Irene’s story – Chapter 13 – Could Alfredo’s child be growing inside me?


A little over three months ago I was a shy, normal, forty two year old housewife and mother of two living a comfortable life in Barcelona, Spain. I had never had intercourse with anyone other than my husband, Oscar. We had a good, albeit somewhat boring, marriage. I was not sexually satisfied, but I never thought about it much. Sex just wasn’t a huge priority in my life. I felt sex was a duty I fulfilled for my husband. I seldom climaxed. When I felt the need, once or twice a month, I would quietly masturbate while I was alone. This all changed when, at my husband’s urging, I allowed him to dress me in a very revealing outfit and take me to a club at a local hotel where he sent me to dance with other men. I was instructed to give my dance partners ‘full access to the goods’, which very reluctantly, I did. I was nervous, embarrassed and scared. I was also excited. I had never done anything even remotely close to this before. However, that night I met a handsome, twenty two year old Norwegian, Johan, to whom I was very attracted. He fondled and teased me on the dance floor while Oscar watched from a nearby table. I ended up having a glorious, but far too short, affair with my Nordic lover. It was the greatest sexual experience of my life up until then. I actually developed a real emotional bond with Johan and I was sorry to see him return to Norway. About a month later, I convinced Oscar to allow my mother to watch our daughters while he and I vacationed at a couples’ resort in the Canary Islands. To be clear, this ‘couples resort’ catered to couples who were into swinging. I spent a full week at the Spice Resort exploring areas of my sexuality that I never even imagined existed. Oscar watched as I was fucked, sodomized and gang banged. I also had my first lesbian affair at Spice Resort. We met a couple from the states, Dori and Richard, who introduced me to all manner of debauchery and perversion. Dori had a husband back in Ohio who was watching her sons while she vacationed with her handsome black boyfriend, Richard. Dori explained the psychology surrounding cuckolding. She helped me understand the underlying truth about Oscar’s strange desire to see my vagina literally brimming with another man’s semen. Dori was also my first lesbian lover. She taught me a great deal. During the week at Spice resort, I had more orgasms than I had in the previous decade. But rather than feeling satisfied and fulfilled, I returned to Barcelona itchy, hungry and on edge. The week long experience at Spice Resort had awakened something inside me. I wanted more. I needed more. I tried to settle down and place my newly discovered desires into the category of a wicked and naughty experience that I could visit in my mind occasionally. I did not want to become obsessed with these experiences. However, I quickly discovered that like a sore tooth, I could not leave these memories alone, not even for a second. I kept reliving them in my mind; constantly. And this had me in a constant state of arousal. My vagina was constantly seeping, the gusset of my panties was constantly soaked. I felt like I should be wearing diapers. When I saw an attractive young man on the street or in any setting, I wondered about his sexual prowess. How large was his penis? Would he last long? Was he attracted to older women? Cougars? When I saw any woman who reminded me of Dori, I wondered what it would be like to make love to her, to touch her and taste her. Did she share my desires? Maybe she had desires that she was not even aware of yet; like I was several months ago.  Yes, I was obsessed. And it did not help that I could not climax on Oscar’s nice, but small five inch cock. Oh, I still loved him; of that I was sure. I did not want to end the marriage. But I now knew what I was missing, and I wanted a more fulfilling sex life.  I fully acknowledge that my marriage had become somewhat bizarre, but up until this point, all of my lovers were foreigners who I would never see again. None of my encounters involved anyone who would pose a threat to my marriage. None lived in Spain, much less Barcelona, but that all changed a couple of months ago. A very attractive and flirtatious sales representative was transferred to my office. He and his family moved to Barcelona from Madrid. He occupied the cubical next to mine and we became acquaintances first, then friends and finally lovers. At my husband’s urging, I flirted and then actually exposed myself to Alfredo. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that I positioned myself such that my skirt would fall open, giving Alfredo an unobstructed view of my panties when we were alone in the office. Soon I was carrying on a torrid affair with my co-worker. Since Alfredo and I worked next to each other, we saw each other daily. This quickly resulted in a deeper emotional entanglement and intimacy. He did not simply disappear and return to his home country after making me climax like my previous lovers had. To be blunt, I was quickly falling in love with him. Oddly, rather than discourage me from getting further involved and tell me to end the affair, Oscar seemed to relish the emotional connection I was developing. A couple of weeks ago, Alfredo was told that he would represent our firm at a technical conference in Valencia, which was about a three hour train ride from Barcelona. Alfredo was to be the only sales representative from our firm to attend the conference. He asked me to attend with him and share his room. At first I said ‘no’, but when I told Oscar about Alfredo’s invitation, my husband became excited and encouraged me to Escort izmir go. I cannot explain why, but Oscar found the thought of me traveling with my boyfriend, sharing his bed with him, and being his sex toy for the week very arousing. So after some convincing from Oscar, I agreed to take a week long vacation from my job and accompany my boyfriend on his business trip.  