Insight of the Third Kind


I could see her in my mind’s eye. Even more I could feel her. Even their whispers were vaguely audible to me. I could not make out words so much as I could feel their emotional content. Though it was my long years of practice that allowed my third eye senses to distinguish their pleasure noises from the rain in the gutters.

They were parked. She had been driving, but now the drivers seat was vacated. They were in the cab of our truck. She was on his lap. The back of her head was bumping into the roof. Her short skirt was revealing bare thighs. Somehow I could feel or sense her wetness. His hard shaft, so eager, in her moistness.

I had lost track of them for several minutes but now the picture was getting clearer. She had been sucking his cock. I don’t know how I know, but it was as if the scent was still on her lips, the taste of him in her mouth came through in waves, but it was faint in comparison to the feel of his hair in her hands or his lips on her nipples. Those sensations were very fresh, very present. She had her arms wrapped around his head. His face buried in her breasts. The feel of his hand was on her thighs. Her scent was strong. She had been holding back with him for many months now, maybe more. Even tonight she had been able to play innocent about their trip to the store.

The struggle of their bodies to come closer in the tight cab of our truck was overwhelming for a minute. I became aroused and maybe she sensed my awareness. It seemed like she was trying to shield me, but I could also sense the arm rest pf the truck was an obstacle in the passion. I could feel the grunts and the moans. They both wanted completion.

It was a passion held long in abeyance. They had been pretending to not be into each other for several months now and the worse was that she believed it. It was always most dangerous and exciting when she denied herself, when she denied herself a lover. It was in her nature to grab the wounded warriors and wrap them in her juicy love until they were whole again. But she seems blind to the process until it erupts into her or onto her as the case often is.

It is difficult to explain but it almost all occurs subliminally or subconsciously. She is my soul mate and she is a sexual healer. She is a high priestess from a long line of such. And often I know her better than she knows herself. Deep down she carries the wounds and scars of the damaging effects of millennia of unmitigated patriarchy. Those wounds have made it difficult to be honest with herself. And yet she is called, by forces deep inside of herself, oftentimes beyond herself to heal the men, the wounded warriors. And often she does it in mind blowing fashion. Or head blowing as she is doing at this moment.

I am her guardian. And I am her soulmate partner. Yet we are not husband and wife. Though from the outside we seem to many to be so. It is more true that we are carriers of two ancient bloodlines and that on the soul level we need each other and cumlouder porno we are the refined complement to each other.

It has not been a relationship of sexual fidelity though, nor did I expect it to ever be one. Since the Isle of Avalon and before into the prehistory of Gaul my blood has stood with the Mother Goddess and the men of my line have always been caretakers, but not masters, of that sacred energy.

And somehow despite all the calamities brought on my line for our alignment to matriarchal cultures and systems most every generation one or two are selected to be guardian clerics to these primal warrior goddesses. Though we always fall in love our fathers prepare us as best they can to tend the sacred fires without getting too burnt.

As I continue in trance I feel my goddess, the very one that has command of my soul, parked some miles away. She is fucking a young man. He is rather new to our village. Maybe a year back he arrived with a small cluster of refugees. He was obviously from the warrior class and a hard man, hardly that though, in many ways. He says he is 23, but he might even be a few years younger.

In the year he has been with us he has progressed much and is reasonably involved in our gardens and in our firewood. We expect the young men who are healthy to be engaged in our living systems.

The society around us is collapsing in fits. We are very far removed from it, still having the Avalon crystals in our midst, the mysts keep us deep in a vortex, but we are still on the planet Earth, as we must be, so all kinds of energies get through. And that includes the Roman operatives who continue the war of the Jesiuts on all matriarchal communities as well as non-romanesque world views.

We have needed to remain vigilant and we must respect our call to heal and make whole. In that work, I must protect and care take the high priestess so that she can do her work. And her work has often been provocative, sometimes vulgar, and regularly erotic, to the point of radical seduction.. My soul flame partner is at times overwhelmed even by a spirit of fertility that is representative of the Inner Earth Gaia. All men in the vicinity go weak in the knees and behave like muffin heads when it is at it most powerful. And most women seem to tune in with her in these moments.

I have drilled long hours in tantric meditation so that I can retain my wits in such moments, though at times all are overwhelmed by the essential mother goddess spirit of the universe who is in herself all things, including a fertile figure of intoxicating design. Especially the high priestess line of Avalon. They have long been known for their knock-out beauty. And it lends itself to these outrageous moments that dissolve all boundaries of reality. In those moments the supreme reality of time and space are simply orbiting her most highness as she stands in her glory.

