Amanda’s eyes opened to greet the morning sun peering through the cracks in the horizontal blinds. She let out a long cat-like yawn as she stretched her arms out over her head, feeling several cracks emanating from her tired joints. Glancing over, she noticed her boyfriend stirring from his slumber as well. Feeling the soft fabric of the bed sheets gliding over her nipples, her body tingled with arousal and her hand drifted downward between her legs. Taylor rolled over to face her, although his eyes remained tightly shut.

Fingers soon found clitoris and Amanda stroked herself with tiny circular movements. With one hand occupied, her other one slid under the covers to come in contact with her boyfriend’s flaccid member. As her skin came into contact with his, he let out a subtle moan and shifted in his state of semi-sleep. Her delicate hand closed around his dick and began slowly stroking up and down, feeling it grow to hardness under her touch.

This was a routine that had played itself out morning after morning since the couple had begun dating over a year ago. Amanda’s insatiable sex drive often peaked in the morning, leading her to initiate the daily bout of arousing morning sex. And this morning was no different. The marathon session of fucking the previous night had done little to quench her lustful thirst and she was dying for a day starting orgasm.

Pushing the covers aside to expose her boyfriend’s naked body she sat up and brushed her tangled hair aside as she grasped Taylor’s half erect cock in her fist. Stuffing the soft member into her mouth, she immediately closed her lips around the head and sucked, feeling it grow against her tongue. Stroking with her fist to complement the work her mouth was doing she soon achieved her goal.

There was little passion in her actions. This was purely utilitarian, and as soon as she was able, Amanda was climbing aboard that fully erect pole. Taylor opened his eyes and smiled as she straddled his hips and rubbed the head of his cock along the lips of her pussy until the growing wetness allowed her to slide him inside. Her hands now placed upon his chest, she leaned forward to increase the stimulation of her clit as she slowly bucked back and forth.

Some girls have a hard time reaching orgasm…and some girls don’t. Amanda was definitely of the latter. After a few minutes of riding Taylor’s stiff cock she could feel her orgasm approaching. Her long blonde hair hanging down in her boyfriend’s face, her breathing grew increasingly labored. The feeling of his hands grasping her ample, fleshy backside complemented the upward thrusting of his hips and she soon felt the ecstatic orgasmic release as she tossed her head back with pleasure.

As her climax subsided, Amanda then turned her attention to finishing off her boyfriend. Sucking her middle finger, she changed her pattern of movement from a slow grinding to a more rapid bouncing motion. She then reached back and gave his balls a squeeze before sliding her wet finger down to Taylor’s ass.

“Cum for me baby,” she moaned, prodding his asshole as she continued fucking him.

Taylor spread his legs and gripped his girlfriend’s hips as he began thrusting upwards with intensity, all remnants of drowsiness now dissipated.

“Ughhhhh,” he groaned loudly as his hips rose one more triumphant time, lifting Amanda’s body completely off the bed while simultaneously filling her pussy with a warm load of cum.

“Mmmm…Good morning,” she purred as she climbed off him, his slippery cock falling with a ‘slap’ against his stomach.

Taylor yawned and stretched as Amanda disappeared into the adjacent bathroom.

“Are you working today?” he called out over the sound of running water.

“I’m supposed to, but I thought I’d call in sick today. I really don’t feel like driving back into the city.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked, sitting up and searching for his underwear amidst the blankets and sheets.

“I thought I’d just hang out here for the day,” she answered, leaning against the doorway, a toothbrush in her hand. “Maybe I’ll do some shopping and get something for dinner. What time do you get off work?”

“Depends on how busy it is. Probably 4.”

“Want to go golfing this evening?” she asked, her voice muffled by the toothpaste foaming from her mouth.

“Uhhh, I’ll probably be pretty tired after work. Maybe the driving range instead?”

“Sounds good,” she conceded. “Do you want me to cook dinner, or should I make a reservation?”

“You decide,” Taylor offered, walking past his girlfriend into the bathroom. Text me later.”

With their daily plans tentatively set, the couple went about their morning routines with Taylor acting with a bit more urgency. Amanda threw on a pair of yoga pants and plain pink t-shirt and took up residence in the living room in front of the TV. Taylor showered and soon emerged in a pair of teal hospital scrubs, a black stethoscope draped around his neck.

