Irish Hospitality


The rain was coming down in torrents, as only it could do in Northern Ireland. Dugan wondered again why he picked March for his first backpacking trip to the land he had dreamed about all his life. The weather this time of year, he had quickly discovered, was between the wet season and the miserably wet season. But here he was, trudging into a tiny village on a dark road late at night, soaking wet, hungry, and feeling sorry for himself.

Finishing college a quarter earlier than planned, he decided to reward himself with the trip he had dreamed about for years, to visit the ‘homeland’ his grandparents had talked about as long as he could remember. His quick decision to come now had not taken the weather into consideration and as a result he hadn’t seen the sun for over a week.

The first couple of days the local folks had been good about picking him up as he trudged along the busier roads, but as he delved deeper into the sparsely populated countryside (and as he quickly began to look like a drowned itinerant) there were fewer and fewer offers of rides. Purely by chance he ended up standing in front of the only business that looked open for the last 5 miles—a dark and dreary looking Murphy’s Pub.

Dropping his soaking backpack to the sidewalk, he wiped the rain from his face in a vain attempt to look half-way presentable before pushing the heavy door open and stepping inside. The air was pungent with the smell of stale beer, but the room was warm and he instantly felt better. Looking around for an empty table, he was amazed to see that the place was packed with men loudly enjoying their beer and ignoring him completely. He was about to elbow his way between a couple of elderly men at the bar to try ordering a beer he could drink standing up when a smiling barmaid shuffled up to him.

“Got room for one more?” he asked as she came near.

“Sure thing, Yank. There’s room at the back where you can sit if you don’t mind sharing a table. I’ll pull you a draft and bring it back there in a minute.”

Dugan gave her a grateful smile, picked up his pack and headed through the crowd. He could only see one small table that had an empty chair and he stopped before it.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked the young man sitting alone.

“My pleasure, friend. Sit ye down.”

Dugan put his pack down and shoved it under the table with his feet before dropping wearily into the chair.

“Thanks. I’m amazed this place is so busy. It must be the only pub for miles around judging by the size of the crowd.” He wiped his still wet hand on his jeans and reached out to the man.

“My name’s Dugan,” he said. “I really appreciate a chance to sit and warm up a little.”

“I’m Thom,” the man replied as he shook his hand. “You look like a drowned rat—glad to be of help,” he smiled.

Dugan stood back up, struggling to remove his wet coat as the barmaid appeared and placed a stein of dark beer on the table before him.

“Here ye go, Yank. Enjoy!”

Dugan stood looking down as she wiped the table in front of him, her blouse widely gaping open to reveal a tantalizing view of a tiny lace bra barely containing her full breasts.

“Thanks. I’m sure I will,” he stammered. He couldn’t stop himself from blushing, certain that she had caught him peeking down her blouse.

She looked up and smiled warmly at Dugan, obviously not at all offended by his roving eyes.

“I’m Maggie, by the way,” she said as she put out her hand and shook his firmly. “How about you, Thom? Think you can keep up with our Yankee friend here?”

Thom chuckled and winked good-naturedly at Dugan. “I’m sure I can keep up with anything you dish out for us, Maggie my dear.”

As Maggie finished wiping the table he deliberately reached down and gently patted her ass.

“But perhaps we could just start with another Guinness for now,” he grinned.

Maggie headed back toward the bar, turning her head and smiling when she caught Dugan’s eyes following her. She winked and playfully exaggerated her walk as she stepped behind the bar.

“Nice ass, don’t you think?” Thom chuckled.

Dugan grinned, relieved that his roving eyes hadn’t come off as being too loutish.

“Aye, but the view down her blouse was even better. Wow, I thought her nipples were going to pop right out of that little bra. I think she caught me looking—sure hope she didn’t mind me checking her out.”

“Hell, she’d be disappointed if you hadn’t looked,” Thom laughed. “She likes the attention and knows what to wear to bring in the good tips.”

Dugan took a long drink of his beer, finally feeling the chill in his bones start to thaw in the warm and muggy room. The noise of the men drinking around him was friendly and relaxing and he began to think about his long, wet week coming to an end.

“Hey Yank, cheer up. You look like you’ve just lost your best friend.”

