Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 01

Big Tits

Since high school and continuing through his college years, Eric worked for me, during the summers. When he was in college, he even did his internship with us, here at the garden. He was a great employee, but I was ecstatic, maybe a little proud even, when he got his first job, within the profession. He found a job nearby and we talked on occasion, but he hadn’t stopped by in a while. We always had a unique relationship because we chose the same profession, even attending the same schools. Stranger yet, we were even mistaken for each other; we were amazingly similar in appearance…he was a bit leaner, but he was about the same height…a younger version of me…about half my age. We both have a muscular runner’s build…we just had a whole lot in common.

From time to time, I bounced ideas around with him; I respected his professional opinion and he, better than anybody else, understood what I was working with. After all, he been heavily involved with some important projects, here at the garden. I thought we could go over things with a beer…is there anything better than doing business over a beer? Anyway, I gave him a call and we arranged to meet at a bar near his apartment.

He’s really into darts, so I met up with him, as he was just finishing a game with a buddy.

It was a cozy, local bar with the typical trappings, sports paraphernalia, drink specials and comfortable booths. It was a great place to meet and talk. We got to talking about relationships and dating and I said, “You probably do well…a handsome, young guy like you…you must have major options.”

“No, not really…I just broke up with my girlfriend. I’ve decided to work the other side…maybe it’s where I should be. I experimented at school…always been…bi-curious.”

“So, you’re dating guys?”


“That’s cool…I completely understand. Eric, I’ve had a couple relationships with men, too…

I wouldn’t worry about things. Just be yourself and things will fall into place. You’re so young yet. You have plenty of time to let life just happen…there’s no rush to settle down.”

He became very serious, almost emotional when he said, “Rob, I appreciate that…it means a great deal coming from you…you’re someone I really respect and trust.”

From there, we actually did talk over design concepts, but hit a snag when the Wi-Fi went down and, for whatever reason, the laptop wouldn’t connect to through the phone. Technology sucks when it’s not working.

“Why don’t you just come over to my place; we can work on it there.”

It was just a short walk and his roommate was over at the girlfriend’s for the evening…it would be the ideal place to work. His apartment was pretty typical for two young guys in their 20’s; the dining room featured a pinball machine. It was cool but I don’t know how they got it up the stairs. The place did have some telltale signs of an architecture student, in residence, with chipboard models, bold photography and hot lighting. Once we had internet access, we were able to work through things fairly quickly. He brought his laptop over and sat it next to mine, “Let me look for that…I know I have detail or file that’ll help…”

He pecked out a few things on the keyboard and a screen came up of something already open. Of course, it was porn; he turned beet red, closed it quickly and said, “Uhh, sorry about that.”

I really just wanted to make him feel at ease…because it wasn’t a big deal. “No need for that, I watch porn…we all watch porn. I even have a sharing-site…let me show you.”

He looked at me with a face that exhibited incredible guilt, “I guess I should tell you something…uhhm, I know you have a site. It wasn’t right…I mean, I did something that wasn’t right. I should’ve deleted everything. I really didn’t mean to, but when you gave me that old phone…it still had your favorites listed. I thought it was cool because most of them were the same that I keep on my phone. Which, I guess, make sense…we have similar interests.”

“Well…uhhmm…I discovered your page…I’m really sorry, it just happened.” He got an uneasy, strained smile. “And…well, I’ve been sort of stalking you through your page…you got some hot stuff…photo albums…and the favorite videos…I…uhh…stroke to your stuff all the time, dude.”

“I’m cool with it…I guess it’s sort of funny.”

“You’re not freaked out…or anything?”

“Really…not at all, Eric…its fine.”

Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort “It’s funny because we have everything in common…even our tastes for porn are the fucking same,” and he smiles and completes his thought, “Would you like to watch some and…um…maybe, stroke with me?”

I grin, “No problem, here…I think we know where to find some good porn…don’t you?”

He laughed big and was on it…he scrolled through the videos until he came to one of my favorites, of course…a hot threesome. “What about this one?”

“Well, I think you already know…that works.” It was a safe choice for both of us, considering our previous conversation about sexuality…it was a MFF flick, with a girl sitting on the guy’s face while the other rode his big, pornstar dick…with a little lesbian action, too… formulaic porn, but something for everybody.

We both tugged at our belts and pushed our pants out of the way. I pulled it out and worked my underwear down, some. He slipped off his shirt and reached in his shorts to pull out a gorgeous cock, about eight inches, thick, light brown pubes. Mine was about the same, but seeing another guy’s cock like that is always intense. He pushed his boxers down, pulling everything off and throwing it all aside. Trying to remain cool and not stare, I attempted to concentrate on the video…and my own erection. I began to slide up and down over the shaft, growing bigger and bigger with each stroke. At first, I could see he was in the same boat, a little uneasy and trying his damnedest to focus on the video. But then I looked over to see he was rock hard and watching me more than the screen. After a minute or two, he closed his eyes and started moaning; his hand was a blur, jerking as fast as he could. Soon, I realized my moans were blending with his; I was feeling real good and pumping my way closer, to orgasm.

