In Brazil Ch. 01


(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history. Other stories in the series include Blackedmerica: A Love Story, Nerds of Hollyweather, The Southern Sheriff and The Black Rooster Resort.)


Chapter 1

Pedro Ramos sat in the control room overlooking the newsroom. He had been an editor at the Showo TV channel In São Paulo for the last two years.

“Switch to Débora.” Hugo, the producer of the news segment told Pedro, whilst keeping an eye on the monitors.

Pedro hit one of the many buttons in front of him and switched from the news desk to the camera feed from the weather set.

“Hóla.” The weather girl, Débora Pires waved to the camera. Her beautiful and sexy smile beamed across the airwaves to the audience. As always the golden blonde haired weather girl wore one of her signature skintight dresses that hugged her slender body. In the front, a generous cleavage showed off her perky breasts whilst on her backside, the snugness of the dress was like a second skin for her shapely and incredibly firm butt.

Last year Débora had been named one of the sexiest weather girls in Brazil, and along with three other women, she had been on the prestigious cover of King Black Brazil Magazine. They had posed half naked leaning up against a muscular and bare-chested black man. Their breasts pressed up against him, whilst arching out their thong-clad butts.

Up in the control room, the men all did their best to focus on their job, whilst watching Débora. Though the erection in their pants didn’t make it easy.

“And in Maresias the water temperature is a nice and warm 26 degrees Celsius. And if you’re planning on going to the beach, you know my motto senhoras. The skimpier the bikini the better.” Débora smiled into the camera and waved.


“End Credits… And we’re… off to commercial.” The producer said as Pedro switched over to commercials.

Outside the control room, in the hallway, Marcelo Andrade was on his way to see his friend Pedro, to share some good news.

Just outside the control room, Marcelo bumped into Hugo, the news segment producer.

“Ah, Mr. Andrade, did you have time to go over my idea for the new show?” Hugo looked at the young program director for the television station. At forty-two, Hugo was ten years older than Marcelo.

“I did Hugo, and it looks good. Why don’t you make an appointment with my secretary, and we’ll discuss it further.” Marcelo had really enjoyed Hugo’s pitch, though at the moment he was much too excited to go over it with Hugo.

“Really? Oh wow, thank you, Mr. Andrade.” Hugo really lit up when he heard the good news. Though he had a good job as a news segment producer, what he had always wanted to do, was to produce entertainment shows, and with his latest idea, his dream could be coming true.

The idea for the show had come to him in bed when he had laid on his back panting next to his wife Ágatha. He had just spurted his small cum load onto his chubby belly, whilst having watched the big black man on top of Ágatha bring her to another screaming orgasm. As he laid there feeling all emotional and romantic, watching his beautiful wife of fifteen years call out the black man’s name as he plunged his thick black cock deep into her pussy, Hugo realized that there were a lot of lonely latin men out there, who yearned to be in a loving relationship like his. To one day lay next to the woman of their dreams and see her being brought to heaven by a big black man.

That’s when the idea of Amor talvez, (Love maybe) was born.

The show would be a reality dating show, where two people moved in together, after having been paired up together by a professional matchmaker. For a week they would live together, get to know each other, go out on amazing dates, and hopefully, maybe even fall in love.

At the end of their week together, the couple would enjoy a fancy dinner at the elegant Gevena Hotel, where, on live television, they would confess their feelings for each other. If they had feelings for each other and decided to stay together, they would spend the night at the Gevena’s breathtaking penthouse suite, where also a surprise waited for them.

At this point, the viewers would have already been taken up to the penthouse, where they would be introduced to the good-looking black man that would be the surprise for the couple. As an extra treat for the female audience, they would get to watch him undress in anticipation for the arrival of the newly in love couple. That’s, course how the well-built and handsome black man would be greeting them, nude, and with that amazingly thick ebony cock of his hanging down all the way to his knees.

“No need to thank me, Hugo, it sounded like a good show.” Marcelo gave Hugo a friendly nod before heading into the control room to meet Pedro.

Inside the control room, Pedro was making sure that everything was set up for the evening’s newscast before leaving.

“Pedro, Betturkey I got some great news.” Marcelo came up behind Pedro with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Marcelo.” Pedro turned off his control board, turned around in his chair, and greeted his cheerful friend.

