When you first see him, hug him. Let him pull you to his chest. Allow him hold you, to kiss the top of your head. Let him feel like he is protecting you. Look up at him like you need him. Because, in a way, you do.

Now take a step back. Put your hands on his shoulders. Push down, gently, until he’s sitting on the bed. Stand in front of him. Touch his cheek. He’ll turn his face towards your hand. Let him. Feel the soft crackle of his beard under your palm.

Stroke your fingers along his temple, through his hair. Trace your fingers down the edges of his jawline. Rub your thumb lightly along his lips. Catch hold of his jaw, and tilt his chin up. Cup his face with both hands.

Nudge his knees open so that you can stand between them. Still holding his face, kiss his forehead, just below the hairline. Kiss his left cheek. Kiss the right. Kiss his nose, and smile when he smiles. Let your lips hover over his for a second before you kiss his mouth. Let it be a chaste kiss, to start. Feel how soft his lips are under yours. Feel him wait for you. Stay very still.

Kiss him again, with a little bit more pressure. Using the lightest touch of your fingers on his jaw, signal to him that you want his mouth to open. If he tries to push his tongue in your mouth, pull back ever so slightly, then return. This is how you teach him that you are kissing him. Feel his lips go soft and pliable. Fill his mouth with your tongue.

When he is accepting your long, deep, careful kisses, stop. Smile. Brush his hair away from his face. Say, admiringly, as though you are in awe: “Look at you.”

Run both your hands through his hair, a little more roughly than you did before. Pull him close and hold him tight against you, his head against your stomach. Let him feel you breathe in, deep. Kiss the top of his head. Lightly scratch the back of his neck with your nails. Feel the goose bumps prickle up on his skin. Slide your hands down his shirt, light tickling scratches on his back, his shoulders.

Sit down beside him. Take off your shoes. Say, “Take your shoes off.” Climb onto the bed and pat the spot beside you. Have him sit up against the pillows. Arrange him so that he is comfortable, and then straddle him.

He will reach his hands up to touch you. Catch them with your hands and place them, firmly, on your hips. Let him move you. Let him pull you against him, as long as he keeps his hands where they belong. Kiss him again. Rock your body against his until you can feel him beneath you, getting hard.

Stop. Sit on his thighs and take both of his hands in yours. Squeeze them. Raise one hand to your face and kiss his fingers. Bite them very, very lightly. Laugh. Kiss his knuckles. Suck, teasingly, the tips of his fingers, and then offer him one of your hands. Press your fingers against his lips. He will kiss them gently, the way you’ve been kissing his. Press his lips until his mouth opens and he sucks your fingers in, deep as they’ll go. When he does this, close your eyes, thrust your hips forward, and inhale deeply. Cradle his hand against your face.

Start kissing him again, draping your whole body over him so that he can feel the weight of your breasts against his chest. Kiss his ear, and his neck, and feel him shiver. Kiss him along the line of his shirt, and undo the top button. Kiss the skin you’ve exposed, and then undo the next. Do this a third time, then sit up and unbutton the rest. Unbutton the buttons at his wrists. When everything is unbuttoned, let him to be the one to take off his shirt.

When his shirt is off, sit back and look at him. Take your time. Take this seriously. If he tries to make a joke, ignore it. Let him experience what it feels like to be admired. czech couples porno Run your fingers through his chest hair. Touch his nipple and feel it harden under your thumb. If he says anything, press your finger against his mouth and say, “Shhhh.” If he tries to touch you, catch his hand, kiss it, and then move it away.

Beginning from his lower belly, run your nails lightly up and down his chest, along his ribcage, under his arms, his shoulders. He’ll lift his arms up, and when he does, wrap your fingers in his and place his hands above his head. Hold them there. Pause. Kiss the center of his palms, and then lean some of your weight on them, holding him down.

Keeping his hands pinned above his head, kiss him again, deeper. Run your free hand over his body, down over his pants, between his thighs. Touch his cock through his clothes. Whisper, “Don’t move.” Kiss his face, his throat, his chest. Flicker your tongue over his nipples. Kiss his belly, in a long line down to the edge of his pants. Push his legs open. Unbuckle his belt and pull it from the loops. Undo the top button of his jeans. Unzip his fly.