“Want a coffee?” güvenilir bahis Amanda asked as her boyfriend began to gather his things that were strewn across the black granite kitchen counter.

“Nah,” he answered. “I’ll just get one on the way to work.

The couple kissed goodbye and Amanda watched Taylor walk out the door, leaving her all alone in his apartment. She immediately turned the TV on to CNN and headed into the kitchen where she popped a cappuccino pod into the Tassimo coffee machine and pressed the ‘on’ button. With the aroma of fresh coffee filling the room, she opened the fridge and inspected the contents for something to eat. After consuming some fresh pineapple she then called her work to claim some imaginary illness. Amanda then spent the next hour or so lounging on the sofa, watching TV and drinking coffee. She also masturbated once or twice, as she was ought to do during the rare times that she felt herself in a state of boredom.

After her second orgasm, she flipped open Taylor’s lap top computer and checked her email as she helped herself to her fourth cappuccino. After a quick check of her Facebook page, Amanda found herself looking through the various folders on her boyfriend’s desktop that she knew contained an ample amount of pornography.

“Why am I so fucking horny!” she blurted out at the walls of the empty apartment, before giggling to herself and slumping back down on the couch.

Amanda’s sex drive had always been high, but today seemed different…She felt as if the only thing in the world that mattered was sex. She had fucked her boyfriend and had rubbed her clit to a state of soreness already and it wasn’t even noon yet! Exasperated, she slammed the laptop shut and hurried off into the bathroom. Maybe a nice long bath would calm her libido.

A few minutes later Amanda was neck deep in a pool of hot soapy water. Although Taylor preferred to shower in the small bathroom connected to the bedroom, she had commandeered and somewhat colonized the larger one on the other side of the apartment mainly because it contained an actual bathtub. After a few moments of relaxation, she decided to check her text messages from the previous night. Normally, she was almost addicted to her cell phone, but Taylor absolutely hated her affinity for modern technology so she toned down her dependence on her phone when she was in his presence. Now though, she had all the time in the world to peruse her texts, scroll through twitter, and whatever else her heart desired as she soaked in the soothing waters.

There were five texts from her best friend Kristina, who was probably wondering why she had seemed to have fallen off the earth, along with one from her younger sister. After sending obligatory messages back to both, she began scrolling down through her old messages. One in particular caught her eye.

‘U still up?’

The words jumped out at her and her scrolling finger immediately stopped. The message had been sent to her at 2:32 AM a couple days ago. At the time, she had been in bed with her boyfriend so she had simply dismissed it. But now…it seemed to be calling out to her through the phone. Judging from the time post, it had obviously been a drunken booty call.

It was from Brandon.

Brandon was a guy Amanda had met at a nightclub over a year ago. Although, she remembered very few details of that first night, the encounter obviously had made an impression on both of them. Amanda was the kind of girl to really let loose sexually if she knew she was never going to see the guy again. She saw those encounters as a way of experiencing the things that most girls fantasize about, but never follow through on, due to the social repercussions. After that first night, she never expected to see him again. But as fate would have it, they ended up in the same nightclub a few weeks later. This time they exchanged phone numbers. Thus began an on-and-off series of one night hookups and late night dirty text messages. The relationship (if you could even call it that) was purely sexual.

And it was dirty.

Amanda found herself doing things with Brandon that she would never do with anyone else. He was an outlet for some kind of slutty, filthy energy that was boiling up inside her. She had been kinky with past boyfriends, and even more so with her current paramour, but nothing compared to how she was with Brandon. With Brandon she felt the need to be debased. To be degraded. To be utterly and fully abused for his pleasure.

Amanda shifted uncomfortably in the tub as her body tingled with kinky reminiscence.

Maybe it was because she knew that there would be absolutely no future with him? Maybe it was because he would just be one kinky ‘blip’ in the story of her life when all is said and done? It had been a while since she had heard from him. In fact, she had had not seen Brandon since she and Taylor had decided to enter into an exclusive relationship. She had, however, exchanged a few naughty text messages and even sent türkçe bahis him a picture of her naked pussy from a nightclub bathroom. In general though, she had been trying to be a “good girl” for once, but the allure of filthy, degrading sex without consequence was hard to shake.

