation. Melanie started making out with her s*ster türbanlı batman escort bayan as her two favourite dicks entered her favourite web-star.Sam and Freddie we’re both overwhelmed with pleasure as their dicks were stimulated. Carly felt like she going out of her mind from the pleasure she was feeling. Never before had she ever wanted something to never stop.Soon Sam and Freddie both felt their cocks begin to strain as they thrust deep inside of Carly. They we’re soon groaning loudly while shooting their cum deep inside of Carly. Having her best friends in the whole world orgasming inside her caused Carly to scream at the top of her lungs while she rode out her biggest orgasm yet. Melanie passionately kissed Carly as Sam pulled herself out, her cock still hard. She pressed it against her twin s*ster’s wet pussy. Sam squeezed Melanie’s breasts as her cock slowly entered her s*ster. She moved in and out of Mel’s sexy body, something they had done only a few times before when they were both bored and wanted some enjoyment in their lives. As they were beginning to make love to each other once again Freddie took his cock out of Carly’s pussy and he begins to kiss her breasts.Freddie tried to say something to the girl he had just cum inside of, but couldn’t find the words to say how beautiful she was and how glad he was that she was the one to take his virginity. But every time his mouth opened Carly would either push a breasts into it or shove her tongue down his throat. Not that he would complain about this, this was something he had always wanted ever since discovering the fact that girls couldn’t give you cooties. He just enjoyed the moments she was giving him, unsure if it would ever happened again.As Freddie was then begging to squeeze Carly’s ass he felt her move down his well-built body until her mouth attached itself to his big cock. She then began sucking his cock once again until it became hard. Up and down went her head. The image alone would have caused Freddie to get an erection, but the sight of her doing it to him and the sight of the twin s*sters making love not that far away, was enough to make the head of his cock touch the back of her mouth. Slowly she pulled Freddie’s rock hard cock from her mouth and tugged on it as she kissed his lips.”Fuck Melanie’s pussy,” she told him, getting a quizzical look in return. “She’ll love it, I promise.”Carly then kissed Freddie once more before he position himself behind one of his two favourite blondes, the other being her twin s*ster lying on the floor. Carly guided his penis over Melanie’s ass, teasing her with what he might do to her, before pressing it against her anal entrance.Thinking he was about to fuck her in the ass Melanie prepared herself to be fucked just like Carly had been fucked only a few minutes before. But Freddie’s cock left its position against her ass and travelled to her pussy, which was still occupied by Samantha Puckett’s very erect penis.To Sam’s and Melanie’s surprise Freddie’s cock entered Melanie’s stuffed pussy, making room for itself with every passing centimetre it moved in. Melanie moaned as Freddie’s and Sam’s cock stretched her pussy like she had never been stretched before. She was making love to the both of them, and they were making love to her. As Freddie began to build up a slow rhythm of pushing inside of Melanie, pulling out of her and then pushing himself back in Sam continued türbanlı escort batman hitting all the right spots inside her s*ster with her cock as before. Only this time she got to feel Freddie’s cock up against her cock as they both fucked Melanie.Carly moved round to the heads of the twin s*sters and began lowering her pussy towards her best friend’s beautiful face. Slowly she went, inching her pussy onto Sam’s lips which had been kissing Melanie only seconds before. Carly’s pussy lips made contact with Sam’s mouth lips and her tongue darted out to greet their new, wet, friend. Carly then began to move her pussy back and forth over Sam’s tongue as Sam pressed her tongue into her best friend’s folds.Melanie, with both Sam and Freddie still steadily fucking her grabbed a hold of Carly’s waist and started kissing the pair of pert little breasts she had always wanted to get her hands, and mouth, on.”Fuck,” Freddie moaned as he watched the two girl lick and kiss Carly, his not so secret crush, to the point of him almost ejaculating into Melanie Puckett’s pussy.”Yeah. Fuck,” Carly added as Sam’s tongue slipped over her ass entrance and back onto her pussy.Melanie started making out with Carly as both Sam and Freddie began to speed up in their thrusting of their cocks in her otherwise tight pussy. She pulled Carly into a tight hug as she felt ripples of pleasure begin to build up in her, ready to explode at any moment and rush through her body as she hit orgasm. Sam’s hands started playing with her s*ster’s breasts, pinching her nipples every so often, as her cock was about to explode and her cum fly into her s*ster’s womb. She sped up her licking of Carly’s cunt, wanting her to cum when she did.Melanie screamed an orgasm, loud and proud, as Sam and Freddie continued to fuck her pussy. This only spurred Freddie on faster as he thrust his cock into, and out of, her faster. Wanting his cum to be in Melanie before Sam’s cum Freddie spanked Melanie’s ass and inserted his thumb into it, a sure-fire way he would be turned on enough to ejaculate. But what Freddie wasn’t counting was that Sam was too busy screaming into Carly’s pussy to proper show him that she was cumming inside of her s*ster at that moment in time. Sam’s screaming orgasm into Carly’s pussy pushed Carly to the biggest orgasm she had in a long time. Not since the first time she had made love with someone that she had such a powerful climax. Knowing that Sam had made Carly orgasm pushed Freddie to his absolute limit and he came deep and hard inside of his second favourite twin, his first being Sam.All four of them collapsed exhaustedly from their orgasms, and sighed contentedly, not wanting to move an inch. Their naked bodies pressed up to each other, kissing each other and caressing various body parts. At least until the elevator started up all of a sudden, causing them to frantically get dressed.Sam didn’t bother putting on her panties, as they we’re ruined anyways, so she handed them over to Freddie. “Here, these are yours,” she said with a grin.Freddie then put them in his pocket. “Hey! I wanted those too!” Carly whined. “Don’t worry, Carly, you can have mine,” Melanie said with a sexy smile as they turned to face each other. “You can always have my panties.””Thank you,” Carly said as they stood face to face, on the brink of kissing.Their lips lightly brushed against each other when the elevator opened up into the apartment Carly shared with her older br*ther. They then went to head upstairs into Carly’s room, possibly to continue their romp, when they heard something that made them stop dead in their track. Something which told them that maybe they should not have been too loud in their fucking. Something which came from Carly’s br*ther, Spencer, as he watched television, and had paused it for only a second.”Sound travels.”

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