Internet Love Affair


Jill had been thinking about Lee for awhile since they met online a few years ago, wondering if she would ever meet the 6’0 athletic build man in his late 40’s. He was semi bald with a sexy goatee and a smile that could light up a room. Both were in relationships with other people, but there was something about their connection. It started off as a lustful connection on an adult website but quickly turned into something deeper, a friendship had blossomed over the years. They were able to share their deepest thoughts, dreams and passions with one another. Granted both were married and lived states apart. It was better that way Jill thought otherwise God knows what would happen if they ever met in person.

Months would pass and they didn’t speak, then one day he popped up on instant messenger. She began to wonder if things had fizzled out between the two of them and perhaps it was a fly by night thing. He apologized for the long absence. Jill accepted his apology instantly; she figured it was either work or family related? Lee told her it was a little of both actually and recently came to head. He and his wife Hillary were always having issues. Jill figured that perhaps his wife suspected he was cheating on her again. Jill knew that Lee was a dedicated husband and father and was always there for his family.

Granted Jill and Lee only spoke over the internet and how could one really know a person, there is always two sides to a story and Jill only heard his side. She thought in the beginning he could have been some creep but he gave her information about himself and wife and she even saw their social network pages so she knew he was telling the truth on a bunch of stuff. The two discussed many personal issues, problems and daily events. They supported each other through some tough things and celebrated some good events. It seemed natural for them to share their lives, even if it was through internet conversations. Lee told her that he and his wife Hillary were separated and she moved in with her mother. He was planning a business trip down south close to her and wondered if the two could meet up for dinner when he was down there. Lee was going to be there around the time Jill’s husband Brett was going to be up in the Northeast.

Jill couldn’t believe that she was actually going to meet the man who she had become friends with so many years ago. She received a call from him on a Tuesday; she almost fell over hearing his voice. She only heard his voice once and that was a few years ago. It was the only time they talked on the phone due to his very jealous wife calling her cell phone and leaving very direct message. Please leave my husband alone, you wouldn’t want someone doing that to your husband. She thought to herself no she wouldn’t but what exactly did they do but talk. Out of respect she and he agreed not to talk on the phone, it was too risky. The very sexy voice on the other end made her warm inside, not to mention wet down to her hot panties. They agreed to meet a few towns away somewhere in the middle of where he was close to his business and not too far for her to travel. They decided to meet at a nice restaurant near the hotel he was staying. They decided to meet after she got off work, so she would just drive straight there around 6pm the next day.

The big day came she made sure that she wore one of her dresses, nothing provocative of course after all she still had to go to court that day. She was wearing a pretty black and teal dress with her black heels. She was nervous as a teenager going on her first şişli escort date, wondering if she was wearing the right thing. After work she headed down to the restaurant and parked in the parking lot. She must have checked her makeup three times before she even got there, but hey what is once more she thought to herself. She got out of her car and proceeded to the front of the restaurant and heard a familiar voice call her name. Jill turned around to see a very handsome man in his late 40’s. Lee was as she imagined from his picture, slightly bald, brown eyes and a smile that could light up a room. He had a slight dimple in his face with high cheekbones. He was in great shape for a man his age, great tan, broad chest, shoulders and a great ass.

Lee smiled and gave her a big hug, he stepped back to get a full view “Jill you are more beautiful than I imagined” he said enthusiastically. She blushed by his praise.

“Why thank you and you are very handsome indeed” she said as smiled back at this dashingly handsome man. They walked up to the restaurant door and he opened it up for her like a true gentleman. He guided her in gently touching the small of her back. Lee’s touch to her lower back gave her tingles all the way up and down her spine. He released his hand from her back and walked slightly behind her; she could tell he was checking out her ass. The waitress sat the two at a table off to the side away from all the commotion from the larger parties.

Lee and Jill ordered a couple of drinks before ordering their dinners. They sat and talked like they knew one another forever discussing their careers and families. Jill was floored when he told her that his wife asked for a divorce, she said that she no longer loved him and rekindled her romance with her high school sweetheart. He was somewhat relieved by the whole thing, he said they have been fighting a lot over the years. Jill told him she was sorry for all the problems he was experiencing for his marital problems and inquired to how his kids were handling it. She gently placed her hand on his as he told her strangely enough they are handling it well. The conversations proceeded onto other things before he told her some of his feelings for her.

Lee got serious as he held her hand looking at her said “Jill I have been thinking a lot about you these days and those thoughts have really gotten me through some of these tough times I going through, you have no idea how glad I am to have you as a friend. Jill smiled as he spoke pouring out his gratitude. He continued you on and told her how much he dreamed about her and what it would be like to touch her and kiss her. Lee looked into her beautiful blue eyes and whispered” I want to feel you so bad” Jill met his gaze smiled and looked down and then back up at him.

Jill replied in a seductive way “How bad?” They both looked at each other and smiled before the waitress came up and asked if they would order dessert. Lee and Jill shook their heads and Lee asked for the check. Lee held her hand caressing it, Jill could feel her heart pounding, nipples hardening and pussy aching for his touch. The waitress came back with the bill and lee placed his card in the book to give back to the waitress. She left again and he proceeded to tell Jill, he wanted her so badly that he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. The waitress came back and thanked them. Lee signed for the credit card. He got up and placed his hand out smiling “My lady shall we?” he said in a rather welcoming manner.

The taksim escort two walked out to the parking lot and they walked to her car. Jill looked up at Lee as if to say something, Lee placed his hands on her waist and brought her closer to him as he leaned against the car. He brought his hand up to her face caressing it and leaned in for a kiss. Jill met his lips kissing this man who she only fantasized about. The kiss became more passionate, their tongues intertwined and his hands slid down her wait to her ass. He moved his hand back up to her waist. They broke from the kiss and looked at one another. “Come back to my room, don’t leave just yet” he whispered softly, she nodded. They got into their cars and she followed him back to the hotel.

