In Laws In Charge Ch. 02


It was six days since I had inadvertently observed my wife, Denise, totally sexually dominating my big sister, Kelly. I had stumbled upon something I couldn’t fathom but my confusion was only increased by my own feelings at watching Kelly submit sexually to Denise, orally pleasure her and be fucked like a bitch by Denise’s wicked looking strap on dildo. And then came the final revelation that what I had witnessed was to be repeated the next Wednesday and that my and Kelly’s mother would be there! As sick as it seemed there was no way that I was going to miss out on what (and who!) went down in my very own bedroom.

So I knew that Kelly was due to come around again the next Wednesday and I spent right up to the weekend trying to think of the best way of viewing what happened. I assumed that the action would unfold in the bedroom as it had before and could not believe that I would be able to hide at the door and catch a stilted view of it through the crack at the hinges to the door and not be seen again, especially if there was another person this time. When Denise went out with friends (and by now I was really wondering about my wife, was it really her friends she was going out with?) that Friday night I went up to the loft and looked for any holes in the roof that I could enlarge to see down into the action, there weren’t any, it was a modern house, and if I was to create one surely it would be obvious plus that idea had an obvious flaw in how did I intend to get up to the loft and close the ladder behind me – I ended up abandoning it after an hours thought. Under the bed was hopeless so I ended up concentrating on my wardrobe.

You see we had separate wardrobes for our stuff in the bedroom and mine was looking like my best bet for seeing what happened and remaining undiscovered. It was solid, high and, most importantly had a series of ornate grills carved into it that, cast in shadow, that would afford me an almost perfect panorama of our bedroom. I shoved some boxes at the bottom and stepped inside, pulling the door closed behind me. It was just as well I was not claustrophobic because it sure was cramped and dark in there but it was the prefect hide for me and I decided there and then it was to be my hiding place.

From there it was relatively easy, I took Wednesday as a day’s holiday from my work, did not tell Denise, headed off for work as normal that morning, parked a couple of streets away then waited for her to head to the shops to buy her morning papers before nipping back into the house and concealing myself within the tight confines of the wardrobe with just a bottle of water to keep me hydrated. I was in position and all I had to do was wait and wonder. For the millionth time that week I tried to figure it all out, why had my wife treated Kelly like that and done all those things to her and what on earth were they going to do today. Was she going to fuck her again and would I be so aroused again, and where the hell did mum fit into things? At around ten thirty our front doorbell rang and I braced myself to find out.

I had been in there for the best part of an hour and although I had been tempted to venture out and have a stretch I hadn’t, I had heard Denise downstairs moving about but I didn’t want to risk being heard so I stayed there. I actually froze when I heard the bell, I stood there dumbly and tried to steady my breathing, I could hear the noises of people ascending the staircase and I stepped back slightly to allow me the best view through the slats in the door plus give me a degree of shadow in case anyone cared to look at the wardrobe closely. It was my wife that entered the room first and it was my first surprise of the day when I saw what she was wearing.

Not to put too fine a point on it my wife was dressed sluttier than I had ever seen her or ever imagined seeing her. She had long, knee high black boots on, with thin stiletto heels that boosted her short frame considerably. Above that she had on a pair of rubber black pants that were mostly hidden by the monster strap on dildo I had seen her use so effectively on Kelly last week, and covering her small tits was a lace together black Basque. Like I say, she sure looked like a slut but I got stiff just looking at her like that, what with her long blonde hair pulled tightly back in a ponytail. My sister, Kelly, followed her into the bedroom wearing a very dowdy jumper and trousers, her eyes were cast down and she didn’t resemble the strong woman I had spent so many years with. Denise pointed to the far corner of the room and demanded.

“Get stripped off whore, all Escort bayan of it, and quickly you dumb fucking slut!”

I still could not get used to my normal sensible, prim, proper wife speaking like this and the tone of her voice was, if anything, even worse. And Kelly just stood there meekly nodded and started to strip off! It was all as mad as I had remembered it. In her though I was even closer and could examine my curvy sisters body all the better and let me tell you, close up she was fucking good looking!

I flinched a little as Denise threw a small object, I strained to see what it was but couldn’t. Then Denise answered for me.

“Use it to write the word “WHORE” on your fat belly, just so you remember what you are. And remember to write it in nice thick letters.”

From my hiding place I had a close up view as Kelly wrote the word large and dark with a marker on her creamy, smooth skin. Why did it make me so hard?

“Now that might be a permanent marker, I can’t remember, still it’ll do for now, eh whore?”

“Yes Denise.”

Just then the door bell sounded and I expected Denise to answer it but I had a surprise coming.

“I can’t be bothered answering that Whore, you get down there like that and answer it, if it’s the milkman tell him I’m out!”

