Insatiable at Work Ch. 21


I knew where it was going before I walked through the gate to the backyard. I felt my cock twitch as I saw Tara in the chaise; she looked all hot in her little, professional skirt. She had her new glasses that gave her the hot librarian…or architect-look.

“How’s it goin’ babe?”

“Better now that you’re here. Get your ass over here…I just sat down.”

“Look at this…when I forwarded your text to Bryan, he texted, “Can’t wait…wanna wrap my lips around something.”

I laugh, as my hand moves down to cup her breast. “I think he likes our time together…will you wrap your lips around it, too?”

She leans forward pushing her tit firmly against my hand. “What do you think, sweetie?”

I pinch at the nipple through her blouse. Moving my hand back to rub her neck, I lean down and nuzzle my lips over her neck. “I think you wanna do it right now.”

She moans and turns to look up into my eyes. With my crotch at eye-level, she gropes at the growing bulge.

“So when’s Bryan getting home?”

“He went to the store; he should be back soon. Let me hurry things along.” She grinned, snapped a picture of my crotch and texted it, “Rob’s ready for those lips.”

“That’ll get him moving.” She stands up and pushes her body into mine, “So, would you like to head in?”

“Your horny as hell aren’t you?”

“I’m always horny when it comes to my boys. You should know that by now.”

“I do…feel the same, sweetie…bedroom?”

“Sounds good.” I take her by the hand and open the door. I noticed an easel and a sketch pad set up in the in the living room. I wondered, but before I could say anything, our lips were locked tight. Pushing her tongue into my mouth, she had her hands going up under my shirt and clawing at my back.

I slipped off her shirt and bra, to suckle over her tits. Her nipples were rock hard while I nipped, sucked and flicked at them. She moaned, “Suck those titties…it feels good, honey…they need attention…lots of attention.”

“Mmmmm…you look so fuckin hot…in that skirt.” I push it up and pull her panties off, before leaning forward and kissing her, softly…more seductively. We struggle to tear off the remainder of our clothes…except her skirt which’s still bunched around her waist. She reaches for my dick and I sit her on the end of the bed, pushing myself between her spread legs.

Her hand explores my chest and grabs for my cock; she strokes over the shaft. Taking a hold of her hips, I pull her tight against my body. “Honey, wrap your legs around me.”

“Mmmmm, no problem stud.” Feeling the fullness that her pussy craved, she groans as I poke at the lips and push into the searing heat. I begin to pump her, gradually building into a wild, frenzied fucking, slamming into her body.

Her petite build was built for my alpha needs. Both of us breathing hard, I gripped her body with both hands and fucked my cock with her body…faster, deeper and harder.

I felt sweat forming on our hot flesh; when I slid my hand down to flick her clit, her breathing was becoming erratic and forced. “Yessssss…squeeze me with that pussy! I can feel it, honey…squeeze it, squeeze it tight…cum for me baby…know your close…that’s it…cum for me…cum hard!”

“God damn…love it…gonna cummmmm!”

She runs her hands over my shoulders and through my hair. Hanging tight and moaning, “Fuccccck meeeee…fuccckkkk meeeeee! So fucking goooooood…feels…good. Keep it up…fuck me…mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck meeeeee!”

Brian comes through the door with a big grin, “Hey, I’m home…and at the right time. This looks fucking sweet.”

I motion for him to get in the action, but our eyes met and he just stood there, watching and rubbing a growing hardon. He grins, “Fuck’er…fuck’er dude…fuck her good…hard…give’re that big dick.”

She hugs tighter and bucks into my body, screaming, “Cumming…cumming…yessssss…fuck me…fuck me…fuck…me…fuck! Oh godddddd…cummmmmming…cummmmming…yesssssssssss…yesssssssss!”

As our breathing comes back to normal, I’m slowly pumping her and kissing over her face. She says, “Babe…I needed that sooooo bad. I almost diddled myself in the bathroom after all the texting.”

“Fuck! It looks like I came in at the right time…to watch our baby girl cum! That was fuckin hot!”

She grinned, “Baby, Robbie and I are just getting warmed up…get over here and play with us!”

I hadn’t cum yet, so I was hard as a rock when I pulled out…my dick was wet with sex. “She’s right…get over here, bud.”

I crawled up on the bed and leaned back so I was resting upright on my knees. With my cock hanging out over her face, I pushed it down over her lips so she could taste. She smiled and licked over the tip and up over the shaft. I leaned forward a little, so I could pump a few inches into her mouth. Her lips lovingly caressed the shaft and she started sucking…giving şişli escort in to her lust…and her need for cock. “That’s it…lick it good…lick off all that good pussy!”

