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Inserting what?Hello , I’d like to share a memory that I find difficult to tell people that I know…. and know the girl involved.It was a few years ago now but my memory is clear as the few hours spent in that park that day will be burned into my mind forever , fueling many masterbations in the years of marrige since.I was a horny 22yr old hansome guy that had a hot car but was incredibly shy so luckilly the girls had come to me for dates , but I had no idea how to take things to the next level.That was untill I met Karen.Karen was 19 , with massive F cup young firm tits that had begun developing at just 11. Cutting short a promiseing sprinting career when the coach had to tell her , at 13 , that he couldn’t let her train anymore because of the way her bounceing stopped all the boys training.Now Karen wasn’t beautiful , though she was okay , she did however get lots of offers of dates from eager boys wanting to get to touch her tits. It amused her to see boys stammering and trying to look down her tops , so she got more and more daring with what she wore and would show off her huge tits and big round ass whenever she could.So a few weeks before that day in the park a group of us had gone to the drive-in , in several car loads , which happened to leave me with Karen and a mate of mine in the front seat of my wagon.I had high hopes by having a velour matress and curtains in the back , hopeing one day to break my virginity.Yes I was 22 and though I was very keen and had been on many dates I just couldn’t seem to get enough guts to take the next step to have sex.At the drive-in however Karen took control.It wasn’t even a real date , and my buddie was watching in the mirror , but Karen got into the back and asked “,So , who’s going to join me?”I was the quickest and jumped the seat to lay next to her on the bed , then lent in for a quick kiss but got swallowed up by her as she matched my light kiss with a hot wet probeing tongue.In a panic I tried to match her obvious talents and was learning a lot as we quickly passed anything I had acheived with previous girls , and that was with karen , who wasn’t even really on a date with me.I must have been doing okay , although it may have been the same if I wasn’t , because she was soon moaning and moveing her body in thrusts and twists while pashing me.It was a cool evening so we were wearing güvenilir bahis tight jeans and , I had 2 shirts , while she had on a sweater. I hadn’t even thought that far ahead to be thinking what she was wearing under the sweater but it turned out it was nothing as she pushed my hand up from her bare waist to her huge firm bare cool tits. I pulled up her top for my mate to see them because karen and I were kissing madly. For the first time I felt nipples on a girl as my head was almost explodeing trying to keep up with what was going on…… and then it happened!I’d like to say I had something to do with it but it was all Karen’s doing.The first I knew we were going further was when her hand undid my jeans and gripped onto my cock , that sprung out like a cobra.She’ mmmm ‘ed as we kissed then stroked my hard erection while her whole body twisted against mine till I felt a warm wet sensation cover my cock!…?It seemed an eternity but hopefully it was only a few seconds till I realized what she had done!I began thinking…’ how is she doing that? Both her hands are on my bum soooo…!!!OOOOOHH! ‘ My bodies natural instinct took over and my hips drove in again and again , but only for a minute as the enormity of what was happening made me cum early. Bare and inside her but she seemed to like it that way.I was in love of course , and thought it would be a given thing for her to be my girlfriend from now on , so I asked her on a date , then as I played with her tits in my car outside her parents house I asked if she would be my girl? I was suprised when she said ‘no’ , but would let me kiss her and grope her tits.A couple more dates and we found private spots to park and Karen would get in the back with me to repeat our first sex but with a lot less clothing and nobody watching , and then after I had time to think about , I was trying a few moves of my own.Though still very na’ive.So to that day in the park!It had been a few weeks , and having had sex 5 times , but still Karen said ‘no’ to being my girlfriend though we were shopping together etc as if we were.After the shops , on a busy saturday afternoon , we stopped in a wide open grassy park in a carpark with 3 other empty cars and people and families walking along the path beside a creek about 30 yards away.We talked and giggled , with a few gropes of her tits which türkçe bahis she always enjoyed almost as much as me.Then Karen had a cheeky