It Could Be Worse Ch. 05

Arched Back

Note to readers: If you don’t like IR, gay male, and cuckold stories please move on. You can jack off to some one else’s imagination. My stories aren’t required reading.

And yes, I know. I’m a twisted fuck.

Lastly, I never sucked a cock. I was merely posing for dirty pictures.


Two years after I sucked my first load of cum from Jim’s cock and then watched as he fucked my wife things have gotten better and better at home.

It was Jim’s idea for Cindy, my wife, to start me on hormone therapy this past year and a half and they seem to be working. I look and feel more feminine than ever. My features are softer. I have the beginnings of little boobies that are sensitive. My dick and balls have shrunk a bit. Cin is delighted in my appearance, as much if not more than when she watched as I sucked my first cock to completion. I assure you it was not my last. Jim had many ideas for us.

I like the “new” me. My work-out regimen and hormones have helped my shape and weight. My narrow waist makes my hips and ass look more curvy than they really are. I’m more alluring to men. I feel sexier. My hair has grown below my shoulders. My ears are pierced and I have a collection of ear rings any girl would want. I have some lacy chokers I wear when Cin and I entertain Jim and his friends or when we’re on the prowl. The chokers hide my adam’s apple. They also give me a submissive appearance real men are attracted to. My smaller dick and balls aren’t as obvious in my panties as they once were. Don’t get me wrong. I do wear some articles of women’s clothing but am not trying to pass myself off as a transgender. That could be dangerous if you meet the wrong man.

I want to be recognized by real men for what I am. I’ve become a femme boi. Okay, a sissy. I still enjoy eating my wife’s cunt. For that matter, I enjoy sucking cum from any pussy I’m allowed to. It validates me as a male. I’m certainly not a masculine man. I know that. I’m at peace with it. I made that journey with my wife’s assistance and I’m better for it. She knew who I was before I did.

God! I love her.

Cindy has grown more beautiful these last two years. She’s made some changes that I totally approve of and envy. Jim suggested to her during one of his visits that she get a boob job. So she did. She increased her size to a 36 double D. She is so proud of her new tits she hardly ever wears a bra anymore. She loves showing off her new tits. Also at Jim’s urging, Cin bleached her once strawberry blonde hair to where it’s almost white and teases it up a little. She accentuates her long legs and full plump ass with 4″ heels. Her make up is heavier, more sexier.

All of these changes were Jim’s idea. We have both fallen under his spell.

Cindy has become more outwardly assured of her body. She wears spandex leggings often and is unashamed to show off her camel toe. Her pussy is completely bald and her labia are very noticeable, more so when she has on her white spandex. I drool at the sight.

My father disowned me. My parents were becoming curious about the changes in me, my hair, my clothing. We had a long conversation with them but dad was not pleased. He stormed out saying I was no longer his son. Mom understands. She told me her attitude is live and let live. She also told us that ever since I was a little boy she knew I was different.

Mom has always liked Cin and thought she was good for me. Even before we married she and Cin would go out together frequently. There were problems between mom and dad that had been brewing for years. I think his rigid attitude toward me may have been the final straw. Now mom is spending more time with us than at home with her husband. Cin couldn’t be happier. At first it was somewhat difficult for me to be at ease in my femme apparel around mom but after a short period of time I became more comfortable. When she surprised me with a purple jumper I knew she was all in.

I’ve noticed mom began dressing more like Cin now and she applies her make-up a little heavier. In fact, mom comes over so often now that we’ve given her a key and made the spare bedroom hers. More than once I’ve heard mom and Cin stumble in at some ungodly hour giggling and whispering. Smelling like sex and liquor Cin would come to me disheveled, and with mom in the bedroom next to ours, she’d sit on my face demanding I eat her. She’d call me names like cocksucker and faggot as she ground out her orgasm.

I know my mother could hear Cin’s excited utterances. She’d smile at me over coffee the next morning and pat my hand saying “that’s our girl.”

Mom popped in early once when Jim and a friend were visiting. Cin and Jim were fucking in our bedroom. I was on my knees in the living room greedily sucking the cock of one of Jim’s friends when she caught me. Now Cin and mom were partners in crime as far as giving “casual fucks” to men they fancied, but I don’t think she actually visualized me on my knees in panties, swallowing cock. We told her I did that but I think she just put that thought on a back Gaziantep Olgun Escort burner.