Grabbing at the base, I started thumping it over her face and teasing her. I was slapping it over her cheeks, while her tongue tried to lick and her lips would grab for it. She loved having cock in her face and feeling its weight press into her skin. She enjoyed the teasing and just laid there with her mouth wide open and waiting to wrap her lips around some hard dick.

“Buddy, isn’t it your turn?” I laid on the bed and pulled Tara on top, pussy parked right over my face. Her mouth went back down over me, while I spread her lips with my fingers and coated them with juice. I took a couple fingers and slid them into her pussy, rubbing at her spot…rubbing it hard. Her pussy grabbed at my fingers and she squealed a little. “Yeah…I need my boys…all fucking afternoon!”

I nodded at Bryan, “Put it in buddy…think she needs her hubbie!”

Wetting the lips some more with my tongue, I laid back but kept them open for his dick. He pushed into her from behind, triggering sexy moans and a wild need for cock. The whole shaft pushed through her lips, as I watched from below. His balls, hanging in my face, he started pumping into her, while I watched. As he stretched down to fondle her breasts, she was moaning around my cock, “Ahhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmmmmmmm!”

I felt her grind down hard over my dick; I think he must have been pushing at the back of her head when he said, “That’s it honey take care of Rob…he needs throat.” I raised my head to satisfy her clit, while his balls bumped over my face. It wasn’t long before my tongue was working over those beauties and lapping at the shaft of his cock. Shiny with sex, I licked over the hot flesh, as he pumped into her tight lips. When he picked up the pace and he was almost smacking me with his balls, I worked faster to lick the liquid sex from his dick.

Bryan grunted, “Fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s fuckin sweet! You two’re gonna make me cummmm…fuck!”

With his big dick pumping, in and out, and my lips sucking at her clit, we both worked her pussy. She groaned her pleasure, “Mmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s the best…ahhhh…guys…fuck!”

“Look Tara, I know he’s your husband and everything, but you could share that meat a little.”

She giggles, “Honey, I do need to share…give him some.”

He pulled out to slap his dick over her ass and push back on his orgasm. “Here dude, take it…need some attention from my buddy’s…uhhhh…hot lips.

When I took it in my mouth, “Mmmmmmm…that’s it…that’s good…gonna pump your face some. Fuckkkk that’s nice…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh. Honey…uhhhh…that’s it…stay on his dick, while I give him mine! Fuck…this’s the best way to unwind after work…threesome sex…fuckin’ love thunderdome threesome nights!”

I lavished him with attention, sucking, licking and teasing his big hardon. He was pumping and thrusting in pursuit of a release; groaning and grunting from my blowjob, it seemed to go on forever. “Mmmmmm…fuck…suck it…suck my dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…suck it!”

Finally, he grunted, as he pulled from my mouth and slammed back into his wife. She moaned as she felt him slide back inside, her tight walls stretched by the shaft, until his balls came to rest up against her ass…and inches from my face. Her body shuddered and her breasts bobbed forward as he pounded at her pussy. I kept struggling to grab her clit between my lips, as she thrashed around.

He grunted from the sensation hot pussy and grabbed her hips, as he slowly withdrew. Pausing for a moment, before plunging forward and forcing more moans from her lips. His momentum grew, and she grabbed ahold of me to hold herself in place; she was enjoying my cock and the sensation of his, deep in her belly.

She finally came in a strong, quivering waves; arching her back in sheer ecstasy as it passed through her body. Bryan slammed her from behind, loosening my hold on her clit, but the thrusts sent a surge of pleasure through her body. Her lips tightened over me and her pussy squeezed around his dick, spurring us to continue the pumping assault of her body. After a series of loud, powerful groans, he poured hot seed deep into her pussy, driving her orgasm to even greater heights. I watched the base of his dick spasm with each pulse, “Cumming…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…ahhhh…fuck…uhhhh!” Finally, their orgasms faded and he yelled, “Damn, that was fuckin’ good!” As he rolled over, he pulled out and his cock bobbed free, over my face.

His erection slowly deflated and cum leaked from the tiny gapped pussy. I moaned when I felt sex drip onto my face.”Mmmmmmm…that’s fucking sweet!” I reached up to squeeze her ass and lapped at drops trickling from her.