I was getting used to my sisters timid acceptance of whatever my wife said so, despite that comment and the inherent risk of answering the door like that, I was not surprised to see Kelly rise up and stalk from the room to descend the stairs. Denise gave her ass a swat as she passed and as she left the room I focused on my wife. She was like a different person, this harridan that stood impatiently at the far window was barely recognisable as the woman who I had married and spent the past three years with, it was quite disconcerting, maybe I should have done something then or over the last week but I am ashamed to admit I was so turned on and desperate to see what was going to happen it was an option I barely considered. God she looked hot though! I couldn’t but help reach down and begin to slowly stroke my cock through my trousers. As I did so I tried to convince myself it was Denise alone that was arousing not anything to do with my sister.

Denise looked up sharply and for a brief moment I thought I had been discovered but her keen eyes sought elsewhere, concentrating on the open door and the two figures who came through it, Kelly came in slowly followed by my mother, Angela. I’ve always though my mum was a striking woman, very good looking for someone in her early fifties, her dark hair retaining its colour well and her figure more that of a thirty year old. She had never really got on with Denise, not quite the open hostility that was displayed previously between Kelly and Denise but a fairly apparent distrust and dislike that both obviously papered over to keep me happy. She never said so, but I’m sure mum thought I had married below myself and Denise wasn’t really good enough for me. So relations had been stilted at best and although they were polite to each other I was never under any illusions they would become best pals. Once again I was stunned at the harshness of the tone Denise took to her mother-in-law.

“You’re late you stupid cunt! I told you fucking half past, didn’t I?”

Despite all I had heard and witnessed last week and today I still could not believe my ears and eyes as my mother lowered her eyes obediently and practically begged to be forgiven. What the fuck was going on?!

“Well you can start making up for it by stripping naked like your whore daughter and here, use this pen to write CUNT on your stomach . Quickly now, get a move on!”

I felt like I was watching in a hypnotic trance as my own mother stripped naked right in front of the wardrobe and wrote it in thick black letters across her tanned stomach. I was so amazed that I didn’t even register that I was stroking my cock through my trousers with some zeal.

“Now, lets start things off by having you two sluts pay proper tribute to me. I want each of these boots polished by your tongues now!”

Tribute. What a strange description, but then not so strange as standing within a stale smelling wardrobe and watching your sister and mother (with crude, mocking insults daubed on their bodies) drop submissively to their knees and crawl across my bedroom floor and start to lick appreciatively at my wife’s boots. My hand continued to rub at my dick through the thin fabric of my trousers. My thoughts were shameful – while I had appreciated what a good looking, sexy Bayan escort woman my big sister was I had never even considered my mother in those terms before. And yet looking at her stripped naked, it was easy to see she was, she had taken care of herself and her figure and while I knew she worked out I didn’t know she was that hot. It was all very troubling and endlessly confusing.

“Enough!” called Denise and her slaves stopped immediately.

I could see a wicked smile curl across Denise’s red lips as she spoke, her fingers playing with Kelly’s long, dark hair.

“Last time you were here Whore, I seem to remember you were desperate to be allowed to cum, isn’t that the case?”

I still couldn’t get around the change in character of my big sister as she nodded timidly. She had always been so strong, so certain, such a rock in the foundations of my life. And now this.

“Well Whore being the nice sister-in-law that I am I am going to let you cum this week Get on the bed and get your whore legs spread! Yes, that’s it, just like that. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not going to make you cum, my lovely mother-in law is! Cunt get down there and use your tongue to get her off!”

This was too much. Surely this would end this charade, what I was witnessing was wrong and taboo on so many levels and yet as I caught my breath I watched as my mother just nodded, sunk to her knees at the bottom of my very own marriage bed between her daughters spread legs and started to lick at her shaven pussy. And there was no doubt she was enthusiastic about her given task, they both were. I watched amazed as my mothers head, her long hair wild behind her, bobbed up and down at her daughters crotch, the sights and sounds of her tongue lapping at Kelly’s already sopping pussy being accompanied by Kelly fondling her own boobs and moaning her pleasure lowly. From the corner of my eye and with my limited view I just managed to see, in horror, that Denise had our video camera in hand and was smiling as she recorded this whole sordid affair for posterity!

Such was my attention diverted that I had not even registered that I had unzipped my flies and was now not stroking my cock through my trousers but actually had it in hand and was slowly masturbating it. I realized that, and stopped, when for the third time that morning our front door bell sounded. Neither mother nor daughter looked up, mum just kept giving Kelly head (and expert head by the looks of it) and Denise set down the camera in a position to keep recording and left to answer the door. The visitor was obviously expected because she was still dressed like a complete slut as she left.

I expected that once she was out of the room that my mum and sister would surely stop what they were doing. I had figured that, from the way my wife treated them she surely had something, some kind of hold, over them. But no, even though they could easily have stopped with Denise out of the room they continued, in fact if anything they only increased their efforts. Mum’s head movements increased in pace and energy and Kelly now reached down to hold her head tight into her wet pussy. It was obscene, yet I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life.

Then voices at the door, laughter, and into the bedroom stepped Denise once more, led in by the huge strap on plastic cock still around her waist and followed by her mother (my mother-in-law), Marcia.

