In The Forest Ch. 02


I laid still on the bed bracing myself to let the inevitable happen to me. The cold air outside kept brushing my skin often keeping me in a constantly aroused state. Their hands were all over my nude body exploring me keenly. I had a sense of feeling that this whole plan was plotted to have sex with me rather than priya. All the four guys gleamed with joy when they saw me coming in. Even now the guys where taking their time to enjoy my beauty in a slow pace rather than simply humping me. I enjoyed the attention I was getting from these studs. I never felt I am being sluttish as I am allowing this to happen. Because every girl is naive and orthodox until she is introduced to worldly pleasures. Once the forbidden fruit is tasted there’s no return.

“Rajiv, please take me,” I uttered the words almost in a whisper.

I couldn’t believe what I said. Till then, I thought I was being molested and being forced. But now I am willingly giving myself to the rapists. I really can’t say them as a rapist cause Rajiv handled me with utmost care in bringing me up here. Even Gautam used a bit force to overcome my protests but didn’t hurt me. My pussy was completely wet and filled with Gautam’s cum inside. I was not sure whether it was the cold night or the guys touch or seeing Priya being fucked but I was completely aroused to the core for some obvious reason.

My brown skin glistened with sweat as I kept panting heavily. Varun was bent low between my spread thighs eating my pussy feverishly. He held my legs open with this hard grip as he feasted on me. Rohan was kissing my nipples and sucking it tenderly. He occasionally gave it a gentle bite which sent waves of pleasure on my body. My moans were being muffled by Rajiv as he kept constantly kissing my lips. My lips almost became red and swollen by his constant bites and nibbles. I kept caressing his hair and his long kisses made me gasp for air. After what seemed like an eternity, I expressed my orgasm by bucking my hips violently. The guys stood up taking their hands and lips off me for a brief moment until I regained my composure. It was then I uttered those words.

Rajiv smiled. He lowered his manly body over my slim izmit rus escort frame holding my hips in his hands. His manliness made me wet myself even more as he cupped my cheeks and planted a deep kiss. I moved my legs apart inviting him in between. He made a naughty grin and positioned his hard cock at the tip of my pussy. I clutched his shoulders tightly when he entered me in a steady manner. I felt a tiny amount of pain as I took in my second cock of the night. I closed my eyes to devour the pleasure given to me by him.

My mind drifted off to the college days when these guys used to drool over us. They would constantly try to flirt with us but I avoided it. I was happy when Gautam proposed Priya and thought he truly loved her. Until this night came, I never knew it was all done to tame me to get me into their bed. I always wore modest clothes which covered up my curves and gave the guys a tough time to imagine the assets beneath. I was not an arrogant girl yet I never had an interest on boys. The guys were keen to see who gets to taste me first among them. But I was never an easy lay.

Until now, where I was forced to lose my inhibitions. I kept my eyed closed tight as he continued humping me. I felt my body rocking back and forth due to his furious copulation. He maintained his pace and kept humping me in long, hard strokes. I pulled his face close to me urging him to plant a hard kiss on my quivering lips. He kissed me. Biting my lips. nibbling all over my face and finally reached my lips again for a deep sensual kiss. I kept caressing his hair while he continued fucking me.

My breasts were glistening with sweat as I was constantly humped. He buried his face near my neck and planted soft kisses. I was feeling hornier each passing minute and wouldn’t have protested much even if all the four guys took turns to have sex with me. I was in fact expecting it to happen soon. Rajiv mumbled my name as I felt his cum gushing inside my body. He kept going on until his cock became completely soft and plopped out of me. I let out a deep sigh of relief which turned into a gasp soon. Another body was towering over me and placed itself upon me izmit escort which made me gasp. It was still bit dark making me unable to recognize the face immediately. I felt my legs being spread even wider then the sensation of a thick man meat sliding inside me.

“You are so sexy,” said Varun.

It was then I realized who was about to copulate with me this time. He slid himself fully inside and started the slow pace of ramming me. I clenched my cunt muscles sliding my hands once more around his neck pulling him close to me. I was not in a mood to debate whether I was behaving sluttish but it was good at the moment. The only truth is I was horny as hell and these men are the one who is going to satisfy my womanly urge.

Bang! The door flew open and Gautam came in carrying Priya in his arm. He laid her by my side on the same bed where I was being fucked by Varun. Priya turned her sideways and smiled at me. Her smile reflected happiness which I reciprocated back warmly. My lips was so close to hers which gave me no choice but to kiss her. I never thought I was a lesbian but kissing another girl felt so nice. It was soft, tender yet passionate.

My hands moved over her firm breasts cupping them softly. For a moment, I was not aware about the guys standing around us. I kissed her feverishly to which she responded eagerly. My hands ran over her hair caressing them lovingly. When the kiss ended, the room was silent. I looked around to see the guys grinning at us. It made us embarrassed and made our cheeks red with shyness. I was not even aware when Varun got out of the bed.

“Girls, We really like you both equally. We would love to make you both as our girlfriends.”

The boys proposed which was indeed quite an unique proposal. A group of four boys with us two girls would form a steamy sexual relationship between us. We girls looked at each other knowingly and nodded shyly, willing to be theirs to sleep with us any time.

It was the point at which our life got twisted for good.

That night as soon as we accepted they shared us both. Priya was spread and taken by Varun and Rajiv. I was soon wrapping my legs around Rohan’s hips as he started kocaeli escort pounding me. Gautam’s cock was lodged in my mouth and I tasted the first cock of my life. The guys had a lot of stamina and took their time leisurely to fuck us girls without a wink of sleep.

Late in the night, my screams of agony echoed within the bungalow as my anal hole was penetrated by Rajiv’s thick cock. Gautam muffled my screams with his lips yet my eyes were filled with tears. I kept sobbing when Varun mounted my pussy and Gautam placed his cock at the tip of my lips. I realized being a girl I was to be fucked by these men even if it hurts a bit. Even if I had a husband, he would be fucking me like these guys for his pleasure. He would be horny every night and would expect me to spread my legs for him to penetrate me. I accepted the fact and liked being the female I am. Nature has created me to be fucked and I am the fucked. Not the fucker. I realized this as the guys started taking all my holes together.

Rohan left Priya and came to me. He kept his hands all over my breasts feeling their softness. He kept caressing my body while his friends pounded me without a pause. My orgasm kept flowing through me in unison sometimes without my knowledge. I was tossed between the guys as each played with my body. They kissed me lots with their hands all over my breasts and pussy. Priya came to me and we shared a long deep kiss. I started loving lesbianism and group fucking which became a routine in the upcoming days. The forest stood still as a silent evidence as it watched us innocent girls slowly emerge into craving sluts that night. The long night came to an end but it was just the beginning.


The unforgettable night changed our lives forever. The guys were always thirsty for more which we girls provided without any fuss. Once, I was feeling ill and the guys took Priya for a 3 day trip to a hill station. After three days, she came limping to college with a naughty grin. She had been fucked thoroughly day and night which provoked me to feel jealous over her. The jealousy didn’t last long when my parents left for a marriage leaving me alone. It was a long night, satisfying my four boyfriends as they fucked me in my parents bedroom. We tried everything possible which ended up in orgies often. Finally, I married Rajiv and Priya got married to Gautam. Rohan and Varun drops by whenever possible to relish our old memories.

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