“Sorry, Thom. Didn’t mean to go all gloomy on you. I was just Şanlıurfa Escort thinking that this is my last day in Ireland, I’m wet and I’m cold; I don’t have a place to stay tonight and I’ll be heading home without really seeing the best of Ireland. I’ve dreamed about this trip for years and all I’ve seen is rain.”

“Hey, you’ve seen Maggie’s tits!” Thom laughed. “They’re amongst the best of Ireland and if it hadn’t been for the rain you probably would have missed them, too. So, drink up my friend, and be thankful for small pleasures.”

“Well I wouldn’t call them small pleasures,” Dugan grinned.

He swallowed the last of his drink as he saw Maggie heading their way with two more steins of Guinness.

“But I agree—they certainly were the best I’ve seen in Ireland.”

Dugan watched as Maggie put the beer down in front of them, hoping for another quick view down her blouse. Sure enough, it seemed like she purposely bent toward him while picking up the empty glasses, smiling and winking conspiratorially at Thom as Dugan enjoyed the delightful view he had hoped for.

“Maggie, me love. This poor yank is feeling sorry for himself. What can we do to cheer him up?”

“I think I’ve just done it,” she laughed.

Dugan laughed along with her, relieved to see that she hadn’t minded his obvious attention to her breasts.

“Well, perhaps we can offer him a nice warm stay when you get off work,” Thom continued. “He hasn’t a place to sleep tonight and flies back to the States in the morning. We might be able to show him Irish hospitality is alive and well. What do you think?”

Before she could answer, Dugan blurted out. “Oh my god, I didn’t realize you two were a couple. I hope I haven’t offended either of you.”

“Hell, I’m certainly not offended,” Maggie laughed. “And knowing Thom, I suspect he enjoyed teasing you as much as I did.”

Maggie winked at her husband, a sly look of understanding passing between them.

“And since I’ve always had a soft spot for Yankees, I do think showing a poor, lost boy our special hospitality would be delightful.”

Thom lifted his stein and clinked Dugan’s. They both turned and drank in salute to Maggie, an unspoken agreement now heavy with inuendo.


As the evening wore down Maggie had little chance to spend time with Dugan and Thom other than smiling and winking as she passed by or refilling their drinks, her flirtation with Dugan somehow seeming to be more personal than she showed her other customers. Thom chatted constantly, filling him in with stories on how he and Maggie had met, their courtship, some of their youthful exploits and how long they had been married, leaving little doubt that theirs was a relationship that was way more liberal than their Catholic upbringing might have implied.

Dugan was definitely feeling no pain from his Guinness and soon found himself talking about his own life, surprising himself at how comfortable he was with Thom to be able to share information more personal than he had ever shared with a stranger. As their camaraderie grew, Dugan found himself wondering more and more about just what Maggie meant with her promise of special hospitality.

Mostly working men that were used to rising early for work, by 11p.m. the crowd had thinned out until there were only a few full tables left. Thom called the other barmaid over and asked if she could handle the last of their shift alone so Maggie could leave early, telling her that they wanted to take their “American Cousin” home and dry him out. When she graciously agreed, Maggie grabbed her coat and they headed out to the car.

During the 15-minute ride as Thom drove them home from the pub, Maggie sat turned from the front seat to face Dugan as he sat in the back with his pack beside him. She chatted like they were old friends getting caught up after a year apart—asking him about his studies, his trip, his family and if he had a girlfriend—all the while keeping her hand in Thom’s lap. Dugan couldn’t see exactly what her hand was doing, but was somehow sure it was not just lying there as innocently as it looked from his perspective.

When they pulled into the driveway of a small modest house, Maggie was the first to jump out of the car and rush inside. Thom and Dugan followed close behind and while Dugan dropped his pack in the hallway, Thom began to fiddle with the fireplace, trying to take the chill off the cold room.

“There’s a bottle of Jameson’s on the kitchen counter, Dugan. Pour us all a healthy glass while I take a quick shower,” Maggie ordered as she disappeared into the back room.

“That’ll warm us up quicker than that old fireplace.”

Dugan went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard for glasses. Taking three out, as he turned to reach for the bottle of whiskey he looked up and caught a glance of Maggie as she ran down the hall to the bathroom, her bare ass peeking delightfully below her towel.

“Bashful Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan little thing, ain’t she,” Thom chuckled.

Dugan hadn’t heard him come up behind him and instantly felt guilty for staring at Maggie. Seeing the grin on Thom’s face quickly put him at ease, however.

