Interrogated and Broken

Female Ejaculation

The guards simply picked me up out off the floor, and holding me by the arms, they took me out of the room and down the dark hall. At the end of the hall they unlocked a large metal door. They dragged me down a long staircase to an underground bunker. Another metal door was unlocked and again I was taken down a long hallway.

The room was a torture chamber. Bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Large white metal cabinets with glass doors lined the walls. I could see instruments used to torture and punish men and women inside these cabinets. I looked in fear as I saw electrodes, large straps, electro-type anal plugs, and numerous clamps probably used on the nipples, cock, testicles and other body parts. There were bottles of pills, catheters, long thin rubber like tubes and wires that are obviously used to insert down the pee hole of a prisoners cock or pussy. In the middle of the room there was a metal chair with a seat shaped in a �V�, allowing easy and open access to a prisoners totally exposed genitals and rectum. It looked like a gynecological chair with several leather straps on it. In the room, there was a white man in his middle to late 40’s wearing a white lab coat. At this point I was totally terrified.

�My name is Dr. Schmidt.” There wasn’t any accent in his voice. “I’m here to get all the information from you. As you can see we have plenty of persuasive devices here.� �TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES, ALL OF THEM. I WANT HIM NAKED THIS MINUTE!!!� He commanded the guards to tear the clothes off me. With that, the guards grabbed me, held my tightly and began cutting, pulling and tearing off all of my clothing. I was terrified and humiliated at being forcefully stripped naked by 3 men. They groped me, fondled my cock and balls, fingered my anus and slapped my ass. I was certain they were going to bend me and each was going to fuck my ass. In minutes I stood there bare and naked in front of Dr. Schmidt and the guards. I awkwardly tried to hide my genitals with my hands, shaking and whimpering. I could see that the guards were all hard, their uniform pants bulged at the crotch, erections straining against the fabric to be freed. Dr. Schmidt smiled at me then turned the guards. “Now bind him to the chair.” He commanded. One of the guards grabbed me from the armpits and the other grabbed each ankle hoisting me onto the chair. My struggles were now mere movements which took little effort on their part to counter. They fastened my wrists and arms to the arms of the chair and forced my legs and ankles wide apart and tightened them to the leg-holders with thick leather straps. Another strap was stretched across my chest, then they stretched another leather strap holding down my waist just below my navel. The guards did the same just below my knees firmly locking my legs down to prevent any kind of movement.

The doctor stepped closer with an injection-gun in his hand. He shot some kind of fluid into right shoulder. �Wh-What was that?� I asked in a thin voice. �Just a nice cocktail. It has three effects. The main is to prevent your brain to loose consciousness. The second is to �boost� your body to endure much more than usually. The third effect is a kind of nerve stimulator. It stimulates nerve-endings making them capable to transfer 300% more sensation than normally. That means whatever I do, you will feel it much, much more.�

While he was explaining I was shocked and completely embarrassed to feel an increasing warmth in my cock. With horror I nervously looked between my legs as my pulsing cock was rising. It rose to a half erection, and bobbed. I was humiliated and mortified, strapped to the metal torture chair in front of the 3 male guards and my would be male torturer, with my cock half hard and my body sexually aroused. My cock just pulsed and bobbed, and I began to whimper at my utter humiliation. The seven inch penis continuously pulsed as blood kept forcing its way into the shaft.

The doctor then turned his attention to me. He glanced down at my crotch and stared at my half erection and let out an evil snicker. �Don’t be surprised, in some men this is a normal effect. Often men find a certain sexual gratification at being nude, exposed, and knowing that another man is about to have his way with, and torture their very vulnerable genitals. This also happens with women too. Perhaps though, you find men attractive? Perhaps you have fantasized about sex with a man?� Still whimpering, I knew he was right, although I’d never been with a man before, deep inside I had fantasized about it many times and even jerked off thinking about another mans mouth around my shaft, Sex hikaye his hands caressing my balls and finally pouring a load of cum on his hands while he held my pounding shaft tightly and I fucked his hand. My cock twitched again. Oh my god, how humiliating, yet unbelievably sexually arousing.