Alfredo and I enjoyed a three hour train ride from Barcelona to Valencia. We caught a taxi to the Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort. It was a gorgeous facility, right on the beach. I waited in the lobby as Alfredo checked in. The room was in his name, not mine; so I maintained a low profile. I followed him to room 721. We had a beautiful terrace with a view of the pool and the ocean. Our room was lavish and upscale. It was going to be a lovely week with my lover. Standing on our balcony, Alfredo stood behind me cupping my breasts as I breathed in the salt air and listened to the waves. I could feel his erection pulsing against my back. The strong sea breeze flared my skirt up. I held my skirt down, but Alfredo took my hands away and said, “Let the wind blow your skirt up. It’s sexy to watch.” So I stood there, with Alfredo holding my hands as the strong sea winds flared the pleated skirt of my orange and white sundress upward, exposing the cute, bright orange, bikini panties I was wearing. I felt like Marilyn Monroe as she stood over the air vent. I felt a passion and an emotional connection toward this man that had been missing from my marriage for some time. I knew that I had really fallen for this man. I would do anything for him. Oh, I still loved Oscar. I would always love my husband. And I would never leave him. But the passion I felt for Alfredo was different. I lusted for Alfredo and his magnificent cock.  Alfredo unzipped my dress, and slowly slid it off my shoulders, baring my braless breasts. I immediately covered my breast with my hands. “Lower your hands. I want to see your breasts in the glow of the sunlight,” Alfredo instructed.  Nervously, I looked around. No one was on the adjacent balconies. I looked down at the pool area. There were several dozen people in and around the pool, but none seemed to be paying any attention to the activities on a seventh floor balcony. I lowered my hands and stepped out of my dress. I was now wearing only my panties and shoes. “Irene, you are beautiful. I am going to take you inside and make love to you now.” “That sounds wonderful. But first, let me put my diaphragm in place.”I opened my suitcase and retrieved the beige plastic container that held my diaphragm and a tube of spermicidal jelly and went to the bathroom. I opened the plastic case and saw that it was empty. For the briefest of moments, I was confused. Where the hell is my diaphragm? In an instant, I realized what had happened. I screeched, “Son of a bitch…I can’t believe he did this!” Alfredo raced to join me. “What’s wrong?”Alfredo had stripped out of his clothes while waiting for me and was now naked. “Oscar removed my diaphragm.””But why would he do that? Does he think that not having your diaphragm will keep us from fucking?”  “No, he wants you to fuck me. He likes the fact that you can ‘get me off’ in ways he can’t.” “Then why would he take your diaphragm?” Alfredo asked, clearly puzzled by my husband’s actions. “Because he wants me to take you without protection, that’s why. It arouses him to think you could possibly get me pregnant.””What are we going to do?” Alfredo asked, somewhat panicked by this new development. “I don’t know, I don’t know. But it’s not going to ruin our week… I promise you that.” “Do I need to get some condoms?” I thought for a second and did some mental calculations. “It’s up to you. Perhaps you should to be safe. I don’t think I am in the fertile part of my cycle, it’s been almost three weeks since my last period. I should start my next cycle in a little over a week or so. But if you’d feel safer using a condom, I won’t be offended. I am sure they sell them in the commissary downstairs.”Alfredo took my hand and led me out of the bathroom to the side of the bed. He turned me towards him, and lifted my face us and kissed me deeply. He teased my left nipple as he probed my mouth with his tongue. I pressed my body into his and could feel his penis pulsing back to life. “Irene, you have no idea how much I care for you. You have made me fall in love with you over these past few weeks. I won’t ever leave Sonya and the baby, but I am in love with you.” This was the first time he said those words to me. Previously, I had been tempted to tell Alfredo that I loved him while in the throes of passion, but I had refrained from doing so. Now he said those magic words, sending my head spinning. I struggled to find the words. I was not completely certain how to respond, but I did know that I was in love with him too.  