“You won’t believe what I… and a friend got invited to.” Marcelo couldn’t hold back his excitement.

“What?” Marcelo’s excitement brushed off on Pedro who smiled with curiosity.

“I just got invited to the party at Mr. Pereira’s villa this weekend.” Marcelo smiled.

Oscar Pereira was the owner of the Showo television network, and it was rumored that he was going to retire and hand over the reins to his son, Gustavo.

“Wow, someone is really moving up in the world.” Pedro smiled and wondered what it would be like to go to such a party.

“Oh, you’re coming with me, Pedro. I told you. I got to bring a friend as well, so you and Júlia are coming with me and Mariana.” Marcelo told his friend the exciting news.

“What?” Pedro’s eyes opened wide and his jaw almost dropped when he heard that he and his wife were going to go with Marcelo and Mariana to the party.

“You better not to be kidding.” Pedro stood up smiling.

“Oh, I’m not.” Marcelo smiled as the two hugged each other.

“I can’t wait to tell Júlia,” Pedro said gushing with excitement.

“I bet she’ll be just as excited as Mariana.” Marcelo thought of his wife whom he had called just after he had gotten the invitation.

Thirty minutes ago, across town.

Mariana Andrade, a stunning woman in her mid-twenties was on the Stairmaster at the Larada Gym. Her curvy yet slender body was a sign of someone who clearly worked out. Her big double D breasts were snugly tucked away in her tight gym top. The top was from her favorite brand, La Clara, who’s motto was ostentá-la (flaunt it). Like their motto, the top that Mariana wore, showed off a lot of cleavage.

Mariana’s thick and well-shaped butt, however, was completely bare. At the Larada gym, it was quite common for women to leave their bottoms in the locker room when there were black men working out in the gym.

In her fashion branded headphones, tucked over her golden brown hair, she listened to “Colar de pérolas” a song by one of her favorite Brazilian singers, Zizi.

“Eu amo a sensação das pérolas…” Mariana hummed along to the song and thought of the scene in the music video, where a black man shoots a huge load of cum on Zizi’s breasts, and Zizi sings of how much she loves the feel of a pearl necklace.

Suddenly the music in her ears toned down as she received a call on her phone. It was from her husband Marcelo.

“Oi meu Amor.” Mariana took a breathe when she answered her husband. Her body glistened from working out her thighs and butt on the Stairmaster.

“I’m not… interrupting anything, am I?” In his office at the television studio, Marcelo felt his penis grow when he heard his wife’s heavy breaths. He wondered and hoped that he might have caught her having sex with a black man.

“No, I’m just working out at Larada’s.” Mariana continued to step away on the Stairmaster. Her bare butt cheeks moving up and down as she did. At the same time, she glanced back at the two sexy and very muscular black men who were working out behind her. She took a second to admire their ripped muscles, and then licked her lips when she saw the stuffed fronts of their shorts. A small sigh came out when she imagined their huge black cocks. She had been secretly watching them ever since she got to the gym.

As she marveled at their ripped bodies, she smiled when she once again saw them look over at her. She knew that they could see her naked pussy and ass, which made her so horny.

“Well…” Marcelo gulped. As he had sat there listening to his wife’s heavy breathing, he hadn’t been able to resist the urge to unbuckle his pants and open the image folder on his computer, where he had a bunch of photos of her with different black guys.

“I… have some amazing news.” Marcelo slowly stroked his small penis, looking at the photos.

“Oh?” Mariana could hear the excitement in her husband’s voice. Though she found it a bit hard to concentrate on what he was saying when the two handsome black men were looking at her. As they did, she gave them a teasing smile and arched her butt out a bit more, to give them an even better view.

“We just got an invitation to attend a party at Alfonso Pereira’s villa this weekend.” Marcelo pulled up an image of Mariana riding on top of a big black man as he told her the exciting news.

“Oh my god!” Mariana’s eyes almost flew open. She had read about the parties that Alfonso Pereira threw in her gossip magazines. About all the famous people that attended the parties of the richest man in São Paulo.

“Are you serious?” Mariana got the biggest smile on her face and came to a dead stop on her Stairmaster.

“Oh yes, this weekend.” Marcelo could almost see the joy on his Betturkey Giriş wife’s face.

“Oh my god.” Mariana could still hardly believe that she and Marcelo were actually going to one of those parties that she had only read about.

