interracial stories-Taught to fuck like an animal


interracial stories-Taught to fuck like an animalBrewster taught Chloe to fuck like an a****l. You might wonder about that. What exactly does he mean? Was it really just about fucking hard, in an abandoned way? Well yes, it was about that for sure, but it was way more than that. It was about fucking with whoever Brewster directed her to. It was about creaming off on any thick black cock that Brewster said that she had to take. It was about appetite, wanting sex all the time, to do what he demanded, to screw the way that he wanted. It was about dressing, talking, walking, looking in ways that signalled that sex, dirty hard, whore sex obsessed her morning noon and night. It was about an uncoupling as well as a coupling. Chloe didn’t love Brewster, she worshipped him. He taught he to give herself to him, without expecting him to love her. No, Chloe was his to lay, his to use and the more she did that with and for him, the more any love referenced sex went out of our window. He uncoupled her from me in the most radical of ways.That’s not an easy thing to do. It isn’t. Girls, women, they have been raised to know sex through and in the context of love. Great sex is meant to emerge out of romance right? It’s meant to be linked indelibly with a long standing and an imaginative relationship. It’s meant celebrate partnership and sharing. So to persuade an intelligent, an attractive and a socially skilled woman in her late twenties, that her role in life is to beg black guys for a bloody good cocking is remarkable. Its not not that all the black guys that Chloe has shown her wet cunny too are successful. Some of them have been street wise thugs. Some of them have been dirty, arrogant raw bastards who just think that white bitches are there to be drilled. One night that image, that contrast burnt through my brain. Chloe wore the leather skirt that was surely more a belt that anything else and she just came on to this dude that Brewster pointed her to. She went to him. He felt her up. She unloaded his bare meat from his pants and then leaned back against the wall so that he could enjoy her. I watched him pumping her, she grunting like a slut. I saw his pendulous balls pulling sharp up, his trousers half down. I saw them grip upwards and the the rhythmic güvenilir bahis delivering of his load inside her. The fucker…he was just a stranger.Sometimes, I have stared at Brewster. When my wife is sucking his prick. When she is sucking it glistening wet and then directing me to worship it too. His prick is thick, and strong. He could carry her full weight on that bough. He could push her up the wall, jagging it into her. Its a brutal looking prick with a big circumcised head. Its the sort of prick that bores a woman like Chloe out. I’m not that big. I’m not even half that big. But I wonder whether it is size alone? I wonder whether it is simply the feel of so much muscular strength up between her thighs that have made my wife such a cock hungry slut?Brewster fucks her a dozen ways, up her pussy casual, sometimes even in public. He takes her slow and easy for an hour or more on a bed. He feels her, touches her and strokes her so that she arches up against him. It’s as if he can make her feel her skin ten fold more. Its as if he can make her feel sweet inside her perfectly shaped body. All the time he whispers, he whispers in her ear and kisses her long exposed throat. ‘Hey Chloe babe, you’re too arrogant to fuck a white guy huh?’ ‘You’re a princess and that white dude husband, he’s the pauper…you know that babe?’ ‘May be you learn to hate that sad little fucker, may be there are no rules of nice for a woman who is taking so much black cock that she drips.’ There, now, again, I can hear his voice. The words come husky, his voice deep and melodious. They’re not exactly hypnotic. No, not that. They’re aching with desire you see, to get his cock up her cunt, through her rear or in her mouth again, it is as if she is his receptacle, ever needed, ever ready and so so so succulent.To fuck like an a****l you have to accept that instinct trumps everything. You have to allow sex to rule a big chunk of your life. You have to let that need ruin another relationship or two. Mine, with Chloe, that took a battering ages ago. I was told firmly that I could either learn to worship Brewster too or I could fuck off! Chloe didn’t need me now. If she brought my mouth to her cunt, it was to please Brewster. When she used my mouth to masturbate against, türkçe bahis she was always thinking about the real man, the alpha dude. Do you know what