Right now though, in this moment, a more minor eruption of an czech amateurs porno intimate nature is occurring. I could simultaneously see her blowing me that kiss goodbye just an hour ago, none the wiser that I could already see what was coming. I had felt it building and wondered if this innocent trip down to the store would take a detour. There were always friends to stop in on. We often called on our neighbors on the way to and from the store.

Something had shifted. She was no longer on his lap. My vision resolved around her now laying across the cab. Her knees were back on the driver’s seat. His fingers were in her hair. Her lips were wrapped around his shaft. His moans were tickling her ears. She revels in being mastress of pleasures.

Then it was gone. Very quickly the energy shifted and I lost contact. Sometimes she could blanket me but this moment was probably too raw for her to focus enough to effectively shield me. Her primal headspace and her excited clitorus are too overwhelming. Instead of protecting herself in these moments, she lets down her guard. In her primal moments I see how much our Goddess enjoys being watched. That is why I must be vigilant, for all her power comes with a fragile and tender naivete.

After a short time I could sense everything was okay. Something had definitely interrupted them, they seemed to be driving now. She was still very aroused. I could feel her touching herself at times.

A few hours later I felt her pulsations coming through the ethers. I took some deep breaths and reentered the trance world. As my third eye opened I felt myself pulled south. She was on the hood of the truck. He was fucking her from behind. It was very powerful, almost forecful. I felt slight alarm as I honed in. She was not in control. Her skirt was wrapped around her hips. He had one hand in her hair pulling her head back while the other wrapped around her mouth muffling her. I felt the violence as his cock teared into her, but then I felt her melt into orgasm as he fucked her. Her cream was thick on his shaft and I could hear the wet slaps as he controlled her moans with his thick paws.

They were in the driveway of a friend. Upon their departure they hadn’t made it back into the truck. It was a long driveway, but she was a loud moaner.

Shortly after her orgasm I felt her blanket me. She sensed my awareness and became self conscious. She probably felt shy considering just a few hours before she had laughed at my teasing her about her date.

I had already become turned on even before she informed me of their short and insignificant trip to the store. And to see a friend was genius, as it was the perfect cover for the several hours their store trip was taking.

I could feel her groaning as he continued fucking her. His cock was thicker now. And deeper inside her as she arched for him receiving all of him. I was somewhat comforted that his size was no more substantial then czech casting porno mine, but he did fuck her with a ferocity that I could no longer muster. She was a goddess and it was his first time.

Thirty minutes or so passed before I pierced her spell. They had pulled off the road just south of the property. Maybe fifteen minutes on foot. It was tempting but I could see everything anyways.

She was back on top of him. This time her feet were planted flat and she was squatting on his cock. She moaned as she bounced. I could sense the fresh air on her nipples and knew them to be on the tail gate of the truck.

His energy was much more relaxed now. He was whispering endearingly to her as she rose and fell on his youthful shaft. Her answers were only moans. Through the ethers I felt their arousal surging and knew residuals were flowing all through the valley. She was so powerful in her expressions. In the subtle dimensions people were often affected positively by these moments of her highness. In their conscious minds they may not perceive the cause, but subliminally they were expereincing it. The Earth herself seemed to radiate in waves around the priestess as she pleasured this young visitor to our village. After tonight though he would probably enter the earnest work of joining the village. She had recruited many of the good men of our village. She recruited me in similar fashion, blowing my mind and head.

I had straggled into the village a dozen years prior mostly looking for a quiet place to die. I had been raised to work the salt mines and being intelligent I had become useful enough to escape most of the more brutal realities, and over the course of a decade I planned my escape. I had learned that it was not impossible, but still it was more challenging then I had ever imagined and my arrival in the mountain village was after a long and difficult experience in the wilderness.

All the village wanted me to move on, seeing me as only a source of trouble and of no use as a burnt out salt miner cargo specialist.

Thankfully she saw something else. Against the wishes of the council she took me as her lover and invested years in healing me and teaching me how to garden as well as other valuable functions.

For a few years I was her lover and it seemed maybe we would get married. Then she arranged for me to leave and help in another village as they needed more men. She quickly took another lover.

And soon the local priestess of my new village had me in her bed where I was most easily comforted, and most every night.

I resigned myself and quit sending letters of adoration to the high priestess. I accepted that she was done with me.

Then after 1111 days she recalled me to her side and we hand fasted. She sent her other lovers away. After a few years though things built up and I have come to accept that she herself doesn’t understand the work she does and needs to do.

She healed me with her loving. I could accept if that truly is only for me, but I can also accept that she needs to allow herself to fulfill her highest even if that means that she is riding a young man’s cock right this moment and her moans are free to bathe the trees as he returns home to himself, to the mother, in her warm and wet embrace.

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