As should have been evident by my tale so far, we were in no way going to be confused for happy families, and Marcia was no exception. I didn’t like her (she met up to all mother-in-law from hell jokes, believe me!) but had to put up with her for Denise’s sake but my sister, and especially my mother really disliked her and viewed her as a mean spirited, hard hearted, troll of a woman and I knew they had had words in the past when I had first started dating Denise seriously. Physically, she was pretty troll-like too, a short, squat woman with greying hair and whatever looks she once had long since faded I often compared her (in my mind) to a frog or a toad, and I like to think it a fair description of the woman.

She stood next to Denise and watched on as within moments mum brought Kelly to a shuddering, shaking climax that had my sister squealing out her excitement and spraying her juices all over her own mothers euphoric face. Kelly lay flat on the bed in a state of ecstasy while mum just slumped forward on her daughters crotch trying to catch her breath as Denise finished videoing the whole episode. Marcia was smiling, and it was suddenly apparent Escort to me where Denise had got that cruel, wicked smile from. She pulled off her rain coat, thankfully not to reveal a costume like her daughters, and said she need the toilet.

In response Denise grabbed my mum by her hair and jerked her head upwards.

“Why don’t you take this cunt, mum? I know how much you hate her, how’d you like to use her as a toilet?”

Marcia just smiled wickedly and took my mum’s hair and pulled her along out of the room, mum still doing everything obediently even after hearing what horrible fate may await her. At least I was to be spared watching that, and although I guess I should have interceded then I didn’t, I just turned my attention back to my wife and sister on the bed. Denise was over Kelly now and stroking her huge phallic dildo just as I was my real cock and she was rubbing against my sisters wet pussy.

“Better get this nice and wet with something because I intend on jamming it up your mothers arsehole!”

And my wife did not hang about, with Kelly’s love canal nicely juiced up, Denise slid her plastic cock inside her and began to fuck her and getting the length of the dildo nicely slicked up just as Marcia appeared back in the bedroom with my mum trailing behind with a face wetter than when she had left with just Kelly’s love juices.

“Enjoy that Mum?” asked Denise as she continued to fuck Kelly.

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do that to that stuck up cunt, ever since you met that wimp of a husband!”

I ignored the insult, after all was she wrong? Here I was hiding in a wardrobe masturbating as my wife and mother-in-law totally dominated my family. That was further re-enforced as Marcia produced a matching strap on dildo from her hand bag and strapped it around her crotch as Kelly finished lubing herself on my sisters cunt.

“Yes, and I’ve always wanted to stick something in the bitches ass, show her who really rules the roost! Come on cunt get up there on the bed . Actually let me get on there first, that’s it now get your shit hole over my cock, that’s it!

I watched on as Kelly moved aside and my mother clambered onto the bed and held her own ass cheeks apart to drop onto Denise’s waiting fuck stick. I couldn’t believe my eyes as a good few inches of the plastic disappeared dup inside my mother. Then Marcia got up onto the bed between mum’s legs and slid her own dildo deep into mum’s cunt. She was being double penetrated by two women she was sure she was better than and was just taking it, and in fact, her body was reacting to the fucking as it started – she was getting into it!

“Hey Denise, tell the fat whore to sit on her mothers face again, make her do something.”

Again I riled at the comment that Kelly was fat but was too far gone to really care and settled for watching as she got over our mums face, knees either side and deliberately dropped down over her mouth and received another oral fixation from mum.

By this point I was past the point of control and my trousers were undone and around my ankles and my rock hard cock was in hand being slowly pumped. I watched as my mum was double fucked with the kind of roughness and vigour I only wish I could have fucked Denise with. They were relentless and worked in perfect unison, shunting back and forth into my mothers holes while Kelly ground her pussy on her face. As I jerked off I wondered if Denise had left the tape running for this, I was to find out that answer later that night.

With no warning both Denise and her mum slid their fake cocks out of mum and ordered Kelly off too, they stood up and pulled her off the bed, pushing her face towards the carpet and lifting her ass so that it was facing right at me in my hiding place. It afforded me the perfect view of my mothers arsehole, running with juices from it’s recent fucking. Denise spoke mockingly again.

“Your such a cunt mother-in-law, I bet what you really want is a real cock though, eh? Tell us, tell us you want a cock! Tell us!”

It was mums normal voice and, almost as if nothing was wrong, she announced.

“Yes. I want a cock. Give me a cock.”

I had been so riveted on the action that I hadn’t realised Denise was moving towards the wardrobe and in a flash she had opened it revealing me to her, Marcia and Kelly (but not to mum who was still face down before me). It was a pretty dramatic entrance for me and I froze for a moment, my hard, slippery cock stiff in my hand and trousers around my ankles. Denise flashed me a vicious smile and spoke in that hard, dominant voice I hadn’t heard before.

“Well there you are, she says she wants a cock, you’ve got one so get to it go and fuck your cunt of a mother!”

In a daze I stepped forward with my cock dripping…….


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