Bryan watched as Tara devoured dick and kağıthane escort I caught sex from her pussy. I gently and lovingly licked her swollen lips, soothing with my tongue. As she worked my dick, sucking, gulping and gurgling, I had her shuddering each time I hit the bud…it was hyper-sensitive.

“Fuck Tara…keep it up…feels good…damn! Yer ahhhh…ahhhh…an amazing little cocksucker.”

Bryan gave me a wicked, desirous look and pushed his face up to her pussy; he dipped his tongue into the gap and slurped the last of it into his mouth. Leaning down to my lips, we kissed and our tongues swirled together, in his seed. After we broke from the kiss, he grinned, “Now, we want yours…you’ve been holding back all this time. Fucker…you have to be ready to blow.”

They both huddled over my body and smiled; her beautiful blue eyes drove me crazy…so striking…and sparkling bright with lust.

I was just starting to sweat, again; it glistened over my belly and they licked saltiness from the lean flesh. Quickly, they made their way to the pulsing meat, arching over my belly. It demanded a release, soon…and they began kissing, licking and sucking. I closed my eyes while they brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good…so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm, fuck yea!” Hardly, the first time, or the last, that I had Tara and Bryan’s lips together, but it always felt so crazy good. There’s very few things more exciting than having a husband and wife, servicing your cock.

Bryan nestled Tara with his arm and stretched up to gently kiss her forehead. Then he turned back to my dick…Tara was sucking the head and Bryan was licking up over the shaft. I reached down, tousled their hair and looked into their eyes. “Perfect…you two are perfect.” They turned and looked into each other’s eyes, as they shared the cock. I leaned back into the pillow to enjoy the moment… my two lovers working my dick and pushing me closer to release.

“You got some fucking control…shit…edging all this time.”

“He’s right, baby. But you gotta cum for us, soon…yer all swollen. I’ll get you to shoot…let me cowgirl that thing!”

Bryan smiles, “Honey, your pussy always gets results…get on it and fuck him…fuck him, hard.”

We all laughed when I said, “You know, I’m liking that.”

She straddled me and pierced her labia with the swollen, head. I watched her lips completely swallow it, stretching wide and feeling the rim slip inside. She was soaking wet and it slid through easily, but I felt every vein slide over those tight lips, as it sank deep into her belly. “Mmmmmmm…ahhhh…feels so good inside!”

Once the tip pressed up against the cervix, the hard, swollen flesh pulsed and pushed at her walls; she groaned and started bouncing. “God I love…fuckin’ a man…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…like this…feels good to be…uhhhh…uhhhh…on top of a big dick…fuckkkkkkkk…fuck me…fuck me…Robbieeeeeee…fuckkkkk!”

Bryan chanted, “Fuck’m…fuck’m…fuck’m hard, baby!”

“Mmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…feels soooooo good!”

“Give us that load, dude…you gotta be close. Fuckin’ shoot it…shoot it up there…in our baby’s tight puss! We can have some creampie…suck it out!” Tara was getting winded, she was working it so hard, slamming her ass down into my pubes. We fucked like that for only a short while, before he said, “Let me work it, babe!”

“Here baby, you take it.”

It bobbed wildly, as she pulled off and he slammed his face down over it. Hungry for cock, he took over where Tara left off, poking his throat and bobbing his face over the hard flesh. It throbbed and pulsed with need…a need for some release.

“That’s it, honey…fuck yourself on that dick…that big dick…you like it when it’s all covered with me…don’t you?”

With a mouth full of cock, he nodded and moaned. She threw her leg back over and moved back into place, “Let me ride some more, honey.” Bryan held it up to her lips and she impaled herself again, moaning as it bottomed out, deep in her belly

“Let me help, sweetie…I know what he likes!” He spit on his fingers and rams them up my ass.

“Mmmmmm…that feels good. Fuck me with’m. Yeah that’s it…keep doin’ that.”

Tara squealed, “That’s fucking hot!”

My hips humped up to meet her pussy and he finger-fucked my ass, until I, finally, cut loose. Breathing heavy and wildly rolling my hips, I shot my load up in her while she was squealing, “Oh god…yes…yes…god, fill me with it…fill me with all that…uhhhh…uhhhh…hot seed!”

I slowly pumped into the sex while I caught my breath and let out a long groan as I finally pulled out. Bryan licked, up and down, over the passing erection once it emerged. It glistened with a sheen of sex and his tongue followed the pearly strands, trailing down the shaft. She pushed him onto his back to straddle his face and gave him topkapı escort even more of what he wanted. He buried his tongue between her legs and slurped the seed. Some had trickled down her leg, but it wasn’t long before he was cleaning that up, too. “That’s it, baby…clean me up…clean me up and swallow all that seed.”

