Is it really wrong?


Is it really wrong?Milo had been living in the Allentown Apartment complex for six months when things took an interesting turn. As three o’clock rolled around he had just finished up the breakfast dishes when there was a knock at the door.”Oh Milo thank God you’re home!” his across the hall neighbor said out of breath.”What’s wrong Joyce?” milo asked.”I’m in a bit of a bind, i just got called into work but i don’t have anyone to watch Amber!” She said”You want to know if I can watch her?” Milo said”Please Milo, I’m disparate.” she said.Milo sighed and nodded yes. Joyce smiled and turned to her door a twist of the knob and they were in. “Amber come here please.”Amber a lovely Sixteen year old with Strawberry blonde hair walked out of her room in a flowery yellow Sundress and matching flats and stopped in her tracks.”What the Hell is HE doing here Mother?” She asked.”Milo’s being kind enough to watch you while i go to work for the night.””Absolutely not, I’m Sixteen years old for Christ sakes I don’t need a Babysitter!””As long as i pay the rent i make the rules missy!” Joyce said.”Fine!” Amber said storming off.Milo and Joyce watched the Pouting teen storm off and winced as a far ankara escort door slammed.”Wow, she really dislikes me huh?” Milo asked.”What makes you say that?” Joyce asked.”Every time I see her around the building she actively avoids me. it’s like she can’t get away fast enough.””On the contrary I think Amber has a bit of a Crush. In fact a few months back when you were washing your car i caught her watching you and admiring your Abdominals.” “Oh jeez I’m so sorry.””Don’t be, i enjoyed the show as well”After Joyce had skipped off to work and around five Milo gently knocked on Amber’s Bedroom door.”What!?” she said “I whipped up some dinner if you’re hungry” he saidAmber came out a short time later and sat at the kitchenette. “What the heck is this?””Farfalle in sundried tomato, garlic and white wine sauce” Milo said”What Restaurant did you order this from?” she asked”I made this meal Missy!” Milo said Smugly. Amber took a bite and smiled, she then proceeded to devour everything.”That was awesome! Where were those ingredients hiding?” she asked.”In my Pantry, i was planning on making it myself for dinner tonight but decided to make it for us.””Any Dessert?” Amber asked”Strawberry ankara escort bayan White Chocolate Mousse.” Milo said.After dinner and dessert Amber went back to her room and Milo hit the couch.Now…….Milo’s hand lingered on the Girl’s moist slit. As Amber moaned in pleasure his body betrayed him and the girl spotted his etection growing down his pant leg.”Wow, let me see it!” she said with delight.Milo’s Mind screamed no but his body cried yes, it had been nearly a year since he broke up with Chelsea and he needed to Fuck someone. He had been eyeing Joyce but in the heat of the moment her Daughter would do. Milo unbuttoned his Jeans and pulled down the zipper. Reaching in he pulled out his member and it hung there. “Wow!” Amber said running her forefinger across the protruding veins. She giggled slightly as each touch caused it to tremble. “Will it hurt?” she asked”Only for a bit, then you’ll feel pleasure.”Amber pulled off her nightgown revealing her naked body, seeing the tight body of a teen made Milo’s Cock quake with anticipation. The girl stood up on the couch and hovered above his pelvis and reaching down guided his Cock inside. Amber moaned as escort ankara it slid in only to be stopped a short time later.”Do it!” Amber saidMilo put his hands on her hips and pulled her down.”Ahhh!” Amber shouted wrapping her arms around his neck. “You alright?” he asked.”Yes!” The girl said with a smile as she kissed him on the lips. “Now fuck me with the big dick!”Milo moved his hands from her hips to her torso and began to pump slowly up and down. Amber smiled and moaned as he slowly fucked her, each inch of his rock hard cock probing deeper and deeper. As the virginal teen whimpered in an erotic mixture of pleasure and pain Milo looked at himself in the decorative mirror on the opposite wall and winked. The longer the sex lasted the more the teen began to tremble before her body shot suddenly back and she let out a yelp. “Oh my God!” she said in a trembling voice as she sank into his sweaty form. Amber started moving again, slowly at first before picking up speed she bit her lip as waves of pleasure washed over her.”I’m going to Cum!” Milo said breathlessly.Amber dismounted and grabbed his cock in her hands and sh began to furiously tug it and before long it shot ribbons of ejaculate all over her young nubile form. “Oh shit it’s so Warm!” Amber said rubbing it into her skin. “I’m gonna go shower.” she said with a grin. “Care to join me?”Milo pulled off his pants and boxers and followed the girl into the bathroom.

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