In Praise Of Older Women


  Meg’s StoryToday was the day. Today I would be going home after three weeks in the hospital following a car accident which left me in a coma along with two broken legs. The last two months had been a total transformation for me. Widowed three years ago, I had set out to change myself from ‘Sad Sack Meg’ into a new woman.Art lessons, self-help courses, diet and working out had been the start of it. Seducing a young man more than twenty-five years my junior had been my new venture into discovering my sexuality. This followed by my first lesbian encounter with my nurse, Kate, who was coming home with me, left me wondering at how far I would travel that road.Giggling to myself, I started to set up a sexual bucket list of experiences I would seek. Hmm… what were the things I wanted? Definitely more time with my young lover, Jack. More time with Kate, my nurse. But what other fantasies did I have? Experiences with multiple men simultaneously; anal sex; participation in an orgy; possible remarriage with a man who would want me as his hot wife. There were so many things I desired and would seek.My nurse, young, blond and slim entered the room pushing a wheelchair . “Are you ready to leave this dump?” She asked me with a bright smile.“And how!” I laughed. “ Wheel me out of here. I can’t wait to get home. I want my own bed, real food, and you.”“Is there any particular order in which you want those things?” She giggled back at me.“Let’s get going and I can decide when we get there.”It was good to finally be back in my own home. Kate escorted me hobbling into the house and led me to my bedroom. I lay back on my bed relishing the feel of my mattress and the feeling of being back in my own space.Kate helped me to get out of my clothes and after giving me a passionate kiss suggested I take a nap while she got things ready to give me the total care she had promised to give me. I felt myself relax and sink into sleep.When I finally woke it was to the smell of food wafting through the room.Kate peered in the door and seeing that I was awake smiled at me and sat next to me on the bed.“After all those sponge baths how would you feel about a real bath, Meg?” Kate asked.“Mmm… is that part of the total care package you promised me?”“Well it’s a start,” she giggled. “Supper Çukurambar escort bayan first and play after.”She had set the dining room table for two. Candles gleamed, over two place settings, which infused a warm glow to the room. She went to the kitchen and returned with our meal; steak with mushroom sauce, green beans, Caesar salad, and a bottle of Miner Cabernet Sauvignon.“I thought this might be a nice change from hospital food,” she said smiling, sitting down next to me and pouring out two healthy measures of wine into our glasses.“It all looks so delicious. I’m famished.”I looked at her sitting there and blessed my lucky stars. First I had Jack, with all his tender masculinity. And now I had this sweet beautiful Kate. I felt all warm and loved and incredibly aroused. Kate and I had just had that one brief exploration at the hospital which had whet my appetite for more. I had not touched her yet and yearned to explore her nubile body.I extended my leg and ran my foot along her calf making her giggle.“Oh, I think someone is anxious for her dessert. Behave, waiting will make it all the sweeter,” she smiled at me.She was a sight for my lusting eyes with her blond hair cascading around her face, bright blue eyes gazing into mine and those full red lips begging to be kissed. Her small breasts were sprouting nipples which stretched her tank top and were so obviously hard, I could hardly wait to take them into my mouth and suck on them.“Here’s to us,” she said raising her glass of wine.“To us,” I replied as we let our glasses clink against each other.We both wolfed down our food. I was certainly hungry, but more than that, I wanted my dessert so badly my pussy ached with need and I could feel my wetness. I was tingling with desire like the first time I had sex with Jack.