‘Hey! What are you up to?’

Her hands were slightly shaking as she typed the words and pressed ‘Send’.

Amanda set the phone down on the edge of the tub and put her head back, exhaling as she stared up at the ceiling.

“What am I doing?” she muttered out loud to herself as she closed her eyes.

She knew she was playing with fire.

When she again opened her eyes, she saw the little red light on her phone blinking. Her heart skipped a beat. She quickly picked the phone back up only to see a message from her sister staring back at her. Part of her was disappointed…part of her was relieved. Amanda took a deep breath and put the phone back down. She then reached over to pick up the razor and shaving cream from the floor.

Unfortunately, shaving her legs and pussy did very little to diminish her arousal and Amanda left the bath flushed and thinking of nothing other than having a nice hard cock sliding deep inside of her. She drained the tub, wrapped a towel around her body and left the steamy bathroom.

Taylor’s apartment had a large walk-in closet that connected the bedroom to one of the bathrooms. Filled mostly with sports equipment and clothing, there was also a large black box in which the couple kept their varied assortment of sex toys. Holding the towel tightly around her body, Amanda knelt down and opened the box to reveal its contents. There was a couple vibrators, buttplugs and other items, including a large life-like dildo with a suction cup on one end. There was an assortment of bondage items such as handcuffs, ball gags, whips, and a kinky looking collar and leash combo. There was also a variety of other things, most of which had remained unused. One item that had been used, however, was the thin plastic bottle of lubricant. Amanda grabbed the suction cup dildo, a vibrator and the lube before closing the box.

Situated beside the box was a large reusable shopping bag full of outfits that could only be described as ‘slutty’ or ‘trashy’. Still in their packaging, the variety of outfits ranged greatly. There were corsets and bustiers. Bodystockings. Leggings. Trashy mini-skirts. Garter belts. Even full body latex dresses. Since Taylor possessed a particular fetish for dressing her up, he had purchased a wide variety of outfits for his viewing pleasure. Amanda indulged his interests for slutty attire, partly for his benefit and partly because she liked the way it made her feel.

After collecting up her selection of sex toys, she headed back out into the living room where she sat down and opened up her boyfriend’s laptop once again. As the computer screen came to life, she noticed the red light flashing on her cell phone.

‘Just got back from the gym. U?’

It was from Brandon.

Amanda decided to play it cool. She waited a few minutes before responding.

‘Nothing much. Just chilling at my boyfriend’s place while he’s at work. I just got out of the bath.’

She then put the phone down and opened up Taylor’s porn folder which was covertly titled “Work Stuff”. She never ceased to be amazed by her boyfriend’s predilection for pornography. He seemed to download the stuff from the internet and hoard it like a dragon’s gold, yet never seemed to watch it much. Maybe he was saving for a “rainy day?”

Amanda browsed the vast selection, searching for the golden pornographic ticket that would scratch her seemingly unreachable itch. She definitely wanted something dirty…No…not dirty. Filthy. She wanted something that portrayed the way she was feeling at that moment. With lust filled amusement she began to read off the various titles.

Dirty, Cocksucking Whores 3. My Stepmother Tossed My Salad 9. Fuck Slaves. Dirty Babysitters 2. Motherfuckers 4. Raw. The Jenny Hendrix Anal Experience. Anal Boot Camp. Ass Worship 7. Cheating Wives. Exploited College Girls. Hardcore Gangbang. Slutty and Sluttier. Slut Puppies 5. Cream Filled…

“Fuck Slave…” Amanda muttered to herself as her hand drifted subconsciously down beneath the towel. “That’s exactly what I want to be…”

Her phone was flashing again.

‘So, you’re nice and clean then?’ the new message read.

She was done “playing it cool.”

‘Yes. But I’m about to get nice and dirty. ? ‘

Amanda put the phone down and quickly chose one of the movies from Taylor’s computer. A particularly dirty milieu soon filled the screen, showing a young blonde woman being manhandled by two scantily clad men in the middle of a darkened room. Satisfied with her choice, she tossed her towel aside and sat back with a long, plastic vibrator in her hand.

