Island Red


Clearing the head“What’ll ya have?” the bartender asked.The young redhead moved with grace, her lithe form visible beneath her thin dress.“Mai tai. Please.”Ian straddled the barstool and leaned his arms heavily on the bar.“The classic, huh?” the woman said.Ian shrugged. He wasn’t in the mood for light chit-chat. Fresh off a messy and painful divorce, he’d come to the Bahamas to clear his head. Even a cute, young redhead couldn’t lift his spirits. He knew that for her, this was routine. She probably did this dozens of times a day for men and women who were down in the dumps.He watched her move as she made his drink, admiring the way her ass jiggled within the confines of cloth.“Here you go, love,” she said as she handed him his drink.Love? Ian felt so unworthy of love at the moment he had no response. He took a sip of the mai tai, appreciating how it felt going down his throat.“You know, most people come to the Bahamas to let go and have a good time. You seem to be lower than a hermit crab. Anything you want to talk about?”“Oh, I came here to get away. Clear the air. Just got through a shitty divorce.”“Sorry to hear that. What happened to make it so crappy?”She had a look of genuine compassion on her face.“She ran off with a younger guy. I mean, whatever happened to ’till death do us part’? I couldn’t believe she could run off so easily. Damn it, I know I’m just over forty, but shit! It’s not like I need an erection drug!”The bartender grinned at that.“Yeah, er, sorry. I didn’t mean to be so blunt.”“No worries. I think it’s sweet.”She picked up a glass and dried it.“Being in this business, you hear it all—the affairs, the lies, the broken hearts. But you seem real about it, like it really meant something to you.”“I just never thought it would happen, someone coming between us.”“This is only a distraction to try to take you off course for meeting who you’re supposed to be with.”“Yeah, one door closes and another opens. Or so they say.”“Or, this area is great for hooking up,” she said.“Thanks for the tip, but I don’t think I’m even up for that.”“Where are you from?”“Right outside of Boston.”“No kidding? So am I! What part?”“Brookline.”“No way! Where?”“Coolidge Corner.”“Get out! That’s where I grew up!”“Seriously?”“Yep! I lived around the corner from Trader Joe’s.”“Wow, do you happen to know Eric Sex hikayeleri Castillo of the theater?”“Yes! Oh my God! Do you also know Lisa O’Hare, his niece?”“Yeah! Isn’t she a hoot?”“Oh, she is such a kick! Who would have thought we’d meet here and know people from the same neighborhood?”“Hell, yeah!”She paused and looked at the bar surface.“By the way, I’m Allie. I’m off in eleven minutes if you want to come to my place. It’d be great to reminisce with someone from Coolidge.”“You don’t need to stay till closing?”“Nope. My co-worker Steve is closing tonight. The schedule switches so both of us don’t need to stay until two.”“Sure. It would be fun to reminisce.”Ian wondered, but–-no, she said to chat about the old town. What would she want with him, anyway? A divorced, middle-aged white guy with a receding hairline?“Cool. Just hang out for a bit and we’ll go.”Ian saw another bar patron look his way with an envious expression. The guy was much closer in age to Allie than he was. Ian stared down at his mai tai, like he was examining it for tea leaves.But what if it was his lucky night? He’d sure like to explore that firm, tight body under the thin dress Allie wore. He watched her move as she refilled someone’s drink. Her figure was lean and lithe, her skin covered with freckles. All his life Ian had wanted to have sex with a redhead. Could it be he was about to get his chance finally, at middle age?It seemed like the longest eleven minutes in history, as Ian thought about the possibilities. Then he had a fearful thought: She lived alone, didn’t she? He hoped she didn’t have a roommate. Unless she was as hot as Allie. Right! Getting lucky with two hot young things would certainly take his mind off the divorce.Steve appeared behind the bar. Ian noticed that he looked older than himself. He didn’t even offer a courtesy glance to Ian.“I’m back from my break, go ahead and take off,” he said to Allie.“Okay! I’ll get my stuff.”She reappeared a moment later with a handbag and a light jacket.“Okay, let’s go!” she said to Ian.Ian felt Steve’s gaze burn into him, but he wasn’t sure if it was a glare or a smirk. They left the restaurant and chatted during the short time it took to walk to Allie’s apartment. It was a small one-bedroom place on the top floor of a two-story building. He Sikiş hikayeleri followed her into the apartment and Allie took her things into the bedroom.