Lock eyes with him. Tug his pants down. Let him help you. Tug his underwear down. Take off his socks. When he is naked, before you touch him at all, look at him again. Let him be a little nervous. Resist the urge to say anything. Just look.

With one hand, trace your finger along his hip. Follow your finger with your eyes. Trace it up his chest, and back down again, along the edges of his pubic hair. Touch that. Feel its texture. Tangle your fingers in it. Let your hand rest there.

With the lightest of touches, stroke your fingers along his balls, up the shaft. Just barely brushing it. Look at him as though you can’t believe how lucky you are. Curl up against him, nestle your face against his cheek. Kiss his face again, ardently, and then his mouth, deeply, moving your hand all over his body, everywhere, paying special attention to his inner thighs. Move your hand towards his cock, and then away; move with a firm touch up his legs, getting lighter and lighter until he can barely feel your hand as it brushes over his cock, and it jumps beneath you. Don’t take hold of it yet. Give it only the lightest of touches, and only with your fingertips. Do this until he is straining towards you, yearning for your hand.

Catch hold of his thighs, firmly. Push his legs open, wider than they were. Lie on top of him, your whole, clothed body running down the length of his. Let his cock press against your skirt but be careful not to crush him. Take his hand and place it on your waist, on the bare skin beneath your shirt. Hold it there. Let him feel your breath. Then arch your back and allow his hand rise to a spot between your shoulder blades, above the strap of your bra. Wriggle up against him and kiss him for a long time, like that. Let him feel the muscles in your back moving. Feel him underneath your belly, so so hard. If he tries to move his hand, stop kissing him and pull away. Smile like it’s a game. Put his hand where you want it, and begin kissing him again.

Sit up. Reach under your shirt and unfasten your bra. Take it off and throw it on the floor, with your shirt still covering your chest. Lock eyes with him, take his hands, and place them on your breasts. Close your eyes. Smile when he touches you the way you want to be touched. If he’s too gentle, pinch his fingers together over your nipples until he gets it right. Reward him by showing him your pleasure. Rock against him. Bite your lip. Swallow, hard.

Let his hands roam all over you, above your waist, fondling and pinching and stroking, but when his hands wander below your waist, czech estrogenolit porno as they will, grab them hard. Move them above his head and pin them to the pillow. Give him a dangerous look, so that he knows not to move. When he is lying there, not moving, his hands above his head, take off your shirt and show him your breasts. Show them off. Stroke your nipple. Feel their weight. Let him watch. Let him know that he is being very gently punished. Lean forward so that your breasts dangle in front of his face, but jump back when he tries to touch them. Take hold of one with your hand and use your nipple to trace a pattern across his face, down his cheek, and towards his mouth. Graze your nipple over his lips but don’t let him suck. Sit back, look at him. And then cup his head with your hand and slide your breast into his mouth and let him suck.

Pull him up towards you, pushing your breasts against his face. When he sucks hard, moan. Stroke his hair and tell him how good it feels. Take his hand and squeeze it between your legs. Say his name. Tell him how badly you want him. And then push him back on the bed.

Grab his hair and pull it, lightly, then harder. Kiss him deeply, forcing your tongue into his mouth, a little too deep. Ask him if he wants to feel how badly you want him. When he nods, laugh, and say, “Will you be good?” When he says yes, smile and say, “I know.”

Take his hand and slide it under your skirt, under your nylons, until he can feel how soaked and slippery you are. Get his hands wet, and get your own fingers wet, but don’t let him put his fingers inside you. Slide his hand out from between your legs and kiss his wet fingers, then stroke your fingers across his mouth, leaving a streak of shining dampness on his lips. Let him suck on your fingers. Ask him if he likes it. When he says yes, tell him, “I know.”

Ask him if he wants to make you come. When he nods, take off your skirt and your nylons. Push him down on the bed. Look at him and then climb up, balancing on your knees so that his face is between your legs, and then lower yourself down onto him.

Let him eat you out. All you need to do is enjoy it. Push against him when you want it harder; pull back when you want it lighter. Be loud. Let him know you love it. Brace yourself against the head of the bed. Be wild. Grab hold of his hands and shove his fingers into you. Find your own rhythm. Grind against his face. Use your own hand on your clit until you come.

