I’m Coming!


“I’m coming,” my wife moaned.

She didn’t need to tell me. Years of marriage and countless love making sessions made such announcements completely unnecessary but I never tire of hearing those two words. How could I.

Tonight, my wife was beneath me, her legs wrapped around my hips. The sole mission of my steady thrusting had the sole intention of bring her to that exact condition. My lips were still slick and my nose was still being teased with the intoxicating scent of her sweet cum from when my tongue had caused her to say those same words just a bit earlier.

The emotions are indescribable, to be between the legs of my beautiful wife, to both be witness to and the cause of such pleasure for her. To see, and feel, and smell, and above all enjoy taste when my tongue laps and probes within her and my lips fondle her clit. It is exquisite to experience what happens right as she emits those words, to feel her vaginal walls clench down, trying to draw my tongue in further, to feel the warm sweet nectar of her cum flow from her pussy onto my lips.

Those are just some of the thoughts racing through my mind as I make love to my wire. Those thoughts of what happened before are in competition with what my senses are telling me is happening right now. My cock, at the very brink of my own orgasm, is doing far more than my tongue could ever to, thrusting much deeper into her wet folds, pressing her more open, and coaxing more slippery wetness from her.

“I’m coming!” she again announced.

I felt it. I felt her clench down hard again. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me hard. I kissed her hard. Our tongues and mouths duplicated the same intercourse going in between our legs. I knew she could taste her own cum from my lips and that excited us both.

The spasms rocked through her. Her breathing was just short erratic gasps. Her pelvis moved in short rapid orgasmic thrusts. Her eyes were closed and she was drawn completely within her orgasm. I knew that my thrusting was less necessary now and so I gradually slowed my pace. I could feel the cum slip from her and coat us, making us even wetter than before. It felt warm and silky on my cocks and balls.

I stopped moving but remained within her. We both liked this. It gave her the sensation of fullness. I could easily feel the flashes of involuntary twitches within her. Her eyes opened and we kissed again. Her breathing resumed a steadier pace.

“Did you come,” she whispered to me.

“Not yet,” was my reply but without any sense of frustration. I was very happy and content to enjoy what had just transpired. I knew that I would not go unsatisfied. I knew that my climax would be upon me soon.

“I want to make you come,” she cooed.

She knew that I liked hearing that sort of thing. She never disappointed me.

It was awkward but she managed to turn slightly and slip her hand under her thigh and between her legs. He palm cupped my wet balls. It made me moan and close my eyes. Her fingers curled around my cock right at where it entered her. I moaned again at the sensation. It was like her hand had become an external extension of her pussy. I slowly move in and out just a bit. Her hand, slippery with her juices, caressed my shaft.

“Oh my. It’s so wet,” she said, feigning embarrassment xvideos porno with an impish smile.

“I know,” I replied. Her gentle stroking was making it harder for me to form sentences any longer than that.

“Do you want me to make you come this way?” she said teasingly. “Do you want me to stroke your cock while you make love to me and make you come?”

I couldn’t answer at this point. What kind of answer could I have given anyway? My mind replayed what would have happened if things continued this way. My thrusting would have gotten faster and deeper. Her hand would have gotten even wetter and more slippery. I would have come. I would have spurted my first stream of cum into her pussy. I would have pulled out slightly and erupted again. We both would have felt my warm creamy cum cover her hand. It would have felt so wonderful to feel her strokes lubricated by our cum. I would have collapsed on top of her, lying motionless. Her stroking would have moved to a slow and gentle pace. We both would have felt my cock pulsing at the end of my orgasm, pushing out the last amounts of my cum into her hand.

“I like doing that,” she continued to tease. “I like feeling your cock swell in my fingers. I can feel it throb. I can feel your cum move through it. I love feeling it squirt out from the tip. It’s so warm and slippery. I love rubbing it on your balls and up and down your cock.”

So this is how I thought I would experience my orgasm. No problem.

Then her hand left me. She stopped her stroking and took her hand from between our legs. She looked deep into my eyes as she brought her wet hand up. Without a word she laid her fingers, slick with her juices across my lips. She slid them back and forth and then slipped them into my eager mouth. Again my nose and tongue were treated with the scent and taste of my woman’s delicious cum.

“No baby,” she began. “I don’t want to make you come that way this time. I want to feel it in my mouth and I what to taste myself some more.”

She moved her slick hand to the side of my face and kissed me passionately, kissing and licking her cum from my mouth. She nudged me, signaling that I was to roll over. We did so and now she was lying on top of me. We managed to do that without my cock leaving her.

She kissed me again, this time with a sense of farewell. I suppose in a sense it was true. She did leave me. She slid down, my cock slipping out of her, her face moved away from my kissing reach. She settled in between my legs.

“Oh my. Look at you. Look what I did,” she exclaimed in mock surprise.

She gently lifted my cock. It glistened in her wetness, coated in the translucent film of her cum. She examined me as if marveling at something that she had never seen before but this was nothing new. Nothing that was about to happen wasn’t anything that hadn’t been done before. Every step in the process, practically every word had been done and said before. This was just one of the many erotic rituals that we had developed over the years.

While looking past my cock and right into my eyes, she extended her tongue and made one long slow deliberate lick up my complete length. As if it were an ice cream cone, I could see the cum transfer from my cock onto her tongue. She paused just for yerli porno a moment to let me take in the sight of my wife’s extended tongue with a dollop of her cum at the tip. She drew it in, swallowed, and smiled.

