I’ll suck them all


I’ll suck them allSharing some of my naughty experiences. For those who have not read my other stories, please understand I do not write long winding stories. I love telling the world about my true life experiences with only one aim…to get you boys hard and jerking to my stories thinking about me. I am a 22 year old small petite girl. Blonde, 32a, shaved, 5’3″.One of the things I know boys really like is a girl who will swallow. I know it is naughty and most married guys have forgotten what it is to even get a blow job, lest having the wife swallow. For those who are lucky to be with a girl who will give a blow job, not many will let the guy cum in the mouth. I on the other hand, love cum. I know it turns you boys on and I will swallow.Speaking of my random encounters with men, one of the things I will do with complete strangers is give them a blow job without ever letting them fuck me. Complete strangers passing through life, and a lucky guy just finds this naughty little girl who will suck him, make him blow his load in her mouth and disappear without ever doing anything more.It was the summer of 2007 and I was in Long Beach with friends having a nice weekend time. The timing was bad as my periods hit me during that weekend. Not feeling great and a little bloated, I was worried about having a boring weekend. My girlfriend who knew how much I enjoyed giving blow jobs encouraged me to have some fun regardless.Dressed in my red tight backless dress that barely goes past my ass, my red high stilettos and my red thongs, my girlfriend and I showed up at the night club to party. Throngs of good looking guys dotted the bar and the floor. Soon we were chatting and drinking with 2 guys from Germany. Tony was my kinda guy. Late 20s, chiseled, 6’5″ tall and broad shoulders, I would have fucked him right there if I could.We danced, we drank, he grinded against my ass, I pushed my ass in his crotch while on the floor and showed him the slutty stripper dance. Tony was hard, real hard through the dance. At the bar his hands were all over me and I was enjoying his hands run on my tight ass. We kissed and we groped. Tony asked if we could go to his türbanlı bartın escort hotel and fuck and I told him to be patient.After an hour of having fun like this, I whispered to Tony, ‘Let’s go to the men’s room and have fun.’ Tony not wanting to miss the chancve, grabbed me by my hands and drag me to the men’s room. The men room had a few guys doing their thing when we walked in. We went straight to the stalls hearing hooting and hollering by a few guys who knew what will happen.I sat on the pot, had Tony face me, pulled down his shorts and underwear, and started to stroke his cock. Not long but good size cock. He was hard. I took my mouth around it and tasted precum. Looking up to him as he stood with his pants around his ankle, I asked, ‘Is this what you want baby?’ Tony nodded as he groaned with my hands on his cock.I took his entire cock in my mouth, all the way in. My hands on his balls as I deep sucked him. I took turns sucking and stroking him. Tony was playing with my hard nipples through my dress as I sucked him. I started to jerk him faster and he had to use his hands on the stall walls for support. I knew he was about to cum.Tony asked me to stop as he wanted to fuck me first. I nodded no and told him between sucking his cock that I want him to cum in my mouth. That was all he needed to hear and within a few jerks and suck, he unloaded his cum in my mouth. Lots of it. I swallowed every drop, cleaned his semi hard cock, stood up, and pushed him to the side as I walked out. Many new guys saw me step out of the stall with the grin on my face.Back at the bar and dance floor, I finished my drink as Tony came to my side and started to touch me again. I told him to take a break and we will chat later. Basically I was done with him.My eyes soon saw this dark tan looking guy at the end of the bar drinking alone. I grabbed my drink and made my way to him. I stood next to him and he realizing I was alone, introduced himself. He was Paul from Columbia on holiday to LA. He was late 20s, early 30s guy. Hot!!!We started to chat and I learnt he had a girl friend who was back home. türbanlı bartın escort bayan Teasing him I asked, ‘so have you been faithful to her while you are in Miami with all good looking girls around you?’ He laughed and said yes. I whispered in his ears, ‘I can fix that!’ Paul was speechless. I put my hands on his crotch which was hard by now and said again, ‘Lets take care of you and show how we American girls treat a visitor.’My girlfriend who was busy having fun, gave me her car keys and we made our way to the drak parking lot where the car was parked. I opened the back door, got in the car doggy style to show Paul my thongs and ass. Paul reached and grabbed my ass. I got in, turned around and sat leaning aginst the back door, one leg on the floor and the other on seat to show him my open legs. Paul jumped in, locked the door and touched my pussy. He had no idea I had a tampon on. He tried playing with my pussy when I pushed him back against the car door, unbuckled his pants, pulled it down to see a nice thick brown cock. I went down on his cock and had him in my mouth in a second.He tasted so good. I sucked him nice and slow first. Taking his cock all the way in my mouth, pulling back slowly and then taking it all in again. One hand on his balls and the other on his cock shaft, I sucked him. Paul had no idea that just 30 minutes ago another guy had just cum in my mouth.I sucked him like the naughty American girl Paul was always wanting to meet I guess. He was ready to blow his load and I told him the same thing that I told Tony. And now I had Paul unload his cum in my mouth. I sucked every drop out of him, cleaned him and he was still semi hard. Paul wanted to fuck me and asked if we could do it now.He tried gropping me, fondling me and I let him have some fun and as soon as he started to get hard again, I got up, got out of the car, adjusted my dress and said we are done. Paul had no idea what happened and tried to convince me. I told him some other time we will fuck. He gave me his number and left a little confused and speechless.Question for me was all this sucking had türbanlı escort bartın me hot. I wanted to be fucked so badly but decdied to continue and have one more fun before we were done. I found my girlfriend dancing seductively with this big black dude. He looked like a football player. A wide receiver kind of built. He was hot. I asked my girlfriend what was her plan. She told me that Kyle (black guy) will be coming home to fuck her and I can either travel back with them or if I planned to go out with someone, to meet her later tomorrow.I reminded her I cannot fuck tonight so would prefer going home with them. They can have fun regardless. My girlfriend suddenly had this smile on her face. She whispered a plan to me and we both smiled, giggled and hugged.Soon Kyle, my girlfriend and I were in her car driving to her place. Kyle who sat in front had his hands all over my girl friend. He asked me why I was driving home alone and my girl friend told him the reason. I was a little embarrassed but Kyle made fun about when has periods stopped anyone from having fun. He asked me if I had not learnt about sex in the shower or about anal. Past being embarrassed and horny after sucking 2 cocks, I told him I have taken cocks in all my holes, often at the same time. It did shock Kyle a little. But he was interested in my girlfriend and fucking her.Once home, my girlfriend and Kyle headed to their bedroom. I could hear all the giggling and laughter and after about 2 minutes of waiting, I walked into their bedroom in my thongs and nothing else to see both of them naked in bed with my girlfriend sucking Kyle 9 inch black cock. Kyle was a little surprised to see me in the room but knew he had just hit the jackpot by meeting 2 really slutty girls. I took my girlfriends place and started to suck Kyle’s cock. Mmmm. he tasted good. He was big so I could stroke him while I sucked his cock. My girlfriend was sitting on Kyle face and he had his tongue deep in her pussy. We three played that way till Kyle blew his load in my mouth, my girlfriend came on his face and I was left with nothing but cum in my mouth.I got up and told them to have fun and started to leave. Kyle looked at my girlfriend to ask if I could stay? I knew what he wanted and told him no sex for me tonight. I did not want to take his cock up my ass as I was in pain in general. After I left to my guest room I could hear Kyle fucking my girlfriend well. By the time I woke in the morning, Kyle had left after having his way with my girlfriend.

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