“What you are doing Jill?” she said chastised herself. “You are both married and you are doing something you promised you would never do!” she shook her head and promised herself she would not let herself lose control. She pulled into the parking space and saw Lee waiting for her by his car. She parked her car and grabbed her purse and got out closing the door. He put his arms around from behind.

“You know we don’t have to do this if” Jill silenced him by putting her fingers on his lips. She took his hand and they walked up to the hotel to the side entrance. They walked hand in hand to the elevator and pushed the button. The door opened and elderly couples were on the elevator, they entered still holding hands. The two men nodding hello and the ladies smiled. The door opened and the couple got off on their floor. Jill and Lee were alone on the elevator.

The two looked at one another and chuckled due to the inside joke about elevators. Lee smiled and said flirtatiously “I seem to recall your fantasy you shared about making out on an elevator with me”. Jill smiled and gently bit her lip. He moved closer to her and pulled her in for a kiss, he kissed her deeply and her hands moved up his arms to his neck. The two continued kissing until the elevator stopped the two lovers got off and walked down the hall to his room.

Lee opened the door to his suite, the two walked in. Jill looked around the room and playfully said “So this is how a successful project manager lives” she turned around to find Lee removing his tie slowly .He looked at her with his I want to make love to you stare. She looked back at him in her most seductive stare. He walked over to her and pulled her in for a kiss, the kiss built up to a feverish frenzy. She was backed up against the wall, the kissing grew more intense, she moved her hands up his shirt finding the buttons and slowly undoing them. Her knee was raised up against his leg, his hand traveling up her leg feeling the silkiness of skin to the opening of her crotch. She moaned deeply as if to say don’t stop now.

“Damn you are so hot Jill, I want you so bad” Lee said kissing her passionately on the lips as runs his fingers up her thighs close to her hot moist pussy.

” MMM ..Don’t you stop?” Jill moaned feverishly. Lee proceeded to start kissing her neck, slipping her blouse off her shoulders. He proceeds kissing her down her collar bone and down to here bountiful breasts as she breaths heavily. He slides his hand around her back and undoes her bra. Her breast slips out of the bra being exposed. He takes her breasts in his hands and starts flicking her hard nipples with his tongue and starts sucking each nipple one by one, gently biting each one. Jill moans his name begging him not to stop. The passion fatih escort between the two heightens between the two long distance lovers.

” Not on your life my sexy vixen!” Lee replied moaning. “I want to make love to you so bad, wanted you for so long!” Jill arched her back as he continued running her nipples through his thumb and first finger. He slid his hand down her under her dress and felt her wet pussy. Lee moaned as he felt her hot pussy, he could feel that she was ready for his hot tongue.

He lifted her up and took him to his bed; he slid her down and removed her dress exposing her naked body to him. He laid her gently down. He lay on top of her and started kissing her lips again. Both intoxicated by each other’s kisses, scent and touches. He proceeded to kiss her neck again moving slowly down on her, stopping to kiss her breasts, running his tongue around her nipples and gently biting down on them.

“Lee..Ohh.. God I want you so bad!!!” she writhed on the bed, he was driving her nuts. Her pussy was so wet awaiting him to suck her clit. He must have read mind, he moved down kissing a trail all the way down her stomach down to her wet clit. . He ran his fingers up and down her hot slit. He slowly runs his tongue up and down it, savoring every bit of her juices. He started sliding his tongue in and out and sucking on her hard clit. He could tell she was enjoying every bit of his tongue. She started talking dirty to him and he was enjoying every bit of it, He replied back by calling her his naughty little vixen. She begs him to bring his hot cock around so she can suck his hard cock as he licks that hot pussy. He is happier to oblige her requests.

Jill takes his hard cock and balls in her hands and starts licking and sucking him like a lollipop. “Damn.. Fuck, don’t stop, that feels awesome! Lee moans. She keeps licking and sucking him, teasing him as she slows down. The two keep going back and forth pleasing and teasing one another. Both are so close to exploding in each other that they decide to switch positions.

“”What does my sexy vixen want? Do you want this hard cock in you?” Lee teases her as he runs his cock up and down her hot pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me my cowboy” Jill pleaded with her wanting lover. Lee takes her one leg up and slips his hard thick cock deep inside her tight wet pussy. Both moan sounds of pleasure as he enters her. She tightens her muscles around his hard thick cock. He slides his cock in and out of her slow and then faster. He keeps alternating the speed and intensity of the thrusts. Jill feels so aroused she is keeps pinching her nipples as he plows in and out of her. Both are so close to exploding, but don’t want it to end. He lowers himself down to kiss her as he continues sliding his hard cock in and out.

“I am so close to coming Baby, God I want to explode in you” Lee moans in her ear.

” MMMM, me too” Jill tightens her pussy even tighter awaiting his release. He thrusts again and again as she tightens her muscles on him. Both of their bodies tighten up and they explode at the same time. Their breathing starts to slow as Lee gently lowers himself onto Jill. He rolls over gazing at her kissing her soft lips lovingly. The two just laid there holding one another. Happiness turned to sadness knowing that the night was coming to an end. The two took a quick shower together and Jill had to get dressed to leave. Lee walked her down to her car, held her tightly in his arms and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Jill I will be here for a few days, I would love to see you again” Lee said lovingly and asked her to have dinner again with him. Jill could not say no looking into those melting brown eyes. She told him to call her.

Next day at work, there was a dozen of flowers with a card that said “For my sexy vixen 6m again? Love Cowboy

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