After a moment’s pause, I said, “Alfredo, I share those feelings. I truly do.” “Irene, I don’t want to use a condom when we make love. I want to feel your warmth and wetness directly. I want to cum inside you; not inside a latex sheathe.” I reached down and held his erection in my fist and replied, “I want that too. Very much.” I paused as I thought how best to say this next part, “Alfredo, I want to make love now. I want you inside me. I think I am few days past the most fertile part of my cycle; but you need to know, if I were ever to get pregnant, I would not have an abortion. I’d keep our baby. So if you are okay with that, I want you to make love to me now.” Alfredo kissed izmir escort bayan me again and said, “Irene, you don’t know how much it would please me for you to have my baby. I would never ask you to have an abortion. I would love to have you carry our child.”I smiled at the very thought of carrying his child in my womb, and nursing his child at my breast. I did not understand the reasoning behind it at all, but I also knew that it would arouse Oscar tremendously to watch my lover’s baby grow in my belly. I knew Oscar would be constantly hard watching Alfredo’s child nurse at my breast. I wanted to send Oscar a text to tell him I was going to allow Alfredo to make love to me without protection; but the look of passion and love in Alfredo’s eyes convinced me that this moment need not be interrupted. Oscar would simply have to wait to learn that his wife was being ‘bred’ this afternoon.Alfredo removed my panties and hoisted me up. Alfredo held me with his hands under my legs. With my hands clasped behind his neck, my arms braced on his shoulders and my legs wrapped around his torso, I was prepared to allow my lover to enter me unprotected. I was resigned to accept the risk of pregnancy. I wanted his sperm in my womb. I felt the head of his rigid cock bumping against the back of my thighs and buttocks, searching anxiously. Alfredo moved me over slightly and I now felt his penis was pulsing against the outer folds of my vagina, searching for a home.Alfredo began to lower me down slowly. I could feel the head of his penis penetrating my vulva, and finding my opening. My wetness was making entry easy.I glanced over and caught our image in the mirror. I was struck by what a sexy looking couple we were. Alfredo was holding me with his large, erect seven inch penis standing rigid and thick, straight up, about halfway inside me. His muscles rippled as he held me effortlessly. I loved seeing his cock stretching my vagina open like that. Yes, the mirror held the sexiest image I had ever seen.Alfredo lowered me further. I leaned backwards, as far as my outstretched arms would allow. In this position, the rigid head was pressing up firmly into the front wall of my opening, pressing on my very sensitive g-spot. Yes, I was going to have an orgasm, and I knew that I would not hold out long. Alfredo’s cock was so rigid that it felt like his dick could support my entire frame if he released me from his grip.He moved his hands from under my legs to my hips. Then he pulled me towards him, fully impaling me on his erection. Alfredo’s hands were on my hips pulling me into him forcefully to meet the rapid thrust of his hips as he fucked me. His thrusts slapped up against my ass and thighs, bouncing me up into the air, and his strong hands were catching me and positioning me for his next thrust.The rigidity of his penis, and his ‘angle of attack’ rubbed the front wall of my vagina with such force that it initiated a very powerful orgasm that had me responding uncontrollably to the rapid and violent pounding which my stretched little pussy was being subjected. I could not stop cumming.Alfredo was arching his back to get the deepest penetration possible when I felt him shudder, arch forward and remain, pushing forward inside me. I could feel his large penis pulsing violently inside me as the sudden thrusting stopped for a moment. I knew at that point, he was ejaculating inside me. I just leaned backwards and accepted it all, contracting my vagina, both intentionally and involuntarily, in an attempted milking motion to drain every bit of semen, every last sperm from my lover’s loins. I wanted to capture every spurt; every drop; and every warm, white rope of the viscous semen I could drain from him. I wanted it all.We were both soaked with sweat, our chests heaving heavily trying to regain our breath. We collapsed on the bed in a sweating, panting heap of flesh still coupled together. I lay on my back. Alfredo lay on top of me, facing me, still deep inside of me. He placed my legs over his shoulders and pushed deep inside me one more time. Our heavy breathing made any discussion impossible at that moment.As we lay there on my bed, I could feel him pulse inside me, and to each throb of his penis, I would return a loving squeeze by contracting my vagina on his penis, milking every last drop of his seed.I lay there, my feet and my ass high in the air accepting every bit of my lover’s warm seed. Neither of us said anything as we remained coupled together, panting, trying to recover our composure and breath. I wondered silently, did we just make a baby? Alfredo lowered my legs, but remained inside me as we cuddled and caressed each other. “You made me cum so hard,” I said while contracting my vagina. “Thank you.” We remained coupled for ten or fifteen minutes until he grew soft and slipped out of me. I remained on my back and said, “Alfredo, do me a favor. Go get my cell phone and take my picture. Oscar needs to see what you did to me.” Alfredo smile and shook his head. “You are a very strange woman…but I love you anyway.” He returned with my cellphone. I unlocked it and handed it back to him. I started squeezing my vagina, forcing a glob of his semen out of me. “Take a picture to show Oscar that I took you without the diaphragm.” Alfredo snapped several picture and handed me my the cell phone. I selected two of my favorites, both showed the viscous white semen oozing from my labia. I sent the pictures attached to a text to Oscar with the following message; ‘You are a very bad boy. You stole my diaphragm. izmir escort I could get pregnant. Alfredo’s baby could grow inside me. As punishment, you need to look at this picture and not touch Oscarcito tonight. Alfredo made me cum really hard. Love, Irene’. Within seconds my cellphone