its like to lie beneath your wife, her cunt rubbing wet and swollen all over your face, so that you know you’re just something to itch against. What she really wants is his cock. When she creams that way, pulling at her own tits with red finger nail hands, rubbing her cunt in a frenzy all over your mouth, she squirts, and squirts and squirts.One time after she did that, whilst I was licking her up for his cock, I looked close at her thighs. I glanced her wrists where the watch he gave her slid down so chic. There were no puncture marks. He didn’t have her on d**gs. No, the candy was in the cock. It was the way that he fucked her, arrogant and demanding. It was the way that he taught her the simplicity of living as his bitch. All you need do babe is work at pleasing me. You gonna learn to look like you is begging for sex from the minute you wake. There again, the squirts come and my face is drenched in a salty, moist solution and Brewster is dragging her off me and onto his stalk whilst she greedily searches out his lips with hers.‘Please darling, please I want it…I want your cock so much’ she mews, squirming on him. Oblivious to me. Oblivious to the state that I have got her into with my lapping, my wriggling tongue.And you can be face less, you can be left without personhood. This is how deep the obsession becomes. Often times, Brewster will have me lie abed, face up, my head between her milk white thighs as he humps his cock into her cunt. She lies face down across my thighs, her head next my genitals. No licks, no kisses, nothing. But I feel her breath, I hear her guttural moans.‘Lick his balls. Fucking lick his balls, make them spurt. Fucking do it you stupid little bastard, worship him!’Then, you are nothing. You are simply a tool to heighten their pleasure. You are the votive offering in her worshipping.‘Please Brewster, please darling, oh please! He’s licking you, he worships you…please darling I want you. I have always wanted YOU.’The moment shames me. I lick like crazy. To get the fucker to spurt up. To get him to load her so that I can have a lick of her too. Her cunt sucks his güvenilir bahis siteleri shaft. Her tits swing against my tummy and and I can feel her gyrating to enjoy the full force of his burying phallus.‘Christ Brewster! Oh darling!!!!’When Brewster is really owning her, the room reverberates to the sound of the coupling jungle. Slup, slup, slup, slup. His grin bangs into Chloe’s curvy buttocks, his balls swinging. I have to open my mouth wide and catch as my licks with my tongue as I can manage. I want to cup his balls in my mouth and squeeze my lips tight so that his loads surges up her. He’s turned her so completely into a bitch that I am instinct too. I so admire him, the way that he takes her.‘I adoooore you’ she moans, grunting into the pillow folded beside my hip.‘Sweet butt bitch, gonna fill your cunt then you gonna wipe your slimey over the dudes wet wipe face.’ he growls the words.‘Give it me, PLEASE give it me!’ she begs.There, his balls jolt. I kiss them as they spasm. I kiss them as they knot and I know it, my own caged cock is screwing itself like a worm in a hole and trying to spray its own pathetic dribble.‘Oh god, oh god, thank you Brewster….thank you, I can feel it darling. I can feel it shooting.’ Chloe’s face is flushed bright red, her neck and tits too. Her thighs are tensing, her skin shivering. She is climaxing hard, locked on his cock and spasming. You’d have to throw a bucket of iced water over them and then you’d still fail to stop what was happening, the delivering of a thick, gloopy and generous load.Chloe’s tits drag over my tummy with the thrusts, her nipples bolt hard. I can feel them quivering too, her whole body is shaking on him. When he drags his cock free of her she gushes semen from her sex. I falls in thick mess onto my mouth, I open and swallow. Chloe is gasping down the breathes. She is breathing so deep, you would think she has run a marathon.‘Lick it up fuck face’ she swears and wiggles her bottom so my mouth covers more of her slimey butt.I lick her sex, sucking down as much deposit as I can, Brewster watching to ensure that I do it nice. He smiles. May be he remembers just how much of a bitch he as made her. A few months back, he fucked my sister too. He turned Jenny into another little whore. He had me do toilet duties. Then, when my sis was needing more and more and more of him, he told Chloe to cold shoulder the bitch out. She was going to be palmed off onto a bro. Still, before then, Chloe could watch me do the licking.

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