�Perhaps I haven’t mentioned yet that my main specialty is genital torture. Long, slow, exquisitely painful torture of a prisoners cock, balls, or pussy� You’ll endure it all. You’ll cry, beg for mercy, scream, thrash, pee, you’ll probably pee several times, most prisoners do.� My eyes grew wide. �Oh, don’t be afraid. I’m not going to castrate you�at least not yet. Once I extract all of the information from you that I know you have, We shall employ more traditional torture methods. I’ll turn you over to Fraulein Helena, and she’ll work her magic with the whips, canes, ropes and dozens of other special toys on you because it pleases her and she does enjoy torturing men and women for pure pleasure he chuckled. Besides, I need your cock, and rather large testicles for my immediate purposes.� �But enough of this shit, let’s begin!�

Dr Schmidt wheeled a cart full of instruments over to the table. I
looked at the cart. My eyes began to blur. I started breathing ever so harder as the serum took more effect. He placed a small chair in front of the table between my wide-opened legs. Then he took a tube of lubricant from the cart. Squeezing a large dollop onto his two middle fingers, he then reached down below my hanging testicles and forcibly slid his fingers past very tight my anus and up inside my rectum. I groaned as he intruded into me. My eyes got wet. �Please, don’t�please!� I thrashed and heaved up and down with fear. I tried to struggle against the straps to no avail. He continued to probe my rectum without let up. I whined and began to cry softly. �Save your breath boy. Don’t make this more harder than it should be.� Then he heavily coated the inside of my hole with the lube. I grunted as he inserted his fingers as far as they could go. “Ahhh Very good,” he said as I certainly knew this is something that the evil bastard thoroughly enjoyed doing. After fucking my asshole with his lubricated fingers, he slid them out. Dr Schmidt then took a large electro anal probe off the cart. It was a long thick, penis like metallic device. He called over one of the guards. The guard separated my naked bottom. With one hand, he fully inserted the 8 inch probe into my anus and deep up my rectum to its full length. I arched my back when he finally shoved it all the way in, and placed the wired end of the probe into a stand set on the floor to the proper height of my bottom so the probe would slide out of my ass. My penis now involuntarily pulsed. He noticed this and looked at it, and raised an eyebrow and then looked at my face. “You’re masochistic.” He whispered with a smile. “The response from your cock just gave you away. This is why your almost hard” He then began to laugh. “When I do this with other men, their dicks struggle to stay erect. But you boy seem to enjoy this. This is going to so much more rewarding for me. Ahhh for you my friend, the time that we are going to spend together will be extremely painful.”

It was quite painful already because there wasn’t enough space for me on the seat of the chair, so most of my bodyweight was held by the probe in me. It felt like being impaled. It was a very intense feeling.

The doctor instructed the guards to have the video recording equipment and operator enter. Within minutes, a beautiful young woman in a short uniform skirt and blouse with bare legs entered the chamber. She looked at me for a second, and then took a long look at my bare cock, half hard and occasionally twitching. She pursed her lips and smiled to herself wickedly. Then she went to her work of setting up and checking the video equipment to record my interrogation. My embarrassment only grew. I was strapped to a metal framed chair, nude, my legs wide apart with a probe buried its length up my ass, and my shaft and balls open for all to see, and now, in front a beautiful women to boot. I only whimpered, frightened, my mind spinning.

“Normally, I would wire your genitals and use electricity now. But the colonel wants me to be gentle. If you are a spy, you will break. If you don’t I will surely know that more serous methods are needed. So we will begin with some hand-practice. Corporal Hoffman, begin the recording” said Dr Schmidt. �Yes doctor� corporal Hoffman responded in her feminine voice as she stared at my exposed hanging penis.

He sat Erotik hikaye down in front of me and positioned himself between my open legs. I looked down petrified, I had no idea what to expect. I said �wha, what what are you going to do to me� in trembling shaky voice. �Begin your interrogation of course� he said glancing at the beautiful form of corporal Hoffman. Dr. Schmidt reached and flicked a switch and the probe in my rectum began to vibrate strongly. My cock twitched hard as the vibrations grew inside my ass. The doctor then put a generous amount of lubricant onto his hands and rubbed them together, he then cupped my dangling balls with one hand and with the other hand firmly grasped my hanging shaft and using both hands he began to massage the lube on my cock and testicles.

