In Good Hands


In Good Hands

I know that the accident could have been worse. Much worse. I was fortunate enough to come out of it with nothing more than a concussion and one very messed up knee. After a battery of tests that I barely remember having done to me it turned out that I wound up tearing most of the ligaments in my knee. ACL, MCL, meniscus. Pretty much all of it. The pain was mainly behind me at this point but the healing process was just beginning.

When you’re a kid and something like this happens it feels like a major deal, but the reality is that your parents take care of everything, you miss some school, and get to watch some television and read some books while you get better. But as an adult it really sucks to be laid up for any period of time. I was just getting started on my career and I was busy going on dates and filling my weekends with the type of stuff that I actually wanted to do with my time. So to have this happen now felt like a major blow to my burgeoning adult life.

I also didn’t really have anyone to help out. I had moved to the area for a job less than a year ago and still hadn’t made the type of friends or relationships that you lean on in a situation like this. Not going to lie, I was bummed out by the realization that I wasn’t quite as independent as I would have liked to think. And that I was lonely more than anything else.

The hospital kept me for a couple of days for observation due to the concussion. Fortunately everything with my head looked pretty good and there wasn’t any reason to think that there would be any long term side effects. The knee surgery probably would have kept me there anyway. I didn’t have a single visitor during my stay, something that the nurses commented on at first but sort of let drop when they saw that it depressed me a bit. It wasn’t really something that I wanted to focus on but it was pretty obvious to the hospital staff.

I was also exceptionally horny for pretty much the entire time that I was there. I was surprised at how much the touch of a nurse could get my mind moving towards the gutter, even in the most clinical and sterile of environments. The slightest provocation and my dick was hard as a rock. But, like myself, it was also left without any visitors.

So, altogether the situation was a pretty shitty one.

But now I was being released and my first stop was the rehabilitation clinic on the ground floor of the hospital. My doctor did not want me leaving the facility until I went there at least once and met with a therapist. He had said that it wasn’t all that uncommon for guys my age to just skip the rehab process so he wanted to make sure that I at least saw a therapist once and could learn what I needed to do to take care of myself.

The situation started to turn around in the waiting room of the rehabilitation clinic when I saw her.

She filled out the powder blue scrubs way better than anyone that I had come across in the last week in the hospital. There was certainly a lot to like about her appearance. I thought that she was a beautiful woman, but it was hard to focus on anything other than her ass at first sight. At least it was for me. This woman’s rear popped from the rest of her body like a sudden surprise, bubbling out from behind her and stretching the fabric of her scrubs. It was strong and athletic, rounded to perfection. Not the kind of butt that someone is just born with. She definitely worked for it. And while the rest of her body certainly wasn’t scrawny, it seemed like the ass of a much larger woman.

I watched as she moved through the waiting room and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And it. Her ass looked like it would burst from her pants, but not because it was so massive that the pants couldn’t fit it. More so that it couldn’t be contained because of its presence and gravity. It wanted to be free. Glancing around the room I could see that I wasn’t the only one that felt this way, more than one set of eyes followed her and stared as she came to rest against the countertop to chat with someone at the desk for a moment.

It wasn’t just the ass though that made her so sexy. She was also exceptionally tall, close to six feet, so much of it her long legs. Some slight definition in her calves was apparent through her pants but then her legs widened into a pair of sturdy thighs that fed into that incredible ass. Her scrubs were cinched tight at her narrow waist which only made her butt look even bigger and more prominent. It was on the verge of taking over the room, a conquest that I would have happily subjected myself to. Just looking at her and my dick started to stir in my pants.

She had shoulder length blond hair pulled back in a basic ponytail, not an uncommon look among therapists and nurses I’d learned. Her breasts were small and sat high on her chest, she seemed to be wearing a sports bra based on the lines beneath her scrubs. Her back was to the room, meaning her ass was facing me and everyone else, and I thought I detected a slight smirk across her Bayan Eskort face. She must have known what she was doing.

I liked everything about this physical therapist.