binged, indicating Oscar had gotten the picture and had responded. I would ignore his response for several hours. I thought to myself, ‘maybe I should let him jack-off later?’, but I decided against it. Let him wrestle with his erection and not be able to relieve the tension. I lay on my back for an extended period of time. As bizarre as this may sound, the knowledge that Alfredo’s sperm were swimming inside me searching for my womb, looking for an ovum to fertilize was strangely comforting. I loved this man, and the thought of carrying his child, feeling it grow within me, and even the thought of having Alfredo’s baby suckle at my milk engorged breasts was very appealing. Please don’t get me wrong, I still loved Oscar. And I would never leave him. But I the intensity of the passion I felt for Alfredo transcended the warm affection I felt for my husband. And let’s be fair, it was only because of Oscar that I became a ‘hot wife’. It was because of Oscar that I exposed myself to my co-worker that fateful Friday afternoon. It was because of Oscar that I met Alfredo for lunch the day after flashing my bare, shaven vagina to him in the office. It was Oscar who encouraged me to accompany Alfredo to his flat and let him fuck me repeatedly. It was because of Oscar that I fell in love with this man. And clearly, it was my husband who virtually insisted that I accompany my lover on this week long business trip. But most importantly, it was Oscar who had removed my diaphragm from its case, forcing me to allow my lover to ejaculate his semen inside me unprotected. Oscar knew full well that I would never have an abortion. Oscar knew full well that if I got pregnant, it would be Oscar who would help me raise Alfredo’s child. So I lay on my back, with my bottom raised slightly for an extra few minutes, giving my lover’s sperm a little more time to swim towards my womb, before arising and allowing gravity to make their journey more difficult. I heard my cell phone ‘bing’ repeatedly as I lay there, indicating that Oscar was sending me multiple text messages. I knew that he was at home, panicked, aroused and anxious to learn more. I decided to let him wonder what I was up to a while longer. I imagined that he could not stop staring at the photo I had just texted to him showing a white glob of Alfredo’s semen oozing at the very opening of my vagina. “Do you know how fucking sexy you look, lying there naked on the bed?” Alfredo asked. “No, tell me,” I responded as I pulled my heels up towards my butt and slowly opened my knees so that Alfredo had a clear view of my dilated pussy and was brimming with his semen. “Fuck, Irene, you are driving me nuts here. You are just wickedly sexy.” “Thank you, sir. I am glad you think so. I’d be so sad if you didn’t” I could see Alfredo’s penis thickening in response to my shameless flirtation. I liked the fact that even after just ejaculating inside me moments before, I could still make him hard just by flirting and talking dirty to him. “When are you going to feed me?” I ask while I continued to allow him to look at my swollen vulva. Alfredo motioned to his penis, which was now three quarters erect, and said, “I don’t think I can go to lunch quite yet.” “Do you want to use my pussy again? It’s ready for you if you want to use it. But then you need to buy me lunch.” “That is the best deal I can imagine,” Alfredo said climbing between my thighs and sliding right into me. Alfredo fucked me slowly for about ten minutes before cumming inside me. I thoroughly enjoyed having him fuck me, but I did not climax again. After withdrawing from my sloppy pussy, he asked, “Do you want to shower before we grab a late lunch?” “No thank you. I’ll shower after lunch. I want to enjoy feeling your semen seeping out of me while we dine.” “Oh you are a wicked girl,” Alfredo chuckled as he shook his head in disbelief. In truth, I did not want to wash his semen from my vagina too quickly. I wanted to give them a chance to achieve their mission, if I was fertile right now. We dined in the Brasserie Sorolla, a lovely restaurant off the lobby of the hotel. Alfredo and I shared the chargrilled turbot for two. It was wonderful. I had two glasses of chardonnay. “So what would Oscar do if you actually got pregnant?” Alfredo asked. “I actually don’t know. I know he thinks it would be terribly exciting to watch your child grow inside me, but I have to wonder if the reality of it would be as good as his perceived fantasies.” “I wonder that too,” Alfredo admitted. We finished eating and took a tour around the resort before finally returning to the room. I finally decided it was time to bath and get ready for whatever Alfredo had planned for the evening. For the next week, Alfredo and I acted like a couple on our honeymoon. We attended the seminar sessions together. We dined as a couple. And we fucked like rabbits. Anyone who saw us would have concluded that we were deeply in love. I wondered if anyone might surmise that Alfredo was too young for me, but clearly his actions conveyed that he adored me. I felt sexy, beautiful and desirable when I was with him. Alfredo kept my vagina fully charged with his sperm all week long. I spent the entire week feeling the wonderful warmth of his semen seeping from my vagina. Each night, I would fold my semen soiled panties into the laundry bag to take the evidence home to Oscar proving how well I had been fucked. Each day, I would have Alfredo take a few pictures of me in various stages of undress for Oscar. I would send these photos to my cuckold husband via a text message every evening.

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