“Do you think I’m vain to say I like the way I taste?” she giggled as she once again slid up my cock, collecting more of her cum on her tongue.

“No sweetie,” I unnecessarily comforted. “If it helps, I like the way you taste too.”

She smiled at me. She understood the game and how we were to play our roles.

Now she took a different tack. She paused for a second to watch a long rivulet of my precum seep from the tip, slide down and mingle with her cum. She smiled again. She used her tongue to slide my wetness around the head before slipping me into her mouth through pursed lips. I could feel her tongue lapping and tickling my shaft as more and more entered her warm and inviting mouth. She was deliberately slow in enveloping me. She again was looking into my eyes to be sure I was enjoying this. How could I not. I was seeing my cock slowly sliding between her luscious lips, her cum collecting around them as she moved down to the base. She move back up now and slid me from her mouth. Her lips were covered in a thick sheen of her cum.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “Want to taste me?”

She didn’t wait for the unnecessary answer. She moved back up and kissed me hard on the lips. In an instant my mouth and tongue had as much of her cum as hers did. We feverishly licked, exchanged and shared in the texture, smell and taste of her cum until it was gone; fully dispersed or consumed.

My head fell back into the pillow. I blissfully recapped what we had just done while she again returned to between my legs. I felt her face press in against my wet balls. She began licking them, suckling them, tickling them, cleaning them of her wetness. Precum liberally flowed from my cock, sliding down the shaft and joining her lips. Her wet tongue followed the trail back to the source. She swirled it around the crown before again sliding me deep into her mouth. Her tongue danced against my shaft driving me every closer to my climax. I clenched down hard, knowing that I was expelling more precum into her mouth. She smiled and moaned, confirming and approving if what I had just done. So I did it again and she moaned again. And so I did it again. It may have been precum dribbling from my cock at this point but in my mind’s eye it was thick streams of cum that were jetting into her mouth.

Her licking increased in pace. My cock moved in and out between her lips faster now. Occasionally she would break that rhythm to run her pursed lips down the shaft, to lick and suckle my balls, to slide backup my cock and to slip it back into her loving mouth.

I was in heaven. Every sense was being stimulated. She loudly and with an abundance of saliva sucked at my cock. The feelings emanating from where ever she touched me shot through me like electric charges. She treated my eyes with the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, saliva dribbling at the edges in the same manner as my cum would eventually do. I could still smell and taste the faint remnants of the nectar of her pussy at my lips. I was at the apex. I was about to be thrown over the cliff of orgasm.

“I’m youjizz porno coming,” I muttered in a barely audible whisper.

With my cock in her mouth she smiled at my unnecessary warning. She knew exactly where I was in the process. Her mouth and tongue were in the perfect position to know exactly how close I was. They felt every throb as their frequency increased. She could taste every increasing expulsion of precum. She could feel my balls draw up even tighter to my body. She could feel the first orgasmic contraction form at the base of my cock. She knew exactly what was going on.

Her hands wrapped themselves around my balls, cupping them completely. She squeezed ever so gently, her finger tips applying the perfect amount of pressure beneath them to encourage the beginning of my orgasm. My body went rigid. My stomach muscles snapped tight. I felt it deep within my groin, the first spasm of my orgasm.

My wife knew it too. She stopped just for a moment. There was nothing in motion except for one thing. The base of my cock swelled and the first knot cum zoomed up through my shaft. Out it shot in a thick stream, spurting into her mouth, splashing against her pallet. I could feel it filling all the void in her mouth. I could feel my cock being coated in the warm thick texture of my ejaculate.

She opened her mouth slightly. My white cum slid over her lower lip and began to dangle from her chin. My cock ejected another equally forceful stream of cum that struck her tongue and slid into her mouth. Like the first, it slid out and added to the coating on her lips and chin.

Her hands tightened their grip on me and she opened her mouth further. This time a burst of cum splashed her upper lip and streaked across her cheek before ending in her hair just above her ear. She ran her pursed coated lips up and down my shaft as it continue to spasm and squirt out more thick streams of cum. It streaked across her face in sharp lines. It clung to her lips and chin.

My orgasm was diminishing. There were no more spurts. My cock now dribbled the last of my cum in every decreasing pulses. It slid down my shaft in thick slow waves, each one meeting and coating her lips as she continued to slide up and down my cock. Only when there was no more cum to ooze from the tip did she stop.

She moved her lips from my cock, stopped and looked back at me. This was very much on purpose and for my benefit. She wanted to make sure I had all the time in the world to get pleasure from looking at her. A thick strand of cum connected my shaft to her lips. She did nothing to disturb it. Her lips where not their usual luscious pink. Their natural color was masked in the creamy white film of my cum. A web of strands bridged her upper to lower lips. Cum streaked her face and dangled from her lower lip and chin.

Then began the final act in our play. Her tongue extended and ran across her lips trying to recover as much cum as she could. She slowly drew it into her mouth, smiled, and swallowed. She looked at the head of my cock where just a bit of cum clung at the tip. She licked it away and drew me back into her mouth, her tongue swirling around by shaft, licking me clean of my semen. She did it again and again until my cock was covered only in her saliva.

We were done. She laid her head on my thigh. I could feel the wetness of her face. Her hand rested softly on my slowly pulsating cock. Every once in a while she would gently kiss me, maybe a small lick now and then.

And that’s how were where when sleep slowly took us over.

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