“Give me just a minute, make yourself at home,” she said as she disappeared around the corner.The passion of redIan stood in the living room, looking around and feeling awkward. In a few minutes, he heard the familiar sound of pee squirting into a toilet, and then a flush. A couple of minutes later, Allie returned.“You’re still standing there!” she giggled. “That’s cool.”Her boldness took him by surprise. Here she was, pressing her body against his with her arms wrapped around him, kissing him full on the lips. Ian’s cock began to harden.Allie rotated her hips slightly as they kissed, grinding into his cock. It felt awesome. He pulled away.“Not that I’m complaining, but I didn’t expect this,” he said.“Let’s just say I’m a sucker for older guys, especially older guys with scruff. And if they’re from my hometown, so much the better.”She returned to kissing him.“No problem here,” Ian said in a muffled voice.Allie giggled again.Feeling emboldened, Ian slid his arm around Allie’s waist and then his hand to her butt. He half massaged and half squeezed it, feeling its firmness. It had just enough give that it would bounce wonderfully when he gave it to her doggy-style. Ian couldn’t remember how long it had been since Diane’s ass felt like that. He wondered what the twenty-six-year-old dude she’d shacked up with saw in his ex-wife.Allie, in response, put both her hands on his butt and pulled him into her. She moaned into his mouth as she felt the heat of his hard-on poking her. Her tongue delved into his mouth, hungering for him.His hand pulled the hem of her dress aside, reducing the layers between his hand and her ass flesh down to one. She gave her hips a delightful wiggle. Ian’s cock was threatening to burst his zipper, a fact that was not lost on her.“You seem to have a problem here,” she said playfully, grabbing at his dick.She looked at him coyly as she bit her bottom lip. Fuck! It was almost enough to make him shoot his load right there! Allie slid his zipper down slowly, teasing him. Then her soft, warm hand around his shaft made him close his eyes and sigh with pleasure.Ian couldn’t stand it. He slid his hand between Erotik hikaye her silky thighs and stroked her pussy. Back went her mouth on his as a sexy, trembling moan escaped from her. Ian reached down further and found her clit. Her knees buckled a bit, and she pulled him down to the floor.Allie was on top of him in an instant, almost throwing his pants off. She hungrily kissed his neck. Straddling his thighs and kneeling, she pulled off her dress while stretching and exuding sexiness. She reached behind her and undid her bra, revealing her small, pert breasts. Damn, even her boobs had freckles!Allie stood up and slipped out of her dress and thong, then sat down on the sofa. Eyeing Ian, she hoisted her legs in the air and slid her thong down her long legs. That was when Ian noticed that either she was a natural redhead or she’d done a hell of a job matching the color of the hair on her head. She had a nicely trimmed landing strip of red hair above her slit.With a knowing smile, Allie opened her legs wide, exposing her pink inner lips. Was that pussy juice he saw seeping between her folds?“You know that sign in the bar, chips, and salsa, all you can eat? I’m offering the same deal for my pussy,” she grinned.“Damn, you do look good enough to eat,” Ian said, kneeling on the floor between her outstretched legs. “And all those freckles!”It was true. She even had freckles on her shaved pussy! He wondered how long it would take to lick every single freckle on her body. Hours, he guessed, but it would be time well-spent. Such a morsel she was!Two inches from her snatch, he inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her pussy. She smelled clean and sexy, like a pussy should smell. He closed his eyes and leaned in, his tongue reaching for the delicacy.Allie let out a short gasp as he touched her inner lip. Never go straight for the clit, unless she says so—that was one thing he learned from his ex. He ran his tongue up the tender lip to her clit, and gently flicked the little nub. Then he moved up the other lip until he reached the nub.“Oh, that’s good,” Allie gasped. “You have a nice touch.”Encouraged, Ian focused on her clit, slowly flicking his tongue from side to side on it. Allie grasped his head, then ran her fingers through his sandy-colored hair. He could feel his chin at her wet hole, almost fucking her with it as he worked her button.He switched to an up-and-down motion with his tongue. This action made his chin slide up and down her greedy hole as it tried to swallow him up.“Fuck! Your scruffy chin feels fucking awesome on my cunt!” Allie squealed.

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