Dr. Schmidt squeezed my cock hard and slowly ran his hand from the base to the very tip. Instantly, my cock bucked, and began to harden quickly. With every beat of my heart, my cock got slightly harder and my breath began to labor. �Ahhh, I see that you like being jerked off by a man� said the doctor. In an even shakier voice I replied �no, no no I don’t�no.� �Well your hardness betrays you. You love this my friend, yes you do� he said. �mmmmmmmmm�no no no no I don’t�arrrrggghhh�mmmmm�oh god no.� I said in a meek, but sexually charged voice. My mind was racing, my heart was pounding, and my cock was nearly full raging within 2 minutes. �Oh god, what kind of torture is this sir�mmmmm�please, oh please�mmmmmmm� I pleaded, but he just kept to his work of massaging my lubricated balls and slowly, forcefully running his hand up the length of my slippery pounding erect cock. I glanced at corporal Hoffman. She was arched in her chair, her hips slowly and slightly grinding her chair as if she was being fucked. Her mouth was open and tongue licking her full lips as she stared intensely at Dr. Schmidt working my fully aroused genitals.

�I have much experience with both a man’s and a woman’s genitals. Ive tormented both equally and Im a master with both. You’ll talk, you’ll talk. I guarantee it.� he said menacingly. I was so confused, this was no torture that I expected. I thought Id be screaming in pain but instead I might scream with pleasure and ecstasy. I was being jerked off my a man in front of 3 men and a woman, and I was loving it. I began to moan, and my breathing got more and more labored and I started to sweat and grind against the chair straps. �Oh god, oh god, mmmmmmmm�no�no, yes, god yes sir, more, more, harder please god jerk me off harder�squeeze my hard cock harder sir. Keep playing with my cock and balls sir OH GODDDD yes.� �Oh I will my friend, oh I will� He said. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that corporal Hoffman had lifted her skirt to her hips and was rubbing her pussy gently while I was getting my cock rubbed. I couldn’t stop staring at my crotch while the doctor skillfully worked my raging throbbing cock and balls.

“I’ve learnt this technique in China. Its very effective at getting to the truth� said the doctor.�uh huh, uh huh yessssssssss don’t stop sir please.� Ahh now we are getting somewhere. Are you with the resistance? Tell me and your pleasures increase.� �Yes, yes I am� I said before I could stop myself. With that, his grip on my slick, lubed pounding shaft got a bit tighter. I was panting and moaning at this point and I could feel myself building toward squirting every drop of cum inside me. �You see, it got better for you just now� spoke Dr. Schmidt. �Yessir, yessir OH GODDDDD yes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes I love it, fuck yes I LOVE IT� I screamed out staring at my over pleasured cock and balls, the vibrator reaching deep inside my rectum pulsing away. �Tell me when you are going to squirt boy, tell me when you are going to cum hard� he said. �I’M GONNA CUM SOOOOOOOON oh yes, yes god yes.� He let go of my testicles and began using both hands on my raging pounding cock. �FUCK FUCK FUCK YES YES OH FUCKING YES YES. I WANNA CUM, CUM CUM, YES I NEED TO CUM NOW PLEASE I WANNA CUM NOW.

The beautiful corporal Hoffman was pounding her pussy with her fingers, fucking herself and grinding her chair. I can only assume that the 3 male guards were themselves jerking off, but they were behind me and I couldn’t see them. As Dr Schmidt ran his soaked lubricated hands alternating up and down my shaft, to the very tip of my cock, I began to feel the first deep fire of a huge load of cum getting ready to explode from my over stimulated cockhead.