He shifted to lay back on the arm of the couch, to where he was ignoring the threesome and looking directly at me. I was taken aback when he said, “Ahhh….finally! What I’ve been waiting for. Rob, that’s freaking hot…yer freaking hot…love that cock!”

“Man, I’m close…already…so close…fuck…cumming…cumming…fuckin’ cummmmming!” The first weak string shot out over his belly…the gates open wide and he pumps out a beautiful load that spattered his belly and up over his chest. All hot and flushed, “Guess I got a short fuse…but, man that was fucking great…I wanna watch you finish. You don’t mind, do you?”

A little turned-on by his request, I was cocky and assertive in saying, “Fuck no.”

Softening very little from the release, he wiped with a t-shirt and lubed himself for more. I was now torn between the hot threesome and the big, shiny cock, running through his hand…it didn’t take long for me to forget the video, either. A minute later he was jerking fast and his moans indicated he was getting close, again. Fuck, I thought…how many loads are in this guy?

I thought to myself why not see where this goes…it’s all good…he doesn’t work for me anymore and he’s fucking hot (bonus!). “Fuck man, you are horny…do you want to help…me?”

Without hesitation, he scooted over the couch, lubed me and wrapped his hand around it…”It’s all yours, go for it!”

Gently at first, he started stroking, looking enamored with what he had running through his fingers. It felt amazing in his hand and it was sexy when he asked, “You like this…the way I’m working it?”

“Yesss…its perfect…love what…what you’re doing.”

He used a finger to snag the precum, beaded at the tip. He put it in his mouth, “Mmm, you’re kinda tasty, too.”

The door had been opened so I abruptly blurted, “You should really taste the whole thing.”

His facial expression was telling…he was clearly ecstatic, ready for anything and grinning, “You got it.”

I offered, “We can do each other?”

“Later dude, just relax and enjoy…I’d fucking explode in ten seconds, if we 69’d. I want to take my time with you.” He leaned down and gently took my cock with one hand and teased it with his mouth, sucking on it and licking it all over. “Mmm, it does taste good!”

I let out a quiet moan when he took the head in his mouth and swirled his tongue over the very tip. He stroked his hand over the shaft that fell below his lips. Gradually taking more and more into his mouth…it felt so fucking good. It seemed like forever, but it was only a few minutes, until I could feel the tip grazing his throat. He put both hands on my hips as support to bounce up and down over me. I slid my hand down over his chest and tweaked at his nipples, pinching and pulling them. From the moans that leaked from around my dick, I could tell he liked what I was doing.

After a long stretch, of an amazing blowjob, my breathing got ragged and I rewarded all the effort with a salty spray over his tongue. “Eric take…take it…take my heat…cumming…take it!”

I couldn’t help but pull myself from his mouth and wildly launch more over his open mouth. “Cumming…cumming hard…fuckin’ take it…take it all” What didn’t hit his mouth, ran down over his chin. Our eyes met and I knew exactly what he was feeling, that incredible warmth of a man’s seed, on his face and in his mouth. After it all subsided and he had swallowed a couple times, he grabbed my hips and lunged forward to drain me of what I had left. Without hesitation he licked his lips and swallowed again. “Fuck…dude you know how to cum! How’d you like that? I know I fucking did…and ready for another round.”

The orgasm was insane and I just paused to stare at his body for a few seconds as it faded. “Anytime…we can have another round anytime.”

He was excited and said, “Dude that was fucking amazing…like watching myself in a mirror. Look at this…twins.” He held his dick out to compare with mine. “Damn, you’re thicker dude…but I think I’m longer?”

“I think you are longer…but they are twins.”

Smiling with a cute grin, he quipped, “Twins…that’s got potential to be some great porn! Anyway, um…could…you stay the night…with me? I’d like to wake up with my twin, dude.”

I looked at him and stroked his dick, “I’d like that, too, Eric; but promise me…some morning wood.”

“Dude…you too? I always have morning wood! We are fucking twins…I promise…there will be morning wood…I’ll take care of yours…and you can have mine…if yer okay with that.”

“That’s perfect.”

“Shit, we don’t have coffee for the morning…I had to stop at a drive-thru this morning…we both need coffee. Do you mind, if we run out and grab some?”

“Not at all, why don’t we get some dinner, too…my treat?”

“Sounds like a plan.” We cleaned up some and got dressed…I think we were both starving…we had just burned a ton of calories (and protein); but I think we both wanted to get back for potentially more of what we just experienced. We walked to a little bistro and had some great conversation, even finishing our meeting that got, sort of, interrupted earlier…with seriously great sex.

When we got back to his place we watched part of a movie and decided we were both really tired and went to bed. Before, Eric fell off to sleep, he rolled over and laid his arm over me, pulling himself closer. I felt his hand rub and caress over my chest; he softly squeezed at the muscle.

“You don’t mind do you? Love a guy’s chest…especially a cutie.”

A little embarrassed, I ignored his description, “No it feels great…I like it.”

“Thanks for being here, Rob, it’s nice to have you next to me,” and we both fell off to sleep.