When you’re done, slide down next to him. Smile and stretch like a cat beside him. Whisper, “Oh, my God.” Say, “I knew you would be good at that, but I had no idea how good.” Kiss his shoulder reverently. Grab the sheet and use it to wipe the wetness from his face. Kiss the corner of his mouth. Take his hand between his legs and squeeze. Wrap his other hand around you. Look into his eyes.

Slowly, after you both have rested for a while, let your hand wander down towards his cock. Maybe he’ll be hard. Maybe he won’t. If he’s not, stroke him gently, almost casually, until he is. Say, teasingly, “Look at that. What should we do about it?” Whisper in his ear, “Do you want to come?” He’ll nod. Stroke it a little harder.

Say, “Say please.”

He’ll say please.

Say, “Please what?”

He’ll say, “Please make me come.”

Kiss his cheek. Say, brightly, “Okay!” Roll over and place yourself between his legs. Spread his legs out wide and lie down so that your head is resting on his thigh. Inspect him very closely, touching him as though you have all the time in the world. Alternate your touches between fast and slow, light and hard. Play with his balls, cradling and stroking them. czech first video porno You are not trying to make him come. There is no end in mind. This should all still feel like a game.

When he is very hard, when his eyes are closed and his body is twitching, lift his balls and let your fingers trace lightly over his asshole. Watch his face as you do this. He will probably try to close his legs. Re-open them again, with a little scolding smile, but don’t touch him there again, not right away.

Cup his balls in your hand and bring them towards your face. Inhale. Exhale, so that he can feel your breath on them. Kiss them. Suck them very, very carefully into your mouth. Sit up. Lean in close over his cock. Breathe on it. Kiss the tip, and then flicker your tongue over the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft. When he breathes in sharply, ask him if he likes that. When he says yes, do it again. Ask him if he wants more. He’ll say yes. Tell him to say please. He’ll say please.

Begin licking the head of his cock. Breathe out, onto him, and then lick, and make each lick lighter than the breaths. Continue on with these feathery licks until the whole head of his cock is shiny and damp. Lock eyes with him and open your mouth in an o, positioning yourself over the head of his cock, so he’s actually inside your mouth but you’re not touching him, not yet. Let him imagine what it feels like to have that warm wet cave of your mouth around him, and then swirl your tongue in one quick motion around the head, flick it upwards at the base, and pull away.

He’ll thrust up towards you, but it will be too late. Wrap your hand tight around his shaft and pump it, once hard and firm. Say, “You can’t come until I tell you to.” He’ll say he won’t. Pump your hand again and say, “You promise?” He’ll promise. Pump it a third time and say, “Good boy.”

Start again with the light, feathery licks, but now keep your hand moving in a regular rhythm. Add in the swirling tongue, and each time you swirl, go a little lower, until you’re licking all along the shaft to the base. Slid your tongue over his balls, lap at them, and start again from the top. Do this three times before you finally start to suck.

In the same way that you did with the swirling, start sucking from the top and work your way down, so that at the beginning, you are sucking just the head, and by the end you’re taking him all the way into your throat, your tongue always flicking along that sensitive center line. Do this, moving with his rhythm, until you know that if you keep on doing his much longer, he will come.

Keep pumping with your left hand, but when you finish the last deep suck, sit up and lick your fingers, and place them between his legs. He’ll look at you with glazed eyes, confused, to see why you’ve stopped sucking, and give the tip of his cock a good long lick and say, “I want to put my finger inside you.”

Before he answers, suck again, and then look up at him imploringly with your cock in his mouth. Let him decide. If he says no, you should move on, but he won’t. When he says yes, give him the longest, slowest, sweetest suck, and the same time, without breaking eye contact, slide your index finger into his asshole in one single smooth motion. Feel him squeeze you, contracting all around you, bucking underneath you. Suck him hard, pumping him with your other hand. Curl your finger up gently, to the rhythm of the sucking and the pumping; suck and pump and curl until he is close, so close, and then, when you can feel him start to strain, stop sucking, just for a second, and ask him breathlessly if he wants to come, your hand and finger still moving, and when he says yes, when he begs for it—yes, yes, yes- drop onto him and suck him until you can feel it coming and let him spray into your throat and suck it all down.

Slide your finger out of him. Wipe your face and your hand. Kiss his belly. Tell him you love him. Curl up next to him. Listen to his ragged breath slowly return to normal. Let him hide his face in your hair.

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