In the Strip Club


In the Strip ClubOne Night Tiffany and I were home alone and we were watching TV. Then Tiffany moves her hand over to my leg and started rubbing it up and down and then moves it closer to my crotch as my Cock started to swell. I asked, “Do you have something in mind?” She said , Yes.” I asked if it was Bad? She answered, “Very” I asked, “what about?” She said she wanted to lick some pussy.” I was totally enthralled and curious as to where she was going to find some. She mentioned about a strip club that has girl dancers and maybe she could try their. So off in the car we went. When we arrived at the club, we noticed a couple of cars were their but not a lot. When we walked in all eyes were on her as people were wondering why a girl would come to a place like this. We walked over to a table in the back of the club that was a little dark but you can still see us sitting there. I went to the bar and ordered two drinks and brought them back to the table. Tiffany was watching one of the dancers on stage dancing around a pole that was ran from the floor to the ceiling. We sipped our drinks as we watched girls walk around the bar dancing for customers one by one. As I made a trip to the bathroom and came back I see she had her eyes locked bahis şirketleri with the girl dancing on the floor and wasn’t paying any attention to anything else. I sat down and Tiffany started to open her legs just a little in the direction of the dancer. The girl gazed down at her legs and licked her lips as she looked at my wife. Tiffanyknew that the girl was getting turned on and she was also knowing that the girl was watching her. The dancer dent over and spread her legs as she looked behind her Tiffany was licking her lips as a response to her bending over. After a while of her dancing, her song was over and she walked of stage while staring at Tiffany she walked into the back as another girl took over dancing. After a min or so the Dancer that Tiffany was watching came out again and started to dance for each customer and kept looking over where we were as she made her way over while Tiffany was sipping her drink, and the girl came to our table. She introduced herself and asked if she could dance for her. Tiffany nodded yes, and the girl started dancing for her. Their eyes locked again as the girl was rubbing her tits through her bikini top Tiffany opened her legs a little farther. The dancer came closer to her and started bahis firmaları to pry between Tiffany’s legs as she did her skirt rode up her legs and the dancer asked, “No Panties?” Tiffany said, “No” the girl pushed closer till her leg was against Tiffany’s pussy and she began rubbing her. She started to rub up against her leg slowly as the girl was pushing her tits closer to my wifes face. Then Tiffany’s hands run up the girls legs to her ass as she pulls her closer to rub harder against her. She began to push faster towards the girls legs as the dancer opened up her top and put her breast up to Tiffany’s face. Her tongue came out and licked the nipple and she pushed it to her face as she opened wider sucking on it and moaning. Then the dancer pulled back and turned around and bent over with her ass in the air as she looked at my wife between her legs. She started to back up a little bit and Tiffany knew what to do as she leaned forward putting her hands on her hips as her face came closer to her pussy she ran her tongue up her crack and the girl moaned. Tiffany was so turned on that she pushed her face into her and began to eat her pussy. By then everyone in the place was watching what was going on as she opened her eyes kaçak bahis siteleri while eating her out she seen all the people watching her, she got even more turned on and shoved her face in deeper to her pussy. This went on for about a min then the stripper layed down on the floor and spread her legs as her friend came out of nowhere with a huge strap on dildo waiting to be used on my wifes wet hole. Tiffany got on the floor with the girl and shoved her face in between her legs and began to lick and suck wildly. The other girl with the strap on came up from behind her and grabbed her hips and slowey began to push the head into her wet pussy. Tiffany let out a moan with delight as she wanted more because her hands came back and was pulling the girl closer to fuck her deeper. She pushed it deeper as Tiffany licked and sucked faster. The girl finally had the entire length of the dildo into her deep wet snatch and began thrusting it in and out in and out. My wife moaning loudly while burying her face. She was pumping her with everything she had while everyone watched. The girl that Tiffany was eating started yelling, “Im going to cum” Tiffany said, “Cum baby, I want to eat your cum, Cum in my mouth I want it all.” as the girl was fucking her feverishly she started to reach her climax as she too started to cum at the same time. They both came and the breathing slowed as everyone in the place started to cheer. Tiffany got up and kissed the girl deeply and left….

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