Overcome by the pleasure of what just transpired, we collapsed in bed, spent, “Fuck! You boys are crazy and I love it!”

I gave her a peck on the forehead, “I gotta pee…don’t go anywhere…I’ll be right back.” She gave me a weird grin and I said, “What’s up?”

“Oh honey, you’ll see…just wait.”

When I walked into the bathroom, there was a sketch of a penis; it was splashy and gestural…it was Bryan. That beautiful head and curved shaft…it had to be his…l just watched it beat up Tara’s pussy…and I had it in my mouth. It left nothing to the imagination…and it was fucking perfect…mouth-watering perfect. I studied it, while peeing, till Tara walks in and says, “What d’ya think?”

“It’s really cool…it’s Bryan, right? Did you do it?”

“Yup…and Yup.”

“It’s beautiful and fleshy…it’s warm in tone…nice job.”

“You know I love to sketch…and I love the two men in my life.” She smiles, “And I thought I’d start with my favorite part.”

“So there’s a Rob version, too?”

“Of course there is…I’m still working on yours…it’s in the living room. I sort of wanted to surprise you.”

“That’s what the easel is about…I was going to ask, but we, clearly, had other things in mind.”

“Let me show ya…I need to put the finishing details on it…you need to stroke him back to full staff and pose for me, honey.”

“Cool…anytime…just let me know. Look at the glans and corona…that beautiful head.”

“My sister loved it, too. She even wanted copies…but I’m not giving my sister a copy of my husband’s penis…or my co-husband’s penis. She told me I was spoiled…having two men all to myself. Then she was teasing me and said she going to tell mom.”

I laughed, “Your sister’s a little jealous…maybe. But, what if she tattles? What’s your mom going to say?”

“Rob, she is jealous and mom would love them…I know she would. Mom knows all about you and our relationship. She thinks it’s odd that we have a co-husband, but she also confessed that, if she were younger, she’d like to try two husbands.

He heard us in the other room and said, “Yea…her sister wanted my penis. But don’t ya think it should be bigger…maybe a mural, that covers the entire wall?”

“Yea…it should probably be bigger, sweetie…always bigger.”

“You two are like freakin’ teenagers…you don’t look alike, but I swear you think like you’re related…like brothers…or something.”

Bryan yells from the other room again, “Fuck yeah…brothers sharing a hot wife.”

She shakes her head as I answer, “That’s why this works…Bryan, were brothers and you have a hot wife…a horny hot wife that likes to do your older brother.”

He finally came into the bathroom, “Isn’t it amazing? Our baby girl’s super talented.”

“It is…and Tara, you are talented and amazing…it’s how you’re wired…and it’s sexy as fuck.”

“Thanks guys”

He smiles, “But, I still think it could be bigger.”

“Oh, I think so…you’re right.”

“You guys are such geeks and I’m walking away.”

“Can I take a look at mine?”

“Sure…I want you to check it out and let me know what you think…I’m mostly working on your balls.”

“I love it when you work my balls.”

“Yea…yea…I know…we can talk over a glass of wine. I really can’t wait to show you…and display them side-by-side.”

Bryan grins a little and snaps the waist band under his balls, “Rob come over here and stand next to me…sneak preview.”

I burst out with laughter and look at Tara, she’s trying not to smile but breaks down and laughs too. “You guys are frat boys.”

“But very handsome, well-hung frat boys.”

“Just shut up and let me show you.”

“Look…a little cum streaming over the head…glistening…and shiny…it took me a while to get that right. Look at all these trials back here…it was really hard to get the sheen…and highlight with the cream and white pencils. It really has to work with the background.”

“See…this is where I’m at, down here…I’m working on your left nut.”

I pointed at the cum, trailing over the head, “It even looks fluid…you wanna run your tongue through it…I think you got it, T.”

She nods her head, “Shit…you’re right…you really do…that’s cool. Maybe I should do something for the kitchen?”

“The kitchen?”

She laughs, “It might sound odd, but yea…a nice cock or two…it would have to be two cocks, dripping cream into a coffee mug and I could hang it next to the coffee maker…inspired by the Café Robbé and Café Bryan.”

“Sweetie, that sounds perfect.”

“Well, I’m still a little jealous, dude…you got cum on your dick.”

Don’t worry, honey…I’ll probably go back and add some on your’s.

Content with that, he smiled and said, “You know…if you hang them together, I just wanna hold my own.”

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