All she said was “Oh my”.

Cin and Jim were in our bedroom fucking when they heard mom come in. Joining us as Jim’s friend quickly pulled his pants back on, Jim and my wife were naked as the day they were born. I could tell mom was impressed with Jim’s softening cock. giving it a raised eye brow inspection and a knowing smile to Cin. Cin went to get her robe and Jim’s underwear. Pulling his black briefs over his still impressive cock, Jim was completely at ease. He was as gracious with mom as he was with Cin and I when we first met. My mom was taken by his charms and we all laughed about her “cock blocking” entry as Jim called it.

I noticed mom would steal peeks and Jim’s crotch when she thought no one was looking.

Hugging me and Cin and giving Jim a “come hither” smile, mom retired for the night. Cin and Jim went back to our bedroom, and I finished what I started on Jim’s friend.

Almost as soon as he dumps his load in my mouth Jim’s friend goes home. His wife would be wondering where he was he explained on his way out. He did thank me for our hospitality.

The next morning the four of us had coffee as Cin related to mom how we came to meet Jim. Mom is wearing a short nightie with matching panties. She is totally unabashed. Cin is naked under her mauve gown. Jim is in his briefs and I’m in my favorite red panties and oriental themed robe. The conversation was friendly as we chatted like old friends. Once in a while Jim would put his arm around Cin and stroke her breast.

More than once I saw him reach out and caress my mom’s thigh.

Mom asked him if he was bi-sexual like me. Jim had a good laugh at that. He told mom that he’s married and he’s always horny. The reason he let me suck his cock was that he wanted to fuck Cin and she told him that would only happen after I had my fill. I could only blush when mom asked if I’d done a good job.

I was proud when Jim told her I was a natural, that I took to his cock like a duck takes to water.

Mom made Jim grin when she told him that from what she saw last night, she could understand.

Jim and mom hit it off well. Mom and dad were having problems and I think she was comforted by Jim’s kindness and understanding. They were close in age and had shared common experiences. Jim has treated mom to dinner on rare occasions when Cin and I have “other engagements” he’s set up for us and I think he’s fucking her. I over heard her telling Cin how nice his cock is, “nothing like johnnie’s father’s.” She’s been a regular at our house since.

I get it. I understand. Who wouldn’t want to fuck my mom. I’ve heard it all my life. All my childhood friends called her a MILF. They all wanted to stick their dicks in her. It made me proud to be her son. She’s beautiful. At 52 years she has retained her looks and figure. Mom’s ass is a little fuller, more plump than it used to be but it still attracts looks from horny men. From what I can tell, her breasts have stayed firm. Standing 5’5″ in her stocking feet, and weighing no more than 130 lbs, mom is well proportioned. She keeps her brunette hair free of grey and sports a pageboy doo.

Like Cin, my mom has started to show a lot of camel toe and her nipples are visible in the lace bras she wears under her see-through blouses. She prefers to wear short skirts or tight capri pants with 3″ heels. They make her butt stick out just “the right amount” Cin told her. I admit it, mom looks as hot as my wife. And why not? We were, each one of us, trying to attract real men.

Not like me, not like my dad. Assertive men that know how to please women and control a sissy.

After Jim became more familiar with Cin and I, he began to send business associates to visit us when he wasn’t in town. There were so many that Cin gave her old steady fuck, Stan the man, the old heave ho. One last fuck and suck and he was gone.

At first I felt cheap and used after a visit from Jim’s associates. They’d fuck my wife and I’d suck their cocks if they let me but there was no romance. There were no quiet dinners in nice restaurants. There was no mating ritual. It was raw sex. They would come in and take a giggling Cin to our bedroom where they hurriedly stripped and fucked. Some would demand I fluff them first. They’d cum and leave. It was only after I objected to Cin that she shared a secret with me. These associates of Jim’s would tip her $50.00 – $60.00 before they left.

Getting paid may sound like we’re cheap whores. Not so. In reality it made Cin and I feel desirable. I mean we would meet men and fuck and suck them for free if they appealed to us. These guys showed their appreciation. They tipped. It wasn’t enough for us to quit our jobs but the extra income helped us increase our wardrobes and take vacations.

After learning that Cin was getting paid, I put extra effort into my blow jobs. Slobbering and choking on their cocks I let them demean and abuse me trying for a little bigger tip.