�That’s right my friend, tell me more, Porno hikayeleri tell me more of your involvement in the resistance after you cum for us.� said the doctor. �I’M GONNA C, CU, CUM NOW IM GONNA SHOOT, I, I, I ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SIR, YES OH FUCK YES OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK YESSSS.� I screamed, my voice bouncing off the walls. As his strokes increased in intensity, and the vibrator screaming deep up my ass, my eyes glued to my cock being jerked off, came the first short squirt of cum. �AHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH� I howled, and then I began to pump cum from my balls in jets shooting out of my head landing on my chest and running down, landing on my thighs, my crotch, the floor and his hands. Cum pounding from my cock in the most intense orgasm Id ever had. �AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS. I screamed, my toes curling, sweat pouring, thrashing against the straps of the metal framed torture chair. I pants and heaved �Oh yessssssss please sir I came, I came, I came oh god I came for you.� I began babbling away barely audible words, my entire body shaking violently.

That’s when the true torture began. Instead of stopping, Dr. Schmidt keeps right on jerking me off concentrating on the now extremely sensitive head of my cock “AIIEEEE, STOOOOOOOOP, PLEASEEEEE!” I shrieked. “No, my young friend,” he said working on my cockhead constantly “I won’t stop it. You will have the chance to confess when we finish. After a man cums you see, his cock is over sensitive and every sensation of pleasure that I work into it becomes unbearable, and when your shaft finally flops limp, we will start AGAIN and I will jerk you off over and over using the same process.�

�AHHHHHHHHHH STOP STOP STOP AHHHHHHHHH GOD STOP I CAN’T STAND IT�.STOP PLEASE PLEASE STOP I BEG YOU PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE.� I started to wail out crying from the exquisite intense tickling sensations in my shaft and cockhead. He never stopped. He just kept on working my genitals, even long after my dick had gone soft, stroking my meat. He instructed corporal Hoffman, who by now had the look of a woman sexually crazed to inject me with a stimulant that had the effect of making me harden again and my testicles to fill again with cum. He and corporal Hoffman repeated this process of ecstasy and agony 3 times. Dr. Schmidt jerked me off for nearly an hour with my shaft pumping cum furiously, emptying my testicles and refilling again, with the vibrator drilling my anus. During the process I began screaming out the names of my counterparts, locations, addresses. I had thoroughly broken and confessed as many details as I could to make this agonizing cock torture stop. �PLEASE NO MORE NO MORE STOP STOP I BEG YOU PLEEEEEEASE I‘LL DO ANYTHING ANYTHING YOU WANT I CAN‘T TAKE IT ANYMORE� I heaved, panted and drooled through tear soaked eyes.

Suddenly he simply stopped jerking me off. I was slumped, sweat soaked, babbling crying �Thank you thank you thank you sir thank you� The doctor stood up and looked at the beautiful corporal Hoffman and gestured with his head. She stood up, having regained some composure, walked behind the doctor, opened his pants sliding them down to mid thigh and taking out his long soft cock. With his hands covered in my cum, he grabbed my hair and barked �OPEN YOUR MOUTH SCUM OPEN IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR WELL START JERKING YOU OFF AGAIN.� Crying in long sobs, I looked at him, leaned forward, opened my mouth and began to suck his cock in obedience, taking it in and out, still strapped to the torture chair until he filled my mouth while corporal Hoffman and the 3 male guards packed the video equipment which had recorded my entire ordeal and confession. The 3 male guards left the torture chamber leaving only the doctor, corporal Hoffman and me.

�Corporal Hoffman, wire him, and hook it to the power boxes. Now we get the rest of the information he has.� �MMMMMMMMMMMM yes doctor� she said and while he washed his hands and changed his lab coat, the beautiful corporal Hoffman grabbed my aching, hanging balls, pushing my cock out of the way and attached electrical leads, wrapped my shaft in leads, attached 2 alligator clips to my cock head and slid a long rigid wire probe down the pee slit of my cock and attached the wires to the boxes. All I could do was sob in embarrassment, humiliation, and abject defeat. For the next 2 hours, Dr. Schmidt and corporal Hoffman electro-tortured my testicles, anus, rectum, cock, cockhead and pee slit and urethra alternating between each part of my genitals.

I screamed, begged, pleaded, told them everything that I knew and how information was passed between resistance cells, I peed several times, sobbed and begged for mercy.

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