Coupled with all of this was the fact that a week in the hospital meant that I hadn’t gotten off in a week and my horniness was in overdrive. Once this initial appointment was over I could go home and be alone for the first time in a while and take matters into my own hand. But until that happened I just needed to deal with my dick being on a hair trigger, excited at pretty much anything that I came across. I had already had a couple awkward erections in the hospital, which the nurses had assured me was very normal, and I was ready to move on from that experience to one I could control better.

As I was watching the woman she went down the hallway and disappeared out of sight. I continued to wait for my name to be called and to meet with my therapist for the first time. One way to get people to keep coming back would be to have more therapists that looked like her. I certainly hoped that I would get the chance to work with her. On her. Around her. In her. Any of it.

Before my daydreams carried me too far away I heard my name called by a sweet voice. I looked up, hoping to see her again.

“Ben?” the voice called to the waiting room. It belonged to an older woman, probably twice my age. Definitely not the therapist that I was imagining.

“That’s me,” I said, struggling to rise with the assistance of my crutches. I was one of those types that hated relying on other people and feeling helpless. I was not happy about the crutches but I definitely couldn’t walk without them. The brace on my knee didn’t help either.

The older woman hurried over to me, her arms extended to lend a hand. She was a larger woman and I couldn’t help but notice the way that her chest swayed as she hustled over to me. She wore a quarter zip fleece with the name of the rehab facility stitched on the breast and I pretended to read it as she approached me, the entire time watching her jugs bounce with each step.

“Let me help you, you need to take it easy young man,” she said. It wasn’t an offer, she was telling me what I needed to hear. Before I could respond she placed her hand on the small of my back to offer some support. It felt nice to have her touch me. And I appreciated that she wasn’t trying to force me into a wheelchair. I had enough of that in the last week.

“Thanks, I’m still getting used to this,” I answered.

“You take your time, I’m right here if you need anything.” She led me out of the waiting room and down a wide hall to a small room with an examination table on it. Once inside she instructed me to sit on the table and I did so gingerly, my leg dangling over the edge.

“I’m Lou. Well, Louise. But call me Lou,” she said and smiled. Lou had bright, almost mischievous, green eyes that locked onto mine when she spoke. Her eyes were engaging rather than probing, and welcoming rather than standoffish. I sort of liked her right away.

“And I’m Ben. It’s, uh, nice to meet you Lou,” I replied.

“It’s not that nice, Ben. I know that no one wants to be in this place, especially not a handsome young man like yourself. I’m sure that there are plenty of other things that you would rather be doing. But I’m going to have you feeling real good. I promise,” her voice was calming and reassuring. And I was a bit flattered that she called me handsome. Lou knew what she was doing.

She looked over my medical chart and turned away from me to walk towards a chair in the corner of the small room and I found myself checking out Lou. She wasn’t my type but it was hard to deny that she was charming, and even sexy, in an older matronly way. Lou had auburn hair with slightly graying roots that wasn’t quite long enough to pull back, some of it hung over her face and blended in with her pale skin and freckles, small little dots that filled her cheeks and painted a trail that disappeared down her neck and into the confines of her shirt. A pair of simple glasses framed her small, green eyes.

Her tits looked absolutely ridiculous on her short frame, she was barely over five feet tall. The work issued fleece left her in an awkward spot; if she had gone for a larger size it probably would have been more comfortable but it would have looked like a dress, instead she opted for the tighter version that placed an enormous emphasis on her assets. Her plump ass generously filled her scrubs. While it certainly didn’t have the lift and posture of the woman’s in the waiting room, it had a lot of mass to it.

As Lou wordlessly looked over my chart I noticed her expression change a bit, a sort of furrowed brow that indicated concern. As far as I knew everything was good with my medicals but perhaps the doctors had indicated something that they didn’t share with me. Finally, she turned and smiled at me, pulling her chair over to the exam table.

Lou asked me some basic questions about everything that had Anadolu Yakası Escort happened so far, expressing sympathy throughout for my situation. She asked about my situation outside of work as well, nothing real probing but she seemed concerned if I would be able to take care of myself once I was released.