As I was waking up, he was bringing me coffee, in bed.

“Thank Eric, this’s sweet…you really don’t need to.”

“No problem…I want to…I’m…I’m a little excited about last night…got up early.”

He laid down next to me, resting the cup on his body, while I sat up and sipped a little, on mine

“Life is good” he said. “A cup of coffee, a nice, sunny morning and a hot guy in my bed, does it get any better?”

When I took a look past his cup, there it was, Eric’s wood; his big, smooth half-erect cock. It really didn’t take long for either of us to reach full-blown erections. He playfully teased by lightly stroking and rubbing it up against his cup. He knew what we both wanted…morning wood. He sensed my lust, of course, he couldn’t miss the arousal, tenting the sheet. While stroking, he reached over with his other hand and took mine, replacing his hand with mine. When he looked at me and asked, “Will you stroke me?” my cock twitched with the thought of satisfying him.

I wrapped my fingers around him; and my senses went wild, feeling the warmth, the girth and the weight of that big, gorgeous cock. The sight and touch, took my sexual desire off the charts. Fuck, I wanted to reach down and stroke out a load, but refrained to focus on him…I couldn’t have pried my hand off that thing, anyway. I began stroking my fist up and down over the tip, gradually pumping with longer, thorough strokes that were met with incredible moans. Masturbating him inches from my face, I was able to embrace every minute detail. It could easily become the focus of jerk-off fantasies…firm, but incredibly smooth, with subtle veining. The beautiful, purple head had taken on a swollen, silver sheen and I worked over the rim with shorter, quicker strokes. Wild with a need to cum, his hips thrust faster, off the bed, to meet my hand.

He was so fucking turned on; he actually looked crazy with lust, when he rolled his head back and forth over the pillow. Through the moaning he whispered, “Fuck, keep that up…yer gonna make me fuckin’ explode…getting close. Damn yer good…feels fucking goooooood.”

“Rob…oh fuck! I’m gonna to shoot!”

Before I could really react, the first strand shot several inches into the air and landed over my wrist. Again, my senses were so fired up…it was warm and it glistened and it had that strong musky scent of sex. To catch some, I opened as wide as I could and stroked more and more of that big, swollen cock. I threw out my tongue and the taste was saltier and thicker than the first. He pulled me down over his cock, streaming the last of it into me. “Yeah…swallow that cum. Oh fuck yeah…fuck…yesssss!”

I laid my head in his crotch until his cock started to soften. Still a little winded, he said “Fuck! That was just about the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had. Now, lay back down and let me fuck my face…on that big thing…fuck, it’s a sweet dick.” It was more than evident, we were both smitten with each other.

I spread out over the bed and he settled between my legs. He looked up at me, and smiled; I knew he was excited by the sight of my dick, hovering over my belly and throbbing. At first, he spent a long, long time sucking, licking and making love to it…I have no idea how long but I remember not wanting it to end. Before long, he had his head bouncing up and down, again. Like last night, he kept his hands firmly planted on my hips to pump himself up and down…this time, though, it looked like he was doing push-ups. With each stroke, the tip poked and pressured his throat. I grabbed for him and pressed my fingers into his shoulders. Tense with pleasure, my body stiffened and I shut my eyes, launching a huge load. When he felt it twitch within his lips, he slowed to let me pulse the load over his tongue. When it tapered off, I opened my eyes to see Eric staring; he had a smile and a little cum on his face. I lifted myself up to hold him close; I slid my tongue over his chin to savor cum, I had left behind.

We both dropped back into the warmth of the bed and I ran my hands over his body; the pale skin was taught over a lean, muscular frame. He was beautiful, young man…I followed his long, firm legs up to a tightly, rounded ass, grabbing at the warm flesh. For a long while, we laid with our naked bodies pressed into one another, before I finally sat up and said, “Let’s have some more of that coffee.”

We had both calmed down and just talked in bed; it was warm and comfortable. It all felt good for both of us. Eric jumped into the shower and I lingered over my coffee, before wandering out to get more.

I met his roommate in the kitchen and we awkwardly introduced ourselves. I poured him a cup, while we small talked.

His roommate smiled, “So, I take it, Mr. Eric got some last night.”

I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and embarrass Eric, in anyway…so I acted distracted, “What…I’m sorry… guess I was watching the news…sorry.”

About that time, Eric came in the room wrapped in a towel, “Yes, Eric got some and can you be less rude?”

“It’s okay Rob, don’t worry about Jay. He’s cool; he knows I’ve sworn off women. I need to go get my cup…I left it by the bed…I think.”

After realizing we had coffee in bed, Jay laughed and pounced on the opportunity to tease further. Directing his remarks to me, “I never get coffee in bed…he never brings me fucking coffee…how do you rate?”

Eric came back in the room and smiled over at me, “Well Jay, you just don’t have what Rob has,” and he discreetly pointed between my legs.

I chuckled a little and headed for the shower. He was so attentive, making sure I had towels, soap and more coffee. When I spotted him peeking in the shower…I knew we had some good times ahead…we were both insatiable…and we were (almost) twins…we had everything in common.

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