“Pour us all a drink and let’s settle in the living room. It’ll be nice and warm in a few minutes, at least by the time Maggie joins us.”

The two men toasted with the whiskey and Dugan sank into the welcoming old sofa. Thom placed Maggie’s drink and the bottle on the small coffee table and sat across the room where he could tend to the now-roaring fire.

Dugan felt himself relax as the room warmed up, the burn from the whiskey in his stomach as welcome as the heat from the fire, relaxing and feeling more comfortable than he had all week.

“Well, here’s our little Maggie now,” Thom grinned. “All clean and refreshed and sweet as she can be. C’mon Luv, your whiskey awaits ye.”

Dugan looked up and was startled to see Maggie join them wrapped only in a large towel, her hair still wet and hanging loosely to her shoulders. She dropped casually onto the sofa next to Dugan, her leg pressing firmly against his as she smiled and reached across him for her drink.

“Ah, now Lads, time for me to catch up.” She took a healthy sip of the Jameson’s and grinned. “This should get me in the mood in a second.”

As she placed her glass back on the table, she dropped her hand onto Dugan’s leg and squeezed playfully.

Thom sat sipping his whiskey and watching them carefully.

“In the mood for what, my Dear,” he laughed.

Dugan looked down at her hand where it remained lightly on his thigh, then across the room at Thom.

“Well, I don’t know about your mood,” he grinned. “But I’m definitely feeling something happening to mine.”

He turned toward Maggie, their bodies coming into fuller contact. Reaching down he tentatively let his hand drop onto her bare leg. When she silently allowed it to remain, he squeezed it lightly hearing a low moan escape from her lips. She turned her face up toward him and opened her mouth slightly, clearly inviting him for a kiss.

Dugan froze, knowing what she was waiting for but still unsure of himself, still not quite believing what was happening. He dipped his head down toward her and gave her a quick, brotherly kiss, straightening up immediately, overcome with guilt.

Maggie chuckled softly as if amused at his timidity and pulled away. She reached for her glass of whiskey again, sipping it slowly before suggestively licking her lips. As she replaced the glass Dugan felt the towel between them slip down, completely uncovering her breast.

“Whoops!” she giggled.

When she made no attempt to cover herself, he glanced over at Thom and saw him watching both of them as though transfixed.

Thom nodded his head approvingly, his eyes glued to his wife’s bare breast. Dugan turned back to Maggie, this time eagerly searching out her mouth. Their lips joined in a long, soft kiss, his tongue easily slipping into her eager mouth as he reached for her breast. The moan that came from deep in her throat quickly erased any doubt that lingered in his mind. As he fondled her breast, she squeezed his thigh again, sliding her hand further up his leg.

Dugan’s fingers pulled on her hardening nipple, amazed at how quickly it responded to his increasing pressure. He felt her hand leave his leg and slide up to wrap around his neck, gently pulling his lips down to replace his fingers on her breast. He attacked it hungrily, licking and tonguing and sucking with increasing ardor as her pleasure built.

“Bite me a little,” she whispered.

He nibbled all around her areola, leaving bright red marks on her pale flesh. Grasping her nipple firmly with his teeth, he pulled until her entire breast lifted and stretched upward toward him. A guttural sound rolled from her throat so loud he was afraid his teeth had hurt her and he quickly released his grasp.

“No. Just a little harder,” she quickly murmured.

Her hand searched for his erection, her fingers tightening as if to show him how hard she wanted the pressure on her nipple. He bit down again and was rewarded as her tongue darted deep into his mouth and her fingers squeezing franticly.

From across the room Dugan was aware of Thom standing up and walking toward them. He instantly pulled away from Maggie, afraid things had gone too far and not knowing what Thom might do.

“I think perhaps we should get a little more comfortable,” Thom whispered quietly as he held out his hand to Maggie. She took his hand and obediently stood before him, the towel dropping to lie crumpled on the floor behind her.

Dugan watched as Thom slipped his arms around Maggie, his hands cupping her bare ass possessively in a reassuring hug. Not knowing exactly what was happening, Escort Şanlıurfa Dugan was relieved when Maggie reached out and pulled him up beside her. The three of them walked silently into the bedroom and while Thom carefully turned down the bed, Maggie began to undress Dugan. He felt suddenly self-conscious when he stood naked, his hard cock jutting out before him. Maggie squeezed it playfully and then turned and began to remove Thom’s clothes as well.