Amanda turned on the device and pressed it to her bare flesh as she watched the scene unfold on the computer screen. güvenilir bahis siteleri As she watched the girl undergoing all manner of sexual degradations, she pleasured herself as she imagined herself her place. She imagined the two men bursting through the door while Taylor was at work and subjecting her to every one of their filthy humiliating desires.

‘I wish I was there.’

The words popped onto her cell phone screen just as she slid the vibrator between her soft, wet lips. Keeping the toy firmly implanted inside her, Amanda picked up the phone and with one hand typed a response.

‘You can be… If you want.’

There was a relatively long period of inactivity as Amanda continued fucking herself with the vibrating plastic dick while manipulating her clit with her fingers.


Amanda thought about it for a few minutes, the vibrator sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Was she really going to cheat on Taylor? She had cheated on boyfriends before. Plenty of times. But whether it had been out of revenge, anger, or neglect, there had always been a reason. This was different. This was lust. This was an impure desire to be a slut. A dirty cheating slut. This wasn’t about Taylor. This was about her own debased cravings.

With shaking hands, she reached down and typed that last fateful word.


That was it. This was happening.

‘Where are you exactly?’

The responses were coming quickly now.

‘1298 Union Street. In Maple Grove.’

There was a brief pause.

‘That’s kind of far away.’

Amanda had expected this. Without missing a beat, she pointed the cell phone at her pussy which was still enveloping the blue plastic vibrator, and snapped a picture. She hesitated only to inspect the resulting image before sending it to Brandon.

‘I promise to make it worth your while’, she added below the lewd picture.

Sitting back, she imagined Brandon showing the picture to his friends and bragging about the “hot little slut that was begging him to come fuck her in her boyfriend’s apartment.” Her fingers lazily circled her clit as a series of similar scenarios raced through her mind.

‘Convince me’ Brandon responded in his usual abrupt confidence.

‘You can do anything you want to me’, she typed with one hand as she let the vibrator slip from the confines of her dripping wet hole.



Amanda considered that prospect for a moment before including a subsequent addendum. She needed to make things absolutely clear.

‘I want you to come over and use me. I want you to degrade me. I want you to do the kinds of things that would make men never want to date me ever again.’

She set the phone down confidently and smiled to herself, making a mental note to delete all her messages before her boyfriend got back from work. Looking down, she saw Brandon’s response.

‘I’ll be there in an hour.’

Her heart was racing and her pussy was dripping with moisture. Her body tingled with anticipation as she took the slippery, wet vibrator and placed it in her mouth. All hesitation was now gone. There was no turning back. Any feelings of guilt or remorse were now shielded by a thick covering of salacious ideation of prospective lewdness. The events of her scandalous little tryst were set in motion. Now, all she needed to do was set the stage for her lust driven adventure.

Amanda quickly made her way into her boyfriend’s closet and back to the collection of kinky outfits that he had accumulated for her. For some strange reason there was something incredibly naughty about choosing something that Taylor had purchased to wear for another man. The simple thought made her wet as she perused the assortment of plastic packages. After she had made her choices, Amanda concentrated on her hair and make-up. A few minutes later she was admiring herself in the full length bathroom mirror.

In an effort to look and feel as slutty as possible, Amanda had chosen a pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings held aloft by a plain black garter belt. Her panties too, were plain black with no mentionable features. For her top, she chose a tight fitting black corset that cinched her midsection and made her average sized breasts seem more than ample. After some deliberation, she also added a tiny pleated, pleather mini-skirt that served more for visual presentation than to actually cover anything. The whole ensemble looked just deliciously trashy. As almost an afterthought, she picked out the collar and leash from Taylor’s stash and fastened the black leather around her neck. The cold metal chain attached to the collar dangled down against her skin, swaying with her every movement.

She tied her hair back in a pony-tail and threw on one of Taylor’s bathrobes before making her way into the kitchen. Taking a bottle of Grey Goose vodka from the freezer, she poured a little into a glass and slammed it back. She didn’t want to be drunk, but she did want her inhibitions to be as low as possible. After imbibing the harsh, icy cold liquid she took another. She then placed the bottle on the black kitchen counter and waited impatiently.

He arrived exactly thirty seven minutes later.

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