“I’ll do the dishes after,” Kate announced. “It’s time for dessert and that total care package I promised you.”Taking my hand she led me to the bathroom. The therapeutic bath was already full. Soft candlelight from the candles she had placed lent the room a soft glow. Pressing buttons on the remote sound system filled the air around us with the sounds of classical music. The smell of Jasmin permeated the room from the incense she had Escort demetevler previously lit.Slowly she removed the filmy dressing gown she had dressed me with when I had gotten out of bed. Her small hands caressed my body lingering on my aching nipples and toying briefly with them. She cupped my ass and helped me get into the bath.As I stepped into the warm water my whole body prickled with anticipation. I watched as Kate slowly made a show of removing her clothes. Her top came off revealing small pointy breasts with large puffy nipples centered within two pink areolas, they looked positively delectable.She shucked her shorts while wriggling her hips and they pooled at her feet. Her pussy was smooth and bare of any traces of hair. Her small bubble butt made me want to fondle those luscious ass cheeks. She stepped daintily into the bath sitting down facing me.I blushed as she took my legs and spread them on each side of her. I felt very open and vulnerable as her eyes rested on the vee formed by my outstretched legs. She took some liquid soap and proceeded to wash first one foot then the other. The feeling of her fingers massaging my foot and spreading my toes to wash between each one was incredibly erotic.After rinsing them, she brought my foot to her mouth and I felt her tongue reaching between my toes as she then sucked them into her mouth. I shivered with delight and I could feel my pussy tingling at the treatment she was bestowing.Over my hospital stay, my legs and crotch had grown a fair amount of hair. Lathering my legs she proceeded to shave each leg right up to my pussy. She had me sit on a low bath stool and using a shaving brush, she coated my crotch with a liberal application of foam.She must have noticed how I tensed up, as she scooted closer to me with the razor.“Meg, I won’t cut you. You have to realize I do this regularly as a nurse,” she reassured me. “Just relax. I want to have you completely spotless. It’ll make you more sensitive when we play.”I smiled at her, “Go ahead. I trust you but, remember this is really a first for me.”“Just close your eyes and leave the rest to me. I’ll make sure you like what I am doing to you.”“Okay,” I answered as I leaned my head back. But can you run the brush dikmen escort around my pussy some more first? That feels really good.”“You are so greedy, Meg. I love that about you. But remember this is not the dessert. The sweet course comes later,” she answered with a smile.Again, I felt the incredible tickling of the brush around my intimate parts. My entire body arched back with desire. She started to shave my genital area and I was amazed at the lightness of her touch.Stretching my pussy lips, she removed every single trace of hair. I felt her part my ass cheeks and blushed as she inspected the area and then coated it with suds.The touch of the brush on my anus was so sensuous I couldn’t help but gasp.“Oh, I seem to have struck a nerve,” she giggled.“Yes you did, I didn’t realize I was so sensitive there. My god there must be hundreds of nerve endings I didn’t realize existed.”“Just you wait,” she said with a sexy smile. “I haven’t even begun to show you just how many sensitive spots exist on your body. I intend to explore you from head to foot and all parts in between,” she smiled with a definite look of lust in her eyes.I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. To be desired this way was something that had been absent from my life for just too long.Her slender hands then coated the rest of my body with bath gel. I felt her cup my breasts and weigh them in her palm before rubbing my nipples between her fingers eliciting further moans from me. She inserted a finger in my pussy and asshole and washed both holes thoroughly.I closed my eyes as she shampooed my hair and luxuriated at the scalp massage she administered. I let my head fall back and felt her washing away any remaining tension from me.“Time to stand so I can rinse you off,” she whispered.She drained the water from the tub and started the shower. The warm spray cascaded over me as I stood with my back to her and the shampoo and soap drained off my body. She ensured that all my orifices were completely soap free before turning off the shower.We stepped out of the bath and she wrapped me in a large Turkish bath towel and dried me off. When I tried to reciprocate she refused, insisting that I was the one who was to benefit from her total care treatment.My body was a mass of needs wanting to touch and be touched, to kiss and be kissed, and to love and be loved. Taking my hand in hers, she led me to the bedroom and had me lie down on the bed in the dimly lit bedroom.Looking down on me she asked me if I was ready for dessert. Kate’s StoryThe moment I saw Meg at the hospital I was drawn to her sexually.

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