smile on her face as she told me…” wait there a sec and don’t peek…I’ll call you soon” , then got out of the car without covering her tits and stepped into the back.After a few minutes she softly said ” okay”. I get in to find her completely naked… the first time I had seen her like that…. but not only that! The curtains were still open!She was exposed to anyone who may pass , not just guys but families and women as well as any dirty old man who happened to get close enough to see.But if she was okay with it then I certainly wasn’t going to cover her up , I liked to show my cock off in public but didn’t have anyone to do it with…till now.So I get undressed and start gropeing her tits but Karen stops me before I get my cock in her , getting out a half packet of jelly babies to wave at me. I thought it was strange that she was offering to have some soft candy at this momment but shrugged and went to take one but she stopped me again… Karen held up a jelly and slowly placed it inside her pussy while watching my face as my eyes followed her hand , then widened!She motioned with her eyes that I should go get it , ..but when I went to finger it out she stopped me again and said clearly , ” no…not with your hands…”I don’t think I’d even thought of licking pussies at that na’ive stage in life so it took a second to realize what she was asking me to do.Karen spread her legs and gently pushed my face into her groin … I tasted her pussy juices mixed with sweet melting lollies …then sucked till I got the reward.I was pleased with myself for being so naughty and gripped it in my teeth to give her half of the sloppy mess in a wet kiss.She smiled at me afterwards but then held up the bag , waved it at me again and shook it to show me that it was half empty… and pointed to her pussy as she smiled , waiting for it to dawn on me that she had placed about 50 of the jellies inside herself!So down I went , over and over sucking and licking , sometimes shareing , till I couldn’t reach anymore.Karen assured me there were lots more inside her so I had to start useing my fingers but her pussy was so wet and sticky I had to combine fingering with licking or my velour matress would be soaked!I had güvenilir bahis siteleri eaten , and drank , so much candy and juices mixed together but still Karen said there were a few more right in deep!I have fairly large hands with long fingers so I slid two fingers inside easy enough to get a few more but I could feel at least a half dozen that were beyond my reach still.I kept checking with Karen to ask if I was hurting her but she was rolling around laughing and spreading her legs wider , encouraging me to keep going , and to do ‘whatever I wanted’.I was slideing my fingers back in when an old couple came to get in the car next to us.They both got a shock , rolled their eyes and shook their heads , quickly getting into the car then the man took one last look before he closed his door and winked at me.I was just doing as instructed since I was way beyond anything I’d even heard about at that age.Now I was just trying to think how I could get the last ones out! I wasn’t thinking of pleaseing Karen , or being a stud , it was sheer panic because if I couldn’t get the last ones out I was worried we would have to go to hospital …. then try to explain to her’s and my parents how she got jelly babies stuck up her vagina!I had my face in close , trying massageing her belly , or flapping her labia , putting my mouth over and blowing her up like a balloon , anything to get them out!I pushed my two fingers in so hard that my knuckles nearly went in too…. I checked but got a ‘okay’ nod from Karen who couldn’t seem to talk right then.Her pussy kept getting wider till at last my whole fist was in.Karen let out a deep loud satisfied moan , followed by a wicked deep chuckle … ” oooohhhh now that’s nice mmmmm”The smooth tight walls of her vagina were slippery as I felt around for the jellies , then pulled them out one by one till I was sure I had them all.Karen kept rolling her head back and forth and saying ” ooh one more mmm”.I knew I had them all but even’ I ‘had realised by then that she was enjoying what I was doing , plungeing my fist in and out , in and out….I was as horny as ever by then but we saw a family with young c***dren heading our way so we quickly pulled on some clothes just before they got into a nearbye car.When we got into the front to drive home Karen turns to me and says ” okay , now I will be your girl if you want?”It seemed I had passed a test but as I got home that night I couldn’t get to sleep ….I kept thinking…..” oops , what have I done? , will I be able to handle her and keep her satisfied….?” What did she want to do next……?

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