But what am I going to wear… It hit Mariana that she needed something really nice to wear. Luckily her best friend Júlia was a goddess when it came to clothes. Or lack thereof, she smiled to herself.

“I’m also allowed to bring a friend, so I thought I would ask Pedro and Júlia,” Marcelo told his wife.

“Oh yes, ask them.” Mariana felt rather relieved that Júlia was coming along to such an event.

“It’s going to be…” Marcelo started to say as there was a knock on his door.

“Mr. Andrade, you wanted me to… oh.” Leila paused in the doorway, looked a bit to the side and smiled to herself when she saw her boss sitting behind his stylish glass table, with his pants around his ankles, stroking his penis.

Leila had quite the crush on her boss. He was such a nice and handsome man, and quite the romantic. Every Friday he would pick up a bouquet of flowers for his wife. He also always made time for Mariana, even if he was in a meeting, and she called, he would take a short break and answer, unless he was in a meeting with a black man, then Leila would call his wife and apologize.

Now, yet again, she had caught her boss Marcelo with his pants down around his ankles.

Leila knew that he was looking at pictures of his wife, which was another reason why she found Marcelo to be so lovable. She knew it, because once when she had come in with some papers for Marcelo, he had forgotten to switch tabs on his computer, and there in full screen was a picture of his wife riding on top of a sexy black man. Marcelo had of course gotten rather embarrassed, and apologized. Though Leila had just smiled and told him what a lucky wife he had.

“Oh, Leila… I…” Marcelo looked over at his twenty-four-year-old secretary in her extremely tight beige dress. Her natural breasts pouring out of her healthy cleavage. He felt so embarrassed that she had caught him like this, and hurried to put his phone down and awkwardly struggled to get up to his feet.

Leila giggled to herself when her boss’s chair went wobbling back as he got up to his feet.

“Sorry, Mr. Andrade. You asked me to tell you when the news segment was over.” Leila glanced over and got a glimpse of Marcelo’s small erection as he pulled up his underwear. She found it so cute.

“Oh, yes, thank you, Leila.” Marcelo felt so embarrassed as he finally managed to pull his pants up.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Andrade.” Leila smiled to herself as she left the office.

As she sat down at her desk, Leila picked up her pen and nibbled on the edge. She looked at a photo that one of her girlfriends had taken of her last weekend at the Solieoro club. The photo was a close up of Leila in the middle of the dance floor, giving a sloppy and passionate blowjob to a very sexy black man. Leila had known that she was going to home with him, but she couldn’t wait to taste his big black cock.

The reason for the nibbling on her pen was that she so badly wanted to send the photo to Marcelo. She was so into her own thoughts that she didn’t hear Marcelo come out from his office.

Marcelo gulped when he saw the photo on his secretary’s computer screen. He already had an erection from talking to his wife and looking at her pictures, and now with the photo of Leila taking that big black man’s cock in her mouth, his penis pushed so hard against his underwear, making a small bulge at the front of his pants.

As he stood there awkwardly, his eyes wandered over to his secretary’s revealing dress and stopped at her amazing cleavage. Marcelo gulped once more as he imagined the black man from the photo sliding his big cock between Leila’s soft breasts. That was something that had always driven him over the edge. He still remembers the first time he witnessed it.

It was back in São Mateus where he grew up, just before he moved away from home. He was eighteen and on his way home with some groceries. Having always had a crush on the lady nextdoor, Mrs. Tavares, he couldn’t help but take a peek inside their kitchen window when he heard her moan. Inside, on the kitchen floor, and completely naked, sat Mrs. Tavares on her knees. In front of her, there was a nude black man, big and strong looking. He had grabbed Mrs. Tavares’s huge and chunky breasts, pressed them together, and was shoving his big cock between them. It was the most amazing thing Marcelo had ever seen. Mr. Tavares seemed to think so as well, as he sat a bit further into the kitchen, with no pants on, stroking his penis. Marcelo remembered walking home afterward with his underwear soaked.

“Oh Mr. Andrade, sorry, I didn’t hear you come out.” Leila happened to glance over and saw that her boss was standing there. At the same time, she also noticed that he was looking down her dress.

“Oh, Betturkey Güncel Giriş that’s okay Leila, I was just…” Marcelo quickly looked up at his secretary. Though he could tell that she had caught him looking at her chest.