It was quickly obvious that Thom was turned on as much as Dugan when Maggie released his fly. His erection sprang out and matched Dugan’s in size and readiness.

“My, what a beautiful sight,” Maggie laughed. “Two happy cocks and only one lucky girl to enjoy them.”

Leading the men to the bed and pushing them playfully onto their backs, she climbed between them and reached out to take a cock in each hand.

She turned her head to Dugan and kissed him deeply, moaning into his open mouth as Thom began to suck on the breast nearest to him.

“Ah, does it get any better than this?” she giggled as she began to stroke them in unison.

Dugan reached his hand down to her waiting thigh and slid it upward, somewhat surprised when he found Thom’s hand already busy rubbing her smoothly shaved mound. He slipped his finger into her slippery opening and pressed it as deep as he could, holding it motionless until he felt Thom’s finger slither in next to his. They began to slowly finger-fuck her in unison, hearing Maggie’s breath quicken and her hips begin to rotate upward as her tongue darted into Dugan’s mouth in time with their fingers.

As her excitement mounted, she turned to Thom and lifted his mouth from her breast, her hard nipple popping loudly from his lips. She began to kiss him passionately, her building orgasm becoming more obvious as the men’s fingers increased their rhythmic assault on her hungry cunt.

“I want the Yank’s cock first,” she whispered.

When Thom didn’t answer, she moaned louder.

“Okay, Sweetie?”

Thom pulled away and sat up. He smiled as he looked down lovingly at her pleading face, then, still not answering, he began to move down the bed until his face was directly above Dugan’s busy fingers as they continued to pump deeply into her. He leaned forward and began to lick her clitoris. The pleasure from the combination of his tongue and Dugan’s fingers caused her to cry out loudly, her need nearly out of control.

Suddenly, he stopped licking and pulled Dugan’s hand away. Her hips arched wildly upward, searching for the lost contact.

“She wants the real thing, Yank,” he laughed. “She’s all yours.”

Dugan lost no time in rolling between her legs, his erection stabbing blindly against her bucking body. Thom laughed again and reached between them to grasp Dugan’s cock, swiping it up and down her soaking lips to spread her juices over its gleaming head. Maggie reached down to close her fingers over the top of Thom’s, together they aimed it directly at her swollen opening until Dugan grunted loudly and lunged forward, in one thrust driving his cock balls-deep into her.

Thom leaned closer, his eyes inches from Dugan’s cock as it plunged into Maggie, the look of fascination on his face transfixed by their feverish coupling.

Dugan straightened his arms, raising himself up to drive even deeper with each stroke as his balls slapped against her ass in a noisy staccato. He knew he wanted to last longer but the urge to cum was overpowering. A deep, guttural moan began to roll louder from his mouth as his breathing became more frantic.

Maggie responded eagerly, raising her hips to meet each of his deep thrusts, as close to cumming as Dugan was.

“Harder, Sweetie! I’m almost there!”

Thom reached between them again, grinding her clit with his finger in perfect time with their fucking, as his other hand reached behind to cup and squeeze Dugan’s flailing balls.

With a final, powerful lunge Dugan exploded deep within her, his climax feeling like it came from the bottom of his toes. Maggie’s scream of pleasure matched his guttural moan as he collapsed on her, both of them drowning out Thom’s fevered whisper of “yes, yes, yes!”.

Dugan felt Thom push him off Maggie and climb between her empty legs, quickly burying his face in her still quivering pussy to noisily lick and suck with obvious relish. Maggie let out another loud cry as a second orgasm built within her. She franticly pulled Thom up by his hair so their lips could meet in a deep, tongue lashing kiss, his cock slipping easily into her. They both came almost immediately as they franticly ground against each other.

Laying between the exhausted men, Maggie cradled them with her arms as each tenderly held a breast and nuzzled against her neck while their breathing slowly returned to normal. Thom pulled a comforter over them as Maggie let out a long, satisfying sigh.

“This has been lovely, Dugan—I knew I liked Yanks for a reason.”

She laughed contentedly and reached down to squeeze and hold both of their flaccid cocks.

“I’m going to sleep-in in the morning while Thom drives you to the airport for your flight. Do come back and have some more Irish hospitality again.”


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