Jim heard from Cindy about my previous objections and I paid. He pulled me over his knee and as Cin and mom watched and laughed, Jim gave me a bare-bottom, old fashioned spanking. My ass was sore for days but I learned the lesson. No longer would I disrespect his friends. He let me suck his cock afterwards and I did so as lovingly as I could. He showed me once again that he’s a real man.

After I sucked him until he was good and hard, he took mom and Cin to our bedroom and shut the door in my disappointed face.

Whores? Prostitutes? Not us. We were then, and are now, a loving, caring couple who enjoyed sex with men. But that was before I met Leon.

I was on the Metro on my way home from work when I first noticed him. I’d been checking out men when Leon caught me staring at his crotch. He came over to me and standing close, let me have a good look. I’d been wondering if what was said about black men’s cocks was true. Gazing at Leon’s crotch, the bulge under his suit was impressive.

I looked up to see a grinning Leon watching me. Feeling inspired, when the subway car lurched a little sideways, I moved forward and placed a quick kiss on his package. Right in the crowded subway car and I was unconcerned about observers.

I heard some high fives and thought I saw flashes of light when Leon pulled my head by my pony tail hard into his crotch and held me there. I was startled at first but he was not really being rough. I got it. Leon was letting me know up front that he is the alpha male, that he was in charge. I mouthed his large cock and felt it throb.

Releasing me Leon wanted to know what stop was mine. We got off at the Bethesda exit and he walked me home. This man was huge! Leon was about 6′ 6″ and powerfully built. His clothes fit him tightly and bulged with what I learned later was prison muscle. He was dark chocolate in color and bald. His piercing eyes could cause you wet yourself if he was angry. People gave us wide berth as we walked in the rush hour foot traffic. I felt safe. I felt sexy. My dick was hard.

Leon, in his deep bass voice, complimented my on my sexy look. He said he was especially drawn to my full lips. My full lips? Leon had those big African lips I wish I had. He told me he liked the way my ass looked in my tight capri pants and how my panty line made him want to fuck me. He even patted my ass in public as we made our way to my house which caught me by surprise. I giggled a little and just said “oh”.

Leon wanted to know little about me but a lot about Cindy. He told me early on our walk that he knew all he had to about me. I didn’t question him.

I described Cin to Leon and told him she and I had a loving relationship. Although we weren’t the Ward and June Cleaver couple, we cared deeply for each other and had a lot of similar interests. That made Leon chuckle. He adjusted his package as we continued on.

I opened the door to our home and showed him in. Leon looked around, interested in our furniture and electronics. He approved and I told him that Cin was the interior decorator. He wanted to meet her and I told him I expected her soon. My dick twitched. This powerful bull will probably fuck my wife and I hoped he would.

Leon caught me off guard ordering me to strip. I obeyed immediately stripping down to my panties. He told me to leave them on. He liked the way they framed my ass.

I knew what was coming next. I knew what he wanted, he made that clear in the subway. I knew what I wanted. I fell to my knees in front of him and quietly asked “may I please?” He only nodded.

I opened his trousers and fished his cock out. My God what a horse sized cock. It must have been 9 inches soft. Leon removed his coat, shirt, and tie as I planted gentle kisses on his monster cock. I pulled back as he removed his trousers and boxers. He went to the couch and sat. Crawling between his legs, I was sucking on his huge balls and jacking his magnificent cock with both hands when Cin opened the door. Leon did not get up and did not let me off his nut sack. He just said to her “s’up.” as he held my head firmly to his crotch.

Knowing Cin as well as I do, I knew she was sizing Leon up. He is an impressive specimen of a man. Leon asked her what we had to drink and hearing our inventory told Cin to make him a bourbon and coke. He also suggested we start keeping Remy Martin on hand as he will be back.

I moved to his cock and tried to take as much as I could down my throat. Cin brought him his drink and Leon sat back enjoying it as Cin watched me slobber and lick his meat stick. He asked Cin if she didn’t think it rude that she was the only one dressed and it would make him more comfortable if she joined him in taking off her clothes. Always thinking of others she complied with his wishes. He told her to leave her shoes on as “his ho’s” always keeps them on.

Calling Cin a ho pissed me off but I was not the man to correct him. Cin on the other hand, tee hee’d the comment and took off her clothes, leaving her heels on.

Leon admired her body and complimented Cin on her shaved pussy. He told her that as soon as he was finished with his new sissy, he was going to give her a ride on his cock she’d never forget.