“Heading over to the news studio.” Marcelo smiled a bit awkwardly.

“Okay, Mr. Andrade.” Leila smiled to herself, knowing that he had been looking at her breasts.

As Marcelo walked away, Leila noticed that he quickly, but discreetly glanced over at her screen. When she looked over, she realized that her photo had been up all along.

Oh… At first, Leila felt embarrassed. But then her embarrassment turned into excitement.

He probably saw it… She held up her pen to her lips and smiled, knowing that Marcelo had probably seen the photo.

Over at the Larada gym, Mariana had just finished her workout session after having talked to her loving husband. She still couldn’t believe that they had been invited to a party at Alfonso Pereira’s villa this weekend. Though as she stepped down from the Stairmaster, and saw the two sexy black men looking over at her, the thoughts about the party slowly slipped to the back of her mind.

Slowly and sexily she walked over to them, swaying her hips side to side and she did. She saw one of them glance down at her bare pussy. She had just waxed a few days, only leaving a small fuzzy patch right above her slit, which she found to be very sexy.

“Óla.” Mariana smiled and slowly ran her fingers through her hair along the side of her ear.

“Ei Bonita.” The other black man who had been bench pressing, stood up, smiled and looked at Mariana with such confidence.

“Mm, I was wondering…” Mariana paused to admire their big and muscled bound arms.

“If you could help me stretch.” Mariana smiled sexily.

“I think we can do that.” The black men both nodded whilst looking over Mariana’s body.

“Oh good…” Mariana smiled teasingly as she slowly turned around, and showed off her thick bare ass. With her big butt facing both men, she bent forward and arched her ass out even further.

“Because I could really use a good stretch.” Mariana turned her head and smiled, looking at the two hot black men.

“Oh, we’re gonna give you a good stretch all right.” The one with the slightly bigger chest said as they both pulled down and stepped out of their shorts.

Ò deus… Mariana gasped when she saw the black man standing nearest to her pull his shorts down. His cock was absolutely huge, and thick, hanging down to his knees. She wished that she could see the other black man’s cock as well, but her butt was in the way.

With his sights set on her pussy, the man with the slightly bigger chest walked over, his fat cock swaying slightly between his muscular thighs as it grew bigger.

“Mm mm.” Grabbing her big butt cheeks with his strong hands, giving them a good squeeze, he leaned down and ran his tongue along the slit of Mariana’s sweaty pussy.

“Ai yes.” Mariana closed her eyes and moaned when she felt his tongue. Though within a second her eyes and mouth opened wide.

“Aii!” Mariana felt the black man behind slowly push his thick black cock inside her wet pussy.

If that orgasmic sensation wasn’t enough, suddenly there was something big against her lips. The other black man had walked around, laid his hand on her head and held his cock up to her mouth.

“Mmm.” Mariana looked up at the sexy man as she took his bulbous cock head into her mouth. His cock felt so good in her mouth. She wanted to suck it forever.

A few workout machines over, twenty-four-year-old Estéfano Mota walked carrying a pair of dumbbells. Following the unwritten rule when it came to exercise and sports, Estéfano, not being black, didn’t wear any shorts, his small penis was out for all to see.

“Umpfh.” Suddenly as he was paying more attention to the girl in front of him, than where he was going, he walked into a bench and fell over. Luckily he let go of the dumbbells he was carrying before he stumbled over the bench.

“Are you okay?” Estéfano felt so embarrassed when the cute girl he had been trying to impress came over to see if he was okay.

“Oh, yes, thank you… I didn’t see the bench…” Estéfano looked up and almost drowned in her green eyes and beautiful smile. He had admired her from afar in the gym for the last couple of weeks. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, which she had tied behind her head and flowed down her back. Except for her gym top that hugged her petite chest, nothing else covered her slim body. Her amazingly tight butt was out like the rest of the women’s, and it had often been the focus of Estéfano’s nightly thoughts.

Now and again he had seen her disappear into the locker room with a muscular black man. What he wouldn’t give to have been able to be in there and watch.

“Looking at something else, were you?” She smiled cheerfully and turned her head to the moans of Mariana. The big black guy behind her had gripped her hips and was slow stroking her before he sped up and started pounding her pussy hard. The guy in front of her was keeping her head still with both of his hands whilst slowly sliding his thick cockhead in and out of her mouth.

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