“No girlfriend at home, honey,” Lou inquired. “Or a special friend who can help you out from time to time?”

“No,” I answered honestly. “Unfortunately, it’s just me for right now.”

After a couple of minutes of various questions there was a timid knock at the door. Lou’s green eyes turned away from me and glanced at the door.

“Come in,” she said.

The door opened and standing there was the beautiful therapist that I had seen in the waiting room. She smiled and turned towards me.

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. I just needed to ask Louise a quick question,” her voice was a bit demure, not really shy but passive. She leaned in the doorway and cocked her hip as she turned to Lou. I had an unobstructed view of her side profile and her ass created a perfect silhouette that immediately imprinted itself into my brain as an ideal view of a woman.

“What is it, Maggie?” Lou put down my chart and smiled at the much younger therapist, Maggie, with a matronly look. Maggie looked briefly at me and hesitated to open her mouth when Lou rose to walk over to her, picking up on Maggie’s desire to not speak in front of a patient.

The two women spoke for a minute, something about how to proceed with some sort of issue with a troublesome patient as best as I could tell. Lou got close to Maggie, both their voices lowered to not much more than whisper. The enormous bust of Lou brushed against Maggie’s much smaller chest, it seemed near impossible for Lou to avoid it. It must have happened to her all the time, her enormous tits dominating the personal space of others. At one point Lou placed her hand lightly on Maggie’s hip as she leaned in, her fingers confidently reassuring the younger therapist of something.

My eyes stayed on Maggie as much as they could without making it too obvious that I was staring at her. I thought that it was a little rude of me to fixate on her, especially since they were obviously trying to have a private conversation, but it was hard to look away from Maggie. A moment later the two women separated and Maggie turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. I managed a fleeting glance of her rear before the door shut.

“Sorry about that, Ben. Maggie is pretty new here, just out of grad school, and had some questions about how to handle a patient,” Lou informed me. “A lot of the younger therapists need some hand holding and I’m happy to give it when I can. It’s nice to know that experience still counts for something. Maggie, in particular, I’ve taken a bit of a mentor role with her. There are some things that you just can’t learn in school. Bedside manner, figuring out what a patient really needs. That sort of thing.”

Lou spoke with passion when talking about her relationship with the younger therapists, it was obvious that it meant a lot to her.

“Well, it’s good to know I’m paired up with the best then. I certainly don’t mind the interruption,” I said. It’s true, Maggie could walk in any time that she wants.

Louise smiled. “You’re certainly in good hands with me.” Was that a little wink from Lou in my direction?

Lou had me turn on the examination table so that my entire body was running the length of it and my injured leg was laid out in front of her. Everything was still swollen and tender but her touch was gentle and warm, I could practically feel her flesh through the fabric of the track pants that I had on.

We spent a bit of time doing some simple movements of my knee, mainly just some up and down. First with her support and then some on my own as she looked on, her hands nearby if I needed the support. Lou let me know that I was expected to do these at home on my own, but that it was still important that I came back for therapy every couple of days so that she could monitor my progress and identify any problems that may pop up. She thought that I wouldn’t need to do this for very long.

“I’m going to take the brace off so that I can get a good look at everything, but I’ll help you get it back on too. I wouldn’t leave you hanging, I promise,” she informed me.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you need to do is fine with me,” I agreed. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with my therapist about it.

Her dexterous fingers undid the brace and slid it off my knee. Next she started to undo the snaps on the side of my pants. This I was not expecting, which I’m sure she could tell from my raised eyebrows and suddenly clenched muscles. I wasn’t really prepared to be pantless around her, though I really should have known better considering how much I had been prodded and examined in the last couple of days.

“This alright?” she asked, her hand making its way down my leg. Lou Pendik Escort reached across my body to get to the snaps on the side opposite her and the substantial mass of her tits came to rest on my thighs, spanning across both of my legs. They were so heavy. How did Louise carry these around every minute of her life?