What was that? Did he just say “his”? He claimed me! Just decided I was his. I worked on his cock in a frenzy. A man claimed me! Not just any man, not just any real man. Leon claimed me. And Leon’s big black cock claimed me as well. I loved it.

I was over come with lust and with something more, something new. I began to feel I was born for this. Born to serve a superior black man. I had only just met Leon forty minutes ago and I was infatuated with him, with his big black cock. I worked hard to please him.

After all, he just told my wife I was his sissy.

Leon had a way about him. He was naturally in charge of any situation in which he found himself. Just as he was controlling me, he easily took charge of Cin. Leon pulled me beside him on the couch, his cock still in my sucking mouth. He told Cin to lick his balls and “help this faggot white boi get my nut.” I watched as she knelt between his powerful thighs and leaned into his balls. Leon put his black hand on Cin’s white hair and pulled her face deep into his crotch. The contrast of his black hand and her white hair was appealing to me.

As Cin worked his nuts Leon grabbed my pony tail and was pushing me down on his cock. He pushed until he met resistance and held me there as I gagged. Tears were streaming down my face when he finally pulled me off. Not letting me catch my breath, Leon began to fuck my mouth. I knew Cin was having a hard time keeping contact with his balls as he was arching and fucking up and down.

His back arched and Leon held my face down on his cock and began cumming. Growling and grunting he shot load after load. I swallowed as fast as I could. Leon was calling me his faggot, white boi, sissy, and motherfucking punk through gritted teeth as he fucked his cum down my throat.

His spasms fading Leon told me to save some of his cum to share with Cin.

Pulling me off his cock and Cin up by her hair he told me to “kiss the bitch.” We did. Our faces met over Leon’s cock. Cin’s tongue explored my mouth tasting Leon’s manliness. His cum was stronger than Stan’s and Jim’s, and in fact stronger than any cum I had tasted to date. Cin had a taste for his cum too sighing “mmmm” as we kissed.

After our kiss Leon asked Cin of she was ready.

“Ready for what?” she asked him. Leon told her he wanted to fuck her and that she would be ruined for white boi cocks when he did. Cin, never shying away from a challenge led him to our bed as I followed, my dick hard and leaking in my soaked panties.

Leon put Cin on our bed watched as she spread her legs, feet flat, knees opened wide.

He knelt between her legs and covered her whole pussy with this mouth. Cin had always liked it when I’d eat her and I knew she was getting a great deal of pleasure from Leon’s probing tongue. She was panting and moving her pelvis against his face, cooing and telling him she was going to cum.

Leon climbed between her legs and looked at me, his big black cock waiting to claim another white bitch. I instinctively understood the significance. He was making me give her to him. I wanted this for her. I wanted my wife to experience this big black cock. I took his cock in my hand and teased Cin’s pussy with it. Her labia opened trying to accommodate the large mushroom head. Her pussy was wet. She arched when I rubbed it on her clit and she told Leon to fuck her. Leon told me to put it in and I did. I held his cock in my left hand and reached around him with my right hand. Pulling on Leon’s ass I watched him enter my wife.

I was amazed by the erotic contrast of skin color. Cin’s white legs wrapping around Leon’s black torso. The taboo of a black man fucking a white woman, another man’s white wife, my wife, was so intoxicating. Just as I felt it the natural order of things when Jim first offered up his cum to me, Leon fucking Cin seemed to me to be so right.

This black man who entered our lives so unexpectedly, who claimed me as his new sissy, who was now claiming my wife’s cunt, was more man than I’d ever encountered. Cin was moaning for him to fuck her. I was quietly urging him on too, telling him to “take that white pussy and make it yours”.

Leon stopped fucking Cin and looking down at her he asked her if she wanted him to go on fucking her. Cin was humping her pussy at him trying to get his cock back in deep. She told him to fuck her. Begged him to fuck her. Leon told her that she had to tell him she was his ho.

“I’ll be your whore” she panted still humping her cunt at him. “Just fuck me with that big black cock.”

Leon did not disappoint her. “You’ll fuck me when I want” he told her as he began to fuck her hard. “you’ll fuck who I say you’ll fuck” he continued. “When I said you’re my ho, I mean it” he was being firm, controlling, manly. “I plan to fuck this fine white pussy and share it. Your pussy of a white boi will suck my cock and other black cocks too” he said looking at me.

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