“Totally,” I consented. I was wearing nothing more than a pair of dark briefs under my pants and I could feel my cock already stirring. Days of inactivity and the weight of her breasts had my thoughts moving in a direction that I wasn’t prepared to deal with. I tried to focus my brain elsewhere but the insidious nature of what she was doing was hard to ignore.

“Now, if you could just lift up for a second I’ll get these out of the way,” she tugged at the opened pants and I lifted up on my hands as she pulled them away, “perfect. Thanks Ben.” Suddenly I was laying down on the table and the only thing I was wearing below the waist was a pair of briefs. I could see Lou’s eyes take in my almost naked lower half, the growing outline of my cock the worst kept secret in the room. I looked away, thinking maybe that would make the situation less awkward. It didn’t.

My knee was still quite swollen and a small row of stitches were visible. Lou said that everything looked good, sometimes you needed to worry about infection or other issues. But as far as she could tell everything with me was in fine shape. The clinical talk of my knee and the healing process had helped to quell the burgeoning fire in my loins and the growth there had subsided and I felt that I had the situation under control.

“While you’re here,” she began, “I want to make sure that we keep everything moving. Range of motion, blood flow, and some activity are really important. Since you’re still not weight bearing for a couple more weeks it’s going to be difficult for you to keep up the strength in your leg.” As Lou spoke her hand settled onto my leg, considerably higher up than my knee. Her fingers kneaded at my flesh, working the skin back and forth. I saw her green eyes follow the lines of my thighs to where they converged, my cock clearly growing again and visible to both of us. No rest for the weary.

“Uh…,” I stammered. Not really sure if I should be saying something.

“Blood flow. Got to keep it moving,” she said to me. It seemed like a small smirk began to creep at the edges of her mouth. “You know, sometimes people get an injury like this and from just sitting around they get stiff. Now, we don’t want that to last for too long.”

I smiled in return, my grin was both nervous and excited. I’m not sure what I was trying to tell her but I was alright with her taking the lead.

Lou continued her massage, now working both my thighs with her two hands. Her touch remained light, it was a soft, gentle pressure that she applied rather than feeling the weight of her pressing down. Despite this she rocked her body as she worked and it was impossible to ignore the heavy swaying of her enormous tits inside of her fleece. They dangled so close to my flesh, mere inches from brushing against me with each pass. The movement had caused her shirt to ride up at her waist and the flesh along the sides of her stomach was intermittently visible, pale white and creamy, dotted with small red freckles.

Her hands were small and she spread her fingers out to massage as much of my thighs as she could, inching upward with each movement. My cock also inched upward. It strained at the tight fabric and if not for the dark coloring I’m certain that a small wet spot would have been visible. I told myself that not having been touched, or having touched myself, for several days had me on a hair trigger and I would have reacted like this to pretty much any kind of contact. But I also found myself stealing glances at Lou, trying to not make it so obvious that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When I tried to turn away from her tits I was instead confronted with her oversized ass stuffed into the medical scrubs.

I felt her soft hand rub against the head of my cock. The touch sent a warm pulse of excitement through my body. At the same moment both of our eyes looked there, seeing how close she still was to me, and then at each other. It was clear that she was trying to reach over me and instead had banged into my cock. Even that accidental touch felt so good though.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…,” I apologized, I felt that I should even though I wasn’t sorry. This woman was trying to do her job and here I was with a massive hard on getting in her way.

“Don’t worry about it,” she cut me off before I could explain further, “it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. And I’ll take it as a compliment. I’m glad that this feels nice.”

Lou paused her words for a moment but her fingers kept at their work. I had nothing else to say. She continued, “Maggie is cute, don’t you think?” Her green eyes looked at me, awaiting my response.

“The other therapist? I mean, I don’t know. I didn’t really look,” I lied.

“Oh, come on. I saw you staring at her when she came in. I don’t blame you, she looks incredible. And she’s probably about your age.” There was a playful tone to Louise. I sensed that she was feeling me out a bit. All of this that she was doing was leading to something.

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